My reply to Anonymous who criticizes me for India Oxenberg post

Will India do the right thing and sacrifice herself for the good of the mission?
Anonymous writes to criticize me for publishing a post on India Oxenberg.
“Wonder if Catherine Oxenberg will appreciate you spreading the word about her daughter being CC-2. I noticed she hasn’t tweeted any articles from here or ArtVoice in months, if she ever did. I only scrolled her timeline back to end of December and saw only a couple of retweeted comments that contained links to articles here. Looked at a few of the other higher profile ex-members’ timelines and Frank’s noticeably absent from their timelines as well, even though they retweet and like NXIVM related articles from many other sources. Poor Frank, have you asked these people why they don’t support your sites?”


My reply:

I usually do not reply to criticism on my own  site since I do not want to discourage people from speaking out. Since I have the platform and in a sense the last word – I want people to feel they can criticize me without me responding negatively to them.  I want this to be a free speech forum.

So in making this response to you, Anonymous, I don’t want you to think you should stop criticizing me. Keep your opinion, if you believe it and express it to others.

The reason I posted about India Oxenberg is as a last ditch effort to wake her up. I have been told that she reads this site – mostly because of her condemnation of it – especially when something about her is written.

She thinks I am her enemy when in reality I am her friend in spirit. I have never met India Oxenberg.

Today – and it may be her last day to do so – she has a chance, an absolute chance to avoid going to prison.

Anonymous, don’t worry about me – criticize me all you want – but the real victim is India. I did not make her a victim. I believe she is really not a criminal. It is no secret she is going to be outed. That may be less than 24 hours away.

While I have a duty to provide info to readers, at the same time, people are more important than stories. This girl, India, needs a wake-up call.

Pretty soon the die will be cast and divisions between victims and victimizers will be set- maybe in stone. India is one of only two co-conspirators listed in the criminal complaint. Of course there are going to be more.

But everyone who knows about NXIVM knows she is hardly one of the top three most culpable people in NXIVM [along with Raniere and Mack].

She is a victim. She needs to get out. She needs to work with law enforcement and not go down with a ship that will positively sink – the Bronfman-Raniere-Salzman crime ship.

Keith Raniere #1 criminal in NXIVM
allison and india tongues
Are Allison Mack and India Oxenberg really – next to Raniere – the two biggest criminals in NXIVM? While I have doubts about Mack’s role as victim, I am pretty well convinced that India is a victim – and one who does not know she is a victim.


Thanks Anonymous for criticizing me, it helped me further express my views on this sensitive topic. Keith Raniere caused so many people – including me – a tremendous load of pain. I fought back, but never think for a second I sought to inflict pain – not even to Raniere. I sought only to stop people – including me – from experiencing pain from him.

I never bought into “He who has the most joy wins.”

That is Raniere’s slogan. Shouldn’t it be “He who gives the most joy wins”?


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  • These WOMEN – who are full adults mind you – need no excuses or leniency for their crimes. Like all criminals, they need reform, and that doesn’t happen when you condone their behavior. However currently in the USA the penal system does not reform, it tortures, especially men who are often sexually assaulted, resulting in more rapes of males inside jails and prisons than outside of them of women each year. Note that a lot of these are innocent of their accusations or committed nonsense bottomless crimes.

    So maybe you people who suddenly care so much about sexual assault should do something about it and stop hiding from your responsibility for how the society you fund encourages widespread sexual assault and abuse of prisoners, instead of only pretending to care when it’s fucking trending.

    • Victimless crimes. Thanks auto-correct, for showing how little people care about the corruption in their society.

  • Women who use the power of their sex appeal to provide a safety net for abusers are not innocent just because they are cute or female. They know what they are doing and it is as much a form of power as open manipulation is. Enablers should never be excused for the crimes they help carry out and normalize and condone. She chose to engage in lurid sexual behavior to get her kicks at the expense of others to nourish her own ego and feel power over others. There is no excuse, so stop patronizing by excusing it just because she has a vagina. Too many females get away with crimes feigning innocence. Women are no more innocent at heart than men, in fact some studies would say it is women who are the darker sex, more prone to abuse, and more likely to favor expediency over morality. Quit it with the lie that only makes are toxic, eh society?

    • Males, not makes. Part of the problem is men and boys are demonized from birth so what can you expect but toxic reactions like Keith’s. Society always shares the blame, and as long as the culture demonizes normal male sexuality while excusing females’ deviant behavior and refusing to acknowledge that females are way up there in terms of sexual assault intimate partner violence and child abuse, what do people think is going to happen? Instead they double down on the male hate with #metoo and pretend only one of the sexes commits these crimes, to continue to excuse female behavior. There’s a reason women receive lighter sentences, and those who excuse the guilty share in the guilt for the crimes they allow and encourage them to commit.

  • Frank, Frank,, Frank,

    Hast thou not viewed the video of the Lord and Master of Evil, “VANGUARD”, which is entitled “Rising above Fear and Pain.” In this video NXIUM’s Prince of Darkness proudly pontificates to an adoring and addle-pated Allison Mack that it is “not the pain that is bad, it’s the suffering that’s bad…the way we understand the magnitude of love is through pain. When we most feel love , we feel pain – and the depth of the pain we feel measures that love… and it [love] comes from the sacrifice and pain, that’s how we know it…we know it through our pain, and if you have a fear of pain, you have a fear of knowing your own love. It’s not he PAIN that is the PROBLEM, it’s the SUFFERING that’s the PROBLEM.” [Are these two freakin’ idiots (KR & AM on drugs or what?]

    Thus, I hope that I have made it perfectly clear to all concerned that PAIN is GOOD and SUFFERING is BAD! In other words: Don’t let your pain bother you because your pain don’t bother Vanguard: He don’t feel your pain and he don’t give a rat’s rear end about your suffering! He just wants your money, honey, and you, sweetie, you have to pay for the privilege of having sex with him or being raped by him. He is entitled to take whatever he wants to take because he is DOS, he is Dominus Obsequentium Sororum (Master of the Compliant Sisters).

    [Obsequentium is the plural form of the third declension genitive adjective, obsequens. Sororum means either of sisters, of companions, or of playmates – not of women. Look it up in a good Latin dictionary such as the “Elementary Latin Dictionary” by Charlton T. Lewis.]

    As that old philosopher, Donatien Alphonse Francois (aka the Marquis de Sade argued in his 1795 bestseller, “Philosophy in the Boudoir” – “…one must embrace atheism, reject society’s beliefs about pleasure and pain…[and] if any crime is committed while seeking pleasure, it cannot be condemned.” Sade, himself, was a libertine and a vile child rapist just like Keith Raniere, and about the only difference between these two A**holes is that the insane Sade proudly flaunted his vile rape of young girls in public while that craven sicko, Keith Raniere, hides his ghoulish crimes of perversity behind a phony façade of NLP and New Age B.S. (NABS).Nevertheless, soon this cowardly beast-man will become just another pin cushion for other prisoners.

    Say Keith, didn’t your mother ever teach you not to step on other people’s toes, when she made you dance with her while you were suffering down there in Suffern, NY? Look at momma’s little twit now; I’ll bet she had your reptilian number all along, you poisonous little toad!

    Golly, I hope that this weasel-wording multi-level-marketer does not have a severe case of triskaidekaphobia: that could spoil his entire arraignment day. But remember Keeffie-weeffy it’s the suffering that’s the problem and not the pain, and you are going to have a lot of time to deal with the problem of your own pain and your suffering, as well as with the pain, the suffering and the problems that you have created for thousands of your victims through your sleazy criminal enterprises and your horrific crimes. So, you wanted to be a cult leader? Bad idea, dude! Nothing good ever comes of it.

    • There’s no excuse for your toxic vitriol mini-van. Loathing in the way you are, apparently getting off on making fun of someone else’s suffering, is lizardy behavior. Just because your victim does bad things doesn’t make it okay to spew your own scarlet evil energies for all to see. Lynching does not make one just.

  • I still think CC2 is Lauren Salzman. She was a big time saleperson for DOS and had way more influence over the community of women than IO did

    • Did Lauren have anything to do with the founding of the Delegates thing? That, and being slave to Allison (India and Lauren both were) were the clues given.

  • The best thing for India Oxenburg to do is to cooperate with authorities.

    Raniere is going down.
    Allison Mack is going down.
    Nancy and Lauren Salzman are going down.
    The Bronfman heiresses are probably going down.

    Federal prosecutors have a saying: The First Person on the Bus Gets the Best Seats.

    • You seem emotionally invested? Are you related to India? Know that every person posting and commenting on this blog wants the very best outcome possible for India, and every success and happiness for her future.

      “run… by Catherine?” They’re not BFFS, Anonymous. Frank and Catherine have overlapping but not identical goals. And Catherine is India’s mom, not Frank’s, so no checking with her is required. Not even India (26 and an adult) has to run things by Catherine.

      Frank sought to stop Keith. Which he has. Thanks to him India will no longer be recruiting and grooming sex slaves for Keith. That is a win.

      I pray that Catherine will get India the very best lawyer possible, and one that can convince her to make a deal.

  • I completely forgot about it, but here is the argument in favor of IO and even every masterslave affiliated with DOS crimes : Conclusions for the Milgram’s experiment.

  • Bravo again Frank! You have a tremendous amount of courage. This is the BEST news site and the only one that is actually publishing the truth.

    We each have puzzle pieces, because we experienced Vanguard and Prefect in different ways. Put all the pieces together, and a picture is emerging of a vicious Psychopath and his Followers. It is indeed a cautionary tale.

    Thank you for having the courage to help us tell it!!!

  • To any of the people who are still inside NXIVM but still have the courage to read this website. You can use it as a place to anonymously bounce your questions, which you might be uncomfortable or unsure of raising in public.

  • According to @Trendie_mx, “NXIVM” has hit the top 10 trending in Mexico.

    The El Universal articles about involvement of political and economic elite families, and potential tape recordings of their involvement with DOS, are widely tweeted.

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