If anybody wants to understand the US criminal justice system check this out.

Clare Bronfman, director of operations for NXIVM – which the president of the enterprise, Nancy Salzman, has already admitted was a racketeering enterprise, will face the lightest of sentences when she goes before Judge Nicholas Garaufis for sentencing on July 25.

Isn’t it great to have money?

Village Diane reports 

Clare Bronfman was wearing the same outfit she wore many times in court.

She was dressed in a tan shirt, and billowy light blue pants. She wore a gray and blue scarf printed with elephants that I don’t recall seeing her wear before.

She had the same kind of hairstyle, just pulled back in the front end and hanging down in the back.

Before the hearing, which was at 4 pm, she and her lawyers were in the courthouse cafeteria.  Then they went to the courtroom, Clare sat hunched over in her chair while waiting for the judge.  She may have naturally poor posture, but certainly she was sitting kind of hunched over.  Her pointy shoulders were sticking out of her shirt.

She spent most of the time chatting with a female lawyer who had dark blonde or light brown shoulder length hair.  Her lead attorney, Mark Geragos, was on his phone for part of the time while waiting for the judge to arrive.  Clare was facing away from him speaking to the other lawyer.

At some point, Geragos put away the phone and all three lawyers chatted. Clare looked like a combination of a haggard woman and a lost little girl.

The spectator area slowly filled up and was almost completely filled.  At 4:25, Kathy Russell appeared in the courtroom and sat down in the spectator area.

Moira Penza was wearing a black suit and dark pink power heels.

Clare looked nervously as her attorneys went over to the defense table and then she walked over to the defense table to sign things.

She pleaded guilty to to two felonies. The first count was conspiracy to conceal or harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and the second count was fraudulent use of identification.

The judge said, “I have an important question. Are there any promises not in this agreement?” Clare said “no.”

The judge said that count one came with a maximum of 10 years and no minimum and the second count has a maximum of 15 years, no minimum.

The judge said the sentences can run consecutively or concurrently.

The judge said the sentencing guidelines were between 21 to 27 months. And that the only way she can appeal is if she gets sentenced to more than 27 months.

The government said Clare would pay $6 million in lieu of forfeiture of real property, and it must be paid within 60 days.  In addition, Clare will pay restitution of $96,605. 25  to Jane Doe #2.

At some point, there was discussion about the name and credit card of Jane Doe #7 whom the government alleged Clare misused.

Clare made her allocution which was much shorter than Allison’s or Lauren’s. She spoke so softly it was extremely hard to hear.

During her allocution, Clare cried softly at first and said that, “Your honor, I was afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father but that privilege … does not come with the ability to break the law … It comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law.”

She admitted she “did harbor an individual” who she helped “live and work in our country in a way that would be undetectable.”

After court, there was a gaggle of photographers waiting for Clare’s exit. Clare walked alone ahead of her attorneys. Geragos was behind her.

He told the media, “If you don’t chase Clare, I will make a statement.”

He told reporters he was gratified that the racketeering charges have been dismissed against his client.


So there you have it – No RICO charge. Clare Bronfman bought her way out.

As far as sentencing, she may not be sentenced to anything prison at all.

Compare her pleading – which comes with a maximum of 10 years and 15 years [total max of 25] to Allison’s and Lauren’s two RICO charges – 20 years each [total max 40].

As for Jane Doe #7 – this was the late Pam Cafritz.

Bronfman and Raniere used her American Express credit card after Pam’s death.

According to a report in the New York Times, Bronfman told the judge, “I am truly remorseful. I wanted to do good in the world.”

A prosecutor, Moira Penza, told the court on Friday that Ms. Bronfman had made a false statement to the government about an undocumented immigrant who provided “labor and service” for herself and Nxivm. Ms. Bronfman had also made it possible for Mr. Raniere to use a credit card belonging to someone who had died, Ms. Penza said.

Clare said at her allocution that she was “afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father but that privilege … does not come with the ability to break the law … It comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law.”

What she forgot to mention is that with the gift she got from her father and grandfather, it also gave her a greater ability to buy off the law, to break many laws and get away with it.

Today, the DOJ proved that money may not be able to buy everything – but can buy jurtice from them. There is a two tiered system of justice in America – one for the wealthy and another for the rest of us. We saw it on display today.

The government snags $6 million for themselves for restitution and less than $100,000 for her victim. Nice going.

By the way, kudos to Mark Geragos. He certainly earned his fee today. Geragos said Clare did not sign a cooperation agreement. She didn’t have to, of course. Not her.

Finally, in less than two years – maybe sooner – we will see the return of Clare Bronfman. It remains to be seen if she will be seeking vengeance on those who put her to this inconvenience.

Mark Geragos explains to reporters who Clare Bronfman was not charged with RICO in the Nxivm case.


Money can’t buy you love – but it can buy you ‘justice.’
Moira Penza [r[ leaves court – all smiles, but not probably nearly as smiley as Clare Bronfman who bought a measure of justice today from the American people. Money will out! Photo by Tom Gargiulo.


We will have more on this later tonight. Next up Kathy Russell.



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  • Great, so now she can use all that money she has left to sue more people into oblivion if they speak ill of her. Piece of shit. The torture she put so many people through… Despicable that she walks away thanks to her wealth.

  • Frank I want to say that even tho she did not get a lengthy prison term. Life will be fair. She is right now labeled publicly as a nut job. That is a horrible life. It’s likely her family will not allow her to use the money freely. She might even be put in a mental institution. Life will be fair. We might not see it. But just right now, think about it. She is known as a nut job. Nobody respects her. It is a different type of justice.
    Thank you for your hard work Frank

  • We can hope that the judge re-instates her no-contact with nxivm condition she had as part of her original bail, and make it irrevocable.

    What no one talks about but comforts me is her Sisyphus complex. That;s right every morning she climbs to the top of the tallest ugly tree, falls and hits every branch on the way down.

  • Now we wait to see if Clare Bronfman lied to the Judge.

    Has Clare Bronfman learned that the money her family left her has a responsibility that come with it as she professed to the Judge. Was she just blowing smoke up his ass and she plans to continue down the path of evil she was on with Raniere?

    Will she rejoin those hanging on to the crumbling wreckage of NXIVM or will she take in what she has done, learn from the past, get some therapy and have a second chance at a REAL life, beyond Keith Raniere and his evil empire?

  • Legatos returns to us. She wore that scarf with the elephants to remind people that she will remember -the good and the bad and each will get their just deserts. Karma. She is our leader.

    • You want her to return to Mexico so they can keep creating pornography of children? The kid porn they found was from Mexican Kids. So you are OK being linked to child porn and will supportn them? I would be very careful of showing support for pedofiles. Es probable que te puedan meter a ti a la carcel tambien. Y no les importas porque eres remplazable. Nadie te salvaria.

  • To Frankreport readers:

    Now that Clare Bronfman is basically off the proverbial hook it will only be a matter of days or months until Frank is served with yet another lawsuit…….

    Two tier Justice ain’t it grand

    • I meant to add maybe we should start a crowd fund for Frank Parlato. It would be a small token of support. Frank Parlato helped to bring Keith Raniere to justice and now one of Raniere’s lackeys will most likely be going after Frank agains in the near future.

      Does anyone think it is a good idea to start a civil litigation defense crowd fund to help out Frank?

  • “It remains to be seen if she will be seeking vengeance on those who put her to this inconvenience.”

    Truly disappointed and disgusted at the light sentence.

    “She wore a gray and blue scarf printed with elephants that I don’t recall seeing her wear before.”

    Maybe she was trying to send that messsage – that elephants never forget.

  • And you guys were all convinced they were going to get long prison sentences. This case is barely a blip in the media and I’m still waiting to hear how many claimed to be victims. It probably came down to a couple women out of 150+ that were pro prosecution. Who knows. My opinion is that many are missing their alternate lifestyle and disagree with Shadowstate.
    They’re upset their leaders got caught that’s all. I knew there’d be much disappointment.

    • The media isn’t talking about it because they are cultists too. All the major networks contributed people to victimize. The victims are still coerced because the feds haven’t taken down the thousands of people this organization used to create the system of coercion. These irrational and unethical people will continue doing the same shit because they cannot let it collapse and become vulnerable.

  • This is an outrage and another bitter disappointment for we whistle blowers who’ve sought justice for so long but, instead, were and may continue to be punished due to the undeterred escalation of NXIVM’s criminal methods, corrupt associations and brash, inhumane acts.

    The delightful news that KAR will be crucified at trial by his most loyal disciples Good Friday morning is entirely eclipsed by the Court’s horrific revelation at hearing yesterday of a possible too-short jail term and too-small monetary penalty for billionheiress Clare Bronfman — which may set a lower bar of punishment for defendants other than Keith Alan Raniere — including his politically well-connected decades-long business partner, Nancy Salzman, if not for KAR himself, too.

    The vast discrepancy in justice re: RICO charges being passed over for ONLY privileged defendant Clare Bronfman is also deeply, darkly disturbing.

    Frankly, I fear for my son, myself, my family from Clifton Park and the Albany, NY area, especially — who have previously been threatened by Clare’s “flying monkeys” — as Catherine Oxenberg aptly titles them in her book — and Mexican Espians connected to the PRI party and Mexican drug cartels.

    Yes, I’m afraid, too, for my fellow cult freedom fighters, for unfreed NX slaves and scarred, unhealed victims, and for those who have dared spoken out against NX and what it stands for.

    I’m afraid because I know one of the predominant reasons these perpetrators violated the law and exploited so many so flagrantly is that their money and privileged status has and continues to protect them from consequences. So shall they persist in their crimes undeterred in the belief and fact they will not face the same consequences as the less privileged.

    In fact, apparently, many NX and Mexican Espian members who are known to have perpetrated crimes — albeit perhaps not within the jurisdiction of this EDNY Federal court — have not been charged with any crimes at all and may face no consequences at all.

    Hell, reading today’s transcripts, I fear for the fate of our entire young Nation taking shape to become as morally destitute, bereft of Justice and ultimately of opportunity and freedom as any other corrupt system of government overtaken by dictatorship — firstly, by the principles of greed, injustice and inequity that empower these monsters and put them into power.

    “Liberty and Justice FOR ALL” is the alleged pledge of America. We must keep that promise in order to keep America great and ourselves safe to live freely.

    And to know Joy.

    Happy Passover and Easter. Please pray that we can rally good people together to redeem this and bring justice and freedom through prosecution of outstanding NX crimes in the proper venues.

  • Asked what shes going to do now that she’s pled guilty to limited criminal charges, Clare Bronfman plans to go to Disney World

  • When the 6 Million was announced in the courtroom there a sense of confusion in court because it was not tied to any rationale. All that was said was that it was “in lieu of real property”.

    But, what real property and why? Was Clare making good so people like Nancy Salzman won’t loose their homes and assets? Everyone in attendance was trying to figure it out but Frank Parlato’s explanation definitely makes more sense. The government would rather get 6M than pay to house the wealthy Clare Bronfman.

    As for the charges, it’s accurate that Geragos got them reduced. IMO, the government went light on her because also because she was not tied to DOS or sex trafficking charges. This allowed them to deal with Geragos and not embarrass the Bronfman family, who have others have pointed out “have supported Zionist causes”.

  • Doesn’t Clare Bronfman still face charges in the NDNY?

    How about the IRS for tax evasion? She admitted she was the CEO of NXIVM and they have not paid taxes in decades.

    Of course there are going to be civil suits. Deep pockets are Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere with Pam Cafritz money.

  • Dear Clare Bronfman,

    Congratulations you got off scott-free due to your immense wealth!!!!!!

    Sadly one thing will always remain true ……you will never find true love with a man or a woman…..because you are so
    pitifully ugly inside and out…… you will always be loved only for your money……

    You may have won your court case ….. but you will die alone……

    You are a horse mouthed bi-sexual…

    • Satan has tits…..well….almost….. she’s a luciferian sack of crap like the rest of the Khazarians in the midst. She doesn’t give a shit about love; just inflicting misery. She needs out.

  • Somebody ship Clare Bronfman a case of Nestles Abuelita. She emits asexuality. Is this deliberate court costuming or is this her usual attire? A woman doesn’t wear Clare’s kind of getup to court. Rolled-up sloppy pants, those kind of shoes and no attention to her face and hair. Probably someone was paid thousands of bucks to get her to throw on that scarf. Her sweater is fine for wandering in the moors. What is the purpose behind a woman dressing like a gelding?

    3 guesses. Complete disassociation from any sex-trafficking or other smarmy acts whatsoever. How could you charge rich impeccable MOI of anything like that? Enter chorus: Oh don’t worry, we won’t. It has been said that she said that she prefers the company of horses over men. At least she can shave now, too.

  • Your headline might have read Pedophiles financial supporter goes free! Look out children the witch is loose

  • Moira Penza has re-victimized NXIVM’S victim by allowing the RICH Clare Bronfman buy her way out of her crimes.

    We will not see any justice for how Clare Bronfman has used her money to fund Keith Raniere criminal organization.

    Minus 2 years in prison is nothing when you consider what Clare Bronfman has put Ex-NXIVM through, some for decades.

    None of us will see any of the 6 million fine. That is a win for Moira Penza and her fellow members at the DOJ.

    Maybe Moira PenA will get an award for such a large fine. Hand clap for Ms. Penza who sold the rest of us out. Now we have been screwed by both sides.

    Hopefully the Judge who is the only one left with any power, will use the America Justice system equally regardless of what kind money one has in their bank account.

  • Shock, totally shocked

    Not only were so many of us fucked over by NXIVM, now we have been fucked over by the EDNY DOJ.

    The EDNY DOJ think Clare Bear turning over 6 million dollars of her non-earned cash with very little jail time, no concessions to racketeering charges some how makes up for the decades of torture she participated in. Let alone the crimes she paid for the smelly one to commit.

    This legal team need to go see Dr. Phil and have their heads examined. He’d asked “What the hell were you thinking”?

  • Life isn’t just it just is. That being said, I would be happy if Clare was sentenced to community service and required to muck horse barns at Saratoga race course or Belmont et al.It would be pretty humbling and show her shit stinks like the rest of us.

    The jig is not up yet. If the NDNY finds new charges and she gets hit with civil suits another chunk of her fortune that hasnt been devoured by legal fees will be gone.

  • While this plea is disappointing, it isn’t surprising. Canada tried to extradite four Amway executives in the 1980s for trying to get around import taxes and they ended up paying a $50-$60 million fine instead.

  • Hopefully the judge will see through this charade during Raniere’s trial, do the right thing and give her a severe sentence greater than 27 months and put her in prison during the appeal.

    Just because she didn’t sign a cooperation agreement doesn’t mean she won’t cooperate. The prosecution will still make a sentencing recommendation based on her help, or lack thereof.

    • “Hopefully the judge will see through this charade during Raniere’s trial, do the right thing and give her a severe sentence greater than 27 months and put her in prison during the appeal.”

      And maybe unicorns will fart Chanel Number 5 perfume.

        • The Judge in the NXIVM case is a Bill Clinton appointee.
          Moreover with the release of the Mueller report the emphasis will be on removing Trump either by impeachment and conviction by the Senate or in the 2020 election.

          Trump approval drops 3 points to 2019 low
          According to the poll, 37 percent of adults in the United States approved of Trump’s performance in office, down from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted on April 15

          ‘I Am Sickened’: Romney Blasts Trump in Scathing Reaction to Mueller Report

          Elizabeth Warren calls on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump

          Fox News’ Napolitano Rips ‘Venal, Amoral, Deceptive’ Trump: Mueller Report ‘Might Be Enough to Prosecute’ Him

    • The DOJ let Clear off the hook for very serious crimes and let her plea to the crimes that would require her the least amount of prison time.

      No RICO charges that could of gotten her 6-8 years. It appears the DOJ was more interested in Clare’s millions than justice for all.

      Asking for 6 million from Clare Bronfman is like asking me to fork over 600.00. Almost anyone could pull 600.00 together.

      Almost any super rich spoiled brat can pull 6 Million together. It’s no punishment for her. Its 1/10 of what the smelly one lost in commodities trading, it’s less than the legal defense fund she set up and less than she paid for her private island.

  • Clare’s “punishment” is due to the fact that she comes from a rich, well known, Zionist family, who are respected by other mega-rich people. There are two laws that apply in a world that currently worships money/materialism/hedonism: one for the rich, and one for everyone else.

    This example is a mockery of the principle of justice, just like KAR, et al cum NXIVM, were a mockery of ethics. The symbol for justice in the USA is represented by “Lady Justice”, who is a blindfolded woman responsible for upholding the scales that the weigh good and bad deeds. The figurative symbol represents what is supposed to be a righteous application of justice, i.e., that she is blind to partiality and is only supposed to weigh the evidence.

    Unfortunately today, evil deeds can be compensated with coin (in the form of bits stored on fortified electronic hardware controlled by a secret few) to tip the scales so that the fake “good” outweighs the bad.

    Gee, I wish I had $6 million dollars out of $200 million+ (or whatever) so that I could buy my way out of a just prison sentence for ruining the lives of many people. /sarcasm

    A pittance, proportionally equivalent to the average person buying a candy bar.

    Jesus, Buddha and all other sages, prophets, philosophers, and other upholders of wisdom, would raze against the farce on display.

    Too bad for them God doesn’t judge this way. There will be no buying one’s way out. Your state will only be determined by what your own hands have sent forth of objectively right beliefs and deeds.

    /end of rant

    • I’m sorry, I’m jewish and zionist and your comment is out of line. Her lawyer and prosecutors are not zionists and they arranged this also. Her father married a non Jew not to admired by the “jewish people” and her sister married a jihad son so that makes it what????

        • zionists have nothing to do here, even Hillary hates Israel…. She bought her way out just as OTHER MEMBER FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES did so…. I never thought the mordida mexicana existed @USA too!

  • Regardless of what is said about Clare, I’ve never really believed that a woman with her resources ever needed to commit a crime. It’s pretty apparent by the pleading that she probably didn’t know that what she was doing was a crime.

    I put it squarely at the feet of Mr. Raniere.

    Why couldn’t he just ask Clare to pay the bills from her own resources? Would have been what, a 1000 bucks a month?

    His desire to appear impoverished has cost a lady her good reputation, several million dollars and possibly a couple of years of her life.

    For a teacher and leader of a spiritual movement, it’s inexcusable.

  • This case smells to high heaven.
    Just days ago it came out that Clare was financing the Democratic party through NXIVM by reimbursing campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton back in 2007.
    Now Clare weasels out of the worst charges.
    And stories about Kristen Gillibrand have turned up the heat on her just as she is approaching a run for the Presidency.
    What better way to help Gi[llibrand than to bury the NXIVM story quickly and quietly?

    The Salinas Family, who hate Trump and want the Machine Democrats to take the White House, have what they want.
    Control of NXIVM.
    Let’s be frank, NXIVM was always 80% or more Democrat.
    And the Judge himself is a Bill Clinton appointee.
    Now it is time to shut down this dog and pony show and concentrate on removing Trump.
    Don’t expect Albany to get cleaned up.
    Boy, was the fix ever in on this case.

  • was meant to play on unconscious bias, which sometimes can work to one’s advantage. Knowing this, what does her outfit resemble? Ever stayed in the hospital? It’s meant to play on the unconscious bias that she is unwell. And it worked

  • Frank, great writing and analysis once again.

    As far as I’m concerned you’re on deck now to file a civil suit. Go for it!

    • You said no jail time. I’m thinking she’ll get some time, even if it’s ridiculously minimal compared to what she should get. The fact that she’s only facing 21-27 months now is a HUGE gift itself. I can’t see them being any more generous. But I guess we’ll see. It all depends on the judge. This one doesn’t seem to tolerate any BS.

      • FYI: If the judge sentences her to more than 27 months it will be subject to appeal. The demeanor of this judge is firm but I don’t see him as the type to exceed sentencing guidelines unless Bronfman’s behavior during the next 3 months gives him cause.

        • He could sentence her to 28 months and them allow her to stay out of prison on appeal and – perhaps if the fix is in – she
          could get off with a suspended sentence.

        • I don’t think she’ll get more than 27 months, I just mean I don’t think she’ll get zero time.

          I keep seeing the possibility home confinement. If home confinement is used as a complete alternative to jail time (rather than being used to follow a short jail sentence) Isn’t that typically given to people who are either sick or need to care for children/a sick relative? In that case, maybe Nancy and a Lauren, but the other two can’t use that excuse.

  • Frank is not being honest with us again.

    Guess what?

    The possible sentence is EXACTLY where it should be.

    Clare was only facing about 3-4 years in prison even if convicted of RICO, according to sentencing guidelines.


    Sentences for multiple counts would have been given concurrently — so she was NEVER facing 6-8 years in prison like Claviger told us.


    Clare has admitted guilty and pleaded guilty without a trial, thus shortening her sentence by half (which is normal).

    There was NOTHING wrong done by the EDNY.

    Stop BULLSHITTING us Frank!

    I’m tired of your bullshit and if Claviger backs you up on this, I’ll open up a can of verbal whoop ass on that REJECT who probably flunked the BAR 5 times just like My Cousin Vinny.

    • I am sorry no one has taken the time to explain this to you before. You can disagree with someone without being disagreeable. Work on it.

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