A few new stories on Raniere — Vanguard wins EFF’s ‘Stupid Patent of the Month’

There have been new stories on Keith Raniere recently.

Here are a few:

A story on a website, Refiney29, is about a woman whose brother is still in NXIVM despite Raniere’s arrest.

“At This Point We Are In Despair”: One Woman’s Quest To Bring Her Brother Home From NXIVM


The Daily Mail has an article about the fact that Raniere had fathered two sons – and was living off the credit card of the late Pam Cafritz at the time of his arrest.

EXCLUSIVE: NXIVM boss Keith Raniere fathered a son before his arrest and had been living off dead socialite lover’s credit cards and $8M trust



Pam Cafritz died November 2016. .



The Electronic Frontier Foundation – in their Stupid Patent of the Month named a Raniere invention:  Alleged Cult Leader Wants to “Improve Performance”
The article relates:
“Today, we’re going to focus on Raniere’s U.S. Patent No. 9,421,447, a “method and apparatus for improving performance.” The patent simply adds trivial limitations to the basic functioning of a treadmill, like timing the user and recording certain parameters (speed, heart rate, or turnover rate.) Since most modern treadmills allow users to precisely measure performance on a variety of metrics, the patent is arguably broad enough that it could be used to sue treadmill manufacturers or sellers.”
… Raniere’s original patent application claimed a “performance system” with a “control system” and a sensor for monitoring “at least one parameter.” His examples went beyond exercise: he intended to patent humans making mathematical calculations at increasing speed, or a weightlifter decreasing the time between repetitions.

Appropriately, the examiner rejected all 13 of his proposed claims. But nothing stops patent applicants from coming back and trying again—and again—and that’s exactly what Raniere did. To his bare-bones description of a “performance system” he added this dose of jargon:

Wherein said control system includes a device to determine a point of efficiency, said point of efficiency occurring when the linear proportional rate of change in [] at least one parameter of the subject being trained varies rapidly outside of the state of accommodation and the range of tolerance.

Whew! That’s a lot of verbiage just to explain that the same “performance system” is measuring how fast changes occurs. The patent would be infringed by any treadmill that could measure a changing variable. Even though earlier patents had described essentially the same thing—Raniere’s lawyers insisted that his idea of measure the “rate of change” was “completely different” from a system that used a “precalculated range.”

The examiner rejected Raniere’s application again, noting that an older patent for an exercise bike attached to a video game still fulfilled all the elements of Raniere’s new, jargon-filled patent.

But Raniere simply paid $470 to file a “request for continued examination” …. Raniere, or his lawyers, bloated Claim 1 up with yet more language about the point of efficiency occurring “just prior to the subject no longer being able to accommodate additional stress” and entering a state of exhaustion, and claimed now that it was this more narrow description that was his stroke of genius.

“Nowhere in [earlier patent] Hall-Tipping is it suggested that the user be exercised to the point of exhaustion,” pointed out Raniere’s lawyers, this time around.

Rejected again, they had an interview with the examiner before coming back with yet another $470 “continued examination” request. Then Raniere loaded up Claim 1 with almost twice as much language about the system repeating itself, and re-measuring new “points of efficiency.”

This went on and on [PDF], with Raniere continuing to change language and add limitations. Eight times, the examiner threw out every single one of his claims. Finally, after he added language about the “range of tolerance” being plus or minus two percent, his claims were allowed.

In his specification, Raniere was typically un-self-effacing. He crowed that he had created “Raniere’s Maximal Efficiency Principle™” or “Raniere’s Law™.” (The guy is clearly into branding.)…


Although this is not a story yet – an Expian sent me this:

Breaking News 😂 Raniere/Bronfman/Salzman sue S. Wheeler for Patent Infringment on Toilet Paper Roll….Bob Crockett is lead counsel. Raniere claims he’s been in the shit business since 1891….


The debate continues somewhat about that NXIVM mixer with Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Stormy Daniels and Keith and Allison.
For those who want to hear Ben talk about it on Scott Johsnon’s radio show:
And here is one from Big League Politics:L

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  • At least Raniere will have something to keep himself occupied while in prison for the rest of his life. I’m sure “Bubba,” his cellmate, will enjoy getting that extra 2% out of his anus and then make use of Raniere’s toilet paper and make Raniere clean up the mess.

  • Do you think the Judge knows that Raineres baby mama is not just the mother of his child but she herself is deep within NXIVM’S inner circle?

    Having any contact with her that goes unmonitored is dangerous for any ExNX as she will just do his wheeling and dealing for him.

    She has done anything for him since she was dropped off in Albany by her parents so Raniere could help her refine her tennis skills to go pro. At least that’s the bullshit he told her and her parents.

    Truth is her greatest claim to fame was spreading her legs for Raniere. Most likely while she was underage of legal consent in NY.

    I don’t think she even went to school to finish high school. She could have her GED.

    • The current understanding is nobody has visited Raniere except his lawyers. How is Raniere going to help anybody become a tennis pro from jail/prison? It takes exceptional talent, tremendous work, and a bit of luck to go pro in tennis. I doubt she has any of these attributes.

    • The first “baby mama” is Kristin Keeffe who fled the cult and is in hiding. Why would she willfully contact VanDouche when such actions would be contrary to such a claim? In fact, it is she who would have any inside information of any nefarious and illegal activities that could possibly put him away for a long time. This would also explain why he was desperately using Clare Bare’s financial resources to find her.

      Apparently, VanDouche’s genius failed to truly understand the strength of the motherly instinct/bond. He only used this notion to manipulate women for sex using false promises of a future baby that “would change the world” (LOL). Apparently being a man, but more causally, being a sociopath who lacks empathy, was to his own detriment in this situation.

      She pretty much played him.

  • Why the moniker ‘Nxivm’??

    From Wiki:

    Nexum was a debt bondage contract in the early Roman Republic. The debtor pledged his person as collateral should he default on his loan. Nexum was abolished by the Lex Poetelia Papiria in 326 BC.

    • From the article linked above regarding the brainwashed brother:

      “ The unaccredited program costs $5,000 a month. By the time Alex let his plans be known to his family, he had already signed the paperwork for a one-year commitment, and a series of non-disclosure agreements. “He’s an indentured servant basically. He’s indebted to them,” Diana says.”

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