Keith Raniere’s Unsealed Arrest Warrant

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  • From the Warrant: In or about 2016, RANIERE co-founded “The Delegates” with CC-2, which is a business that provides a network of people who can perform tasks for people in the Nxivm community in exchange for a fee.

    From an earlier Frank Report:
    India Oxenberg: This 27 year old beauty spent more than $100,000 on trainings and expenses to live in Clifton Park. Started having sex with Keith. Got branded. Now she is in substantial debt to ESP for trainings. Much like Dawn Morrison did 20 years earlier, India started a business based on one of Keith’s ideas. Her business, Delegates, is a personal errand service for ESP students coming to Clifton Park to take ESP courses.

  • Apparently Orange will be the new Orange.

    Nice work to all, and may Vantard’s first cellmate be an unusually large and disturbed individual who was deeply scarred when he watched a younger sister be traumatized as a child.

  • Thank you Moira Penza, Michael Lever, and William Sweeney Jr. You saved and transformed a lot of lives today! says:

    “As alleged, Keith Raniere displayed a disgusting abuse of power in his efforts to denigrate and manipulate women he considered his sex slaves,” FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Sweeney stated. “He allegedly participated in horrifying acts of branding and burning them, with the cooperation of other women operating within this unorthodox pyramid scheme. These serious crimes against humanity are not only shocking, but disconcerting to say the least, and we are putting an end to this torture today.”

  • Alright, I don’t have time to read this right now, but am so curious: Allison Mack is CC1, but who is CC2?

      • From an earlier FrankReport: “The women took “The Vow” to be Mr. Raniere’s lifelong slaves: Miss Mack, Mrs. Junco, Miss Garza, Miss Clyne, Miss Duran and Miss Fernandez determined to get at least six members to join DOS and for each of their six, they in turn would bring six more. And those six would bring six and it would go on forever.”

        Keith Raniere’s arrest warrant mentions that CC2 is CC1’s direct slave. And that Jane Doe 2 is an actress who met CC2 in a NXIVM class in 2016.

        Nicki Clyne and Lauren Salzman are both Allison Mack’s slaves. Who are the four other slaves? India Oxenberg? Michele Hatchette? Danielle Roberts? Diana Lim?

        And DOS was funded by Clare Bronfman, an important role, but she seems less likely to have met an actress (in Vancouver?) during a NXIVM class.

          • Branded? And devout, but in Montreal, so unlikely, you’re right.

          • Does anyone know what is happening with Diana Lim, Lucas Roberts and Leah Lim? I read that law enforcement in Vancouver were looking into their involvement with Nxivm at some point but have not heard anything since. Anyone?

      • Sorry, meant to reply here anonymously but somehow didn’t link up.

        India Oxenberg is the Founder of The Delegates, which is identified as CC-2 in the warrant. See above anonymous post,

        • Oh! I hunted and hunted and could not find information on The Delegates. Oh my goodness, we have CC2. It’s all so heartbreaking. And entirely necessary. And overdue (huge kudos to all the federal folk that actually did their job).

  • This hit the AP yesterday. A high speed car chase was apparently involved with the women harboring Keith in the upscale gated community in Puerta Vallarta. Didn’t Nicki Clyne just visit Puerto Vallarta?!! My money is on Mariana Musi who is coached by Nicki Clyne per the old coaches list and who was photographed with Nicki when Nicki was there, Loreta Garza and a Garza sister and maybe even Lauren Salzman or Camila Fernandez. Hopefully, Marianna Fernandez was not stupid enough to leave her child at home.

    A drive around after working hours showed no lights on at the homes of: Nancy Salzman, Brandon Porter, Edgar Boone (garbage cans at end of driveway), Karen Unterrainer, John Fox and Sylvie Lloyd, Dawn Morrison etc. I expected a big meeting at Apropos tonight but when I drove by there were no cars there except for one in front of the bull at Fred the Butcher who I am pretty sure had the same idea I did. Perhaps the meeting of the still mindf@&Ked was moved to Karner Road headquarters. Typically, there was a big meeting after each big media expose.

  • It seems like Raniere had a choice: Flee to Fiji and be beholden to Clare Bronfman, or allow himself to be arrested. I think he made the correct decision.

    • I think the Feds just played smart and grabbed him when he least expected it. I don’t believe for a second he just gave it up.

    • Don’t forget that Fiji has extradition. Despite being an island paradise, Wakaya Island was no safe haven.

      Given how confused his harem looks in the post-arrest video, I suspect it was a big surprise.

  • There are no words to express what I’m feeling after reading this and this I’m sure is the tip of the iceberg.

    This poor example of a man and CC1 & CC2 (who we all know who these women are, may they be next to be arrested) are sick examples of human beings.

    What they have done to countless women (and men) should lock them up for the rest of their lives.

    May their banker Clare Bronfman get put behind bars for her part in this also.

    Hope you all enjoy ORANGE or whatever color suit they put you in.

      • Raniere’s face, on someone in a prison cell in old-style striped prison clothes.

        Subtitle: The New Stripe Path !

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