One Woman’s Army: I got blocked from Lauren Salzman’s Twitter today

Today, I got blocked from Lauren Salzman’s Twitter, a shame because I only joined up today to school the women. Still, I took a screen shot before I broke my message up into Twitter-sized chunks and posted.

It was up for maybe an hour before the whole message was pulled.

Also, some good advice on the rights of women in revenge porn scenarios. [Funny how well this corresponds to Keith Raniere’s collateral.]

Online blackmail is a mixed bag where
Blackmailers may steal intimate images
Or fake them. The price demanded may
Be money or physical and emotional
Control of the person being
Blackmailed. In the case of ‘revenge
Porn’ without financial motive, the
Price seems to be pure humiliation of

Because the information collateral is usually true, it is not revealing the information that is criminal, but demanding money – or other favors – in return for not releasing the information.

A blackmailer’s “price” can also include sexual favors or that the person stay in a relationship  DOS.

Both emotional and financial blackmail are forms of extortion.

Online blackmail can involve the posting of intimate photos on so-called ‘revenge porn’ websites….

‘Revenge porn’ Collateral is in fact a gross violation of a woman’s privacy, where private and personal video and photographic images are published without consent …  for
the purposes of extortion, blackmail and/or humiliation. This is an act of violence and should not be conflated with pornographic content.

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  • KUDOS to you One Woman Army (you always make me think of the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army) for taking Lauren Salzman to task. I have not been blocked by her as I have not engaged with her. I prefer to monitor her activity. I have been blocked by Nicky Clyne, The Knife Media and Jens Erik Gould for basically saying Jens shills for a cult. that got Nicky pissed apparently. So, I blocked them back because if I cant see their vapid posts they certainly aren’t going to see mine. If I really wanted to bad enough, I could create another twitter profile to troll them hard but that would just get me blocked again. life is too short. for tweet wars 🙂

    • Too true. I thought the same, oh i’ll Just sign up again under an aka, but I don’t want to troll or harass anyone. So I’ll only be taking time to join the resistance against this shameful cult here, in the bright light of the Frank Report, where people think for themselves!

    • Every thinker and writer this Parcel of Rogues uses as a smoke screen, deserves more respect, except perhaps, the Dalai Lama!

  • Hopefully we can get Keith on this level. “Revenge Porn” IS “Collateral” when it comes to DOS and Vanguard. It’s 95% of the reason women stay with him. The collateral goes beyond even what is accepted by today’s liberal standards, entering realms of absolute depravity that no one wants to indulge in on any level — the activities are absolutely satanic

  • What a bunch of idiots. What does she think taking as collateral naked pictures and self revelations of bad deeds committed or made up are, except things held over a person’s head that threatens to shame and disparage them when released?

    Critical thinking? LOL.

    You know who doesn’t suffer from shame? Sociopaths.

  • Why doesn’t your twitter handle or name appear? It’s not been blocked out from the screenshot – it’s just missing. Just curious how that is even possible.

    • Hey Flowers, I took the screen shot of the msg before posting in twitter chunks. I used my name – Alison Horn. I also twitted Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman, yesterday. They maybe still up. I don’t like twitter or any form of social networking- too old for it! But I had some things I wanted to say so my God son, who led me to this story in the first place, hooked me up!

      • I just checked, the tweets to AM and SB are still up. Water off a duck’s back I guess. This, Lauren’s tweet, was just so dumb considering she refers to herself as a ‘human potential expert’, I’m astounded that she should be so sensitive to a little light and level criticism.

        • But I still can’t understand how it’s possible for your reply to Laurens tweet to appear without your name being visable. If I could attach my screen shot I took of my twitter replies , I would show you what I mean.

        • Yes.. I see your tweet to Allison Mack now. I actually have blocked any name I know to be connected to NXIVM, so it didn’t show on my account, as AM is blocked.

          • I get and appreciate your forensic eye for detail, I know from your posts you are being harassed and can’t be too careful, which true- you can’t. I don’t know what it’s about, but I’m sure whoever it is will never get the better of you!

  • New York Penal Law 135.65, Coercion in the First Degree, is a class D felony, is 7 years in prison maximum sentence. Added to other charges, as will surely happen, a long and just prison stay is assured. #Justice indeed.

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