Laura Darby: More intel on local NXIVM members – Ivy, Rosa Laura, Dani gone; Kerstin Ohlander manning sinking ship!

Kerstin Ohlander

By Laura Darby

It was mentioned that Rosa Laura Junco had been removed – or removed herself – from the Knife Media website. She has not tweeted since May 15, 2018.  Take this for what it is worth – but I was told that she is not in the USA and is in Mexico.

Only a housekeeper remains at her mansion on Englemore.  My recent drive-bys confirm that the same vehicle has sat parked in the same spot for some time. The mansion looks pretty empty.

it is unknown if her husband, and longtime NXIVM member Luis Montes and Rosa Laura actually split up.

My source felt that Luis was quite happy with his sugar mama Rosa Laura and didn’t mind being led like a dog on a leash. But hey, even dogs bite when mistreated.

What Edgar Boone might have lacked in intelligence or conscious, he made up in skill in recruiting,and in the ability to enjoy bulk cash smuggling. It remains to be seen if he will be charged in the next superseding indictment.
Edgar Boone – the pioneer of the Mexican recruitment activities and its associated money laundering activities – and his family appear to be back in town. I have seen an Audi SUV and an AUDI sedan convertible at various times of the day in the driveway.  I have not seen Edgar however.
Ivy Nevares was told by Keith Raniere not to cut her hair. She has left Clifton Park. Her house is empty.
Ivy Nevares – the longtime Keith Raniere harem member – who he told to never cut her hair – and it became so long that it grew past her feet- is no longer in the 518 {Albany area] .
I do not know if she is out of NXIVM ( I would think not because she is still listed as working for the Knife Media) but she is reported to have moved south and may be in Florida. Someone once mentioned she had an aunt and uncle who were trying to extract her from the cult. Maybe she went there. She may also have cut her hair.
Kerstin Ohlander, who works for the Knife, is now the inhabitant of #1 Flintlock [the former residence of Kristin Keefe and two doors down from where Keith, Mariana Fernandez and Pam Cafritz lived menage a trois].
Kerstin was spotted with Nancy Salzman the other day, just prior to Nancy being arrested.

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that when Justin Elliott was visiting his dad and stepmom, the women in the photo [below] is none other than longtime NXIVM member Samantha LeBaron
So, either the info was wrong about Justin leaving (and he has not been seen in some time, nor have any of the Elliott brothers in Clifton Park) or it is true – and possibly Samantha is out too.  It appears they are dating.  Justin is bisexual from what I recall being mentioned in a comment.

Finally, it seems Dani Padilla is not coming back to Clifton Park either for her house is up for sale – and evidently there is a contract on the property: 8 Raleigh Drive is listed as a “Pending Sale.”

She has been spotted by our Mexican correspondents back at her family estate in Mexico.
Dani Padilla, one of the wealthy Mexican women of NXIVM was a top slave woman for Keith Raniere. With her man in prison, she has left Clifton Park and moved back to Mexico. Her wealthy parents do not know she was in the sex slave cult.
The old NXIVM gang are all putting up their homes for sale – there will be no more NXIVM Village in Clifton Park – and the days of “Camelot” are over for the female cast of characters that once centered their lives around a man named Keith Raniere and each other. This is the picture of the living room of Dani Padilla’s former home in Clifton Park – where on many an evening she entertained her glorious Vanguard.

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  • I love this kind of information!

    Laura, you’ve got the heart of a detective. Is there anything more riveting than some good old amateur sleuthing? On second thought, as a former poker player, you probably are accustomed to the “thrill of the chase.”

  • Poor Jimmy DelNegro still lists himself as head trainer at ESP on his LinkedIn page. Has he not heard they stopped doing trainings and that everbody is getting arrested? Is he still holdong SOP meetings alone in his basement? Is he in denial or is he in hiding?

  • Then he has zero cojones. Even if one ignores storing Mexican teenagers in her basement for slave labour and providing them to Raniere…

    What kind of latino (or any other) man would put up with what his wife was up to with DOS?

    There was no money to stick around for once her father cut her off from her allowance.

    • No, Keith is of Italian descent. He talks about being Italian in the leaked audio from SOP sessions. My gut always told me he really is/was antisemitic.

      • Telling so many members they were reincarnated NAZIS, yes I would say he’s used his own anti Semitic beliefs to create guilt in members that he had brainwashed that he used against them . I wonder is he still getting joy from sick games

  • Is it true that Jens Gould and Rosea Laura lovers? Any sign of Jens around Clifton Park?

    What about Charmel Boden? She had moved from the Seattle area to Albany?

    Any news on Nicki Cline? Haven’t heard that she has been coming to court to support her wife Alison Mack?

    How about Esther and Jim? Any news about them?

    Michelle Salzman? Did she get married, is she having a baby?

    So many people, who knows what?

    • All good questions.

      Jim del Negro should be ripe for a flip. There could be a lot of extra charges coming if he would actually talk. I would bet a lot that he has been a mule for cash transport, and as dumb as he played on the stand in Los Angeles, he knows where a lot of bodies are buried. He is somebody who should definitely be wanting to get an out for his own financial crimes.

      Apologies to his parents, because they have been through a lot, yet it is true.

    • I have never heard that rumor myself from any of my sources. I always hoped Jens and Ivy would leave NXIVM and run off into the sunset together. Both are talented writers who could be doing real journalism. Maybe the Knife is real journalism? Interesting concept but I could never take it seriously knowing from where it was birthed.

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