Joe O’Hara Letter to Judge Garaufis: Asks For a Sentence of at Least 41 Months in Prison

Joe O'Hara was spied on by NXIVM, but the spies they hired were so incompetent that they provided phony bank statements.

Editor’s Note: This is the first of the letters concerning Nancy Salzman’s sentencing that Frank Report has been able to obtain (The EDNY prosecutors apparently submitted all such letters “under seal” to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis). We encourage anyone else who has submitted such a letter to send a copy to Frank Parlato at so that it can be published here.


August 16, 2021


The Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis

U.S. District Court Judge

United States Courthouse
Room 1426 S
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

RE: Nancy Salzman

Dear Judge Garaufis:

I am writing to express my thoughts regarding the upcoming sentencing of Nancy Salzman, the co-leader of the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise – and the public face of its numerous business entities.

Summary Statement

As is detailed below in the section of this letter labeled “Detailed Statement,” I worked as a part-time consultant for NXIVM/ESP during the period from October 1, 2003 through December 31, 2004. In conjunction with this arrangement, my primary assignment was to identify – and, in some cases, to hire – various individuals and companies that could supply specific services that the organization was seeking: e.g., an outside accountant who was familiar with the types of accounting issues that were unique to inter-related companies; an attorney who had previous dealings with the office of the New York State Attorney General; a public relations firm that had been involved in helping companies overcome bad publicity; an attorney who had argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court; etc.

When she pleaded guilty before your honor on March 13, 2019, Nancy totally misrepresented her role in NXIVM/ESP. Although she claimed that she “…agreed to join an enterprise comprised of people close to Keith Raniere”, she was, in fact, the co-founder of the company, functioned as its Chief Executive Officer throughout the 20-years she was associated with it, had detailed knowledge of all its activities and operations, and oversaw all of the people who worked there.

Throughout the time I served as a consultant to NXIVM/ESP, I met periodically with Nancy and Keith Raniere, the other co-founder of the company (Most of those meetings took place at Nancy’s house). In this regard, the vast majority of my NXIVM/ESP-related work assignments came directly from Nancy – and it was Nancy who would follow up as to the status of my assignments.

During the course of my work for NXIVM/ESP, I became aware of several operational improprieties – and reported them to Nancy. On each such occasion, Nancy would take extensive notes about whatever issue I had identified – and assure me that she would have the problem immediately rectified (As I later found out, no corrective action was ever taken regarding any of these matters).

In late November of 2004, I became aware that NXIVM/ESP was receiving illegally obtained information concerning Rick Ross, the founder and Executive Director of The Cult Education Institute. Upon learning about this situation, I immediately informed both Nancy and Keith that they needed to return all the illegally obtained information to the private investigation firm that had gathered it – and to cease all interactions with that firm. When they refused to do either of those things, I resigned from my part-time consultant position.

Because I quit working for NXIVM/ESP – and because they were apparently concerned that I might reveal some of the things I had learned about the company’s operations – Nancy and Keith launched a vicious campaign to destroy me both personally and professionally. That campaign – which went on for more than a decade – included multiple civil lawsuits as well as two instances where their false statements caused me to be investigated and criminally charged (Both of those criminal complaints were eventually dismissed but not before my reputation and my finances were ruined).

Although I have refrained from commenting about the sentencing of any of the other defendants in this matter, I feel compelled to speak out with respect to Nancy’s upcoming sentencing out of concern that her decision to accept a plea deal rather than stand trial – and the rather meager testimony that was provided regarding her role in NXIVM/ESP during Keith’s trial – might leave you with a less than complete picture of the pivotal role she played in the “success” of the company. In addition, I am also concerned that no matter how much information might be included in her Pre-Sentencing Report, it may still not be enough to fully inform you regarding the horrible things she did to people in order to promote – and to protect – NXIVM/ESP.

Detailed Statement

I first encountered Nancy in September 2003 when I agreed to meet with her and a mutual acquaintance to discuss some of the issues and problems that her company – which turned out to be NXIVM/ESP – was facing at the time. My initial impression of her was that she was an experienced and sophisticated businesswoman who was up-to-speed on every aspect of the company she was running. In the ensuing years, I would learn – much to my chagrin and personal demise – that she was also one of the most diabolical, mean-spirited and ruthless people I have ever encountered.

During my 15-month tenure as a part-time consultant to NXIVM/ESP, I became aware of several improprieties in its business operations. Whenever I pointed these out to Nancy, she would make a grand show of asking lots of questions and taking detailed notes – and then assuring me that whatever issue I had identified would be immediately rectified. As I would later learn, however, the various improprieties I found out about were merely a small portion of a very deep pit of criminality – and Nancy’s promises of rectifying matters were simply hollow words that were meant to mollify me.

In late 2004, I was inadvertently sent a copy of an investigatory report regarding Rick Ross, who was the defendant in a lawsuit that NXIVM/ESP had initiated against him before it hired me (This report had been prepared by Interfor, Inc., a private investigation firm based in New York City – and it contained detailed records and information concerning Mr. Ross’ bank accounts, credit card transactions, medical records, prescribed medications, and telephone calls). As soon as I saw the contents of that report, I informed Nancy and Keith that it contained illegally obtained information – and that they needed to return the report to Interfor, Inc. and terminate their relationship with the firm. When they refused to do either of those things, I resigned from my part-time consultant position.

Immediately after my resignation, Nancy contacted me – and suggested that we go to dinner “to talk things out”. Although I was somewhat reluctant to meet alone with her – in large part because of her earlier suggestions that she and I engage in a sexual relationship even though she knew I was engaged at the time – I agreed to do so in the hope that I could avoid the type of brutal and costly litigation that NXIVM/ESP had undertaken against Rick Ross.

When I reiterated that I would not come back to work for NXIVM/ESP under any circumstances, Nancy dropped all pretense of cordiality and professionalism – and informed me that I would regret that decision. At the conclusion of our dinner meeting, Nancy informed me that I would be contacted by Richard Mays, a former judge on the Arkansas Supreme Court who had become enthralled with the NXIVM/ESP teachings – and who was also serving as one of its many attorneys.

During a subsequent meeting with Mr. Mays, he counseled me to resume working for NXIVM/ESP. When I reiterated that I was not going to do that, he laughed and told me “Then you have just signed your own death warrant”.

As it turns out, Mr. Mays wasn’t that far off in his prediction. For while Nancy and Keith didn’t kill me, they certainly destroyed much of what I had accomplished, both personally and professionally, before I met them – and turned my life into a living hell.

First came the baseless but well-publicized civil lawsuit with all sorts of spurious allegations – which was soon followed by a criminal indictment they were able to have initiated because of their connections with Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares. Although the one criminal charge in that indictment was immediately dismissed due to “insufficient evidence”, being indicted was devastating to my consulting firm – and forced me to step down as the President of the company that I had founded two decades earlier and that had enjoyed a great deal of success in the interim.

Even before the criminal complaint was dismissed, however, Nancy and Keith were pushing hard to have Soares add additional charges to it (They apparently felt that they would have better luck in getting me to settle the civil lawsuit if I was facing more than one charge in the criminal case). To help ensure that this happened, Nancy convinced Joe Bruno, the then-President of the New York State Senate, to call Soares – and encourage him to bring more criminal charges against me (At the time, Nancy was serving as Sen. Bruno’s personal counselor – and Clare and Sara Bronfman, the primary financiers of NXIVM/ESP, were allowing Sen. Bruno to use their personal jet for his travels).

After the criminal case was dismissed, the civil lawsuit continued – with an unfathomable number of filings, perjurious affidavits, and needless delays. Eventually, the massive legal expenses I incurred in defending myself – and the precipitous drop in my company’s revenues – forced both me and my company into bankruptcy.

Even that was not enough, however, for the vengeful duo of Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere. Next up was a new civil lawsuit based on their baseless claim that I (and several others) had hacked into NXIVM/ESP’s website – and stolen some of the company’s “tech” and other confidential information. And when that civil lawsuit was dismissed after it was documented that Clare Bronfman had perjured herself in claiming that the alleged hacking had occurred within the applicable statute-of-limitations time period, Nancy and Keith went back to Albany County District Attorney Soares and had me – and two other individuals – indicted for those same alleged violations.

This latter criminal indictment was resolved only after Kristin Keeffe, a defector from NXIVM/ESP,  provided documentation that conclusively proved that Albany County never had any basis to bring any such charges because the server that hosted NXIVM’s website was never located in that jurisdiction – a fact that was known by Soares at the time the indictments were issued. In fact, as the New York State Police’s “Incident Report” concerning this matter clearly documents, it was David M. Rossi, the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Albany County, who first proposed that criminal computer trespass charges be brought in Albany County after both the Saratoga County District Attorney and the Office of the New York State Attorney General had declined to bring such charges.

While the above-cited incidents have severely impacted my life, I am actually more appalled at what I personally witnessed Nancy do to several women who had battled – or were then battling – breast cancer, a disease that also led to my own sister’s death more than twenty-five years ago. In each of those instances, Nancy berated the women by telling them that their breast cancer was “caused by low self-esteem” or because the women were “seeking attention” – and then encouraged them to take more of NXIVM/ESP’s training sessions to cure themselves. Those who sought appropriate treatments from oncologists were scorned and shunned by Nancy and the other high-ranking women in NXIVM/ESP.

I bring up Nancy’s preaching about breast cancer not only because I want the court to know just how deviant and perverted she is but also because I am aware that Nancy herself has become a victim of that dreaded disease – and am concerned that the court may be inclined to take that into consideration in sentencing her. In my opinion, the fact that Nancy was stricken with breast cancer is simply a strong indication that there is a power greater than all of us that often brings justice to the world – and that her illness should have no bearing whatsoever on how long she spends in federal prison.

I also want to reiterate some of the other issues that I think you should take into consideration in setting Nancy’s sentence regardless of whether they were included in her Pre-Sentence Report. These include the following:

  • Even though her bail conditions forbade her from doing so, Nancy has continuously maintained contact with some of the key operatives from NXIVM/ESP – and even now is reportedly still generating a significant amount of income by providing counseling services and administering “Explorations of Meaning” (EMs) to her clients[1];


  • Nancy helped to propagate Keith Raniere’s demented views on pedophilia by giving lectures suggesting that sex with a child was OK if the child considered it to be OK (At the Raniere trial, evidence was introduced wherein Nancy stated: In other words, when you are talking to a 12- year-old does the 12-year-old understand the choice she is actually making – and that determines whether it is abuse or not.”);


  • Nancy used EMs to extract highly sensitive information from several well-to-do individuals who took NXIVM/ESP training sessions – and then used that information as leverage in order to get those people to donate millions of dollars to support the company’s operations[2];


  • Nancy began her lifelong career as a scammer long before she co-founded NXIVM/ESP as she billed the Medicaid program for “psychological counseling” services she has provided to eligible enrollees even though she lacked the proper credentials to provide such services (She did these billings through another person who was an eligible Medicaid provider – and who collected a kickback from Nancy for the use of his Medicaid billing credentials);


  • Nancy falsely claimed to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree even though her only post-high schooling consisted of a 2-year nursing program and an associate degree – and then used those fake educational credentials in order to be hired as a corporate trainer at companies such as American Express and ConEdison;


  • At various times, Nancy has falsely claimed to be a “Psychiatric Nurse” and an “Oncologist Nurse” even though she never had the requisite training for either of those positions;


  • Nancy also claimed to be a “Licensed Psychologist” practicing psychotherapy even though she has never held any such license – and was never qualified to provide such services;


  • Nancy participated in the brazen attempt by one of NXIVM’s law firms, O’Connell & Aronowitz, to secure my bank records and other personal information – and to secure similar materials regarding U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, former New York State Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer, and several U.S. District Court judges in the Northern District of New York[3];


  • Nancy flaunted her power and wealth while she served as the public face of NXIVM/ESP – and insisted on keeping her untaxed $40,000/year “clothing allowance” even after she was informed by an outside accountant that she needed to cease accepting those funds or report them as taxable income;


  • For her extravagant birthday parties – at least one of which reportedly cost $250,000 – Nancy would put together a list of high-end goods and expensive bottles of wine that she wanted to receive as birthday presents (Even low-ranking members of NXIVM/ESP who earned little or no income from their work for the cult were expected to “honor” Nancy with at least one such gift);


  • Nancy was involved in the plan to have several of NXIVM/ESP’s “enemies” – including me – arrested and prosecuted in Mexico (To this day, I have been warned by federal officials not to travel to Mexico because the status of the arrest warrant that was issued against me there is still unclear);


  • Nancy was also involved in other fraudulent immigration-related activities that were designed to help several other illegal immigrants move to the U.S. under various programs (This involved the creation of falsified documents that were used to provide the requisite documentation that was required for these individuals to qualify for such programs);


  • Nancy routinely had members of NXIVM/ESP assigned to do personal chores for her without ever compensating them for their work (I personally observed Kathy Russell weeding Nancy’s luxurious garden on a day when the temperature was well above 90 degrees – and Loretta Garza returning from a trip to pick up several of Nancy’s designer outfits from the local dry cleaner);


  • Nancy stored much of the NXIVM/ESP cult’s unreported income in her home (Although that stash reportedly exceeded $2 million at one point in time, only $520,000 of it was recovered when the FBI agents raided her home on March 27, 2018[4]);


  • Nancy was fully aware of the various “accounting strategies” that were used to allow NXIVM/ESP and its numerous affiliated companies from ever paying any income taxes – and refused to cease using these “accounting strategies” even after she was informed that they were illegal [5];


  • Nancy oversaw NXIVM/ESP’s money-laundering operations – and personally delivered large sums of cash to intermediaries not associated with the company, thereby allowing it to evade detection by federal and state tax authorities;


  • Nancy personally recruited several individuals to serve as “mules” for cash that was being smuggled into the U.S. from the cult’s operations in Mexico and Canada;


  • Nancy was the person within NXIVM/ESP who was primarily responsible for structuring various financial transactions in order to avoid the reporting of the company’s transfer of funds per the applicable federal guidelines;


  • Nancy was the one who signed the requisite paperwork to create the numerous shell companies that were used to hide NXIVM/ESP’s assets;


  • Nancy convinced several low-ranking members of NXIVM/ESP to be the signatories on bank accounts that, thereafter, she controlled;


  • Nancy, together with Keith Raniere, designed – and recruited participants for – a variety of pseudo-scientific, unlawful and extremely harmful experiments that purported to prove how effective the NXIVM/ESP “tech” was in curing such maladies as Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and breast cancer; and


  • Nancy oversaw the illegal “bundling” operations via which NXIVM/ESP’s members were instructed to make political donations for which they were later reimbursed in cash – and it was Nancy who usually delivered these illegal donations to the political candidates who received them.


In sum, Nancy was aware of – and participated in – most of the criminal and extralegal activities of NXIVM/ESP. She most certainly was not – as she will likely claim – simply another unwitting woman who was deceived by Keith Raniere.

Without Nancy at the helm, NXIVM/ESP would never have achieved as much “success” as it did. Unfortunately, most of that “success” translated into devastating losses and interminable pain for people like me who were deemed to be “enemies” of the cult.

Nancy exalted herself with her make-believe title of Prefect – and used her position within NXIVM/ESP to directly harm more people than Keith Raniere. Indeed, I believe that the entire DOS debacle would never have happened had its victims not been mentally prepped by Nancy for the fate that awaited them in that heinous offshoot of NXIVM/ESP.

I would be remiss if I did not inform the court that I was previously incarcerated for 28 months at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) after I pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. And while Nancy’s attorneys and supporters will undoubtedly point to my prior incarceration as a reason why you should give little consideration to my comments and opinions regarding Nancy’s sentencing, I believe that experience actually provides me with more credibility and perspective.

While I was incarcerated, I met hundreds of prisoners who had been sentenced for a wide range of crimes – and whose sentences ranged from 6-months to 60-years. And as I helped dozens of them prepare to take the General Educational Development (GED) exam so that they could obtain their high school diplomas, I often had the opportunity to discuss the details that led to them being incarcerated.

Unlike many of the inmates that I met, Nancy did not have to turn to crime in order to overcome the discouraging circumstances into which she had been born. On the contrary, she was born into a fairly well-to-do family and certainly never had to worry whether there would be anything to eat for supper – and/or where she would be sleeping – on a given night.

When Nancy teamed up with Keith Raniere, she became as ruthless and predatory as a shark. As long as she got her fancy clothes, her fancy car, and her fancy gifts, she was willing to do anything.

Perjure herself in affidavits? No problem.

Gather extremely personal information from people she was supposedly counseling – and then use that information as leverage against them to coerce them into taking more NXIVM/ESP training sessions and/or donating money to the organization? No problem.

Psychologically destroy people who had serious mental issues? No problem.

Violate a host of immigration laws so that she could have free maids and servants to do her bidding? No problem.

Promote opinions that she knew were morally and legally wrong in order to support Keith’s interest in getting others to adopt those opinions: e.g., that women often enjoyed being raped; etc.? No problem.

Work to destroy anyone that was perceived as an “enemy” of the NXIVM/ESP cult? No problem.

Do anything that Keith Raniere told her to do as long as she got to keep being paid an exorbitant salary, driving a fancy car, living in a mansion, and having a $40,000/year untaxed clothing allowance? No problem.

Please, your Honor, do not let this poor excuse for a person and a mother who has destroyed so many lives – and who has, insofar as I know, never apologized to anyone for her numerous misdeeds – escape the punishment she so richly deserves.

Please sentence her to at least 41-months in federal prison – and 3-years of post-release supervision. And please award appropriate restitution to anyone who comes forward with valid claims against her.

The sentence that I suggested will never balance all the harm that Nancy has done to others – but it will be a start. And it will send a cautionary message to anyone else who would do the types of things that Nancy has done to ruin the lives of others so that they could live a life of unearned luxury.


Joseph J. O’Hara

PS/Although I never practiced law as a full-time career, I did graduate from Cornell Law School – and was a member of the District of Columbia bar for almost thirty years. During that time, I did pro bono legal work for a variety of charitable organizations – and I currently serve on the Board of Directors of several organizations that are focused on helping those who have been incarcerated to reintegrate into their communities and to avoid reincarceration.

In my experience, many of those who end up in prison learn from that experience – and go on to become productive and contributing members of society. Sadly, I do not see that being the case for Nancy Salzman – who, in my opinion, was a grifter and a fraud before she met Keith Raniere and who simply improved her techniques.


[1] Hopefully, information about Nancy’s failure to abide by her bail conditions has been documented in her Pre-Sentencing Report. If not, then I believe Nancy should be questioned, under oath, about her flagrant disregard of her bail conditions.

[2] Nancy reportedly used this technique to convince people such as Barbara Bouchey, Michael Sutton, Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman to provide her with more than $100-million dollars to NXIVM/ESP’s various activities and Keith Raniere’s capricious investment schemes.

[3] This was one of the two predicate acts that were enumerated when Nancy Pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering. Had Nancy gone to trial in the Eastern District of New York case – or, better yet, had she ever been charged with all the crimes she committed in the Northern District of New York – this would have been a much more exhaustive list.

[4] Insofar as I know, Nancy has never been questioned as to the whereabouts of the “missing” $1.5 million. In my opinion, I think this is another topic that Nancy should be questioned about, under oath, at her sentencing hearing.

[5] The essence of these “accounting strategies” was to keep moving the funds around among the various companies so that none of them ever had a taxable profit at the end of its taxable year. Even after I personally explained to Nancy that what NXIVM/ESP was doing constituted tax fraud, she continued to utilize these “accounting strategies” to avoid paying any corporate income taxes.

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  • Off topic, but does anyone else find Joe O’Hara extremely attractive? What a good looking older gentleman.

  • How many calls has Nancy made to her buddies in Mexico to see if they will put her up if she bails before her sentencing? Maybe Clare Bear’s Island? Did she get the easy money out of the house as escape money for this moment?

  • Joe – Your letter is a masterpiece. It fills in the blanks about Nancy and I don’t doubt that Judge Garaufis will take notice. Maybe he will also remember Nancy’s letter pleading leniency for Lauren. In that letter, Nancy showed no real emotion. She may as well have been describing a laboratory experiment.

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    The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges Anton Lazzaro conspired with others to recruit and solicit six people under the age of 18 to engage in commercial sex between May and December of 2020.

    Lazzaro is charged with five counts of sex trafficking of minors, one count of attempted sex trafficking of a minor, one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors and three counts of obstruction.

    The 30-year-old Lazzaro is being held in the Sherburne County Jail.

    Lazzaro’s attorney Zachary Newland said Lazzaro is being falsely accused and did not commit the crimes he’s charged with.

    Lazzaro has connections to prominent Minnesota Republicans and managed the campaign of Republican Lacy Johnson, who made an unsuccessful bid to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar last year, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.

    Pictures on Lazzaro’s Facebook and Twitter accounts show him with prominent Republican politicians, including former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

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    Minneapolis Man Charged in Child Sex Trafficking Conspiracy

    ST. PAUL, Minn. – A Minneapolis man has been arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts, announced Acting United States Attorney W. Anders Folk.

    According to court documents, from May 2020 through December 2020, Anton Joseph Lazzaro, a/k/a “Tony Lazzaro,” 30, conspired with others to recruit and solicit six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts. Lazzaro, who was taken into custody earlier today by FBI agents, made his initial appearance in United States District Court before Magistrate Judge Becky Thorson.

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  • Joe, this was amazing. I think you buried the computer trespassing stuff on judges, senators, etc. though and it should have been highlighted more. The Judge did hear about it but I don’t recall Nancy’s role was described much in the trial (could be wrong about that). Can you go into detail about it some more? Of all the things that have not been prosecuted, that one boggles my mind the most. They have everything they need from the trial, seriously wtf?

    I suspect that your incarceration was due to NXIVM, would that be correct? Are you able to get that expunged or anything given what is known now? I hope you get a huge payday.

    And is there anything in your statement or anything you can do that would somehow compel or influence someone in the NDNY to reach out and finally go after Soares? That dude is as slimy as they come.

    Thanks for this excellent report with Frank Report and your follow-up comments.

  • “Nancy helped to propagate Keith Raniere’s demented views on pedophilia by giving lectures suggesting that sex with a child was OK if the child considered it to be OK ” Joe O’Hara

    All of the top NXIVM women knew that Raniere is a pedophile and none of these women gave a damn.

    Nancy Salzman knew
    Allison Mack knew
    Lauren Salzman knew.

    When they act shocked at the revelation. they are LYING.

  • Knowing the in depth involvement and an almost equal, if not more, partnership with Keith, I suspect a harsh sentence for Nancy. Keith got a very high sentence, making a higher than suggested sentence for her likely. One hopes.

  • Mr. O’Hara,

    May I suggest you contact the esteemed and learned matriarch of the United States justice reform movement, Nicki Clyne, and the equally famous in the battle for equity in law and order Suneel Chakovarty?

    Their many groups: We Are As You, The Forgotten Ones, Make Justice Blind and The Dossier Project are heavily involved in criminal justice reform and specifically prosecutorial misconduct.

    These warriors for fairness do not care what you have or have not done. They only want you to be treated fairly under the law no matter who you may be.

    Highly ethical in every way, these champions for prison reform hold a very special place in their hearts for men who have been wronged by vindictive, jealous women. Women who act out over sexual rejection such as Nancy Salzman.

    False allegations against men are their most dear cause.

    You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, Locals and I believe they also have an office located inside Keith Raniere’s butthole.

    Just so you know where to find them.

    I believe they can and will help you and stand up for all that is good and right in the world.

    Best of luck!

    • That’s a great suggestion – and I will definitely follow-up with Nicki, Suneel, and the rest of those Wild & Crazy Kids.

      What I really don’t understand though is why Nicki et al have not already reached out to me. Since Nancy, Keith and Clare stole all my personal information many years ago, they obviously know how to get in touch with me (They also know my shoe size, my toothpaste preference – and a whole lot of other personal details about me). I guess they’re just really busy these days helping the 2.3 million people who are currently incarcerated in the U.S.

  • Let’s not forget that Nancy Salzman might have been involved in an attempt to swindle the Bronfman sisters out of millions of dollars in a Los Angeles real estate swindle.

    “I told Miss Bouchey about my concerns about the Los Angeles project.
    She told me something surprising: that while the Bronfman sisters had invested more than $26 million. they did not own the real estate and had nothing in writing to secure their investment.
    Nancy Salzman was, in fact, the owner of record, along with a Los Angeles developer, Yuri Plyam, who was described as ‘Keith’s best friend’.”

    “After we left, I was called by one of Mr. Raniere’s assistants. She told me that Nancy Salzman asked that I please not talk with Barbara Bouchey about the project because she was “high strung and given to bizarre imaginations”.

    “I was also told that Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Pam Cafritz and others were working overtime giving Miss Bouchey “Exploration of Meaning” (EM) therapies to calm her down.
    I spoke to Nancy Salzman directly. I told her my concerns about the project. She admonished me, saying I did not understand the genius of Keith Raniere.”

  • Bless you, Joe, for being your solid self here on the Frank, and for this timely reminder of Nancy Salzman’s unabashed criminal character.

    Also for your work helping prisoners with their GED prep. I teach across the spectrum from basic literacy to English for academic purposes, but the best most useful most rewarding work I will ever do is at the GED level. It’s a turning point isn’t it? In or out of prison, it’s the small but mightily significant bit of education that can quite literally save a life.

    Thank you and all the very best to you. May the good Judge Garaufis serve you and all other targets of nxivm’s criminal conduct — with Justice, at last.

    • I started out as an English Teacher (8th and 9th grades) – but was then able to go to grad school and law school at Cornell because I was lucky enough to get a high number in the 1970 draft lottery. But over the years, I have continued to circle back to teaching – with a special focus on those who were prepping for the GED.

      I thoroughly enjoyed teaching GED classes at MDC – especially when my “I’m not interested” students turned into “Can I meet with you after dinner to go over today’s math?” students.

      What I found was that the key to teaching GED classes at MDC was to translate each day’s subject matter into real-world situations. Example: Although few of my students cared much about knowing how to calculate the area of a rectangle, most of them were interested in finding out how much carpet they needed to buy to cover the floor in their Living Room. Similarly, many didn’t care to learn about probability and statistics until I showed them how that information could make them better poker players.

    • The good U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis is not as good as you think he is. He is in over his head with these proceedings. There is no way to know how this judge will rule. The sentencing of Lauren Salzman and of Allison Mack does not speak to the fact that this judge knows what he is doing.

        • And Michelle Myers Salzman gets zero — and because of that, Michelle carries on the teachings of nxivm at her new job at The Sculpted Vegan. nxivm lives on.

  • Hah…that awkward moment when Nancy Salzman tries to seduce you for sex

    Nancy sounds like another narcissist/psychopath. Slightly better than Keith because she manages her facade much better. But a psychopath. Psychopaths are also flexible with their sexuality. It makes sense that Nancy was hitting on both men and women. Psychopaths use sex to control. It does not matter if the other person is a man or woman. Sex is used more for control than for an actual attraction. Nancy was trying to use sex to control the author of the article.

    It could be cool to learn Nancy’s strategies for seducing others…

  • If she only gets 41 months, then I believe a disgrace of justice has occurred. Also, Frank, I believe a parent throwing a child under the bus is worse than vice versa. I believe by being the first one pleading guilty and insisting her case be separate from her daughter’s constitutes as such.

  • Joe, your letter and actions speak to your integrity. Although I am doubtful that Judge Garaufis will take heed of your experiences and advice, I support your efforts to bring honesty, integrity, and justice to this situation.

    I wish we could meet and talk further but I prefer to remain anonymous.

  • In the meantime, can it be confirmed or denied that Sultan Of Six has ridden on the flying carpet tails of the Taliban takeover and taken Kristin Kreuk as his sex slave and forced her to change her name to Fatima?

    • Re:

      August 19, 2021 at 9:29 pm

      Does anyone find this sultan schtick funny? Relevant? Informative? What’s the purpose of it?

      • Since early Frank Report, Spanky (sultan) has been a pain in the behind to commentators and Frank alike.

        Any abuse directed his way is well deserved.

        Anonymous, please keep it coming!

      • –Does anyone find this sultan schtick funny? Relevant? Informative?–

        Only the writer.

        –What’s the purpose of it?’–

        Seeing Sultan’s or Kreuk’s name in print triggers the writer to masturbate.

        • Anonymous 20

          Over time, Sultan of Six has provided us with endless laughs. If it weren’t for Sultan, Frank never would’ve written his comedic masterpiece “Kreuk of the White North”.
          I laughed so hard my ribs actually hurt.

          “Jim Carrey hails from the North, this fact alone may make him worthy of consideration”

          Crap on Sultan all you want, but don’t take him for granted. The Sultans of this world are a rare breed.

  • Joe’s letter goes a long way in explaining, to Judge Garaufis, how Raniere and Nancy were able to get away with their criminality for decades.

    The judge rhetorically questioned, in his closing remarks at Raniere’s sentencing, how did Nxivm commit so many crimes for so long.

    Hopefully, the judge will listen!

  • NXIVM operated as it did because too many women like the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, Mack, Cafritz and others were eager and willing to do Raniere’s dirty work.

    This judge has been entirely too much of a cream puff when dealing with NXIVM’s gun molls.

    These women were not delicate flowers.

    The NXIVM women were and are predators and ruthless violent criminals.

  • When I drafted my letter, the expected sentencing guidelines were 33-to-41 months. Now that the EDNY Probation Office has recalculated them to be 41-to-51 months, I will happily amend my request as to how much prison time Nancy should get to the higher number. In fact, let’s just round it off at 10 years – which would mean that Nancy would most likely start off in a maximum security prison.

  • Remind me not to piss off Joe O’Hara. His letter is a great summary of what an evil person Nancy Salzman is and why she deserves to go to prison for much more than 51 months. Simply put, without Nancy, there is no Nxivm, no ESP, and no DOS.

  • As Raniere’s chief co-conspirator, Nancy deserves a sentence at least as substantial as Allison Mack’s.

    And also, significantly, she knows where the money is.

    • Allison Mack’s little three years in prison is far from satisfactory as a sentence for the hardened criminal, Nancy Salzman. Salzman and Raniere functioned as sociopathic, carnally aggressive partners in deception, blackmail and dishonest litigation since at least 1998, when Nancy Salzman went to Delaware to incorporate their mutual dynasty. And I have put it rather lightly. Nancy inveigled her two daughters into Keith Raniere’s hands and into more than just his hands. There is still the matter of a lot of their financial gains being unaccounted for and also, Nancy Salzman can only pretend to be repentant, and that’s obvious.

      Raniere was hooked on furthering his sex life, so Nancy Salzman ran a whole lot of their showtime. Salzman was fanning her nauseating ego while greedy for profit. I hope that Judge Garaufis has her escorted out of court in handcuffs for as long as possible.

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