New name proposed for Raniere… “Vanguard’ may be obsolete

If Keith Raniere is not going to live in the USA any more, [to avoid federal jurisdiction and prosecution], then he may need to change his name. Not the name Keith Raniere – but his self-awarded exalted title of “Vanguard”.

A source said the name “Vanguard” is too obscure even for those who speak English.

Others, say Spanish speaking folks, new ones who are needed to replace those who have fled NXIVM, find it hard to relate to such a lofty word as Vanguard.

There is a rumor that there is talk of changing his name from Vanguard to “El Glorioso.”

The Glorious One.

What about Clare Bronfman? In the past, the name Legatus was suggested.

A source suggested the name “La Lechera.” The Milkmaid.

But, sadly for her, her role with Raniere is much more akin to the cow than the milker of the cow.

Someone else said Vaca De Efectivo – or The Cash Cow. That definitely makes sense!



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  • The hilarious part about this is that his followers don’t know that he actually got that name VANGUARD from an Atari game he used to play. Now don’t they feel like idiots.

  • Maybe he was the first to leave the US to Mexico and maybe he will be the first to be extradited. Who knows… Maybe he is a psychic and could see the future. In the end he is the smartest man in the world and has and IQ of 300.

      • I believe combarde or coward would be the correct term as chicken shit translates to mierda de pollo (mierda = shit and pollo = chicken)



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