Shadow: Allison Mack may be easy to manipulate but that does not absolve her of her many crimes

By Shadow State 1958

The sorry truth is that Allison Mack lied by telling women that they were joining a female empowerment group but instead delivered those women into female sexual slavery.  And Allison Mack knew damned well what she was doing when she lied to those women.

She practiced fraud against these women. She betrayed these women.

In Dante’s Inferno, the deepest pit in hell is reserved for those who engage in betrayal.  It’s no accident that the brand burned into Sarah Edmondson’s flesh contains the initials K-R-A-M.

Sarah is marked as the property of Keith Raniere and ALLISON MACK.

Let’s go through some misconceptions:

1. Allison never branded anyone

For that matter, neither did Keith Raniere literally brand anyone.  In a conspiracy case, one need not be present for all of the crimes.  Mack was in charge of the DOS sex slave operations on behalf of Raniere.
Both are guilty.

Mack admitted to the New York Times Magazine that she conceived the idea of branding.

And the women did not consent to the branding.  Consent given as the result of fraud and lies is NULL AND VOID.

Was Allison ever paid specifically for anything relating to sex? Was she paid for anything in DOS at all?

Allison Mack’s payment was that she rose up higher in the NXIVM hierarchy.  For her work in NXIVM, DOS became more powerful within the cult.  That alone is enough to say that Allison Mack materially benefited from the sex slavery.  Material benefit does not require a cash payment. The law is designed to cover any type of benefit.

Moreover, there is reason to believe that Allison Mack had sexual relations with her slaves. The slave interviewed by Frank Parlato said as much.  As their master, Allison Mack had the benefit of being able to demand sex with her slaves.  That is a material benefit for Allison Mack.

3. “I could even picture Allison pressuring others to have sex with him, believing it to be for their benefit.”

Allison Mack was more than a wing-man or wing-woman.  A wing-man says, “My friend Keith over there would like to meet you. He’s an interesting guy.”

Allison Mack acted as a pimp, compelling women to engage in sex with either Keith or herself.

Allison used fraud, coercion and blackmail to compel women to engage in sex. That is not a wing-man.
That is a pimp.  Allison Mack is a pimp.

Moreover, Allison collected blackmail information to take away women’s freedom of choice.  If the women refused Allison Mack’s orders or left the cult, that blackmail could be released to the women’s detriment.  The mere collection of blackmail information is in itself a crime.

Wing-men don’t collect blackmail.  Allison Mack is a blackmailer and extortionist.

4. DOS members were aware of what they were participating in.

Irrelevant.  One can be a victim of a crime without knowing it.  You can be a victim of computer hacking and never know it.

5. “So far, what I’ve gotten is that she bullied one or two people (adults) into sex.”

Allison Mack herself put the number of women in DOS at closer to 150.  One woman would be too many. Perhaps you do not see a sex trafficking operation in NXIVM-DOS but the FBI sure as hell did.

6. If branding itself was the crime, Dr. Danielle Roberts, who did the actual branding, would have been charged.

In my opinion, Dr. Roberts should be charged.  But the fact that she has not does not absolve Allison Mack of her crimes.

7. “It just pisses me off that the DOJ charged Allison so much more harshly than anyone else in DOS.”

Ringleaders always get charged more.

8. “Allison probably got bullied into sex as well.”

Read Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” where she describes a social event at NXIVM where Allison Mack is “Queen of the Ball” getting first dibs on Keith Raniere before all of the women get a French kiss from the Vanguard. Watch the horrible video where Allison Mack almost breaks out in tears for the honor of talking to Raniere.  Or the birthday video where Allison Mack is crying real tears of her infinite devotion to Raniere. Allison Mack is a True Believer.

8. “Her desire was to help people overcome fears.”

Read Pea Onyu’s posts and comments to see what Raniere taught his female followers including Allison Mack. I would not call those ideas self-help.

Lastly, I will tell you that I believe that Allison Mack suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  That is a real medical disorder.

Narcissist Personality Disorder is marked by:

1.Lack of Empathy towards others.

2. Lack of Boundaries in personal behavior

3. A craving for adoration.

Narcissistic personality disorder

Allison Mack is easy to manipulate but that does not absolve her of her many crimes.

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  • What a disturbing bizarre story. Of course she knew what was going on. If she wasn’t a bright eyed petite girl, she would be locked up already. Guys face the facts…She’s a criminal!

  • Given the long list of what Allison is guilty of, it is very hard for me to have sympathy for her. Especially after watching her eyes well up with tears over how wonderful Keith was as he pontificated about literally NOTHING. She was stupid to throw her life into his. She was even more stupid to actually carry out all of her evil actions.

    • Or if she were a less attractive, or less famous, gal. And even at that, Park seems to not get her measure of attention, perhaps because she doesn’t have the same fan base.

      So yeah, let’s hear more about the men in this case, who certainly had various sorts of roles that could be important to understanding what happened, and the dynamics that allowed it to occur. Raniere seemed to pick weaker me, as has already been noted in the snarky references to them as “cucks” – so they’re arguably as much victims, as any of his alluring, frail and vulnerable women.

    • Anonymous: you’re right. But, she was a bad ass bitch! Sucking other women into her delusional boot camp where they could be exploited, coerced, and diminished into slavery. How twisted she is to think she was about the empowerment of women!

  • Good analysis, with a very effective breakdown.

    I’d add that Allison Mack may have received payment in such forms such as gifts, attendance at NXIVM inner circle events supported by Bronfman like the trip to Necker Island and the VIP quarters during Vanguard week, or even possibly from being on Bronfman’s or NXIVM’s payroll, though it’s not entirely clear how much of her own money she may have paid in to NXIVM or used to support herself after she quit working as an actress. If assets built up from when she was working, were in a very tightly constructed retirement fund, as was the case with OJ Simpson, she might have very little access to them, and may not have had much income, which would go towards explaining why she still put in appearances at fan cons, and is now back living with her parents.

    And as I’ve noted before, the way Mack readily took to the role of abuser, and to the concept that age (specifically youth) is irrelevant when it comes to sex, suggests a typical pattern of people who themselves were abused as children, and who go on to participate in a abuse, including of children, as adults. That might provide some grounds for compassion, but it doesn’t exonerate here – and it also suggests that she does need to be put away for a long time, to protect society, and registered for life as a sex offender.

    Raniere himself may well have been subject to at least emotional (covert) incest growing up in what has definitely been described as a co-dependent relationship with his alcoholic mother, having to try to take care of her after his parents’ divorce – many sources say that in that long run, it’s virtually as bad as physical incest. At the extreme of apologism, he could even be portrayed as a victim of sorts as well – but I certainly wouldn’t buy that.

  • Shadow is basically just screaming ‘Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!’ when nobody on here is actually suggesting she’s innocent. The more sympathetic commenters are suggesting she deserves leniency, not for all charges to be dropped.

    • And Shadow State is making an argument against leniency. I’d also suggest that if you think of it, with all the money laundering and illegal immigration trafficking that NXIVM’s inner circle was party to, not to mention Allison’s apparent sham marriage to Nicki Cline, she’s probably not even charged with have of what she could be – and likely never will be, because prosecutors have to conserve their resources, particularly if they can get convictions and stiff sentences on a smaller subset of offenses.

      Also, why not such sympathy for Lauren Salzman, or at least Kathy Russell – except that they don’t happen to be attractively waifish actresses?

      • Well no, Shadow regurgitate the same false statements again and again…he never acknowledge the real black sheeps(Raniere and the Salzmann).

        The allegations made by you are bogus too…unless you consider everyone in nxivm was money laundering…there is Nothing showing Allison’s implication in Financial crime but hearsays that named hundreds of people without proves.

        The sham marriage is impossible to demonstrate. Nicky and Allison knew each other for a LONG time , way before they married and if for Nicky, it might have been a fake marriage (i’m not saying it was ,for her…) But Allison, still bare her ring.

        Your allegations are as absurd as the pedophilian accusations against Allison.

        As for sympathy, many have sympathy for Kathy (me included…as well as any of the other victims) but how many are supporting Allison? Like it or not, she is a victim. she was extremely different before nxivm destroyed her life.

        Supporting Lauren is absurd as she is , with her mother, behind most of the NLP manipulations…

        All i see here is a lot of hate from people who have NOTHING to do with nxivm in anyway and believe anything they read. How about you let justice do it’s work ?

        • To begin with, the charges against Mack include conspiracy and wire fraud, so she is, in fact, implicated in the broader crimes of NXIVM that the DA has asserted can be proven by evidence and testimony, including financial crimes.

          I qualified my statements about other allegations because there is indeed some room for doubt. There are, however, statements by numerous parties supporting quite a few of the allegations, including sources that correctly reported the criminal acts that were eventually charged, and that several have now pleaded guilty to. So it’s unlikely they are entirely without merit, and likely that the NXIVM criminality that Mack participated in is actually more extensive that what has been charged so far.

          Allison has also been charged with more crimes than either of the Salzmans, so if they are guilty, as they have plead to, Mack is actually even more so. She orchestrated DOS, including taking credit for the idea of branding.

          I just hope that the justice system does its work, including levying additional charges for all the wrongdoing that went on up in Albany.

          • I didn’t say anything about what she has been OFFICIALLY indicted for (although i consider 2 of the charges to be over the top and probably difficult to use to convince a proper ,unbiased jury…At best, they should be blackmailing)…The rest is just hearsay.

            What source are you talking about? Tighe? O hara? i wouldn’t consider them as good source.

            The reality is that if she REALLY committed those crimes, she would have been indicted.

            The superseeding shows that she was actually not as implicated as some people say over here.How much has changed for others and how much has changed for her? 1 extra charge that is just a charge covering a previous charge… Nothing new .

            As for DOS, You actually believed an interview where she was “pressurised” to talk (by Raniere and……Lauren Salzman).
            She clearly talked about “joining”…you Don’t join Something you create, (well, you do. but you Don’t say “i joined”)
            This whole interview is meaningless. Enough info proved that branding idea was Raniere’s idea (including several SMS).

            She was manipulated to take the blame (even Parlato pointed that 3 persons were supposed to take the fall for Raniere).

            I remind also that Allison had Nothing to do with NLPing people …the “brainwashing” was the Salzman work .Therefor , like it or not, she was a victim manipulated to do things (like other victims try to demonstrate) against her will.

            At this level, anything outside the indicted crime is just plain defamation (more specifically Defamation per se…Haters are saying she committed crimes (without proves of the said crimes) and create an hatred against her.
            Did you know that “defamation per se” is a real crime?

  • BTW everyone who sold a NXIVM course new full well they were actually trying to engage people into long term relationships which could be milked for much larger sums than the first fee. It is a business model that is practiced in many MLM industries.

    IMO the reason Edmonston got out when the others stayed is because she was far enough away from Vanguards direct influence and she had a husband and family as a support network. She was raising a young child and was disconnected enough to see the implications of the branding on her life, career, family and reputation.

    Even during her escape from Albany, she described being was worried sick. Imagine being close to Vanguard, being an intimate and wanting to get away but not being able to, because of his power, influence and control over everyone – over their livelihood, over their social spheres, over their sexual behaviours, over their food intake.

    If you ever attended a cult you would understand the indoctrination. In that kind of situation a woman without a husband or a support network, will always choose survival, and go with the devil she knows and hope he doesn’t focus his anger on her. Some will even throw themselves into the debasement as a form of self preservation, hoping their suffering will please the teacher…

    • Anonymous – you hit the nail on the head. He had more than a death grip on these people. The debates about if he would or would not have released collateral – that’s a moot point when he had such a firm grip on their minds. He was the puppet master.

  • To Everyone,

    Many people have commented that Shadowstate has an obsession or preoccupation with Allison Mack.

    I believe Shadowstate’s issue with Allison Mack is an issue everyone else should actually have…..

    What is the issue? Allison Mack was blessed with everything and used it all towards feeding her own insatiable ego and sadomasochistic personality.

    Allison Mack came from a good family by all accounts. Allison is an intelligent and attractive woman, which in our superficial world is quite important. Allison found fame and wealth at a young age. Allison had just about everything anyone could ask for. Allison Mack was living the American Dream.

    Allison used her fame and wealth to manipulate other woman into being concubines for Keith Raniere.

    Allison Mack should not be “let off the hook” so easily.

    I believe Shadowstate is disgusted, by someone who was so blessed in life and used those blessings for evil.

    She had every opportunity that life has to offer.

    Allison Mack is not deserving of anyone’s pity.

    • Kristin Kreuk used her fame to legitimise the cult too. They both ignored all the red flags. If you were named in an expose that exposed your cult leader as a pedo and you were named in a lawsuit the same month, would you leave?

  • Betrayal is the lowest level in hell because it is cruel. Of all forms of action cruelty is least necessary. It always carries guaranteed karma.

    Like relentless persecution of another human being in the press, it’s not necessary. Let the poor woman stand before a jury of her peers and explain herself. AM had a scientific social engineering attack directed at her to seduce her and draw her into this. IMO you could map the steps. Possibly, others wanted out and used her to get away.

    If the criminality was revealed up front, no one would have joined. She was only one woman in a long list that just happened to get caught holding the bag when the house of cards fell.

    The judge is really sharp and if she’s guilty, she will be punished. IMO, it’s not necessary to be cruel. And it doesn’t ad to the general knowledge to educate and inform.

      • Anonymous,

        Whatever Scott you are the one always asking about the make out sessions at the volleyball court or if there were orgies.

      • I don’t have a sexual interest in any of the women of NXIVM.
        I find most of them disgusting or repulsive.

        And I am not a misogynist.
        My doctor is a woman and so is my financial adviser.

        I find women to be generally more honest and trustworthy than men.
        But the women of NXIVM are despicable.

    • It’s up to the jury to determine whether she’s guilty, not the judge. Geragos only has to convince one of the jurors that she’s a victim, and by the comments on this website and the victim mentality in NYC, that may not be a very hard task. But it sure pays well!

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