Child Rape Allegations Against NY’s Steve Pigeon Raises Questions on Validity

Steve Pigeon

Buffalo, NY — A former lawyer and Erie County Democratic Chairman, Steve Pigeon, is facing trial for allegedly raping a nine-year-old relative in 2016.

Pigeon, known for his role as an adviser to influential politicians, including former Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Bill Clinton, will face a jury on six counts of rape and sexual assault arising from allegations of a single incident with the girl seven years ago.

NY State Supreme Court Justice M. William Boller will preside.

If a jury convicts, Pigeon, who has held positions of power most of his adult life, faces life in prison.

The accuser first reported the alleged rape in May 2021, four and a half years after it allegedly happened. Her allegations have torn the extended family apart, with some defending Pigeon, claiming the girl’s claims are false.

It is undisputed that Pigeon took her to dinner just before Christmas in 2016. The accuser said Pigeon raped her on the way home, which he denies.

Both sides acknowledged that the night in question would have been his only opportunity to rape her. Pigeon and the girl were never alone before or after.

According to family members, Pigeon was close to several nieces and grandnephews, with whom he spent time alone. No one has alleged any abuse.

The case received wide publicity and no one else has come forward or made a claim against Pigeon.

The prosecution’s narrative depicts a sudden act of violence from a man who, until that point, lived 56 years without any accusations of sexual misconduct.

Family sources disclosed that the accuser’s initial mention of the incident arose not spontaneously but during an unrelated questioning by an adult about another matter involving potentially inappropriate behavior with another relative and herself.

The girl, perhaps feeling cornered, reportedly diverted attention by making allegations against Pigeon, which occurred years before, family members said.

A family member who heard the accuser’s detailed narrative, said it challenges the laws of physics, suggesting impossibilities in her version of events. The schism in the family permitted this otherwise notable defect in her story to go unnoticed by the Erie County District Attorney, whose office investigated the case — a departure from routine rape investigations where State Police do the central portion of the investigative work.

Family members also suggest the accuser tends to fabricate stories and, according to a news report of a pretrial hearing, has a history of mental health problems. The girl’s mother, too, has critics within the now-divided family, with many believing that the mother has made many false accusations in the past.

The case has attracted media attention, given Pigeon’s prominent role in New York politics and his previous conviction for non-violent white-collar crimes.

Steve Pigeon and Barack Obama

In 2008, after decades of being one of the most prominent and well-known political power brokers in Western New York, with state and national reach, with roles ranging from legal counsel to the NY State Senate Democrats, to high level roles on five presidential campaigns, Pigeon became a target of a federal investigation. After several failed attempts at FBI entrapment, with people wearing wires and long-term surveillance of his business activities, New York State law enforcement joined the FBI in 2013.

In 2015, federal and state authorities raided his Buffalo waterfront penthouse and seized his computers, phone, and documents.

During the eight-year investigation, law enforcement interviewed over 100 people, subpoenaed thousands of documents and reviewed every email and phone record.

In 2016, the US Attorney for the Western District of New York and the New York State Attorney General filed indictments against Pigeon. The prosecutors produced more than one million pages of discovery to the defense, the fruits of years of monitoring the power broker’s actions.

The conclusion of the combined federal and state investigation resulted in two convictions for which Pigeon served eight months in county jail.

The federal conviction of Pigeon was for facilitating a campaign donation of $25,000 from a Canadian to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Pigeon disclosed the source. Cuomo never cashed the check. US federal law prohibits foreign nationals from contributing to a US election.

Steve Pigeon and Andrew Cuomo

Pigeon’s state crime was for “bribing” former State Supreme Court Justice John Michalek when Pigeon, as a lawyer, had two cases before the judge. The bribery took form when Pigeon provided free passes to the former judge and his wife to two NHL hockey games when one of his friends, billionaire Tom Golisano, owned the Buffalo Sabres.

Pigeon with billionaire Tom Golisano, Bill Clinton, Senator John Glenn.

He also gave the judge’s wife a free pass to a fundraiser Pigeon hosted for Cuomo at his penthouse.

Judge Michalek

In addition, the judge, who had known Pigeon since he was a teen and referred to him as “Uncle Steve,” asked Pigeon to find his son a job. Pigeon tried to procure the young man a paying job but failed. He got him a temporary unpaid position on the campaign of Barack Obama in DC.

Judge Michalek, who served a year on the bribery charges, did not rule favorably in either of Pigeon’s cases.

While the investigation turned up white-collar crimes that led to Pigeon’s incarceration for eight months, the voluminous discovery, the interviews with more than 100 people who knew Pigeon, the examination of his cell phone and emails, did not produce any evidence that Pigeon ever molested anyone or acted violently with any human being.

Steve Pigeon, General Wesley Clark and Gary Parenti in Uganda to work for free elections.

That lack of evidence extends to the current rape charges.

The genesis of the only meeting with the accuser was not one Pigeon initiated. The girl’s mother, struggling financially, was the instigator for the meeting between the then-financially successful Pigeon and the girl.

According to several friends and family members, the mother made no secret of her hope that Pigeon would bond with her daughter and help her financially. It is undisputed that the mother suggested a Christmastime dinner outing with her daughter and Pigeon.

Pigeon invited two adult friends, one male and one female, to accompany him to the dinner. Both friends remember Pigeon’s invitation and the mother’s eagerness for Pigeon to befriend the girl much like he had done with other family members. Pigeon would have been in their company if either friend had joined them.

The DA’s theory is that after trying to have friends with them, Pigeon took the girl to dinner and on the way home, purportedly stopping his car by the roadside, he suddenly decided to rape a child he was relatively unfamiliar with and had made no previous efforts to be with alone.

Afterward, Pigeon allegedly let her go, simply dropping her off outside her door.

Though he saw the girl at family gatherings, it is undisputed that Pigeon never made any overtures to see the girl alone again, directly or through her mother.

DA John Flynn is comfortable at a podium, but Steve Pigeon claims he got so loose with his words to the press, his case is now severely prejudiced.
DA John Flynn tells the media about charges against Pigeon.

During a press conference in December 2021 announcing Pigeon’s arrest, District Attorney John Flynn acknowledged there is no physical evidence, no DNA, no rape kit, no hospital records, no mandated reporter, and no confirmation from another witness.

When WGRZ TV reporter Dave McKinley asked Flynn, “Do you have anything more than the word and allegation of a child?” Flynn replied, “I’m not going to talk about any other evidence, but I have her word, though.”

According to Flynn, a lack of corroborating evidence is common in child rape cases.

“What all these cases come down to [is] a child’s going to say something,” Flynn told the press. “I presume he’s going to say something: ‘it didn’t happen.’ All right. At the end of the day, it’s a child’s word versus his word, and I believe the child. I’m standing with the child, and I’m going to get the child justice.”

The trial begins in two months.

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1 month ago

Interesting. So Frank only believes the children if he is having sex with their mom. Got it.

1 month ago

Pigeon is innocent until proven guilty.

I hate to say it, but Pigeon being a Democrat Party power broker does not look good. His party is actively campaigning to abolish age-consent-laws, globally.

If I were his attorney, I would recommend he disaffiliate from the Democrat Party and cut ties with Pedo Cuomo.

I recommend all registered Pedocr… I mean Democrats rethink their party affiliation. Do you want to be a member of the Party of Pedophiles? Millions of Americans will believe your accusers over you because of your choice.

Have a wonderful, fulfilling day, All.

1 month ago
Reply to  Pilgrim

“the Democrat Party is actively campaigning to abolish age-consent-laws, globally.”

Thaks for the BS.

E. Stowark
E. Stowark
1 month ago

If this girl isn’t telling the truth, she is making the biggest mistake of her life. It will eat her up inside, that she destroyed an innocent man. I don’t know how you recover from that, but the only possible way back from that is to tell the truth and the longer the lie is allowed to live, the harder it will be. I pray she does the right thing. She may lose the support of the adults trying to exploit her, but she’ll gain the support and respect of everyone else for coming clean.

1 month ago
Reply to  E. Stowark

Agreed. But it’s her mother that put her in this position- and it’s Flynn that moved prematurely for his personal vendetta.

The girl deserved the same process as other victims. They didn’t even provide a counselor, or anyone with expertise to work with her before Flynn made public allegation.

It was 4+ years ago- there was no need to rush to judgment. Did the alleged victim even know the ramifications for herself as well as Steve?

Feel horribly for Pigeon and his niece.

Flynn's on a Witch Hunt
Flynn's on a Witch Hunt
1 month ago

This is clearly political and just another example of how narcissists are willing to go to any lengths to fulfill their own agenda. In this case, Flynn wants payback because Pigeon didn’t endorse him. What’s worse is Flynn knows Pigeon isn’t a pedophile. At best, he’s keeping himself willfully blind to all the facts that prove Pigeon’s innocence. At the press conference, Flynn was practically incoherent and just kept repeating how he believes the girl. He believes a teenaged girl who miraculously “remembered” she was raped by her uncle years earlier and never told anyone about it. She reminds me of one of those evil little girls in “The Crucible.” The smartest thing for Flynn to do at this point is drop the charges as quietly as possible. Any more attention on this charade and people might find out the truth, and then the pitchforks will be pointed at him.

Good luck Mr Pigeon I believe 100 % you're innocent
Good luck Mr Pigeon I believe 100 % you're innocent
1 month ago

Zero percent chance Steve raped this girl. There’s some men that rape young girls and then there’s Steve. He just doesn’t have to, nor would he. This deranged mother is obviously using a false cry of rape to pay her bills. Women cry fake rape everyday, but to use a child, to do the dirty work, should hopefully be unraveled at trial.

No Trial- they’ll fold. No case.
No Trial- they’ll fold. No case.
1 month ago

I don’t believe this will go to trial.

They’ve got nothing but a vendetta against Pigeon. They’re exploiting a troubled girl with s lunatic mother to do it.

1 month ago

I don’t believe this will go to trial.

They’ve got nothing but a vendetta against Pigeon. They’re exploiting a troubled girl with s lunatic mother to do it.

1 month ago

The girl is a victim of Flynn.

They didn’t follow protocol for a proper investigation. The allegation was sent straight to prosecutor.
They didn’t even talk to Pigeon first.

This harms the girl as well – now she’s backed into a corner with no way out after Flynn announces it to the public. And the buffoon outed the relative.

Thanks for writing on the crimes of Flynn. Arrogant prick.

1 month ago

Flynn overstepped. His public declaration of Pigeons criminality from the start should have led to the firing of Flynn.

The targeting and set up of Pigeon is so apparent.

They searched for years and came up with ineffective bribes. They had nothing- nowhere left to go and an 8 month sentence wasn’t enough for his political enemies.

They went for rape based in the actions of his unstable sister who coaxed her own daughter into making this claim.

The mother- Pigeons sister set him up to gain financially from this. Horrible human being.

1 month ago

So Pigeon was incarcerated for a failed “bribe”. Judge Michalek, who served a year on the bribery charges, did not rule favorably in either of Pigeon’s cases.

Talk about a reach. Ridiculous.

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