Mack now leading DOS; keeps slaves on 24 hour ‘readiness’

Allison Mack appears anorexic. But how happy is her smile?

With Keith Raniere [AKA Vanguard] in a federal prison in Oklahoma – awaiting transfer for arraignment in Brooklyn, Allison Mack has assumed command of the 40 or so remaining slaves in the vicious sex cult NXIVM.

Mack heads the subgroup of female slaves – she herself is their master – who were branded with hers and Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.

A source within the group told Artvoice that Mack continues to lead the women – including former Battlestar Gallactica star Nicki Clyne; India Oxenberg, the daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, and Lauren Salzman, daughter of NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman.

All Mack’s slaves must be on standby 24-hours per day and keep phones by their bedside in case they get a text from her. If they get a text, they must respond within 60 seconds or face punishment – which can include being paddled with a large wooden paddle on their naked buttocks.  Mack instituted corporal punishment to instill obedience among women prior to Raniere’s arrest.

The former Smallville TV star – who played wholesome Chloe Sullivan – revealed to insiders a dark and sinister side that is nothing like her TV persona.

Her bouts of jealousy over her master, Raniere – whom she calls Vanguard – has made some slave women terrified of her.

The FBI has hundreds of her emails that show her to be manipulative and threatening to slaves. Mack is seen as deeply conflicted. On the one hand, she orders attractive slaves to have sex with Raniere – and, at the same time, she appears deeply jealous of other women being favored by Raniere.

The slave cult is funded by Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and Mack must kowtow to her since  Clare controls the purse strings. Mack gave her entire fortune to Raniere – an estimated $8 million – after joining the sex slave cult.

But in the world of NXIVM slaves, Mack is the leader and slaves must obey. The slaves include an attorney, a physician, several teachers, a Mexican heiress, and a number of illegal aliens, among others.

Sources say Mack demanded graphic nude pictures of all the women and, in turn, gave graphic naked pictures of herself to Raniere back in 2011 as the price of beginning a sexual relationship with him. She also assigned her assets as ‘collateral’ in the event she  betrayed Raniere.

When she appeared in a rare TV acting role in “The Following”, Raniere, outraged, forced her to apologize to  NXIVM members since he though her portrayal might reflect badly on her and him.

Mack, teary-eyed, made a public apology to all NXIVM members and vowed before them to never to take an acting role not approved by Raniere.

Meanwhile, as Raniere is locked away in a maximum security prison, unable to make direct personal contact, the day-to-day duties of running a slave cult fall squarely on Mack.  One of the hardest tasks she is faced with, according to sources inside NXIVM, is keeping the women on Raniere’s strict 500-800 calorie per day diet and maintaining their 30 mile per week jogging regiment.

Raniere likes women rail thin and with him gone, sources say, some of the slaves are depressed, don’t want to jog, and wish to eat more than the 800 maximum calorie diet allotted to slaves.

Mack and Raniere teach women that anything more than 800 calories per day means the slave is  “disintegrated”, a term they use to describe someone who is not highly evolved. Mack has taught that a slave woman who eats 900 calories per day has “defiance issues.”

With all the publicity NXIVM received, recruitment of new slaves has been difficult, but Mack, along with Clyne and Oxenberg, seem undaunted and continue to command lower ranking slaves.

All three told insiders that Raniere is innocent and will be released soon – and that they are not in jeopardy of being arrested themselves – an opinion not shared by law enforcement. The DOJ filed papers with the court opposing Raniere getting bail, claiming he is a danger to the community. Sources with knowledge of the case say Mack – who is named as co-conspirator #1 in the criminal complaint against Raniere – is likely to be arrested in the coming weeks.

The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
Allison Mack with Kristin Kreuk – also a former Smallville star – at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. The women came for a secret NXIVM gathering – to learn the secret teachings of Keith Raniere.

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  • Let’s be fair. Kristin probably knew it was a scam and she being devious lured others into it because she’s self centered and doesn’t care about stepping on other souls. Because of that, she is very, very guilty, because no matter where it led, she knew it was not to their benefit, only hers. She wanted to manipulate, hurt, control, and create chaos in the lives of others. The method by which it was instantiated is fairly irrelevant. She is a coward and a liar, and she will be judged.

  • This is, as usual, women’s fault, you know. Heck, if women would stop hoarding sex guys like Keith wouldn’t need to create cults to get it. Create a culture where intelligent men can’t get laid without turning into demons to get some, because women are selfish and superficial and crave only the lowest in men, what do you expect? Society, as usual, is to blame – all of you.

  • KR *I not will write that evil degenerates name in full* created a monster and that is Alison Mack. I firmly believe she succeeded her mentor and took things to the next level to glorify his name. Since his arrest all social media has stopped by herself and Nicki Clyne. In fact all the other KR worshipers as well. I have read many ‘stories’ on Franks Report and it ties in with their social media accounts *which i think they only updated to show the world they were still normal people* Wanting to be their authentic selves, yet living for the desires of a normal man who craps and farts like the rest of us. Alison has lost touch with reality and now resides in the KR world.

  • I think it’s more likely that Allison is trying to cut a deal with the DOJ. I doubt law enforcement would give her enough time to flee to a country without an extradition agreement.

  • I can be rather abrasive, but I don’t mean to be so. I honestly want the best outcome for everyone involved in this situation. I spent a year in fostercare at 12, Trust me, a year is enough. My mother was murdered when I was 25. Strangled by a boyfriend who ended up being a wanted rapist. His youngest victim was 14. I was 12 when I had to live with him,. He didn’t get me, (thankfully). Later, much later, I got involved with a married man who thought he could “help” me and introduced me to what I now know as self-help hell. The never ending loop. That ended after 6 months, But, it was a hard earned toll taking six months. I turned to drinking, a lot. Until I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I became a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for kids in foster care. Until Nicky, my Autistic son required more attention. So, lately I’m fixated on what’s online. I’m sorry if I was rude to any of you. I mean that. I’m just moved by thus entire scenario,

    • Wish there was an adit feature to fix my typos! But have noticed there’s a typo fairy floating about. 🙂

  • I don’t exactly know why, But I really care about these people. I tried to gain access to Ex-Scientology Kids. But it’s been a week and my application hasn’t been approved. Kudos fir them! As I’m not an ex-Scientologist kid. They run a tight ship, That’s why I like them and think they could help. So, I sent off this letter: If more than a few of us send letters, they may participate and help.

    I’m sure many of your members are aware of the NXIVM cult. Keith Raniere basically stole the backbone of Dianetics to invent it. I’m writing because I’m concerned about the impending welfare of members. The group is currently in a juxtaposition. Soon to be completely disintegrated. Many post, many more lurking, within the blog of Frank Parlato. A personal blog, One might have to sift through opinions to get a glimpse of the whole picture, but if you read all articles AND all comments, the real story is literally right there. There isn’t another exscientology website that I could find as well maintained as yours. These people are going to need help. It might benefit if some seasoned members from your group could participate. I’ve included my full name and email. I’m not at all associated with Mr, Parlato. I’m not trying to promote his blog. I just think you could help some people in need. Thank you. The link:

  • There are still 40 slaves??? Wtf? This story is everywhere. How and why are they staying? Their Leader has been arrested. There second in command is next. The whole company is finished. Who are they a slave to? Sounds like they are free.

    • Because they aren’t aware they are free. Once they will began to eat, they will recover their minds. It sounds naive and stupid, but without sleep and food deprivation, Raniere is nothing.

      • so many of us escaped going to only one intensive. When you go home, and eat, and sleep, and recover rather than going on another 11 days for the full 16, it is a lot tougher for them to sucker you.
        Thank God I couldn’t stick around for it regardless of the insanely massive peer pressure to not leave.

        • I don’t have such experience, perhaps I should avoid to post comments here for that very reason and let the former members express themselves.
          But, basically, brainwashing could be operated under extended sensory deprivation and/or severe torture such as waterboarding or dry submarino. Psychotropic drugs may be used too. As far as I read for years now, NXIVM is about alienation but not about brainwashing. Subjects are in pre-hypnotic states and they are fragilized mainly by inducting eating disorders. The main problem is the feeling to belong to “something bigger that no one else could understand”. This is called narcissistic ego and it induces a manic mental state (feelings like happiness, excessive gratefulness for the masters, bad appreciation of oneself limits, etc.). First step to recovery could be to tune one metabolism to normal condition. Second step would be to accept the world as it is. Third step would be to accept all the losses. Last step would be to keep what remains good (experience, endurance, resilience) and accept the new life that begins from here (nothing will be the same, but thats very well that’s way because I’m stronger yet).
          Many of you were one shot milking cows.

          • Thought reform doesn’t require suc extreme measures to implement. All it needs is the right combination of destabilizing you sense of self, being in the midst of a group of seeming peers (People not wanting to be the odd one out), and information control, which is easy to acheive if they have people in 16 day classes and lacking the energy to contact normal people when they are free. Then your thought process and values start to shift into the leaders desired pawn state.

      • I agree. Patty Hearst recovered quickly. Difference is, These women have been subtlety brainwashed for many years…they need to get back to normalcy.

    • They are still a slave to their fear and the collateral they have given. Once they overcome this there is nothing left KR or the other heads of this organization can do. On top of that they might be indoctrinated to some degree.

      I do not want to speculate whether KR or his associates would release collateral in this situation as it would destroy them as well. This would prove all the claims made by Sarah Edmondson 6 month ago. What good are these nudes and confessions if you cannot use them or if they might even be made up.
      Just ask the government how good the Guantanamo confessions after waterboarding were. My guess most confessions of the slaves are as true as the the WMD allegations against Iraq in ’03.

    • There may be that many left with the bulk made up of Mexican women who reside in Mexico who may not have as ruthless a slave master as Ally Mack is rumored to be. It was mentioned on this blog that the last knowm slave pod to come into being was when Jimena Garza recruited her 6 and brought them to Clifton Park to be branded. Her sisters Loreta and Carola all may have held onto their 6 pack of slaves. which would make 21 total 3 masters with 6 slaves each under them. It is however possible that Carola is a slave under one of her sistes.

      Add in Ally Mack, Nicky Clyne, India Oxenberg, Lauren Salzman, Monica Duran, Marianna and Camilla Fernandez, Dani Padilla, Rosa Laura Junco and Michele Hatchette (who also supposedly had her own pod) and you have 31. Diana Heather Lim, Pam Arstikaitis, Alicia Novak and Lyvia Cohen are likely still involved although not in the Capital District or Mexico = 35. Danielle Roberts, DO who is now rumoured to be in Wisconsin practicing osteopathy, Samantha Le Baron and Sahajo Haertel may all still be involved although little has been mentioned of them. I may be wrong but the original list may have included some women who were never slaves Ex. Clare Bronfman stated she was not a member of the sorority and Nancy Salzman, IMO would not take orders from anyone. Sara seems to have been in Europe from the time DOS was created to the time it was exposed. And Sara, doesnt seem to be the type that has the attention span to stay focused or committed to anything for any length of time.

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  •  Lol, so Allison went from “barely taking a class or two”, in thr LATE 200S, when her career stalled completely, and then did a comolete 180, becoming devoted to Raniere.

    But Kreuk was BRAINWASHED ENTIRELY, to the point where she left completely during this period.

    You’re a troll, here only to badmouth Kreuk.

    • Maybe we will never know about Kreuk’s level of indoctrination, back then. Actually, she attended at least one Vanguard week (messed hair picture). Here is my hypothesis : Something happened (she saw, lived or both) that was beyond what she could afford emotionally and she found a way to take some distance from the group. Knowing that constant harassment (phone calls, IM like WhatsApp, etc.) is one of the group’s methods, she had to do it very wisely (or perhaps very grossly to lose Raniere’s interest).

      One day we will know how toxic NXIVM has been to her and all that she had lost to it. We don’t know what impact
      this “experience” has had on her life, what she’s doing to overcome this yet.

      So maybe she was migrating into the inner layers of the “onion”, maybe she was on her cult “honeymoon” when she began a vegan low calories diet (c.f. photographs of this era) and in that period she was deep in recruiting/teaching classes (yellow sash three stripes)… and maybe she gave herself to the pig in chief…The most famous quote in this sometimes god forsaken world is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (F.N.), so she may overcome it.

      But don’t blame her if she doesn’t join “la résistance” (Sarah Edmondson), maybe she’s still in struggle with some Raniere’s zealots.
      If I were her (with my warm blooded character and my caveman intelligence), I would play it kamikaze-like : I would take a copy of every “collateral” given to NXIVM and I would spread it massively to the Internet. Like “With what will you try to pressure me now motherfucker ?” !!! And I would do it very ironically and sarcastically like “Hi peeps ! Prepare the lube and hand towels !..” This is very rude and she would be confronted with a lot of hypocrisy and stupidity but it would be worth that price, I think so, maybe… She would have to post disclaimers for the degenerated ones, like “Its not because you see me nude on a digital picture that I belong to you and/or you have the right to disrespect me, period.”.

      Blackmailing threat is more vicious and criminal than revenge porn and much more stupid that guessing out an iCloud password to spread private pictures (c.f. the “fappening”), it’s the same crazy s**t and blaming the victims is beyond stupidity. Jennifer Lawrence was clearly and totally right : The shame goes to the ones that are blackmailing, spreading those pictures and are lurking at them. So if one of the blackmailing threats decides to bomb the “game”, she has the right to do it. She shame goes to the blackmailers.

      Something has to be bombed for good : The girls that are under pressure because of this must find a safe exit from it, really. I’m sad that stupidity is so widely promoted worldwide. It’s because of it that this kind of blackmailing still works : How the most stupid, the ones they are several humanities backwards, will react to it ? F**k them all, really !

      • Being honest and telling the public would might create some unwanted publicity for the girls involved but it would free them from all the pressure. Think of Sarah Edmondson and the amount of strength she needed for these interviews. After all, this coming out made it impossible to attack her as Keith and NXIVM would have to admit their wrongdoings. They are now completely in the defense.
        Even if the other girls would post some pictures they gave as collateral with the most intimate parts pixelated this collateral would be lost to NXIVM and they could control the narrative. It is nothing that will ruin them. They are literally living in a country where a pussy grabber can become president. What is the worst that can happen?

  • All this talk about Alison and KK…we know Vantard used her as the ring leader because she had celebrity pull and was willing and Lauren already had a title as a Head Trainer and was on the board. This also protected Lauren if things went badly…notice how Lauren is 2nd in command…however, always had more influence. My bet ..she is leading the group just as much and trying to figure out how to save her own ass now. KK did leave a while ago…and always kept her distance. By the way..the Bronfman brats rented Bransons Island Retreat to throw a swanky party for VIPs…made everything look soooo “successful “. I would say that buying success is something that should be added to the curriculum ..hahaha

    • But it was a smart move as they managed to connect Sir Richard Branson to the cult this way and all they were trying to get was celebrity endorsement. I guess it was cheaper to make the connection to Branson than for instance the one with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

  • In my experience, Allison was always a sucker for attention, parading around, insulting others, looking women up and down to make sure she was better than them, often trying to steal their boyfriends or husbands. I believe she wanted to be the best in Vanguard’s eyes. And now she is. Look where that got her. She was always cruel to me and my friends, inauthentic and predatory. Maybe there’s some good in there somewhere but her greed got the better of her and now she will need to pay the price. I hope the authorities hold her accountable for this horrific situation.

    • What’s the worst thing she ever did while you were there?

      I’m still pretty surprised. She looks like a sweetheart.

      • I feel like Mack’s face on the Raniere arrest video is her real face.
        All that sugary sweetness hides a lot of rage.
        Always pay attention when someone is too sugary sweet like that.
        They have serious shit going on underneath.

      • Fred, I believe the phrase “looks can be deceiving” applies here. Granted I have no experience with Mack, but when we expect predators to look a certain way, we ignore the possibility/reality they are the girl/boy next door.

    • If you really lived it, then wtf !!! It would show that they are some kinds of prerequisites to become masterslave #1 !!! I never liked her… So I easily believe it… Perhaps too easily… but I believe it !..

    • That’s a fair observation. When I first met Allison, she was very self-absorbed. She was nice to me after she found out I was a Director and spent time with the Dalai Lama.

      And I’m not here to troll anyone. I’m here to set the record straight. Some people are trying to run for cover and downplay their involvement.

      This is a cautionary tale. The danger of guru worship and total obedience to one person. I saw the cellphone video last night Allison looks like she stepped out of a concentration camp.

      And Keith’s supposed genius intelligence … 2.26 GPA at Rensselaer….what a conman.

      • NXIVM : Now it all looks like a stupid joke to me… Women following (spoiling their heritage to) the smartest perverted nerd in the universe… The 500 daily calories skinny-sex cult inside the cult… “Vanguard weeks”… In another dimension this story must be fictional and the ground of a comedic show… You’re a director, would you produce such a show ? That would be really funny cause it is with some distance !!! At least your inner experience may help you !..

        Genius intelligence ? Well, superior intelligence prevails. Mmm ? Like the ones that created concentration camps… Among other things, they were logistics geniuses : IE, they managed to divide the tasks to dispatch it to stupid people and slaves, they had a complete vision of the processes and managed to optimize it on a day to day basis thanks to Hollerith machines (IBM). So, yes, “genius don’t lie”. Superior intelligence prevails, of course ! We have so many exemples in the history of humanity they prove that they are the intentions that really matter… Intelligence without good will is pure crap.

        • I mean that Raniere is just another example and it may put another layer of suspicion on “smart” people…

          You’re right about Mack, it could have happened to many kinds of psychological profiles. Maturation is rarely an homogenous process. Everyone has weaknesses… According to your description, she came back to a tantrum driven little girl… Being under a great pressure may drive one to this kind of behaviors… Actually it sounds like psychological torture… Really ugly…

    • That’s interesting. Do you have any takes on Salzman, Clyne and Oxenburg worth noting? It’s harder to see Mack as just a deeply brainwashed victim if she was reveling in her status. (Not that there wasn’t clearly at least some going on. I mean, everything I’ve seen about his classes about gender are the most misogynistic crap I’ve ever seen. And I lmost never declare anything sexist.)

      • Nancy was always in the shadows. Much easier to run into Vanguard than Nancy. Unless you are watching 30 hours of Nancy on video … which is painful and hypnotic in and of itself

        Imagine a presenter with only slightly more charisma than Ben Stein from Ferris Buellers Day Off… Fml. Now watch that for 30 hours!

        • Thanks. I actually meant her daughter though. I don’t think Nancy has a leg to stand on since she was a founding member of the cult itself, well before all the wack job indoctrination would have been perfected.

  • A Halfmoon townhouse raided by the FBI last week was dubbed “The Library” by NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, who had allegedly used the residence for years as his private sex lair, according to court records and interviews with people familiar with the residence.

  • Chet Hardin was a reporter at Albany alt-weekly Metroland, sued into oblivion by Raniere

    So why does Hardin believe it’s taken so long for NXIVM to come under legal scrutiny itself? “State legislators don’t retire, they just get indicted. It’s clear that money bought cover for all the crimes Keith allegedly committed. All the officials who turned a blind eye are culpable – maybe not legally but for all these women who have been branded – they should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t think this is over. I think it is going to come out. The way officials are going after Keith and NXIVM now I think it’s clear they want to destroy this entity and if anyone had their hands on it, they should be worried.”

    • …how could the reporter expect us to believe a history of NXIVM that has no mention of Kristin Kreuk?
      Fake news!

    • That meeting with Nancy Salzman was revealing and disturbing:

      “Nancy Salzman, Raniere’s second-in-command at Professor Java’s on Wolf Rd. in Colonie.

      Salzman, dressed professionally, struck Hardin immediately as having an overwhelming presence. She quickly demanded to know who had tipped him to the story. “I’m not going to reveal my sources,” Hardin says he replied. Saltzman’s demeanor swiftly changed from outgoing and professional to angry and mocking. “I’m not going to reveal my sources,” she spat back at him the way an older sibling would belittle a younger.

      A minute later she was offering Hardin a job at $70K a year.”

  • I want to see her incarcerated, rehabilitated. She has a story to tell how this happens to a person. That’s important. Another Keith is just around the corner.

    • …a LOT of actors are literal psychopaths. As in DSM definition psychopaths. They don’t feel emotions, but they are very good at mimicking real emotions. They are very good at fooling people into thinking they are authentic people, but they are anything but. Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood stars that you love.

  • What are the chances that Alli Whack takes off to their compound in Fiji? Does Fiji have an extradition treaty with the USA?

  • Brainwashed or not, Mack used her “acting” skills to portray the role of a sweet, humble, humanitarian all the while luring in fangirls and other vulnerable young women into Jness and NXIVM for over a decade. As the truth unfolds, everyone will finally see the selfish, greedy liar lurking beneath the innocent facade — so desperate for attention and adoration that she was willing to enslave, starve, and brand human beings to exert her power and please Raniere. These heinous, criminal acts will mean lifelong trauma for the victims. God knows what else she has done/is doing to sustain this cult. I hope the women who remain trapped can escape this madness. Except for Mack. I hope she is given plenty of time to reflect on her “love my life” hashtags and flowery quotes from behind bars. Just like her beloved mentor.

  • At some point the delusion of Raniere getting out is going to have to bust. After Mack is arrested, is anyone really capable of keeping this group under control?

  • I hope Allison Mack gets YEARS in prison!!!! She is PURE evil!!!!!

    She is majorly screwed up in the head and I have ZERO sympathy for her.

    Throw this twit in prison and throw away the key.

  • I have a question about the dates of when AM gave her collateral to Raniere. I know she was engaged twice, the first time when she was around twenty and the second time in 2014. So are we supposed to believe that when she was in a relationship with her then fiance Sam Witwer, she was also sleeping with Raniere?

  • Kristin has a lot of explaining to do. Since she brought Allison in to this cult, perhaps she should be the one to get her out of the cult? Oh wait. The DOJ will do that. Cell mates seems more fitting.

  • Anyone know anything about this Mark Hildreth character? Has he approached the police yet? Seems to have earned a lot of money from the cult, was in it for over a decade at a senior level, was on the KR Conversations website a lot yet now he has left says nothing. His twitter and social media is all self-promotion. Not even a tweet in defense of his long-time former girlfriend or the branded women.

    There are some real self-involved conversations between him and Allison from a decade back:

    • Hildreth is a loser, beta male, crappy singer, crappy musician, and like 99% of people who join cults, a boring nobody. Liberal Canadian, through and through.

      The only interesting things hes done are..

      -Had his pecker in Kristin Kreuk
      – Voiced a character on the AWESOME 90s cartoon, “King Arthur and the Knights of Justice”
      – Voiced Stryder on Gundam Wing
      – Possessed by some kind of rage virus on an episode of Supernatural.

      • Yes, I agree on “Had his pecker in Kristin Kreuk” tops the list.

        But this also relates to KK’s long involvement in NXIVM and her being unaware of it’s true evil (if she was).

        Mark first gained status in the cult by bringing in its main celeb. I believe he had personal reasons to work very hard to convince Kristin that the group’s bad press was a lie…so he could to keep her in the cult, keep up his own high status, and keep star-fucking.

        If Kristin did not know of the harem and other sex-cult early rumors (as she claims) her trusty boyfriend probably was the main one keeping her unaware.

  • Wow. If your sources are saying these slaves are still all on board……. that defies my sense of reality, but I believe you .

  • This Nxivm story smells more and more like Jim Jones and Jonestown.
    And I fear a similar result.

    History does not repeat but it does rhyme.

    • And David Koresh. Same thing, female slave wives, very charismatic, called himself a prophet with the secrets to your soul… And the keys of Heaven and Earth. Because, he was the LAMB. Dontcha know???

      • The Lamb with the soul of a Wolf.

        As far as I can tell Nxivm’s philosophy is a mixture of Scientology, Ayn Rand, and Mormon polygamy tossed with Keith Raniere’s word salad.

  • I’ve got $100.00 dollars says the lady physician that branded the other members is the mole/insider.

    • I agree. Do you see those pictures of her with the group about a month ago? She has this “get me the hell out of here” look on her face.

      • I haven’t. I figure since she is the one that did the actual physical harm, the fbi would have got to her quickly and she has cut a deal.

  • Interesting that the article about Ally Wack and DOS ends with a pic of her with….guess who?…non-DOS Kristin Kreuk…and some innuendo about learning “secret teachings from Raniere.”
    Does this say more about KK or the author?

    • You have to stop putting Kristin Kreuk on a pedestal. She was heavily involved in NXIVM, heavily influenced by the group and Kreuk practically worshiped Vanguard and Nancy Salzman.

      As more facts come to light, people will realize that KKs Twitter statement was just an attempt to save her career. KK recruited alot of women into NXIVM and that is why she was made part of the inner group on Nancy’s orders. KK was the bait.

      • You keep saying this but offer no evidence.

        You seem to have a vendetta against the Kristin that you want everyone to believe here.

        • Okay, so who recruited Allison Mack?

          Poor sweet, innocent Kristin. But she HAD.NO.IDEA what was going on. Just like the Nazi gate guards at Auschwitz. They HAD.NO.IDEA that Jews were being gassed and thrown in ovens.

          Obviously, if you’re at Necker Island, with a core group of NXIVM insiders, you are an insider too.

          But wait a minute. Kristin HAD.NO.IDEA this was a NXIVM meeting. She just innocently swam over from Vancouver and HAD.NO.IDEA what was occurring.

          I think the money laundering and tax evasion angle will be interesting. Good luck explaining how you transferred money from Canada to Albany, without declaring that. And also taught classes in Tacoma and Vancouver, but didn’t report that on your income taxes.

          But wait… she HAD.NO.IDEA

          Good luck with that defense. If any of those illegal proceeds were used to buy property, then that property can be seized. But KK can sleep soundly. Because… wait for it… she HAD.NO.IDEA

          • Everyone knows Kristin recruited Allison. This is old news.

            Wow. That was a quick reference to Godwin’s Law. It only took you a few sentences.

            Kristin was likely treated well due to her celebrity and the fact that she had a lot of money to spend on courses. This is a commonplace practice no matter the business. Neither of these things entail that she knew anything illegal was going on. It’s a not a difficult concept to grasp. NXIVM devolved into DOS, well after she left.

            Kristin makes way more money outside of NXIVM than she ever did in NXIVM. The amount of taxes she pays on the former would’ve made what she would have to pay on the latter chump change. And as someone already stated in the comments to another post, Kristin was a coach. She did not run administrative tasks or manage any of their centers so there is no reason to suppose she knew about any illegal financial dealings within the company. Those are the type of shenanigans “inner circle” members know and Kristin wasn’t one of them.

            You’re just throwing mud on here and using guilt by association in an attempt to hope it sticks. Yet it still lacks the one thing asked for: evidence.

            If Kristin was so worried about her career due to illegal activities such as tax evasion she would have spoken out years ago because this has been alleged for years. But, she didn’t because she was innocent. She recently spoke out because she was thrown through the ringer for bringing women into a “sex cult” for click bait and that is something she could not accept due to her stance on female empowerment and that is why most people inclusive of fans, friends, and people who have worked with her, don’t believe the calumny against her. You just want to make it seem like Kristin isn’t what many have vouched her to be, but you don’t have any credibility in that regard.

          • Had no idea about what? Mack and Raniere’s plans to create a Dom/Sub sex group with branding? That Mack went all in 1 year before Kreuk left suggests she didnt.

            Still dont understand why you dont post all the sordid details. You obviously have it in for her, youre anonymous, so why not spill the beans?

            Nobody is saying shes perfect. No one is claiming she is without a stain. We’re saying she did not take part in the recruitment of young women with the intent, or knowledge of anothers intention, to subjugate and brand them.

            If anything, its all a joke to Raniere. He read a book on NLP, gave it a shot, and was in awe of how useful it is. He woke up one day and thought, “I bet I can get these idiots to submit to being branded l.”

            These people are idiots. Adult idiots. If He ends up in general population, and word gets out he screwed a 12 yr old, THEN its over for him.

            The 12 yr old doesnt get page visits, of course. Hence the picture of Kreuk. Like a non-sequitur. Bravo, Frank.


            Please bear with me – I am focusing on priorities now (in my opinion): 1) Keith Raniere (MONSTER), and 2) Allison Mack (WINKING AT A CULT CATTLE BRAND THAT WAS USED TO HORRIBLY HURT, SCAR AND DEFORM OTHER HUMAN BEINGS).

            I know little about Kristin Kreuk, and for the time being I don’t care. I want to keep my (our) eye on the ball. Prison for the Monster. Please God.

            In 1990, I thought KR was fucking weird but I was not sure exactly why, other than he was the typical MLM-er: “We’ll all get rich if we just stick to the program.” Whatever. I did not report it to anyone, because I did not understand the implications or what really was going one. Who would know?

          • FormerNexian,

            You make a lot of statements without the proof to back them up. Are you Former or are you a NXIVM Troll trying to stir the pot on the blog and distract readers from the real criminals?

            Where is your proof that she brought money across any broader? Now your saying cash was brought across Canada into the US? Where’s is your proof on that? It’s always been Mexico into the US.

            Just because someone teaches break out groups at a center as a coach does not mean they got paid to do that, only head trainers got paid to teach intensives. Yet you go on about some how taxes were not declared, where is your proof the back up such claims?

            How do you know what took place on Necker Island? Pictures make it look like one big party and you were not invited. A lot of people were not invited. So what.

            Do you know how long KK was in NXIVM before Allison Mack came in? Did she recruit her into what she knew was a cult? No way, it was early on. I was at the Jness weekend Allison came to and Sara Bronfman and Lauren Salzman played her like a fiddle and Allison bought into the attention hook, line and sinker.

            Allison even hopped on the private jet the day after it ended to fly back with them to Albany to meet the great and powerful Vanguard. KK had nothing to do with any of her mind-bending. It was Allison’s weak emotional state and need to be the center of attention that got her in too deep before she knew it. KK, if invited didn’t go and was hardly in Albany.

            If your going to run your mouth, show your proof or this information is just coming out the other end of your mouth hole and is just shit.

          • He has major issues wherever he lands. The thing is that now, depending on the prison, a lot of inmates have internet access. Wherever he goes, it will be pretty easy for them to find out about the 12-yr old.

          • LOLOL Anonymous…

            I was there. In the late 2000s, Kristin was the brainwashed one and film insiders in Vancouver would avoid her. Multiple people told me, ‘Stay away from Kristin, she’s in THE cult.’

            Allison was the normal one. She was barely taking a class or two, when KK was a trainer and would drive all the way from Vancouver to Tacoma to teach. Does a four-hour drive, starting at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning sound like a ‘casual dabbler’?

            There was a center in Van for many years. And it’s a MLM scheme. A portion of the profits from the Vancouver center went back to Albany. If you recruited someone, you were given a bonus and sash markings for recruiting more members. You were then paid, based on the classes your recruit took. Welp, if that money is flowing from Vancouver to Albany, guess what Halloween breath? That’s money laundering. And the trainers and staff were paid too. And if you’re not declaring that…that’s tax evasion.

            These are not cheap courses. If you had taken the courses, you would know. Hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed between these two locations: Vancouver, BC and Albany, NY. You cannot receive proceeds from a foreign business venture and not declare that on your 1040. Hello!

            SOMEONE WHO IS IN A CULT FOR 8 YEARS SAW ALOT. But, we were taught to follow Vanguard and that our fellow members were family. Would you dime out a family member to police? Would you report your best friend? That is how a cult operates. That is how a cult works.

          • Holy f**k ! You’re right ! They were only core-insiders in Necker Island… And taught classes in Tacoma… Ok dude, thank you for opening my eyes. I used to be an hardcore fan and I see more clearly now… Yeeeeeww !!!

        • “I was there. In the late 2000s, Kristin was the brainwashed one and film insiders in Vancouver would avoid her.”

          I’m sure she was thought reformed in some manner. It is the intention of these HPM seminars to change a participant’s thought processes and behavior in some manner. Hypnosis and NLP are tools that are used by legitimate professionals to do the same thing.

          “Allison was the normal one.”

          Well if that was true at one point it isn’t now. She did a 180.

          Fate/the Universe has a way of eventually revealing someone’s character in the various situations life throws at you. While Kristin eventually moved on and became the lead of television show for several years and is now starring in and executive producing another, Allison wasted many years running a master/slave cult to satisfy the lusts of a conman who may bring her along with him to prison.

          “She was barely taking a class or two,”

          Sorry, I don’t believe this. She was actually higher in rank than Kristin by 2011.

          ” when KK was a trainer and would drive all the way from Vancouver to Tacoma to teach. Does a four-hour drive, starting at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning sound like a ‘casual dabbler’?”

          This just means she found the courses helpful for her and was dedicated to helping others by teaching it to them. Intensives happen on a periodic basis, and they don’t happen that frequently.

          “There was a center in Van for many years.”

          I believe Sarah Edmondson managed and ran it.

          ” And it’s a MLM scheme. A portion of the profits from the Vancouver center went back to Albany. If you recruited someone, you were given a bonus and sash markings for recruiting more members. You were then paid, based on the classes your recruit took. Well, if that money is flowing from Vancouver to Albany, guess what Halloween breath? That’s money laundering. And the trainers and staff were paid too. And if you’re not declaring that…that’s tax evasion.”

          That’s not money laundering you fool. That’s just commissions and income.

          “These are not cheap courses. If you had taken the courses, you would know. Hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed between these two locations: Vancouver, BC and Albany, NY. You cannot receive proceeds from a foreign business venture and not declare that on your 1040. Hello!”


          2006-2012 on and off between work is not eight years. From 2006-2008 she was still working on Smallville and in 2012 she was auditioning for pilot season and began working as the lead on “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s a company that sells courses for you to take for a long period of time, otherwise it wouldn’t make any money. This is not unsurprising. But she obviously wasn’t as dedicated as the other celebrities as the coaching list referenced has shown.

          ” But, we were taught to follow Vanguard and that our fellow members were family. Would you dime out a family member to police? Would you report your best friend? That is how a cult operates. That is how a cult works.”

          You keep suggesting things but you still haven’t shown any evidence whatsoever for such a person in the know.

          You sound jilted, like you joined NXIVM to be close to Kristin and suffered a relationship rejection (work or personal) from her and now you’re venting your frustrations against her here.

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