New Raniere company uncovered — The Think Tank LLC

Keith Raniere wanted Mark Hildreth's girlfriend to bring him chocolate.

Recently, the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of NY was good enough to reveal in a court filing some 90 companies they are aware of which are associated with the sex trafficking, forced labor, tax evading, RICO-worthy Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate.

And Artvoice and Frank Report were pleased to list them all.

While the list included many companies Frank Report previously identified, there was at least one the Feds missed.

So if it is not too presumptuous, I will provide it now: The Think Fund LLC .



Company information

Company name THE THINK FUND, LLC
Status Active
Company number LLC11117-2001
NV Business ID NV20011112503
Company type Domestic Limited-Liability Company
Home state NV
Managed By Managers
Incorporation Date 10th October 2001
Expiration Date 10th October 2501
List of Officers Due 31st October 2017
Business License Exp: 31st October 2017

Registered Agent

Address 701 S CARSON ST STE 200
State NV
Zip 89701
Mailing State NV
Agent Type Commercial Registered Agent – Other
Jurisdiction DELAWARE
Status Active

The company THE THINK FUND, LLC is managed by 2 persons in total. The persons responsible for business activities are KEITH RANIERE with the seat at 457 NEW KARNER ROAD, ALBANY, 12205, NY as Manager , KEITH RANIERE with the seat at PO BOX 4552, CLIFTON PARK, 12065, NY as Manager .


Address 457 NEW KARNER ROAD, ALBANY, 12205, NY


Address PO BOX 4552, CLIFTON PARK, 12065, NY


Aside from whatever criminal considerations might be attached to yet another company of Raniere’s, “The Think Fund” is truly a great name.

It is my guess that Raniere himself is now in the Think Tank – at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.  He has plenty of time on his hands to think in his cell.

The name ranks up there with some of his other well-named companies, such as:

GENIUSES, LLC [my personal favorite; not that geniuses are plural]

BUNDLED ELEMENTS, LLC [I think they used this one for Hillary Clinton and Eric Schneiderman]

DON’T BE DUMB, LLC [How does one avoid it, in NXIVM?]

ETHOLUTIONS, INC. [Is that a new kind of gas Keith invented?]

PRINCIPLED PRODUCTS, INC.  [The name says it all.]

FOWL HOLDINGS, LLC  [Was that misspelled – should it be Foul?]

COALITION OF ETHICISTS, LLC [I bet that’s a powerful group].

ESSENCE INTERACTIVE, INC. [I think Keith did that at his sex lair a lot]

ETHELETICS, LLC [A great name for an ethical guy who lied about winning the 100 yard dash and being judo champ.]

THE RANIERE INITIATIVE, LLC [ I think it has to do with young girls, women, actresses and heiresses]

TRUTH, LLC  [Clare’s company and based on her propensities, a completely inactive company]


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  • Stink Tank
    Spank Bank
    Skank Spank
    Spank Tank
    Skank Bank

    Just a few others…translated back into English from NXSCUM.

  • So, why would the VG and his merry little band of swindlers need to setup 90+ companies? Meet me at the Chipso-Rinso Laundromat (Las Vegas, NV) tomorrow at 3 AM and for a fee, of course, we can discuss this pressing topic, while I am folding some recently laundered USC$$ that Clare flew in from Mexico on her Bombardier for the VG. In case you were wondering how the VG was able able to get Clare to do this favor for him from his rat-infested prison cell, (Keep this strictly cloak-and-dagger.) Clare landed a guard job at the MDC and the VG can now communicate with her through a third party. Awesome! By the way, the Chipso-Rinso is an LLC registered in my name. So, bring your own damn starch!

  • My favorite NXIVM name that should have been:
    Excessive Sex Program (ESP)
    Totally unrelated, many are anxious to see the Bronfman girls cuffed, cavity searched, and incarcerated. Especially Clare the two bagger. I say let them stay free and continue to throw worse money after bad money in the glorification/ attempt to free their Vanguard.

  • Hi Frank,

    Could you please do an article about the weird situation surrounding Pam’s death and burial (if there was any?). Why did it take ESP a month to share the news of her death? Where is the body?? Why is it taboo to ask where she is buried? Why are they still using her accounts and is it true that she isn’t officially declared dead?

    Thank you,


    • @Pam’s death. Did you go back thru the archives and read about her possibly being frozen? I found it very odd that as hard as I searched (even using TOR) there was no official statement from her mother or half-brother.

  • I believe Truth LLC is the company Clare used to produce My Tourette’s.

    Truth LLC is a media company dedicated to exploring and promoting humanitarian causes through a variety of media channels, including documentary film, narrative film and television. We seek to uncover and provide a global platform for inspiring stories featuring remarkable individuals who are striving to improve humanity throughout the world.

    My other favorite is Wisdom LLC. – Combining Wisdom and Systems to create efficiency, integrity and productivity in business.

    Employee of Wisdom LLC Shelly T cant even link up to the correct company on her LinkedIn profile she linked up to Wisdom Systems and Technologies.

  • For those wondering about the financial aspects of NXIVM’s activities and how the prosecutors can possibly sift thru all of those transactions quickly enough…….I read an article a few weeks ago that says the Internal Revenue Service has officially joined the probe of NXIVM and is looking into, among other things, the potential issues of “money laundering” and “tax fraud”.

    Rest assured that if the IRS is involved in the probe….then every last transaction will be investigated.

    For those who don’t know… The IRS uses a doctrine called “substance over form” to analyze financial transactions, which simply means the IRS can reclassify previous nontaxable transactions as “taxable” if the economic “substance” of the transaction is different from the official “form” of the transaction.

    Oh… The IRS can also attach criminal penalties if they reclassify transactions that they feel were done with “intent” to avoid taxes (e.g. not an innocent mistake).

    For instance, if the IRS determines that people within an organization were receiving money labeled as a “loan”…..but that those same people weren’t really repaying the loan principal along with market rate interest payments, then the IRS can reclassify those ‘loans’ as either taxable “wages” or as taxable “gifts” (depending on whether the IRS feels that the people receiving the money were providing essential services in exchange for that money (e.g. wages/salary) or whether they were just being given money with no expectation of anything in return (e.g. taxable gifts).

    Likewise, if people are receiving money labeled as a “gift” but the IRS determines that those same people are providing essential services in exchange for that money…..then the IRS can reclassify those payments from a taxable “gift” to taxable “wages/salary”.

    For those who don’t know, if you give more than $14k to the same recipient as a gift (in any single year), then you must report those gifts on IRS Form 709 (aka Gift Tax Return). There are exceptions, of course, like certain medical payments, etc.

    Oh, and having $500,000 cash in your home seized by authorities (as reported in various articles) is an issue the IRS will look at.

    I have no clue about NXIVM’s finances myself (I’m just an outsider not associated with this case) so I have no clue about what transactions really happened over the years.

    I’m just providing general information based upon certain claims/allegations that Parlato has made in previous articles.

    But if the IRS is investigating, you can be sure they will sift thru everything.

    Quote from article:
    The broader investigation is focusing on NXIVM’s finances, including allegations of money laundering and tax fraud that have been revealed in unrelated court filings through the years. Investigators with the Internal Revenue Service have joined the probe, and federal agents, led by the FBI, last week searched the Halfmoon residence of Nancy Salzman, NXIVM’s president, and carted away dozens of boxes of undisclosed items.

    • Imagine. Having both the IRS and the FBI on your case. Even the Bronfman money can’t compete with that.

    • How does it work for Canadians who took loans from Americans in NXIVM? I know quite a few patrons who borrowed money from the Higher Ups over the years. Would the CRA be interested in this too?

      • Not sure about CRA, but generally the IRS would be looking at amounts in excess of the $14,000 per year gift tax limit (or similar amount depending on year) that an individual has gifted to determine if a gift tax return should have been filed. The recipient of the gift doesn’t report anything as far as the IRS is concerned.

  • Wrong company name was given on the company registration form. It should have been “The Septic Tank LLC”, not “The Think Tank LLC”.

  • They are shell companies. You can write-off gifts as tax-deductible contributions. Income becomes tax-free. Write-offs, fake loans, wire transfers, deduct fake interest.

    This now becomes a tax scam. All been done before. Basic tax evasion.

    • For it to be a legitimate write off, it has to be a 501c3 organization. The LLC’s wouldn’t qualify for tax deductible contributions, and 501c3 orgs have pretty stringent requirements, but maybe they had set one up. Sounds like there was a foundation set up, which may have tax exempt status, and will be closely scrutinized.

    • For contributions to be tax deductible, need to be given to a registered 501c3 organization, and to qualify for tax exempt status, the org has to meet very stringent requirements. Looks like most of these companies are LLC’s which wouldn’t qualify; if there is a foundation set up, rest assured that will get heavily scrutinized by the IRS.

      • Yes, in theory. But in practice is quite different. I have complained about several 501(c)(3)s where the organizer/founder is funneling money and loans into his own pocket. There is little oversight. So, let’s hope the IRS cracks down on these criminals!

        IRS doesn’t play games. But, it takes a spotlight and pressure to get them to act sometimes. Unforch.

  • All the names NXSCUM uses are opposite. They live in opposite world:

    Worlds Smartest Man – With a 2.26 GPA
    Nancy as a Leader in Human Potential – In a potential to steal
    Greatest Ethicists of our Time – For criminals and rogues
    Practical MBA – funded by people that didn’t graduate High school
    Develop minds of young women – and force them into sexual slavery

    The NXIVM company names are quite ironic!

    The Think Tank… Should be the Sink Tank. Bc you sink all your money in, and your life tanks.

    Or maybe The Shit Tank… bc you only get two things out of NXSCUM: 1) Jack and 2) Shit.

  • I don’t know how the prosecutors are going to have enough time to unravel this web of Raniere’s. My guess is most of these companies were used as a distraction an for laundering money. I hope they can somehow break it all down and find the evil embedded in each and every one of these companies.

    • This is where I regret not using my accounting and psychology degrees to better use although they have come in handy at the poker tables.. Forensic accounting wasn’t really around when I graduated college in the early early 80’s. But boy would I love to be on the team that un-cooks those books.

    • That is why they wait to file the financial charges until they have already sorted through the evidence. Speedy trial won’t start until they are actually arraigned.

    • The Oct 1st date will get pushed when new arrests and charges happen. It likely will not be Oct 1st.

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