Bangkok: Time to Drop the Kristin Snyder Story

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.

By Bangkok

I’d like to take this moment to criticize both Frank and Kim Snyder. 🙂

I have yet to hear anybody give a cohesive theory of Kristin Snyder’s death — this includes both Frank and Kim Snyder.

I hear people (like Kim) saying that NXIVM had a ‘hand’ in it — while conveniently ignoring the FACT that Keith would NEVER have authorized his minions to forge a suicide note that directly blamed NXIVM’s teaching methods for Kristin’s depression.

Keith viewed NXIVM’s teaching methods as HOLY MATERIAL.

Keith viewed NXIVM’s teaching methods as SACRED.

Keith viewed his teaching methods as INCAPABLE of being ‘challenged’ or ‘criticized’.

Thus, Keith did not authorize that suicide note. Period.

If you disagree then you’re simply in denial and should seek psychological help ASAP.

Therefore, that suicide note was either written by Kristin herself (which means it was a SUICIDE and NXIVM was not involved) —- OR it was written by somebody other than Kristin or NXIVM, which kinda only leaves Heidi Clifford as a logical suspect. 🙂 🙂

If NXIVM simply encouraged Kristin to kill herself — and she was psychotic enough to follow their advice — then that’s not really a crime in Alaska, especially back in 2003. It’s just a case of Kristin being BATSHIT CRAZY and sending herself to the other side. Case closed.

If Frank (or Kim Snyder) believes that Kristin was forced to write that note under duress from NXIVM, then that’s just not a PLAUSIBLE theory —- since it still violates the basic FACT that Keith would not have coerced Kristin to write a note that directly criticized/blamed NXIVM’s teaching methods.

If Kristin wrote the note herself, she did it OF HER OWN FREE WILL and was simply a BATSHIT CRAZY lunatic.

IMO that note was either written by Kristin herself or Heidi Clifford. Period. There’s no other logical theory.

Both Frank and Kim Snyder don’t believe that Heidi Clifford was responsible for Kristin’s death — they both believe that NXIVM was the responsible party, not Heidi Clifford.

Thus, both Frank and Kim Snyder have theories which pretty much ignore the suicide note problem (i.e. the fact that Keith would never blame NXIVM’s teaching methods for Kristin’s depression) —- which means both Frank and Kim Snyder have illogical theories which have no basis in reality. 🙂

I’m beginning to think that neither Frank, nor Kim Snyder, have any clue as to what fucken happened and are no more enlightened than anybody else here.

Which means this story is pretty much over now —– and we may as well just build a parking lot over this story and move on to something else.

We’re just moving in circles now. Frank is simply orchestrating a big circle jerk now, where the same shit gets rehashed and nobody will accept certain facts.

Time to bring in the bulldozers and build a new parking lot over this story. 🙂

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  • Bangkok, please tell me why do you think someone would choose suicide as a long and painful death? According to a police expert, committing suicide chooses the fastest, least painful way of death. This burglary kayaking theory is somehow limp.

  • WHAT’S with ALL the CAPS? And the adolescent-sounding directives? This piece reads like a telegram sent by a nutty general, trapped in the world of Heller’s Catch-22. Frankly, in MY OPINION, the BANGKOK voice of VITRIOL has been DONE to DEATH. It’s not humorous. It’s not engaging. And featuring such a pen-persona is counterproductive. In ending every other sentence by flipping off other commenters, the writer injects one more element of obfuscation and noise in an investigation already hobbled by the toxic involvement of NXIVM itself. Indeed, it’s apt to make even minds not inclined toward conspiracies suspicious.

    One of Bangkok’s major points, here–that Raniere would never have included comments disparaging his own teachings in a forged suicide note–is old hat. That was dealt with fairly effectively by multiple posts in the past.

    At this point, given the evidence, you can posit that those at NXIVM were desperate enough to use this ruse to deflect a potential investigation or that Raniere would never have countenanced such a strategy. Either position is based on speculation. If the latter is true, it does not mean that NXIANs didn’t physically harm Kristin or otherwise place her in a position in which she was inclined to harm herself.

    If the coaches did nothing wrong, and if they’re so concerned with guiding people toward the truth, they should be willing to sit for an interview or, at the very least, issue a forthcoming statement. The longer they cower in corners hoping all this goes away, the more guilty they appear.

    It boggles the mind that individuals so close in proximity in time and place to someone’s tragic demise aren’t doing all they can to advance the investigation.

  • Kim
    Heidi- I have asked you to leave Kris’ case to us- HER FAMILY!! There are some things that you have suggested- that are NOT true.
    A) The comment: “I don’t think I can do this”: referred to abortion/ having the baby
    B) Keith was with Kris- per the credit sheets- Kris traveled to Albany—-2x’s!!!! She was telling people she was pregnant- and NO- Heidi did NOT kill her- Elaine told Frank that Kris told her, she was pregnant. Kris also told Heidi at home- and she screamed it out in the intensive
    C) Her Truck was found at Resurrection Bay on February 5,2003- her date of death is February 6, 2003. There is an online Seward Police Report
    D) I am NOT being made to believe anything- I have watched the documentary- stop putting things wrong!!!!
    You let me decide what to believe and NOT to believe-
    E) NXIVM is culpable for Kris’ death- Gina was in CBI- NOT NXIVM/ ESP!!!! Their deaths are NOT related, in any way. Stop telling that!!!! They are suspicious- but In NO way connected!!!! Stop this!!!
    F) Kris was going down hill, December 2002- in Colorado- that did NOT start in January of 2003. I was with her in Colorado when the decline began- we were on vacation. You were NOT there- and you did NOT know anything about her, or her condition. She began with the decline after the 1st intensive, Nov/Dec. this is written and proven- she was NOT in NXIVM in 2000!!! That info. Is false!!!
    G) Kris was NOT abused by a parent- this is also proven!!!! She, nor I were abused by a parent- EVER!!! That is a false hood that Keith tried to make her believe!!!! This is false!!!!! MXIVM brainwashed her- it is in the note.
    H) Mom, dad and I traveled to Anchorage, not just the two of them- I was there as well. We were there through out the searches- the memorial services- etc. we were there a long time.
    Stop with your antics of Gina and Kris’ deaths are connected- they are NOT!!!! Leave Kris’ case ALONE!!!!!
    I) I am strong enough to know what to believe and what NOT to believe- that comment was NOT called for. I am strong for Kris. Please deal with the fact that GINA was NOT in NXIVM/ ESP- she was ONLY in CBI!!!!! We keep telling you this.
    J) Heidi C- I am sure will address this post of yours- since you mentioned her as well. She was there in Anchorage with Kris- you were NOT- she knows what happened. M
    Please let us take care of Kris’ case!!!!!
    Gina was In CBI!!!! CBI!!!!!! Only!!!!
    K) Kris was loved by her family- and still is. There are incorrect statements that you have given- please stop!!!!!

  • Bangkok vs The World

    Once again little Bang-ding-a-ling is talking out of his c*ck garage and all the adults are getting upset and wetting their pants.

    Bangkok is some LA rich kid that Frank Parlato has adopted; because clearly Bangkok’s parents suck-ass.

    If Bank actually manages to piss you off, you seriously need to get a life.

  • Ok, here’s my theory, in brief, after 17 years of seeking the truth with an open mind:

    – Keith and at least one of his earliest acolytes, Kristin Keeffe, later joined by accomplices such as Nancy Salzman, who possesses and relied on the skill set to carry forth their destructive, psychotic objectives:


    After decades of cruelly experimenting on my sister, Gina Hutchinson, and inducing psychotic episodes that were temporary — which to her credit she resisted taking all the way to the hoped for outcome — she finally succumbed on October 11, 2002. She may have been hyper assisted up to the very end. By then she believed she would transcend to become a Goddess — as Keith always promised. She also may have come to believe and FEAR she could not control her own mind should she suffer another psychotic episode such as those Keith & Co. were able to induce through the many techniques they used on other acolytes to also successfully, deliberately induce a psychotic state.

    There is a collection of evidence that confirms this was the case. Not in my possession, btw. Although, yes Mam, I do have copies.

    With Gina as their prototype, the diehard NIXERS went on to experiment on other acolytes with the same goal. Some received help in time, some sadly, did not. Some, I believe, such as Kris Snyder, were knowingly aided — once convinced that death was their best choice — by certain acolytes in exchange for advancement or other favors such as the help Elaine received with her legal problems or the monetary and executive success (running her own cafe’) Nina Cowell was gifted. But mostly others played Dr. Kevorkian bc “transcendence by choice” was acceptable, even honorable, to them.

    The NXIVM “tech,” Rational Inquiry, teaches that there are times when suicide — along with statuatory rape — something Gina also survived for a time — is apropos.

    Depending on how far the others went to assist, I suppose, may be the line between “suicide” and “murder.” But I would argue that it’s possibly murder the moment someone is convincinced through deception and contrivances to take their own life or allow it to be taken from them.

    The timing of Gina’s death, along with the degree of coercion — she too was starved, sleep deprived and brutally mind conditioned — is suspicious. Likewise, with Kris Snyder. Both deaths were convenient to when Keith & Nancy & Co. needed these two to be OUT OF THE PICTURE, when their presence and knowledge was threatening to undermine the Co.

    Kris’ notes disparaging NX were not a disparagement in Keith’s psychotic view. They were an advertisement for a skill he perfected and boasted of. The notes (at least one of them) may have also been a cover-up for outright murder.

    According to Elaine, Kris was saying, “I don’t know if I can go through with it.” I believe she was talking about a promise she made, possibly under hypnosis, to suicide herself to bear the Avatar baby in the hereafter.

    Maybe she could only “go through with it” with a little help from her newfound NXIVM friends.

    Nancy may have had a more sane view on matters and hastened to coverup the culpability. Keeffe was always elaborately creative in frame-up schemes but after Gina’s demise through the same methods she helped perfect for decades, there’s no way in hell she EVER believed Kris was alive, much less to this day.

    I find it abhorrent that she would even try to convince the likes of our Anonymaker here, along with Frank, Chitra and the ID producers, and ME, or Kim (indirectly) ANYONE that she believes Kris is still alive or that she was murdered by an outsider such as Heidi Clifford.

    There are still some facts and similarities being ommitted and I have written in, commented, thereto — the Buddhism crash course or “download” from Keith & Co. it looks like Kris took notes on in Albany — the evaluation where Kris’ pen slipped down the page, same thing happened to Gina in a lucid dream state she wrote about, where Gina left her eval blank. Why would they put Kris to the same tasks if not to induce a similar state of “cognitive dissonance?”

    [Where did those go, Frank? Is Kristin Keeffe an editor now?]

    The biggest difference between Kris and Gina’s suicidings for me is that in Gina’s case hard and long as they tried some involved may have been unsure it would work. Provided, of course, it was Gina alone who pulled that trigger.

    On Kris’ case, and in all the psychotic inductions that followed, they were sure after Gina, that it could, would and did work. Again, on Kris. Provided, of course, Kris didn’t overturn the kayak or, perhaps, pull a trigger.

    • I can see Raniere possibly pulling something like that off on his home territory, given extended access to someone; there are some possibly similar cases in groups like Scientology, but again only under special conditions. To do so in a relatively short time and at a distance is unheard of; Raniere would indeed have had to have been one of the world’s smartest men and top problem solvers, to have come up with something that no one else, including the experts and PhDs who worked on projects like MK-Ultra, not to mention the Russians (who still mostly use brute force, and occasionally exotic poisons) and Chinese, were able to.

      Plus there’s no evidence I’m aware of, of him having ever later pulled of such a thing, if he had supposedly perfected such a technique; he resorted to crude methods of dealing with women, from dietary deprivation to avoidance of life-saving healthcare. Are there any other cases we should be looking at?

      And, I don’t see any sign that Cowell was “gifted.” She seems more like a low-level minion, shuffled off to food service work, and then a dentist’s office. Though of course we want to know the full truth of what she was involved in during Snyder’s last intensive, such as possibly slipping her drugs.

      And why not at least air and consider all the theories, even if only to shoot them down?

    • Heidi – I’d add something to consider. It is way easier to get someone to look suicidal than to get them to commit suicide. Multiple times, Keith said “I’ve had people killed” and he was saying this way back in the 90s. When he said this to me, his intent was to get me to believe that he’d paid to have people murdered. (At the time, I wasn’t sure if I believed him and thought it was possible he was just lying to intimidate.) However, in both Kristin’s and Gina’s case, I feel there’s a good chance he paid to have somebody murder them. If this is true, he used suicide as the cover.

      There’s no way he would have had a Nina or Ed or the seal lady be in charge of a murder. He could have simply made a call. It would have been cleaner and easier than any other scenario. Especially, when Keith had already taken care of making it look like suicide.

      • Nutjob, interesting to hear that Raniere was saying that so for back. Clearly, whether or not he’d actually ever had such a thing done, he was saying that to intimidate. I wonder if that has anything to do with his Italian background, which we know little about – though I don’t think too much should be made of it, there is definitely something of the “Goodfellas” or “Sopranos” culture in the part of the world where he came from.

        I agree with you that the minions on the ground in Anchorage were a hapless bunch, very unlikely to have suddenly morphed into ruthless and efficient assassins. I hate to add grist to the mill of what I think is speculation run amok here, but as I’ve hinted at before, if something did happen I think then that leads in the direction of having to consider that it was more likely carried out by people with a track record of being ruthless enough to take human lives and get away with it – and it shows the haplessness of the speculation here, that no one has really thought that through before – but among other things, then I don’t think pros would have cooked up a cockamamie scheme where they had to deal the difficulties and risks of driving a vehicle a long ways and then having to get rid of a large piece of evidence like a vessel.

        • Driving the vehicle to the Bay accomplished two things that pros would have approved of. It made it look like a suicide, and set Nina up to look guilty if the plan went sideways.

          • As I’ve posted a couple of articles about, people disappear into the wilderness and are never seen again, within a few miles of downtown Anchorage. There’s no need to drive all the way to Seward, and in the process do things that leave all those possibilities for the plan going sideways, including carrying out an unnecessarily complex plan that leaves a kayak to dispose of.

            Sure you can construct scenarios that solve the problems and contradictions, but then they’re so complex and relatively implausible, that Snyder committing suicide by kayak without any trace being found, is not so improbable in comparison.

            Has anyone ever asked if Snyder might even have known of a case of a kayaker who vanished completely? A quick search for that turns up that just last month, someone kayaking out of a bay similar to Resurrection, was lost without their body ever being found:

            Search called off for missing Sitka kayaker

      • Nutjob, that is a very interesting theory and one that shouldn’t be discounted since Gina’s alleged suicide with the rifle really doesn’t seem plausible. Keith was always pushing the envelope to see just what lengths people would go to get his approval. His ability to keep things in different compartments and people keeping his secrets is key to keeping this hidden for so many years. It makes one wonder what information he has gathered on the people who are keeping this secret for him.

        • If Keith had the right connection, he could pull off a murder for hire without a single person in NXIVM knowing about it. The fact that he discussed it, shows the thought had at least crossed his mind.

          • Anonymaker, Heres a difference –The Sitka Kayaker’s kayak and paddle were found, even though the body wasn’t . And they were found not that far from open water (a 6,000 foot deep trough in ocean ).

          • As I noted previously, that suggests a scenario that at least provides actors with the ability and ruthlessness to pull something off.

            But I don’t see any sign that Raniere actually had those sorts of connections. Instead, when be brought people, in it was PIs who he dealt with so ineptly that he ended up getting ripped off.

  • I am Kristin’s ONLY sibling.

    NXIVM is very CULPABLE for Kris’ death- they did NOT have qualified medical staff at ANY of the intensives that took place- they pushed the “child abuse” crap- trying to get people into believing they were abused as kids.

    We, as kids were NEVER abused by either of our parents or any adult [NO ONE] and this was something that Keith and his minions tried to make Kris believe.

    This lie was told to our family, upon arrival in Anchorage, AK. This was “heartbreaking” to ALL of us!

    It was NOT true. Imagine coming to look for your missing loved one and Nxivm minions distracting you by claiming she was molested and her repressed memories came out from the Nxivm therapy.

    Kris and I have very loving, supportive and Christian parents. Keith is a sick man- and had NO right to make up anything on anyone.

    It was not until 16 years later that we were informed by Kris’ Domestic partner, Heidi Clifford- that the 1st lie wasn’t true- that Kris had told Heidi she was “pregnant with Keith’s child”.

    They still did NOTHING to get her medical attention.

    Kris had screamed out in class- with the whole intensive class hearing it- that she was pregnant- and she was also lying prone on the floor, with Ed Kinum giving her an EM.

    Then, later, he was mentoring her on the topic of sexuality!

    Kris was kicked out of the class- 4-5x’s per Heidi.Clifford- and the last time, from there, NO ONE knows what happened.

    Elaine was to take Kris home- but not even that is for sure. She just vanishes!

    We are asking for the intensive instructors to come forward- and to talk.

    Again- I want to make it very CLEAR- KRIS and I were NEVER ABUSED! This can be quashed right now! This was a NXIVM/KEITH LIE!

    Kris we love ❤️ and miss you! And I will continue to fight to find out what happened to her, Bangkok and his musings and idiotic ramblings aside!

    • Kim, you could ask Alaska law enforcement to contact the Second Intensive coaches/ instructors, as well as the other attendees. It is not a very long list. There were a total of 20 people there I think, and that included Kristin, Heidi and her mom. Minus those 3, that is only 17 people total, including Esther and Ed. These 20 people were in a room together for a very intense, long time, a couple of weeks of 10 hour days— the non coaches should have a lot more to offer than “Kristin was upset”. Has anyone other than law enforcement contacted these people? Frank, do you know if anyone has contacted the attendees at the second intensive? And kept track of their answers? And not had NXIVM cops present?

  • Bangkok writes “If NXIVM simply encouraged Kristin to kill herself — and she was psychotic enough to follow their advice — then that’s not really a crime in Alaska,”
    I don’t think this is accurate – look at the Michelle Carter case. She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for convincing her ‘boyfriend’ to commit suicide.
    In addition, in Kim Snyder’s case we have documented evidence that others were pushed into psychosis by Nxivm -“Times Union/February 1, 2004 “Carlos Rueda, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City, has said he treated three NXIVM students for psychological disorders related to NXIVM courses. One, a 28-year-old Manhattan woman from a prominent Mexico City family, experienced a psychotic episode in NXIVM’s New Karner Road facility and required hospitalization in January 2003, a month before Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, according to Rueda and Albany Police records.” Read more
    So Nxivm people appear to have caused Kim’s psychosis (she had no history of psychological issues) and then being involved in her death in some way or other. Either way they can be charged. And will be.
    The truth always comes out.

    • Possible criminal charges aside, exposure of what actually went on would probably at least have lead to the Snyders suing NXIVM for negligence for negligence, which would have cost them millions of dollars, and possibly generated enough bad publicity to put them out of business. Plus Ed Kinum probably would likely have had his chiropractor’s license suspended, if not revoked. So there was plenty of motive for a cover-up in any case.

      I don’t know that charges are likely to come out of it, particularly given that statues of limitation have probably expired, though Alaska law enforcement should certainly do further investigation if only to rule out homicide, given what is now known, and that it’s known that information was withheld from investigators.

      The Snyders might possibly still be able to sue, though I think they would have to argue that the statute of limitations related to that don’t apply because of the withholding of information.

  • I largely agree with Bangkok. Until we are provided with more facts, we’re just running around in circles. Why did it take so long for Kim to disclose the accusation that NXIVM her sister was blaming a family member for sexually abusing her when she was a little girl? Time would be much better spent discussing Amway and other MLM scams that are currently ripping off millions of people in the U.S. alone.

    • I don’t think Kim was particularly anxious to reveal the Nxivm created allegation that a family member molested Kristin as a child. Anytime an allegation is made like that people always wonder if it is true. The mere allegation, without a shred of evidence, is all it takes. Kim told me about it from the beginning. I chose not to publish information about it for it represents a cruel libel on the accused. I believe that Raniere molested Kristin and the gaslighting Nxivm group tried to install the “memory” of being molested into Kristin. When that did not work, she disappeared.

      • At this point, it doesn’t matter. Snyder is dead (we think) and has been for a very long time. Nobody would be surprised NXIVM made up this claim. IF we are interested in figuring out what happened, withholding any information is not helpful, especially critically important information such as this. There was no specific “accused,” it was just someone in her family, if I recall correctly. Even if somebody specific was named, they are probably also dead, and if not, it could have been left as a generic relative, without naming names.

          • I think Frank made great judgement in this case. I agree with this. It was entertaining lies that Rainere wanted. It can help to read on smear campaigns from psycopaths and narcissists. Do not entertain their stories. Focus on the facts. great job frank

          • There is evidence that being sexually assaulted as a child leads to homosexuality. A fair, balanced, and complete analysis would include looking into this issue.

          • Mexican Lady, the only thing that Frank should have protected is the individual who was accused of sexually assaulting Snyder when she was a young girl. Selectively reporting only parts of the story is not consistent with “the truth is always fair.”

        • “There is evidence that sexually experimenting as an adult leads to homosexuality.”- Scott Johnson

          Scott would know!

          • Scott never experimented with his own sex! The woMen at Mardi Gras were “women“ upstairs.

          • Scooter, I’m not sure where you are getting your facts of being sexually abused leads to homosexuality but it’s arm chair psychobabble.

            How about proving your case or are you still having sex with sheep?

      • Sorry, Frank, but I don’t see that there’s significantly more or less evidence that Snyder had sex with Raniere, than that she was molested by a family member. Snyder made both claims under circumstances where her psychological state is open to question. One is just against someone you don’t like, whereas the other is against a family you’re friendly with. I get your admirably protective nature, but in this instance I think you may want to consider your objectivity, and the bases on which you make allegations.

        The molestation allegations came up prior to any point at which Snyder might likely have met Raniere, or at least had much opportunity for close contact with him. From what I know of the “EMs” that NXIVM used and how they compare to other techniques that I either have direct experience with or have studied extensively, including many case histories, it’s not surprising that something like a supposed repressed memory of childhood abuse would emerge just in the course of what NXIVM typically did, though the accuracy and veracity of such things is open to question.

        I do think there is a fair chance that Raniere had sex with Snyder during her visit to Albany prior to her last intensive, when she was there for an extended period and had unaccounted for time, and then the NXians may well have tried to mess with her mind at the end. But given that she was in a more or less psychotic state, and also saying she was responsible for the space shuttle disaster, her claims about that are open to question – once again, one is inconvenient to your view and the other conveniently fits, but then the burden is on you to make an objective case as to why the two should be treated differently.

        Still, as I’ve said before, there’s some merit to keeping the case active enough to encourage new sources of information to come forward – and it seems that Kim and Heidi are coming up with at least a few new details that add to the picture. Plus maybe we’ll finally get some inside information on one of the other cases of people who deteriorated psychologically, as well.

        • Did I miss Kris accusing a family member of molestation? I have assumed NXIVM made it up. They have a history of doing this with false sexual assault claims.

          • Kristin was apparently saying something along those lines – but it can be the sort of false memory known to result from the hypnotic or suggestive regression techniques used in “EM” sessions and possible intensives. That’s the sort of things that gets scientologists, whose techniques Raniere copied, believing they were Anthony or Cleopatra in a past life, or sci-fi Star Wars-like overlords in another galaxy. I’m hesitant to even mention the specifics of the allegations lest I given them any credence, and I think we can see that Frank also thinks that it doesn’t need to be hashed out – though I also wonder if that suggests that we shouldn’t consider that other lines of speculation may go too far as well.

            I’d really like to know more details of the techniques used in the sort of group intensives that Snyder was doing, but buried in a relatively old thread like this is probably not the best place. After having had some downtime in which I wrote a lot here, I’m now entering a rather busy period including some travel coming up, but maybe I can put together a piece in which I can write about the sort of regressive, abreactive and hypnotic techniques that I know Raniere and NXIVM were messing around with, and we can see what you and hopefully others can tell us about exactly what went on that you experienced.

          • Nut Job,

            The molestation allegation sounds like the typical fictional NXIVM collateral DOS required of its members.

            I believe this piece of information lends credence to Frank’s theory of Kristen Snyder having sex with Keith Raniere.

            Frank, do you concur?

        • I just want to point out that its impossible for Kim to know if Kristin had been molested as a child. The only thing that is possible for Kim to know is if Kristin had ever revealed that to her before.
          I’m not saying that Kristin was molested (and since she started making the claim only while suffering some type of psychotic break, it makes the claim dubious)…but that Kim believes she KNOWS this as a fact is illogical thinking.

          There is no way for anyone to know another person’s reality, not even the reality of your siblings who grew up in the same house. And, because Kristin was older than Kim, if Kristin had been molested, Kim may have been a baby at the time it occurred.

          • Flowers, I appreciate that you are really trying to follow the case objectively.

            One important point I’d suggest keeping in mind, is that Snyder started making the allegations of abuse somewhere along her trajectory of deterioration prior to her really becoming psychotic. The sort of techniques NXIVM used, particularly in EMs, to try to deal with past traumas, can sometimes uncover repressed memories, but also run significant risk of implanting false ones.

        • Here’s my point.
          AnonyMaker typed “I don’t see that there’s significantly more or less evidence that Snyder had sex with Raniere, than that she was molested by a family member.”

          I disagree with AnonyMaker. Kristin said she was pregnant with Keith’s child. Nobody heard Kristin say she was molested as a child.

          In addition, reputation and history (i.e., common sense) need to come into play. Keith had a history of sleeping with every attractive woman he could, and of trying to have sex with lesbians.

          Equally as important – Keith has a history of telling women to make false rape/sexual assault accusations.

          • Nutjob, Snyder was claiming to be pregnant at the same time she was saying that she was responsible for the space shuttle disaster, so her statements are open to question. However, I agree that there is background and context that make it relatively more likely that she could have had sex with Raniere, and possibly been pregnant – even if the latter wasn’t actually true, the former could have been.

            The abuse allegation seems to go back far enough that it predates her likely having met Raniere from what I can tell, apparently something Snyder brought up when she visited her family, though they and Frank have been rightfully hesitant to get into specifics. And it’s the sort of thing that could come out of EM sessions, either as a repressed memory or as a false memory; Raniere might later have used it as something to manipulate, but I don’t think he originated it.

            Did you have much experience with EMs?

          • No. I’ve always assumed it was question based (often with a preconcieved direction the facilitator was taking the person in), and had a mix of time line therapy, past life regressions, and everything Keith could steal from Scientology.

  • Bullshit. Bancock’s post is bullshit.

    She types:
    “Keith viewed NXIVM’s teaching methods as HOLY MATERIAL. Keith viewed NXIVM’s teaching methods as SACRED. Keith viewed his teaching methods as INCAPABLE of being ‘challenged’ or ‘criticized’.”

    What is this based on, Bangcock? Do you know something you’re not sharing? Where did you get your information? What is your interest in NXIVM? What rock did you crawl out from under?

    Here’s the truth: Keith wanted to get laid. Keith wanted others to feel pain. Keith is a psychopath.

    For this moron, Bangcock, to think Keith gave a flying fuck about the NXIVM material is laughable. Keith wanted the material to help him get laid. He would let Bangcock tinkle all over the course materials as long as Bangcock would join him in his sex lair, post piss.

  • No don’t drop this to Kristin sister if that was my.sister i would not ever givd up to find the truth good luck

  • Kin
    John Dripp- I have answered your questions. You make me feel like a suspect. We have answered the questions of the fact that Tami Boyer and Jane Markiewitz were the sitting hawks – always listening and whispering about things. They also, when we received calls from home, they told people we were NOT there.

    As far as the presumptive death certificate – we had nothing to do with that. Heidi and Kenny applied for it – because she wanted to move on – my parents had nothing to do with that!!!!!!

    Tami and Jane were the ones that Heidi brought with us to the boat memorial – in the green car – which is on the USAA form, policy that my sister had. Frank has all of this evidence- and needs to POST it !!

  • Kim
    I have said that we know- Wendi Ireck was involved with my sister, Kris. She is the one who got her involved in NXIVM.

    Kris got involved in NXIVM in 2002- that is when I became aware of NXIVM- when she was so euphoric about Keith and his other minions.

    Kris wanted my parents and me to take the course and we all said NO!!! The last visit to our home in Dillon, SC- was NOT a good one- Kris was NOT herself, but she was not despondent or acting pyschotic. She was just overly enthusiastic about Keith and Nancy. At that point, we had NO idea then that she had been with Keith in Albany, NY.

    After she left our home, we got only one phone call. She did not seem psychotic but was uncharacteristically sentimental, but not in a way that was alarming.

    The next thing I know is we received a phone call, saying she was missing- and could NOT be found. My parents and I traveled immediately to Anchorage for the search and, when she was not found, combined with the suicide note and the BIG LIE by omission [we were not told she had claimed she was pregnant with Keith’s child] when assumed that she had committed suicide and attended the memorial services. Then we headed back to our home in South Carolina.

    Kris was NEVER found.

    Kris- we love ❤️ and miss you!

  • Once again Bangkok is wrong.

    If one examines Neil Glazer’s lawsuit against ALL of the top members of NXIVM, one finds that one of their major crimes is the illegal practice of Psychotherapy.
    That is precisely what was happening in the Kristin Snyder case.
    These NXIVM ghouls were practicing illegal Psychotherapy on Kristin Snyder.
    And they bullied and harassed and pressured this young woman into committing suicide.

    And the rotten evil Nancy Salzman was conducting the operation by long distance.
    Bangkok, are you working for Nasty Nancy Salzman?

    “Rational Inquiry had two primary components: (1) a self-esteem eroding
    curriculum designed to break down students’ resistance to Raniere’s and Nancy Salzman’s
    radical reframing of ethics, morality, and gender roles and relations, among other things, and (2)
    an inherently dangerous form of psychotherapy called “Exploration of Meaning” (“EM”), which
    was administered by so-called EM Practitioners (“EMPs”), all of whom were unqualified to
    practice psychoanalysis, psychology or mental health counseling
    Defendants intended, knew, or deliberately disregarded the fact that EM exposed its subjects to a high risk of injury, because over time it produced disturbing alterations in the
    subjects’ thinking, behavior, and emotional experience. The longer someone was immersed in this system, the more likely it became that
    they would suffer moderate-to-severe psychological and emotional injuries, including posttraumatic
    stress disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of the Plaintiffs in
    this action were injured in this way and still struggle with the effects of their time in NXIVM and
    exposure to Defendants’ programs.

    • Great point about the the illegal practice of Psychotherapy. That’s what’s at the heart of Snyder’s story, regardless of whatever happened at the end.

      If the case is focusing on it that much, maybe we’ll get accounts of some of the other people who suffered major psychological damage.

      • That is just such a huge understatement — “practicing without a license,” Anonymaker.

        It’s an insult to psychologists.

        This was intentional infliction of emotional distress for financial and other gain, at the very least. You really believe that they wanted to cure anyone by saying “accept your death and sign your worldly possessions over to us to cancer patients?”

  • John Dripp- I have answered the question already. Heidi and Kris’ friends- Tammie Boyer and Jane Markiewitz were around, talking, asking questions, whispering, keeping us from answering phone calls from home, whispering about the “family allegations”.

    There were other female friends in the home the night we arrived, but people seem to be attacking me- because of the shock I was in, for OT clearly understanding what was happening.

    I remember riding in the green Volkswagen car that Heidi possessed, on the way to the boat memorial- Tami and Jane riding with Heidi and me to the memorial.

    Tami and Jane helped put together the film strip of Kris’ life, for the “Lussac Library” memorial.

    Mom, dad and I left Kris and Heidi’s home because of the stress caused to us. The whispering, lying, etc. about the molestation allegations, which on top of the grief of a missing family member was like a bolt from the blue. This is Nxivm style.

    As for the death certificate- mom and dad did NOT know it was being applied for.

    My family had NOTHING to do with that death certificate. Everyone has put our family on trial- go ask everyone in Alaska questions. I am NOT a suspect!!!!!!!!!! Got it John Dripp???

    I have tried to contact Ed Kinum- No answer! People need to question the friends and NXIVM!

    • Kim, sorry to see you get a grilling. Unfortunately, that seems to be the way things go here. Among other bad habits, people will write things that they would have the restraint not to say in person.

      And I’m sure Ed Kinum doesn’t want to talk. But he may be one of the key people to find ways to put pressure on, and because of his professional position he is probably more susceptible than anyone else. I would suggest making sure he gets the message that unless he comes clean to you, the next steps would be to pursue a complaint of misconduct with the New York state licensing authorities, and a claim of negligence through the civil courts; the first is easy to do, and the second is something you don’t necessarily actually have to be prepared to go through with. I may even be willing to help with some things, as I get by the area of his office from time to time.

    • To Kim: WHO ARE TAMI AND JANE? They are not on the attendees’ lists for the two intensives. When I looked online, it appears that they lived at Kristin’s house, same address. What era? Were they ESPians? What were they whispering about? Can you give more detail?

      An earlier FR Report a few months ago said Joe O’Hara interviewed Toni Natalie in 2010 and she then said Wende Irick, Sidney Billingslea and Carmen Gutierrez, all Anchorage ESPians at the time, attended the Memorial. Do you remember them? Which Memorial?

      How many people attended the two Memorials? How many do you think were ESPians? Did anyone address the issue of the pregnancy with you?

      I gather Kenny Powers was not involved with ESP. Do you agree?

      I’ve only got a few names of the Anchorage cohort from reading FR. Do you have more?

      Readers seem to think Heidi C only went to the second intensive because of Kristin, but Heidi also attended the first one. She could have been as involved as Kristin. Two 16 day 10hour/day intensives a couple of months apart is a lot of time off from work for an Occupational Therapist, not to mention the tuition for Heidi and her mon. Sounds like a true believer. What do you think?

  • Great Balls of Fire! Did Keith Fool Police?

    How perfect would it be for Keith to devise a suicide note that totally puts suspicion off of him..hmm…

    There was barely any other motive for the suicide – to do it at that specific time – for it to be anything but NXIVM related. Keith could have turned that fact into his favor. Remember, a roommate’s hair has poison and he says on video he has killed people. Nancy advised a cancer patient “friend”….cough…. to let herself die.

    In fact, Miss Snyder’s breakdown in the NXIVM class gives credibility to witness claims that she was messed up and in the frame of mind to do something rash at that time. It worked, police think it’s suicide. Probably a dozen witnesses at that meeting told law enforcement she seemed suicidal, and Keith told them what to say.

    During the investigation, no one from NXIVM was permitted to speak with police until the cult members cleared it with NXIVM leadership. Police went along with this unusual condition and during every police interview with witnesses, NXIVM officials were present during the interviews with police.

    Where is the body? It was only missing overnight.

    What are the statistics of not finding bodies floating in Resurrection Bay? How about floating in the Gulf of Alaska? Not ocean, she would have had to float through Resurrection Bay then all the way through the Gulf of Alaska to even get to the ocean. How was her body not found with 7 professional organizations searching 2 days?

    Seward Police Department Civil Air Patrol, Nordic Ski Club Rescue, fire/EMS volunteers, Alaska State Troopers, Seward area fire/EMS volunteers, the US Coast Guard, Forest Service law enforcement, and friends and neighbors familiar with that particular Bay and shoreline.

    No clothing or items were found by all these searchers? Not so much as a shoe found? No items floating?

    Bodies float and the US Coast Guard would know about the H2O currents, weather conditions, and the rate of body decomposition in those H2O temperatures over that time frame. They knew where the kayak was and they could estimate the trajectory it took. Why would the body be so far away from the kayak in the same H20 currents?

    And how on earth did she even get the kayak out far enough from land to not be found? There were no paddles, no rudder and no stability. A kayak not outfitted for flotation.

    “No need to search for my body.”

    Now who would write those words? A killer who buried the body?

    Fresh footprints were found at a nearby cabin but no known person was found to have been frequenting that cabin.

    Mystery footprints….What else?


    • Do dead bodies float?

      Dead bodies flout as a result of passive action of the force of gravity on dead bodies while living bodies don’t flout as a result of the force of gravity on them. Dead bodies float because their weight is equal to the upthrust force while living bodies’ weight is not equal to the upthrust force when placed on water.


    • There are multiple accounts corroborating that Snyder was deteriorating psychologically for quite a while. That is something which happened to other people involved in NXIVM as well, and is a known phenomenon in Scientology, on whose techniques some of NXIVM’s such as “EM” sessions were based, and that group has infamously had abnormally high rates of psychotic breakdowns and suicides.

      Even Snyder’s friends outside of NXIVM have said that she was deteriorating psychologically, and suicidal. Powers in particular, who knew her well, and also was an attorney who at one point was the second-highest prosecutorial authority in Alaska, is one of those – there’s a reliable witness with direct knowledge, and someone likely to have a keen eye for cases that aren’t quite right, too.

      You’d have to ask an authority with relevant experience, like the Coast Guard, to really get an answer about the likelihood of recovering a body in a case like that. Of all the agencies and all the people involved with the most relevant backgrounds, apparently none raised any objection that efforts must have been misguided if a body hadn’t been found, and Powers, who lead the civilian search, testified to the jury in favor of issuing the Certificate of Presumptive death. As I’ve posted several article about, it’s actually relatively common for people to disappear into Alaska’s wilderness – and waters – and never be found. Here’s another one that borders on conspiracy theory, which maybe will be appealing to some:

      Thousands of People Have Mysteriously Disappeared in “Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle”
      “Disappearances without a trace are strangely typical of cases in the region, and the cases aren’t rare: Since 1988, more than 16,000 people have vanished in the Alaskan Triangle. This contributes to the annual filing of roughly four missing person reports for every 1,000 people in Alaska — more than twice the national average.”

  • I am thankful I am only reading this with interest and not having to delve into this and not be emotionally involved. It must be hard for the family and no real certainty of answers. It’s a sad situation

  • It’s a suspicious death, in a suspicious cult, headed by a suspicious cult leader, who rewired people’s brains with suspicious practices.

    Damn right it should still be looked into.

  • Kim, in regards to the presumptive death certificate, why are Clifford and Powers present for the deposition and not your mom and dad?
    Hello? Kim are you there?

  • Anonymaker forgot another theory. 👽 abduction!

    It’s about as ridiculous as Keith killing her. Kris’s 2nd intensive had 11 students. A chunk were coaches/students. The only 2 of Nxivm attendees hanging out at Clifford’s house to play music, lounge in the hot tub and do laundry were Ed Kinnum and Esther Chiappone Carlson.

    And then one day out of the blue Elaine Smiloff says she dropped Kris off. Frank flies to meet her and she’s a no show.

    So I ask myself a question, what do these three have to do with the disappearance of Miss Snyder? Why would they be involved and who are they really?

    Smiloff is supposed to be a registered pervert. She skipped out on that probably because she was too busy clubbing baby seals over the head to make food and clothing for the year.

    Clifford invited these people to her house to use them as a front or maybe they all had a hand in it. It might explain all the different copies of the suicide note and leaked documents.

    Different notes given to different people, everybody involved gets a copy or so it seems. Heck another theory is Clifford fell in love with another woman and Kristin was in the way. Kill her, make it look like suicide and then we will celebrate. I think they killed her, split up and then met back up in Colorado.

    • Peaches, Kim’s out from under all your troll spells on the Clifford b.s. Watch out she doesn’t take a bite out of you next!

    • Ah, aliens – you know the key to my heart! Can they be my favorite, shape-shifting reptilians posing as humanoids?

      It turns out, of course, that there is actually a conspiracy theory along those lines – and a major movie:

      Movie blames Nome disappearances on aliens
      ‘Families suspected a serial killer. The FBI mostly blamed alcohol and the cruel Alaska winter.
      Marketing from NBC Universal says it’s based on “archival footage” of a psychologist who stumbled upon “the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented” while interviewing Alaskans.
      Some of dead were killed by exposure or from falling off a jetty into the frigid Snake River, authorities said at the time.’

      [note that last part is suggestive of people disappearing into Alaskan waters]

      Another article says:

      “And in that unique and isolated place, there are more sightings of UFOs than practically anywhere else in the whole world.

      Some believe the area is some sort of alien command centre, where extraterrestrials organise their activities here on earth.”

      And it turns out that UFOs have been tracked from the very joint AKNG – active duty military facilities in Anchorage where Snyder likely worked – which also contain a top-secret NORAD facility:

      Unfriendly skies: The extraordinary flight of JAL 1628, Alaska’s best known UFO encounter

      Bingo! We have another theory!

      Plus that could also mean that Snyder’s claims about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster may not have been just crazy talk – she might have known something that the Deep State did not want revealed….

      p.s. Kim, if you’re reading this, you can take it with a grain of salt – or a whole shaker. Just note how easy it is to come up with a theory, and start to find pieces that might seem to fit, including support from people who believe all sorts of things.

      • I remember that movie, (which actually was pretty creepy) and I was waiting for someone to bring up an abduction theory based on this film.
        However, if you investigate the claims made in this movie, it becomes pretty obvious they are highly exaggerated. But, I do believe it is true that Alaska has a proportionately high number of missing persons, but that is due to the wilderness terrain, and not to alien abductions…..👽

  • FR needs some new evidence to look at. Kim can provide it. I’m guessing. I I think the ESPIans

    Who surrounded Kristin in the last 4 months of her life in Anchorage are the place to start. Kim said Kristin’s “friends” approached her, accompanied her to the Memorial, when she got to Anchorage after her sister’s disappearance.

    (I’m not talking Esther–she’s just stand-in for Nancy, or Raniere, and she’s not going to disclose anything. I don’t think.)

    I’m talking about all the other ESPians from Anchorage. The ones who were witnesses to the drama at the Westmark intensive, or perhaps were at the earlier intensive.

    Kim says she was surrounded by Kristin’s “friends” after she got to Anchorage. I guess I’d be suspicious of anyone who showed up and was an ESPian (meaning they did nothing to help Kristin when she was in distress) and then glommed on to Kim, being oh so friendly.

    What were they “spinning” to Kim?

    Craig Medred said Kristin’s friends spoke to him but would not say anything on record because of their deference to Heidi Clifford– now, is that nuts ?? Why would what they had to say be upsetting to Heidi? Who were these “friends of Kristin” that Medred talked to? Why won’t Kim describe in detail who the friends, at least, were that talked to her; their identity; what they each said, i.e. those who came forward to her.

    What about Wende Irick’s role who introduced, (per FR) Kristin to ESP. I read that her salon/beauty parlor was ground zero for ESP then in Anchorage. Did Kim talk to her? Kim should have a lot in her head, memory, but she’s not sharing it. Frustrating. I can understand she’s freaked out and upset. But she may know the clues.

    • FI I feel your pain. Kim Snyder for the love of God will you answer this question it has been asked numerous times if you don’t know their names then say you don’t know their names
      She told me Tammy Boyer and Jane Markowitz picked her up and drove.
      These two were friends of Cliffords. And they signed the POA as witnesses. Kenny Powers was “grooming” Kris for the Nordic Ski Patrol. He made an appearance on discoveries lost women of Nxivm. This is the best I can find as far as the closest friends to Snyder. Except if you’re asking within a four-month time I would add Ester Chiappone and Karen Abney.

    • Good points, and questions.

      People in Anchorage just seem to be reticent, as we saw with Clifford, so I don’t think too much can be read into that. I assume others consider it to be her private business, and don’t think they should be hashing it over in public. Would you talk to the media about a friend’s personally business, particularly given the possibility of their taking or reporting something the wrong way?

      The friends Medred talked to blamed NXIVM for Snyder’s psychological problems and suicide. And his 2018 article also airs dirty laundry including the most sensational then-new allegations of NXIVM, which he refers to as “Raniere’s cult,” so he doesn’t seem to be soft-peddling anything, and to me even comes off as rather critial; if there’s a backstory, it may more likely be about a falling out with those involved in the cult.

  • Bangkok!

    Obviously you have no idea of what you are talking about. You clearly haven’t read the reports about the suicide notes possibly NOT being in her handwriting, (maybe you can’t read).

    Kris’ attention was drawn to Keith. Because of the credit card statements we know she went to Albany, NY- and we believe she met with Keith Raniere, based on her diary and other evidence.

    She told people in the Anchorage intensive she was pregnant. She disappeared from the last intensive- and it was Nxivm minions who saw her off for the last time.

    Kris’ death has been investigated by ID Discovery, and other people. It is at the least a suspicious death.

    Gina Hutchinson died right before Kris- and you’re saying forget Kris? [How about Gina, forget her too?] You sound like a very stupid, ignorant person.

    If Kris were your daughter, sister, would you be saying any of this? How would you feel for a family member to be reading your garbage?

    Get off of the blog! [if you please.]

    I can’t say I am pleased that Frank allowed you to publish this crap. It is not so much that it is hurtful, but your unique brand of stupidity is rather annoying. Honestly your kind of stupidity I have never seen anywhere. You must have worked very hard to attain it.

    In short, sir, you are a complete idiot!

    I bid you a nice day. 🙂

    • I’m sorry for your pain – there was no reason to attack you, or Frank for simply caring about what happened to your sister. Actually, I think Keith would of course want any suicide note involving Kristin to make sense in the moment and be relevant to her life in order for it to be convincing.

    • Not to be harsh but the time you just took to tell Bangkok off you could have wrote the list of friends that accompanied you while you are in Alaska.

      • Kimmie is unable to answer because he or she doesn’t know any of the answers. Hard for a troll to know answers to question about people they don’t even know.

        You should know that, Peach Onyu. You’re peas from the same pod, are you not? Peaches from the same tree.

        And say hi to brother Bangie!!

        • It has occurred to me that Kim is not Kim. I have to admit. But I know nada about all this, I’m just an outsider who became fascinated with this mystery and started reading FR recently. It is weird Kim cannot or will not answer most direct questions on this blog about her experience in AK; I’ve asked her about the Anchorage ESPians whom others have named on FR as being at the Memorial. I figured that’s a good place to start. She doesn’t respond, tho she finally mentioned Tami and Jane but nothing much about them. Example of Questions she could address: After she drove to Resurrection Bay, what was her reaction to the drive? to the place? did it resonate as the burial ground? What about her perception of the cabin next to the kayak spot? Did she see with her own eyes the place on the ground with grass showing surrounded by snowy ground at Miller’s Landing, where a kayak had supposedly been lying before disappearing Feb 7 per the Millers’ comments? She could provide all sorts of info, observations, corroboration’s ….if she wanted to or had been there. Oh well…

          • fi, from everything I can tell – and the tacit corroboration of Frank – Kim is who she says she is. It seems to me that she is just not at all accustomed to, nor very good at, dealing with online forums. And I think she may be emotionally invested in this, in way that makes it hard for her to be as logical and analytical in her responses as you might like.

    • “It is at the least a suspicious death” is a fair statement that I think we should all be able to agree on, regardless of what we think about the probabilities of various theories.

      Bangkok must have missed where you very reasonably stated something along these lines previously, as I noted to him in a reply where he posted this originally.

      • Misdirect. misdirect, misdirect, don’t misdirect much, do you. Were you a member of Nxian? The official Nxian line was that Kristin was depressed, psychotic and suicidal, and that she committed suicide. I don’t believe it, because when questions were asked they then switched to she is alive and well. Lie and misdirect much. We even have a picture to prove it. Lies! Not hard to get a closeup picture, but there is none.

        Sleep deprivation over a short period of time does not necessarily lead to depression, or psychosis. Where there is a will, there is a way. But being drugged, very well may lead to depression and psychosis.

        The points I made in the other article are very significant. On Wednesday 2/5 Kristin states that she wants to “live and never abort humanity,” Just the opposite of what Keith was telling her to do. She had made her decision to live and have the baby. I am sure this angered Keith, again, so the assignation was carried out the next day. As the plans had been formulated a week or more ago.

        Before that she had said to Ed Kinnum, “don’t shoot me!” Who had threatened to shoot her. Keith knew her phone number, and she had Keith’s phone number. Was there phone calls between them during this time.

        Everything was planned by Nxian to keep the police in the dark. To mislead them and make them think that Kristin had committed suicide. We still have people on this site continuing that same misdirection.

        Frank Report 12/23/2019

        “I was told by one of the members of the search party that police saw footprints coming out of both doors of the pickup truck.”

        By the time this member of the search team arrived, however, there were footprints going in every direction from dozens of searchers that had assembled to search for Kristin.

        The police were misdirected, no one told them the truth, and their whole investigation was based on a misdirection. They were told they were looking for a suicide, not a murder victim. A potential crime scene was not protected because of misdirection.

        Let’s just drop the search for Kristin, nothing to be seen here. Thank you Keith, you are a genius, or was he just a con man with a normal IQ of say 125. Is that too generous? Considering his may failures. Con and con again. Is that you Bangkok?

        • Were you a member of Nxian?

          Yes Anonyfaker was in NXIVM. May have been around when Mack was arrested in Brooklyn

          • Now there’s a baseless crackpot theory – if not actually culty thinking.

            If you pay attention to what I write, I have a thorough knowledge of how cults like NXIVM hoodwink and manipulate people, from decades of studying the subject and following similar groups. You won’t find anything that refers to direct, inside knowledge of that particular group (unfortunately, I wish I’d had the chance to do one of their introductory intensives and observe) – and may notice that I rely on Nutjob for such perspective. That’s not the profile of someone who was one of their followers as recently as less than two years ago.

        • Where did you get your info about sleep and food depravation can’t cause depression or psychosis, inspector? Damn, I miss a few meals, the squirrels start to look yummy and a little psychosis can prolly go a long way toward strangling your next meal with your bare hands if necessary! JK, lol.

          Seriously, I don’t think that’s true and other methods of manipulation NX used — social segregation, rejection, isolation, guilt infliction, sexual coercion, fearfulness, cognitive dissonance — can definitely cause depression, delusion.

          As can psychotropic substances, true.

        • “Inspector,” you need to pay close attention to the accounts of Snyder’s mental state, including the various things her family has said over time, and the independent corroboration of her close friend Powers, an attorney and former Alaska Assistant Attorney General. It’s actually been very well established that she was indeed “depressed, psychotic and suicidal” – though obviously there are questions about where that lead. And her previous suicide attempt a few days prior, also needs to be taken into consideration – another thing you’ve apparently missed (hint: check the back of the Certificate of Presumptive Death, if you want to claim to have “inspected” things).

          NXians were dealing with a problem they had encountered before, and a long-known possible bad outcome of the sorts of techniques they were using. What they had done previously, and apparently not long before this in a case that Lauren Salzman testified to being involved in, was to try to give people medications to stabilize them, not make them crazier. However, as I’ve noted previously with reference articles on the subject, what laymen don’t realize is that can actually have the unintended consequence of making people more prone to suicide; you also haven’t thought through your theory about her being given drugs, having the same problem thus contradicting your narrative.

          It’s also worth noting that the NXians were in the bind they were, because they were so amateurish and hapless as to not have consulted with their attorneys or other experts on how to deal with the cases of psychological deterioration that they were encountering – just some due diligence about how other groups had more or less successfully dealt with the problem would have clued them in that they needed to do more screening, and have psychological professionals on call to deal with people having problems. These were incompetent, culty amateurs, not hyper-capable orchestrators.

          p.s. No, I was not involved in NXIVM, though I know people who had some contact with them, and have some direct and a lot of indirect experience with, and knowledge of, similar groups. For the record, I think Alaska law enforcement should be pushed to re-investigate the case, though I think it unlikely any criminal charges will come of that; and that the Snyders should sue NXIVM and those involved for negligence, if only to help force out the truth, and get the people involved in deposition under oath if the authorities don’t. I’ve been encouraging Kim and others to pursue just such productive lines of action; my intent is to see efforts go in the direction of producing facts and fully truthful witness accounts, not speculating about things that on proper analysis appear rather unlikely or implausible.

          • Thanks for your response. I well understand Snyder’s mental state and the goals of NXIVM. Don’t make assumptions as to my knowledge or degrees that I may have. The only relevant thing is that none of us have the full picture as to what happened to Snyder.

            It is possible that Snyder did walk to the truck, drive it to the gas station, and then out to kayak and drown herself. But after 17 years, that possibility look less likely with the added information we now have, and what is still missing.

            No real information that she arrived home. Just the word, and little of it, from Cowell. Same clothes she was wearing. Need more information here.

            Two pizzas on her credit card that night. Still need more information, but it is clear she didn’t eat them due to her medical condition.

            Two sets of footprints leading away from the truck. Probably not recorded by the police, as they were looking for a suicide victim, not a potential murder scene.

            Who knows what other information there is out there that would shed light on what really happened. There have been too many attempts to silence other possibilities. NXIVM doesn’t have much to lose now if it was a suicide, but a lot to lose if it was a murder. This does not appear the place to sort it all out as too many NXians still trying to hide and obfuscate any information.

            If you don’t believe in any evidence that will point to a criminal case, then don’t bother the Alaska law enforcement, without more evidence, it would be a waste of our taxpayers’ money.

            Enough said, signing off.

        • Inspector, the pizzas and footprints could turn out to be false reports. Those points would have to be properly vetted before really being given any consideration, and I’d think you’d know that.

          Just because there is actually a paucity of evidence, and the theories are dubious, doesn’t mean that the authorities shouldn’t re-open the case and do some further investigation, including interviewing people involved or witnesses who they failed to pin down initially, to take into account information withheld that points to a possible motive for something more nefarious, and just to try to put the matter to rest. I’m all in favor of a professional investigation, just not endless amateur speculation.

          I’m going so far as to take direct action to push one of the key players to come clean about what they know, and you’ll be hearing about that soon.

    • Kim, Who were Kristin’s “friends” who hung out with you, went to the AK Memorial for Kristin (and was it the one in Seward or the one at Loussac Library in Anchorage)? Was Wende (who got your sister into ESP in the first place) there? She’s a hairdresser in Anchorage and ESP/ NXIVM coach. If you choose not to answer, please tell us you don’t intend to answer this question. Thanks

    • Grrrrreat, Kim! Go get ‘em, tigress. Agree with you 100% this comment.

      Sorry I get a bit rankled when it feels like NXIVM’s machinations are working to manipulate people. Sheeple.

      Should explain why you didn’t file a wrongful death action — they made sure you wouldn’t dare by shocking you with their ‘revelation’ about your relative raping Kris as a child. That was their “collateral,” their blackmail on you. Brave of you to let it out. No one believes them at this point.

      That fact of the blackmail brings us closer to the possibility of “murder” in my mind — the fact of the blackmail, the gag they put on your family. Murder by induced suicide, if there is such a thing at least.

      I’m sure they did the same to Heidi Clifford, all her outsider friends too.

      Thanks for remembering Gina. Someday, soon I hope, you me, Jonnie and our boys will be singing like canaries…in the Tiki house at Disneyland!

      “Be our guest, be our guest put our service to the test…”

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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