Carlos Salinas using influence to ‘save’ Raniere

Is Carlos Salinas funding the Trust?
Carlos Salinas has a problem. His name is Keith Raniere.

Sources tell Frank Report that Carlos Salinas, former president of Mexico, is  intervening to [seemingly] protect Keith Raniere in Mexico and possibly the USA.

His son, Emiliano Salinas, is one of Raniere’s top lieutenants. Raniere ls under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Raniere recently fled to Mexico. It is not known if he remains there.

Recent actions by elder Salinas suggest he is worried his son is going to be indicted, along with Raniere. This could cause serious consequences, not only for his son, but in the presidential election this summer. Until recently, Emiliano was considered a viable candidate for president. The DOS branding story killed his hopes.

Carlos Salinas is said to be godfather of the dominant PRI party. In Mexico, godfather often means something akin to what it means in the Mafia. Carlos Salinas is rumored to have a murderous streak.

Emiliano Salinas [in green shirt] dances for his master, Keith Raniere. Emiliano is said to be too brainwashed to realize what jeopardy he’s in.
A leading Mexican journalist [who I assisted as a source in a planned story in Mexico about Emiliano and Keith Raniere] told me I must keep secret his plans for the story which was to air in one of the largest media outlets in Mexico. If I told anyone, he said, he might be killed by Salinas.

If I named this journalist and what media outlet he represents, I think most readers would be astonished. It would almost be equivalent to Lester Holt saying “Keep my story secret until it is aired on national TV because Bill Clinton will kill me.”

This Mexican journalist explained, “If I can get the producers to air the story, once it is aired, Salinas won’t kill me since it will be too public and too obvious. But before it airs, if he can stop it, he will – any way he can.”

He was not joking. I recorded [as he did] our entire four hour interview. He is one of Mexico’s leading journalists and he literally fears for his life from Carlos Salinas.

The story never aired by the way.


Keith Raniere was last seen in Monterrey Mexico. It is not known where he is now.

Keith Raniere is likely to be indicted for many crimes with long sentences attached to them. If he is arrested, the nature of those crimes will make bail unlikely. If convicted, he is likely to die in prison.

Of course, there is a chance Keith will NOT be indicted. Main Justice, the Washington DC headquarters of DOJ, might intervene for political reasons.

The FBI agents in NYC are handling the Raniere investigation. They are the same group who investigated Hillary Clinton. They sought her indictment but were overruled by Main Justice who did not want Hillary prosecuted. The FBI agents were dismayed. It’s no secret some threatened to quit. They gathered clear evidence, they said, of Hillary’s crimes but Main DOJ decided not to prosecute for political reasons.

Nobody is saying Keith [even with Bronfman money] has that kind of pull.

The fact that the Eastern District of NY DOJ [Brooklyn/Queens] is involved suggests this is not going away. Raniere’s headquarters was Albany [The Northern District of NY], which is said to be unable or uninterested in taking on Raniere.


But let’s not disregard Carlos Salinas. In Mexico, he is rumored to pull the strings for PRI, the dominant political party. Can he stop a Raniere arrest in Mexico? Almost certainly. Could he stop one in the USA?

Sources tell Frank Report he is intervening for his son, claiming to dictate what his son can and won’t do.

Sources tell me Carlos contacted some of the most powerful media outlets and told them what he expects to NOT be reported. Carlos is offering deals. Implicit in his offers is what may come if one does not accept. He is making offers that cannot be refused.

Maybe Carlos can save Raniere in the USA. Maybe he does not want to save him.

Maybe the FBI investigation has gone too far.  Reports from sources make it clear the FBI is making a thorough investigation. It has broadened beyond simple coercion of DOS women.

Everyone in the inner circle of NXIVM knows the kind of crimes Keith [and they] committed. It was no secret.

Could Salinas make a deal to save Emiliano?

The easiest way for Carlos Salinas to save his son, Emiliano, may be to have his son provide evidence to be used to convict Raniere, something I expect will happen sooner or later. Emiliano committed many crimes for Raniere and his name is on documents to prove it.

For now, Carlos is acting friendly toward Raniere. Carlos being friendly, however, does not mean Raniere is safe. Carlos has a high turnover in friends. Sometimes, he meets a guy, then never sees him again.

For Raniere, if he cannot avoid indictment, he may try to avoid arrest. If he can hide and not be found – or if he goes to a country that will not extradite him back to the U.S. – he may avoid arrest.

He has little to lose, for once arrested, he is likely to be locked up until trial. He may  lose at trial and quite possibly remain in prison until he dies.

Carlos might help Raniere disappear. He might even help Raniere die – suddenly. In Mexico, deaths can be arranged and deaths can also be faked.

Carlos could help Raniere buy entry into a country that will not extradite him.

But what about Emiliano?

Anyway you look at it, Emiliano’s problems are serious and tied to his association with Raniere.

And the problem is not in Mexico where Carlos Salinas can fix almost anything.  Raniere is a serious problem for the Salinas family.

While Emiliano may be brainwashed and stupidly unaware, Carlos isn’t, and that may be why he is suddenly taking action.

Carlos is now active in the world of Raniere. And Carlos, being who he is, may wind up being Raniere’s best friend, or maybe a little more likely, his worst enemy.



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fugitive futures
fugitive futures
5 years ago

although firmly entrenched in “the dark side” Raniere and co. have until now lived free lives in the neighbourhood he calls home. The effectiveness of the admittedly slow system of justice, has been proven by the fact that Raniere and his cohort have both fled and scattered and can look forward to a fugitive existence.Which by anybody’s estimation, is no kind of existence at all.

There's Little Hope Unfortunately

I think everyone needs to be realistic about what’s going to happen here. The FBI and other such organizations are highly bureaucratic, move very slowly, and are generally very ineffective. If you look beyond that, this is no slam dunk case. There was a lot of consent given on the parts of many people (if you are talking about branding) and in terms of the other crimes (fraud, immigration fraud, etc.) it’s going to be virtually impossible to pin that on Raniere himself. He’s a sociopath and did things intelligently. He’s very likely going to get away with everything and has absurd amounts of money to fight things if he is caught – which he won’t be. Sadly there isn’t a lot of hope here. For those of you without a conscience, you’re going to have to go to the dark side to get justice.

5 years ago

Little hope.

Obvious NXIVM sociopath.

5 years ago

How is holding someone down and burning initials into their skin, without telling them this was going to be done to them, considered giving consent?
Besides those types of crimes against individuals, we all are smart enough to know that Raniere has his filthy little fingers in all kinds of pies, and that if law enforcement did a thorough investigation, they could find multiple crimes committed by NXIVM. Since Keith is the mastermind behind the organization, it will eventually be linked to him.

The only question is if corruption in law enforcement will prevent an arrest. I believe the evidence to charge him is there, because there is always evidence if you look hard enough. No one is smart enough to get away with this stuff forever…even if they arrogantly believe they are too smart to get caught.

5 years ago

Yes I read those. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that the justice system in the US was absolutely effective, anymore than I would claim the Justice system in UK is. I live in Belfast, (NXIVM has had a presence here) and I believe that we have one thing in common with Mexico: the experience of living under occupation by a significant super power. Here, even now, the police are largely irrelevant, criminality is dealt with by para-military, you go to the pub and have a chat with a ‘man’, but of course thereafter, you are beholden to your protector. And god help you if, for example, your teenage child gets caught with a bit of weed: shot in one knee cap? That should teach them. As for seducing children or branding women? Most likely shot through the head on your doorstep. This is very different from the mainland, where the police are disliked, distrusted, openly criticized, for a raft of reasons but are still feared and are still capable of upholding the law, which aside from the institutionalized racism, they generally do. I understand that Raniere and his cohort may still escape the US justice system, but I also know, as this article implied, that things are probably handled a little differently in Mexico, I haven’t the heart to wish this type of rough justice even on Raniere, but if I were him and had done what he has done, I would live in constant and certain expectation of it. Sliante!

5 years ago

There is no such thing as Raniere’s “special MLM version of Aristotelian reasoning”. Deductive logic is what is called discoverable and is not a creation of a single individual. It is rooted in the nature of things of an intelligible Universe. Aristotle was (obviously) a philosophical genius who has been remembered for over two millennium for his work.

Raniere (even if he is a somewhat intelligent) is just a conman and won’t be remembered in the same way at all.

5 years ago

Mr. Raniere and his cohort clearly have nothing but contempt for Mexico and it’s people. They must view that country and it’s government and justice system as being weak and ineffectual, the perfect place to recruit slaves both male and female, as what would these Mexicans know of Raniere’s special MLM version of Aristotelian reasoning? Clearly not enough to know they’re being duped.
Mr. Raniere loves your beautiful little girls and young women, he knows from what is it now? Centuries of experience? what marvelously biddable housemaids, cooks, but above all nannies and nursery maids they make and so cheap! No tax, no protection under employment law, no passports- green cards? Oh please!! But worse than all this, no effective patriarchy- no fathers, brothers, uncles, sons even, to stand up for them. A totally compromised fourth estate. For a basic gringo like Raniere, what’s not to like?
Mr. Salinas, he has stolen your son and broken his life. He must harbour a particular contempt for you and all you represent.

F.D.C. Willard
F.D.C. Willard
5 years ago
Reply to  Onewomanarmy

The US government and justice system has not been any more effective over the last decade and in many cases it is still not today. You should just reread the articles about terror by litigation or just think about the fact that Vanguard got away, literally and figuratively.

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