Part 3: Univision English translation of investigative report

Part 3: Univision Report on NXIVM – English translation below.



And when Keith Raniere launched his personal growth courses, he already had accumulated a great history of sexual relations with minors, that was established by the FBI, and even though his Mexican followers did not seem to be very worried, they preferred to admire this leader’s charismatic face and celebrate his publicized genius. Gerardo Reyes from Univision Investigate concludes the story.

GR: Raniere made his followers call him Vanguard. It was a name of a game he liked the most when he was young. The week of his birthday was baptized with that name.

(ceci Salinas speaks)

In this peaceful place in front of lake George at the north of New York, ESP fans gathered to give tribute for one week to their founder for the occasion of his birthday.

(Alex Betancourt talks)

Alejandro Betancourt, Emiliano Salinas and other members of ESP made a show Expressing great devotion for Raniere.

Toni Natalie has a very different image of that spiritual leader

Toni N: “I didn’t want to have a physical relationship with him anymore. He raped me and said it was harder for him than for me. But that it was important that we shared our energies.”

Gerardo Reyes: After the separation as she told us, Raniere started a legal battle against her and accused her of fraudulent bankruptcy and recently of hacking the informatics system of NXIVM, the self-growth organization. None of the cases went anywhere.

Toni N: Terrorism by litigation, that is what he does, he terrorizes people with the Bronfman money, and the power backup with Emiliano´s Salinas money.

The Bronfmans, who Natalie talks about are Sarah and Clair, the heirs of the fortune of the Magnate producer of the Seagram’s, the late Edgar Bronfman. They have both wasted millions of dollars on N XIVM and sponsored the Dalai Lama to visit ESP in 2009.

(Dalai Lama speaks)

Gerardo: Raniere was not accused for the rape complaint, Natalie followed his steps and today she assures she collaborates with the USA authorities for the criminal case in New York.

Gerardo asks Toni N: Did the authorities ask you about Emiliano Salinas?

Toni N: I have been asked not to discuss some of the legal things I am working on. But I can assure you that Emiliano Salinas is part of the discussion. This organization has moved from the destruction of USA to the destruction of Mexico.

For some students it was a secret that Raniere invited his students to take “night walks” to seduce them according to two ex-students of ESP, they told us that Raniere wanted to seduce a Mexican who was 19 years old.

Student: I saw her: very young, not stupid, and well if he is very smart and he knew what she needed, he knew how to wrap her

Gerardo R: Univision was able to speak to this young girl but she did not accept a camera interview. She told us that:

“He wanted to talk to me all the time, he sent me messages so I could go and walk with him at night, I saw him as way too old for me”.

Gerardo R: She told us she met Raniere in this ESP study center in Clifton Park in New York to ask him not to insist anymore on the night walks. She also told us that whe preferred to salute him with her hand instead of kissing him in the mouth like most of the students did, men and woman.

Student: You could see that Keith always slept with all of them….

Gerardo R: The Organization also had a chastise regimen, the prosecution alleges that Raniere had locked up in a room a Mexican woman for 18 months because she committed an ethical breach in falling in love with a man who was not him.

Rainer’s lawyer justified the punishment.

Raniere´s lawyer: and the reason she was there was because she stole money and there was a punishment. It was her family and her decision to stay in that room in that house with her family.

Gerardo R: When he was 39 years old, he was in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the three persons that had a superior IQ than the rest of the humanity — which, according to Natalie,  helped him to get fame and wealth.

Anonymous student: They think he is the smartest person in the entire world – and that he’s  smarter than Albert Einstein.

Gerardo R: But the Guinness book has its nuances, Omega Society the institution that certified the IQ exam explained Univision that the test:

– You did not have to take it in a specific place, it was sent by mail.

– There was no limited time to answer

– And that you were not supposed to consult it with other persons.

While he enjoyed his genius fame, Raniere was facing sexual scandals, and they were specifically with minors. According to the accusation in New York, the documents show that he had sexual relationships with a 12 and a 15 year old, He was not arrested. A 1993 request presented by one of the presumed victims and originally published by “Times Union” offered some details.

You read there:

  • I was involved in sexual relations with a man called Keith Raniere, this happened when I was approximately 12 or 13 years old.

The woman asked the police not to continue with the investigation

Gerardo Reyes asking Raniere´s Lawyer: Raniere has some background that doesn’t help him for today’s situation

Raniere´s lawyer: I don’t think it happened, that was investigated by authorities and there were no charges, I think that is only left as a rumor.

Gerardo R: But there is a document that one of this girls says “yes, I had sex  with him”

KR Lawyer: yeah hum I mean listen, I don’t know if the woman that was a girl at that moment is telling the truth, the fact that she said “I don’t want to press charges” will not prevent authorities from accusing someone from a crime.

Gerardo R: some of these shadows of Raniere past figure in the Google search, but his followers still did not pay any attention to that. We asked the psychologist Maria Basalt why people with high education level saw Raniere like a god.

Maria: you can be very educated, you can belong to a high class and be very rich, and be very vulnerable and very emotionally labile, I mean education is not enough.

Gerardo R: According to NXIVM lawyer in Mexico, Raniere’s cloudy past did not prevent the organization’s success.

Mexico Lawyer:  the people here gave courses and had very good results, I can tell you 250 courses, 8,000 students….

Gerardo Reyes: The Mexicans chose to see the face of a modest and charming genius, author of courses where they attributed him their personal success like this ballerina confirms in this promotional video:

Ballerina (associate of anima ink):  The truth of the matter was that I cleared a bunch of mental cobwebs and started to enjoy it more than ever and that’s the reason I was dancing at a level I never had before or thought I could reach.

Gerardo R: Meanwhile according to the FBI the slavery and coercion pyramid grew behind the stage.



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  • As for your comments about me personally, I’m just a person who doesn’t believe I’m the center of the universe. 🙂

    If you believe I’m only posting for no other reason than to generate attention or drama, then that would fit with your neurotic tendencies (which act as a mechanism to create self reinforcing delusions).

    Here’s how your mind creates a self reinforcing delusion.

    In your neurotic mind, those who are against you must “have an agenda” and “be up to no good”. Or in other words, everybody posting negatively about you must be part of a grand plot against you and be following you around the Internet from other websites (since all neurotic women are the center of the universe, in their own minds).

    And the more somebody tries to convince you that you’re just imagining these things, the more your mind tells you that they are “gaslighting you” and trying to “control you” (and therefore the more “true” your delusions become in your own mind).

    That’s called a self reinforcing delusion, because every fact that would prove you’re acting “neurotic” or “irrational” (to a rational person) is used by your own mind as a ‘fact’ to justify your delusions (and make them even stronger).

    That explains the “gaslighting” argument which you often use. Your “gaslighting” argument is used as a mechanism to turn any facts against you into a justification that your delusions of being “followed everywhere” must really be true.

    The more “facts” we present to show you’re being neurotic and irrational, the more your delusion becomes “stronger” in your mind.

    To be fair, “gaslighting” is a real issue in many cases and it’s often used to mentally abuse people. However, in the case of a neurotic person like yourself, it’s used as a way to create self reinforcing delusions.

    It just doesn’t occur to you that after reading your countless pity-party posts and other posts which attack others everyday, I just decided to vocalize some obvious criticisms that many other people were likely thinking about you, but too polite to tell you.

    Reply to your heart’s content but I won’t participate in this particular debate any more, as my points have all been made and any rational person reading this will understand the truth no matter how you respond. 🙂

    • Oh…I forgot to add “sure Allison”….I can say that name here, right, Flower stalker?
      I think I’ll just address you as Allison if you decide to post again.
      Suits you for some reason. Lol

      So Allie, I think the truth is that any rational person reading this is going to see that you have written several mean-spirited, angry posts full of baseless assumptions, addressed to a person you apparently don’t even know.
      What could be more neurotic than that?
      Hey, Allie?

  • As for your claim to “Mom” that it’s impossible to be sure that various trolls here at FrankReport aren’t the same trolls that have supposedly followed you from other websites —– my response is that it’s also impossible to be sure that a real life version of The Transformers don’t reside in a place on the other side of the universe (but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that belief, lol).

    It’s common for neurotic people to believe that others are following them. It’s common for neurotic people to believe that other people who aren’t “with them” must be “against them” and “up to no good”.

    It’s common for neurotic women to think that they’re the center of the universe and that every comment made against them must be part of some “agenda” to follow them around, lol.

    I apologize for the previous comments about age and weight, but my only point was that these so-called stalkers on the Internet are probably not going to show much interest in an older middle-aged drama queen who’s probably a bit overweight and not in her prime twenties anymore. I’m using common sense to reach that conclusion, not my superior IQ. lol

    Need proof? Try walking around in a crowded Hotel lobby and pay attention to how many men do “double takes” when you walk by (probably zero). Then compare that to when you were in your twenties (probably higher than zero). Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize why. What’s true in the real world is true online as well.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t stalkers out there who favor older and fatter women with a neurotic mind, but if you’re not a major Hollywood star or rich heiress then I doubt any stalker would show much interest in you as an older and fatter drama queen. I would think that’s rather obvious and not in need of much explaining, regardless of your IQ level.

    • “ hey flowers” I get what your saying. I don’t know anyone on here. I will give everyone the benifit of the doubt that they believe what they are saying. Do I think anyone is following flowers. I have to say I don’t know. Because I don’t know her. I do know strange things happen. And unless I personally know her I will trust her comments until otherwise proven wrong.
      Your right that the world doesn’t center around anyone. And most people don’t take notice of you or me.
      I also know that when people treat each other with respect life is so much easier. I made a mistake by inserting myself. Now it’s hard to pull out. I am just annoyed that people can be so mean.
      I also believe there is a difference between being nice and kind. Nice is being a push over. Kind is sometimes speaking uncomfortable truths. But you don’t have to be mean to others while speaking uncomfortable truth. In fact that’s where the need to be polite and respectful even while speaking harsh truth. You can use harsh language without attacking the person you are talking to . You can do it without using slurs and putting down your audience. And that’s important.
      We know frank has used harsh terms. That’s true. And he has crossed the line when directing toward people in NXVIM. But I don’t recall him ever going after his audience.
      I will stand up for anyone’s right to speak. And to add. But I draw the line with personal attacks. I draw the line at racist, anti semantic ,misogynistic. bigoted comments.
      If using harsh language have it fit the discussion.
      Debating 101 to convince others is to respect your audience.

      I have said way too much. I regret making the original comment. Just meant to make a passing comment.

    • Just want to add leave flowers alone. What has she done to you? And flowers ignor the haters. They will get bored. What others say is a reflection of them not you. bullies live for reaction. I am sure flowers is s very nice lady. So leave her alone. You wouldn’t like anyone teasing your mom, sister, daughter. Well don’t pick on her.
      As for Scott. I won’t call you. And I may not like how you treat people, but I don’t like how others react to you either. There is bad blood between you and flowers. And finger pointing. I don’t know how it began. And frankly don’t care. I do care for the sake of peace that you two ignore each other’s comments for now.
      I spoke with the two of you specifically because the two of you have a back and forth that’s not going anywhere. And it’s standing out. I am sure she is very sweet. Treat her like you want others to treat your wife, Mom, sister or daughter. That’s all.

      Also same can be said to others.

  • At least your response to me was measured, somewhat sarcastic, and didn’t display your trademarked “anger” that you’ve become known for here. You’re making strides already. 🙂

    As for your claim that you’ve “never been a drama queen in your life”, that’s akin to water saying it has “never been wet in its life”. lol

    I can only respond by making the obvious point that many of your posts are aimed at generating pity for yourself by telling a bunch of anonymous strangers on a message board about your delusions of being “followed everywhere” by a bunch of criminals.

    We are strangers to you at FrankReport. We don’t really care about that stuff. So why tell us about that stuff, unless you’re trying to generate pity or sympathy for yourself? There can be no other reason to tell us that stuff, except to throw a pity-party for yourself. Ask any psychologist. You are the resident drama queen here, regardless of whether you realize it or not.

    Try this exercise. Count up the grand total number of posts you’ve made at FrankReport, then subtract the posts which:

    -attack somebody using intentional insults or nasty sarcasm
    (not just respectful criticism, but insults or nasty sarcasm)

    -tell strangers about some bad thing in your life
    (designed to get you pity)

    -are designed to “justify” your attacks on others
    (like listening to you explain to “Mom” why you attack everybody)

    -any other post which focuses on *you* or *your life* or *your anger*
    (rather than posting about a topic other than *yourself* or *your anger* towards others)

    After subtracting those posts, I think you’ll be left with a final figure close to zero. lol.

    • Hey, *Hey Flowers*

      Thanks for posting! It’s great to see a little more evidence, and every time you open your mouth , a little more just slips out (along with the usual bullshit) Funny how that keeps happening.

      Here’s a little exercise for you. Oh…For You….like “1000 times for you!” Get it? That’s OK , private joke. However, I know that at least a couple other people reading this will get that one. Lol!!

      The exercise is this – read thru all the mistakes you make(I’ll list them here) and then explain why you do any of these ridiculous things, and then maybe I’ll reply to you. Actually I WILL reply to you if you do as I ask, but I suspect you won’t reply to these points

      Here’s a few mistakes that you made…

      *The biggest one (and the one you morons always make ) ASSUMPTION.
      You assume everything, without even the tiniest shred of evidence to back up your claims. Ever. You assume I’m mentally ill, neurotic …etc, but you have ZERO evidence to back up that, or to back up anything else that you say. It all your opinion , but you try to claim it as FACT.
      Too funny.

      *Assuming that I exist in an isolated bubble with no other feedback, or that I recieve no information from other people harassed by the same group. What makes you so sure I’m not getting other information?

      *Using the term “we”. Do you believe you’re the Queen, or do you really think you have an imaginary ARMY backing you in this weird “battle” against me? 😂😁

      *And lastly, just the fact that you are actually taking the time out of you day to stalk me, research me, and write at least 5 posts to me and about me….and I’m a person who has absolutely nothing to do with you, at all. Correct? This is a blog about cults and NXIVM, so why are you making it about me?

      My posts where i mention my own harassment experience were posted here to draw awareness to the cult-type harassment that is occurring in other areas, and how this issue is not just restricted to those involved with NXIVM or Scientology.

      Why are you so interested in my story, *Hey Flowers *?

    • You’re so hilarious, Scott.
      Keep it up and I’ll start addressing posts to “Hey Scott “.

      I’m pretty sure you wrote that
      Hey Flowers post yourself, because I just can’t believe you have any supporters. But you never know….even serial murderers like Ted Bundy had groupies, so it’s possible you have at least one fan.

  • Hi , Hey Flowers
    It’s cute how you decided to post here for the FIRST TIME (at least with that email address) just to write a bunch of baseless assumptions about someone you don’t even know. 😁….maybe you’re defending Scottie,? Or maybe you’re even Scottie himself? Lol.

    I wasn’t aware one needed to be WORTHY to attract the attention of a group of criminals. Thank you for that information. With that piece of well-thought out wisdom I , and the other people targeted by these criminals, will now be safe. We just need to STOP being WORTHY.

    Yes, every single person in Vancouver is self-absorbed. This self-absorption is exactly what caused the Stanley Cup riot. You are so intelligent to have figured that out! Thank God we now have someone of your obviously superior IQ posting such tidbits of wisdom here.

  • Flowers, you don’t seem to realize that you really do have an “unhealthy” anger towards Mr. Johnson and others, which at times borders on being neurotic. If anybody needs a mental health checkup, I’d say it’s you.

    You respond in a very “angry” way to several people here, not just Mr. Johnson.

    It’s a free country and you’re free to act like a ‘wittle baby of course. But please stop claiming that others here are abusing you since you have this passive-aggressive act that’s wearing very thin here. You attack and provoke various members, then you accuse others of abusing you. Weird stuff.

    I’m guessing that you’re either bipolar or just an extremely narcissistic drama queen, since you’ve also claimed that other people have “followed you here” from some other website — which makes no sense since you post anonymously and aren’t really a person of any great importance worthy of stalkers.

    I hate to criticize, but since you won’t stop your delusional conspiracy theories I’m going to explain a few things.

    Your comments suggest that you’re probably middle aged or older (not a spring chicken) since you have college aged kids. Your comments also suggest that you’re probably overweight or at least not the type of athletic woman that any stalker would fawn over (this is apparent from your hostility towards all posts which talk about a woman’s physical flaws, as well as your accusations of ‘misogyny’ against any man who criticizes a woman for darn near anything).

    Rather than flattering yourself with delusions about stalkers following you all over the Internet, you need to realize that no man here is interested in stalking an overweight middle-aged drama queen. Trust me, it’s all in your head. You’re not worthy of being stalked, but when you take verbal jabs at other members they’re going to respond in kind, out of basic fairness.

    Your ex-husband has my full respect though. I truly think that your ex-husband deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, since any man that could put up with your drama queen antics has my full respect for life. lol

    I say “ex” because I can’t imagine any man that could withstand your drama queen antics for more than a couple years without bailing for greener pastures.

    And even though you’re just a Canadian turd who resides somewhere in America’s hat, you seem to take a huge interest in American politics and Trump. I’m guessing that you’re probably from the Vancouver area, since that’s the place where self-absorbed Canadian turds nearly burned down the city in 2011 after losing a mere hockey game. lol

    They nearly burned down a city just for losing a sporting match? Yet supposedly Canada is a place where people are civil. lol

    • I wasn’t saying you’re a passive-aggressive personality, which is something different.

      I just said you have an “act” here, which alternates between making very passive comments & very aggressive comments to others. You can’t seem to make up your mind if you’re a wolf or a sheep. 🙂

    • Also…I was unaware that having a conflicting opinion or a criticism of a comment was now known as ATTACKING. 😁
      You should really re-read Scotts posts to understand the difference.

      I’ve never been a drama queen in my life, but it sure is funny how you’re on here, trying to stir up drama about someone you don’t know and who has nothing to do with you, at all.
      A bit of a stalker yourself, eh??

      (That’s Canadian for “right?’)

    • You’re being deliberately illogical, Scott. You know my comment refers to the upcoming arrests, so why are you arguing?

      • Scott is adding something useful flowers. If you pay attention to him you will see he is on the same side. Give him a chance to talk. Without all those personal attacks. Yes I have called for civility. But it’s aimed not to any one person. No I don’t like how he tells people to buzz off, but it’s perfecty understandable. But i am not happy with people like moosha interrupting Scott. Perhaps he was right to tell me to back off. But I think Scott is more civil than those who are attacking him. I notice that when people treat him with respect he will treat them with respect back. Flowers I get where Scott is coming from. And I get why I pissed him off. He is getting interrupted and called names by too many people. He took me personally even though overall I am defending him. More than addressing the civility to him. I may or not agree with everything he says. But he certainly has the right to speak about what he is aware of. Consumer byline and amway are the same type of thing.
        I apologize to Scott for pissing him off. No he’s not being unreasonable. It’s just that there is a group of people who are being very rude to him. And he is calling them out. And my call for civility is going to be more direct.
        When people respectfully address him he is very polite. If anyone here is under attack it’s him. ( moonshi and anom I am taking about you. Moosha is adding nothing of substance. Scott is defending himself. He has a valid information.)
        I am very interested in what he has to add. He knows what he is talking about.
        I am sorry Scott about our misunderstanding. I don’t get why so many people are interrupting you.
        I know we got off on a bad start. But again I respect you.
        This is the last time I will come to anyone’s defense. I notice that you repect whomever respects you. If you don’t want me to come to your defense or anyone else’s I won’t. I think I came off as just another person. Again I think you have much to add. Thank you.

        • Hi Mom
          What useful information do you think Scott is adding to the conversation here?

          Also, I see you haven’t regularly been reading the posts, as you’re under the erroneous assumption that Scott addresses people with respect if they do so first. This is totally incorrect. Scott has attacked me and several other posters for no reason at all, except he didn’t share our opinion.

          If he wants to debate his side of an argument, that’s great. But calling everyone names such as “libtard” is immature behaviour. Personally, I don’t see him providing much useful information here. He has knowledge od MLM schemes, but other than that, I’m not sure what he contributes to the conversation.

          • Yea he did tell me to buzz off when I called for civility. So I hear what you are saying. I do think as long as he adds what he knows about MLM and ignoring those ( mooshir and anom) he is a great asset to the discussion. Scott is informative as far as mlm is involved.
            In all fairness I think he is used to sites that is all about debating and winning arguments. And this is not the frank reports is about. The frank report is about putting together a puzzle. And I tried to point that out. And told to shut up. I am strong enough to not take personal attacks personally. Why because I know who I am and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone else. I find forgiving people frees me from allowing others to define me. I will treat people with respect because that’s who I am. What I say about others is s projection of who I am.
            People can say whatever they want about me and I will only brush it off. That just makes life so much easier. Life is too short for allowing others to define you. That makes dealing with difficult situations more manageable.
            You, flowers experienced whatever you did. Seems extreme but I wasn’t there so I can’t make any comments on your experience. All I know is you believe all these things happened. I am in no position to judge.
            Whatever is going on in this page has changed. Old commentators are gone. And I miss the cooperation and support and the whole working together and information in the comments as well as articles.

          • Flowers If you and Scott leave each other alone that would work. Just brush it off. It’s just an ongoing argument. Not going anywhere. Again this isn’t about any one person here. I respect everyone whether I agree or not with them. Whether I like them or not doesn’t matter. Just brush off the negativity.

            I personally think that the ideal commenter who sets the best example is Laura Darby. In fact she is the best and most informative contributor. I will go back to passive reading. And When to commenters I will only read the commenters who give the facts and just the facts.
            Laura always is very professional and informative. I will I got the negitivty and in fighting. My time is too valuable to fight or argue.

          • Yes. I think Laura’s posts are always really good- informative but never argumentative.

            Its actually not an ongoing argument with Scott…he went after me without reason, and as I mentioned, I never hand out cookies to toddlers having tantrums.

            But calling it an argument would suggest there was some disagreement first. There wasn’t. He just had himself a little tantrum because I said I thought Bens story was fake. …now he can’t give it up cuz I fought back.

        • It’s true that ignoring the insults makes life easier.😀
          I’ve ignored most of them, but, I think sometimes the obvious lies need to be addressed and corrected, just like someone corrected Oscar’s post. The reason correction is needed is because there are always some people who will believe whatever they read, without fact checking, and this leads to misinformation being spread.
          I think the people who try to spread misinformation here, have a certain agenda. Why should they get away with it? It kind of like handing out cookies to a toddler having a temper tantrum – easier in that instant but it only creates more problems in the long run.

          It’s interesting how you say that “I believe all those things happened to me” when I didn’t even share here exactly what has happened to me.
          And I don’t just “believe ” it happened, I have proof it happened.

          Perhaps the reason this forum has become the way it is now, is because the same trolls I’m talking about have now decided to post here?….Who can say that’s impossible?

          • I have read for months. Never commenting. You have written about things here. I read the articles and comments. And I know life can stranger than fiction. I don’t want to believe them. So guess it’s s protective thing. It’s that I don’t want to believe them. It sounds scary. Does that make sense ?

          • flowers plus we are strangers. So take that into account. What you posted is scary. And it’s more along the line I don’t want to believe that you went through what you have posted about. I do care about people whether I know them or not. And that’s who I am.
            I think I am pretty guilty of going off subject. This was all meant to be posted in the article about community but I errored posting this story. My bad.
            You Have things to add too.
            I will go back to passive reading and only reading comments from people like Laura and some others who stay on subject and have a wealth of information. I will bypass the arguments. But when anyone posts of substance I will read.
            Carry on.

          • Think I missed the beginning of that issue you have with Scott. I would brush it off. It’s not about Scott anyway.
            He is who he is. And he’s only one person and it’s not about him anyway. You two have history. And hopefully you two can put it behind you.

            But yes I notice that there are new people who have zero ties to the towns where NXVIM flourished and probably have zero contact with anyone involved in this specific group. I personally never been approached but friends have. I have been near their hangouts before I even knew what was happening. Friends of mine have been invited. I have not. I could easily met a member without being aware of it. So for you and me it’s real. Anyone who knows anything about them are afraid of talking about them. You mention them and suddenly everyone whispers. People who use their names are bold and brave.

            Not sure if people who are removed from the community really understand that aspect. They may very well mean well. But unless you live near these people you really don’t get NXVIM. You might have a sense about it. But this group had this much hold on their neigborhoods.

            But yeah I notice information getting buried.

          • I am sorry flowers. Trying to be a peacemaker I missed some things. Learned some things and looked back. Eyes are open. Now I get it. Again I am sorry.

    • I’m beginning to think that there may be something seriously wrong with Mr. Johnson. He seems to not understand my very easy to understand comment. Here Scott, let me spell it out for you ….

      Frank posted that very soon (maybe within days) we should expect to see more indictments unsealed and more arrests to be made in this NXIVM case . He says these arrests will be very big news.

      I said that I can hardly wait to see who is arrested.

      So there you have it, folks.. apparently
      that was a very tricky riddle that stumped Mr. Johnson.

      Just imagine if I were really trying to confuse him!

    • If what I referred to was already stated in court, why would Frank just post today that it will soon be revealed within a few days or weeks?

  • Actually, I’m an expert in MLM, although I know a lot about msm as well, if you’re referring to main stream media, aka fake news. Stay away from any MLM, virtually all of them are scams.

    If you’re referring to Betsy DeVos, she came from money (Edgar Prince, he made a fortune in car parts, and one of his sons is Blackwater founder Erik Prince), and married into Amway money. Her husband is Dick DeVos, son of co-founder Rich DeVos, and Dick is a former Amway top level executive and still on the Board of Directors.

    To my knowledge, Betsy is not directly involved in Amway, but she uses her Prince/Amway money to buy political influence, such as being the current Secretary of Education, even though she knows practically nothing about education, except how to buy influence. It is estimated the DeVos/Van Andel Amway founding families have given $200 millions to politicians over the years.

    • Scott. You say you are an expert on msm. Specifically amway. Therefore I have questions. What do you know about young living essential oils? I was invited to a party for that… should I stay away? Or is that one safe? Or is it like any other.

      Is Beaty deVos involved with Amway? I know she married the son of I think the founder? Is that correct?

    • Why would I wait for you to change your mind, Scott?
      I don’t care about your opinion (I thought that was clear in my comments) , I’m just curious about why you seem to be so angry at me without any reason.
      I never attacked you first, but you very deliberately went after me, and you keep writing comments as though you presume to know something more about me than what I ever shared here. And shadowstate has done the same. …he’s posted something recently that seems to indicate he knows who I really am. Just a coincidence or continued attempts to gaslight me?
      I’m past caring at this point, but I’m still hanging around here because I’m very intrigued about Frank”s post suggesting that there is going to be some very big news soon.
      I can hardly wait to see what that means.

  • While many people give the Vanguard the credit for the greatness of NXIVMit behooves us to celebrate and honor the real source of that greatness.
    The female middle management of the cult.

    Basically the Vanguard is an overgrown spoiled brat of a boy living every 8 year old boy’s dream.
    We must give credit to Nancy Salzman, the woman who conceived the curricula for all of NXIVM’s scam courses.
    Brava, Nancy!
    Moreover, Nancy is the day to day manager of NXIVM’s affairs.

    Don’t forget Clare and Sara Bronfman, two useful idiots who financed NXIVM and Vanguard’s many scams.

    Nor should we forget Allison Pimp Mack and her Banshees who terrorize the slaves into submission with physical punishments and threats of blackmail.
    Allison and her Banshees are the muscle of NXIVM.
    If anyone knows how to crack a whip, it’s Allison Mack.

    Lastly we must not forget the demonic Dr. Danielle Roberts, the Sweeney Todd of female branding.

    Well done, Ladies!
    You have provided us with much entertainment.
    And you have empowered women to be as evil and vile as men.
    You have all earned at least 15 years of vacation in the US Bureau of Prisons.

    Now that is Executive Success!

  • The long proud history of female pimpery.

    Allison Pimp Mack carries on in the long proud tradition of female pimpery.

    Who can forget Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam?
    Or Sidney Biddle Barrows, the haughty upper class Mayflower Madam?

    The most celebrated Madam in New York history was Polly Adler who was popular 70 years ago when she wrote her memoirs “A House is Not a Home.”

    And in Chicago’s colorful history people celebrate the Everleigh Sisters who kept a House of Ill Repute on Chicago’s South Side before World War I.

    So Allison Pimp Mack comes from a long line of women willing to pimp out other women for fun and profit.

    Wear your Freak Flag with Pride, Allison.

  • Where’s Pea Onyou?
    I miss her wit and wisdom.

    Maybe Pea is consoling her girl friend Nicki Clyne before Nicki gets nicked for being a gangster.

    Or maybe Pea’s lawyer told Pea to get off the internet before Pea herself gets indicted.

      • Scott…if you’re going to insult me, you should at least provide a reason for why you think I’m self-absorbed. When I refer to you as abusive , I provide examples of your nasty comments. There are many examples to choose from, too.

        Scott, since you keep trying to draw me into the conversation, I’m starting to wonder if you have a “crush” on me. Lol

        One thing I want to point out is that you, and all the NXIVM members, all made a choice to become involved in one of these groups. Scott, you made a choice to work with Amway. NXIVM members made the choice to join the group/take the courses/have a relationship with Keith… etc.

        I never made any choice to join or become involved with any cult or group or MLM scheme. I was harassed by people who made that choice to become involved, and who then targeted me.

        Now, when I attempt to determine what is going on and why I was targeted, YOU decide I must be self-absorbed. So, does this mean you think I deserve to be criminally harassed by these people, Scott? Does criminal harassment of an innocent person seem fair to you?

        • And he sits home spewing out hate while his wife supports him. 16+ years of Amway failure followed by a business with no discernible income. Lucky for him he’s got a sugar mommy.

          His family seems nice. They work for public schools. From the Plano Independent School district news highlights:

          “Grant Johnson, Plano West Senior High School special education assistant, became the groom of Victoria Smith on July 15. Mother of groom is Danice Johnson, Plano West Senior High School office manager, and brother of the groom is Anders Johnson, Shepton High School special education assistant.”

          So while they work hard, he’s home being ugly on the interwebs. Supported by the hard-earned tax money the citizens of Texas pay to support schools and school employees.

  • Yep another daughter of a POS leftist. Vicente Fox is as evil as they come. These leftist raise kids that are so fucked up they are easy pickings for a cult

  • Scott. All I ask is focus your anger toward Keith and gsng. You are on the same side as flowers and others. I have no clue who are personally attacking you and others. They may be NXVIM supporters. But those on the same side need to stay united not divided. Focus anger toward the circumstances. You have something to add. This isn’t huff post or brietbart where people fight each other. This is s group of people who are either living in Vancouver or albany or Mexico whose neighborhood is impacted. This is former victims this is family members of people who are in NXVIM. Most people here personally has been impacted by various degrees. We take that into account. And I believe you are on the same side. Please take that into account. Save that anger and use it toward the guilty not the innocent. Again I say this with deepest respect.

  • So using their ‘cultural programs’ they target children (pedophilia through the Rainbow Cultural Garden programs?), women (sexual abuse as NXIUM has already been exposed of committing) (through Jness program?), and thought-control (through adrenochrome or brain-washing through force and coercion as NXIUM has already been exposed as doing) (Rational Technology program?).

    Sickening. It will be fun watching it all collapse with a louder thud than even Rose McGowan and the #MeToo crowd created when Pervy Harvey and his disciples began to fall.

    “More Massive Than You Can Possibly Imagine”: sounds eerily similar to ‘you cannot possibly imagine the size of this’.

  • Hiya bitch, ya better put some ice on that lip. Glad muh alt left shitstains approve of muh raping of women

    • Hi Bill, Hellary THE Horrible may have been elected President if she had only thrown your clothes out of the upstairs White House windown in 1998, but she wanted to “stand by her man.” She completely lost all respect with that erroneous calculation. LOL

  • No mention of Ana Cristina Fox.

    She was the big Mexican influencer back in the day when I was there.

  • Questions – new to following the details of this story. Is Clare branded? Is Allison? Or only the ‘slaves’ under them. And Nancy Salzman’s own daughter is branded and a slave? This is all so weird

    • Most of those questions will likely be answered at trial.
      The people who would know for a fact are unlikely to answer here.

  • “I was involved in sexual relations with a man called Keith Raniere, this happened when I was approximately 12 or 13 years old.”

    Why was NXIVM so popular with the world’s elite?
    Why was Keith Raniere given a pass for his perversions for so many years?

    “International sex trafficking rings are controlled by the elite.”

    “Pedophiles Rule the World”

      • Through the internet I have many contacts in Britain.
        Americans should read about the BBC personality Sir Jimmy Savile, a dear friend of the Royal Family.
        Savile was kind of the Dick Clark of Britain with a show called “Top of the Pops.”
        After Savile died in 2011 a police investigation revealed that he had molested over 400 teen aged girls.

          • Savile is a good example of bad timing. He went to his grave getting away with it. I’m sure he didn’t care about people finding out about this after he died, or he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

            The NXIVM MLM is now toast, burnt toast at that.

            There are many other MLM scams that are harming literally 10s of millions of different people around the world every single year. Now is the time to learn from Savile and other creeps and stop MLMs from scamming people. If more people had spoken up louder AND been working together in an organized manner, many could have been saved from Savile and NXIVM. Learn that lesson for other MLM scams.

      • let me remind you that American women despise Trump (use the Google machine yourself to see all the non MSM polling that show around 68% of American Women despise him) because he is a self confessed sexual assault perpetrator with a War on Children.

        The fact that OTHER people are pedophiles won’t EVAR change Trump from being a racist, sexist, crooked mendacious TRAITOR to America.

        Shut up and quit doing the work for Russia in your divisive alt-right nightmare world you’re dragging in here. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ALEXI?

        • Actual you are full of shit as usual. Women love an Alpha male. Trump has major support among women. Something little soy boys like yourself are incapable of understanding.

        • Actuallyy hellery and o-hole nuzzled Putin’s nutsack, much like you did Raniere’s The shitstain demofucking craps are the traitors and the military tribunals are coming their way. Go lick Salina’s taint you Leninist piece of rotting shit.

        • It’s no surprise that these sexist, alt-right wing nut jobs are defending a man whose most (or some of the most) famous words that he will ever be know for are “grab ’em by the pussy”, and who has been called out as both a rapist (by his former wife) and a statutory rapist (of a 13-year old girl) which allegedly happened on the private “sex island” of Epstein of all places.

  • Stop attacking each other. Show respect to each other. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
    Furthermore stick to the subject.

    • Mom, shut up. This is the internet, there will always be “attacks” and lack of respect. This isn’t a “nice” topic, it’s impossible to say only “nice” things. The topic is MLM scams, which describes NXIVM and Amway, where Raniere learned the “trade.”

      • Scott, you do realize you were one of the people I was defending against personal attacks. You were adding some interesting points to think about. Amway is a similar organization.

        But you do realize that the original people who used to post for the most part worked together and exposed this organization. That they had skin in the game. They were vested in this one way or another.

        And people were cooperative in bringing this group down, informing the public and supporting the people who lost family members to the group or are recovering. So, yes this was a supportive environment. The cooperation and support is what brought Keith down. If they fought each other he would still be out and about.

        Scott I respect you . And I think you have interesting insite. And I defended you. You realize that? And it’s okay for you and others to question what each other say without getting personal. Sometimes people who see things differently can inform and learn from each other. (regardless whether it’s face to face or on- line).

        Yes this is the internet. Yes this is very serous. And it’s an ugly situation. But on the other side are real people. And yes I think we need to stick to the subject. Not call each other names. That defeats the point of this blog and makes the blog so useful and powerful.

        • Okay Scott. I could have left out if you don’t have anything nice to say.

          But I stand by the rest. You all will do better if you stand together and realize you all have the same goal. Save your anger for the guilty. And respect the people who want to pull together and put an end to the ugliness.
          And I agree with you Scott the events are ugly and need to be addressed.

          Instead of bickering with each other use that anger productively.
          Thanks for pointing out we can’t be nice. But we can respect those who want the same end.

          • The other side is nasty? I understand nasty when you use that word to refer to criminals such as Raniere, but yet you’ve been rude (without reason )to me, Scott. I’m not a nasty criminal- I’m just an innocent person who happens to have been targeted by criminals (thru no fault of my own)…so why are you rude towards me?

      • What makes this NOT like Amway, which is your justification for being a politically divisive and post-truth Moron with that Ben shit, is that THIS IS ABOUT SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN not you and your Amway scam you selfish asshat.

        This may not be a nice topic, but rudeness is not only not required, it’s not appropriate HERE.

        Since you seem so troubled by facts, let me help you understand that you are not ENTITLED to make this all about YOU.

  • This is exactly what happens in Amway, which is where Raniere got his initial MLM scam training, and other MLM scams. It’s the cult of personality. Many people lack the self confidence, have suspicions, can’t afford the time and/or money to join, decide they can’t/don’t want to take on another activity, etc., and don’t join. But those that do create an atmosphere of “worshipping” the top dog, and that attracts a small percentage of those exposed. Over time, it grows.

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