Pt 1: Marck sets out to demonstrate: Keith Raniere is Monte Blu

By Marck
I am providing reasoning for why I believe Monte Blue is Keith Raniere in disguise.
From Clare Bronfman’s statement: Approx Date: December 15, 2017
Lastly, while I am not and never have been a member of the sorority, I was reassured to hear from one of the leading forensic psychiatrists in the country, and additionally ex-law enforcement investigators of over thirty years, conclude that the sorority has not coerced nor abused anyone. In fact, the sorority has truly benefited the lives of its members, and does so freely. I find no fault in a group of women (or men for that matter) freely taking a vow of loyalty and friendship with one another to feel safe while pushing back against the fears that have stifled their personal and professional growth. It’s not for any of us to judge how they, or anyone else, choose to advance their lives and values.
From Keith Raniere’s statement: Approx Date: November 28, 2017
Additionally, I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group. I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse. Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, psychologists and ex-law enforcement, say members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and haven’t been coerced. Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon.
Is Monte Blu a nom de plume for Keith Raniere?
Our sorority is independent and for the record, members of our sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, and better off. We are proud of what we created.
Vanguard is the answer in psycho-dynamic understanding, And in the realm of the mystic who facilitates humanity’s rise and transformation. He brings a new understanding that allows us to build internal civilizations and manifest it. He allows us to explore our fundamental nature and direct our power. We need never fear; he protects our womanhood. This is why he resides close to the doorway to birth and death. It is not vanity. He is 10,000 Lincolns. His name is the same as he. This is what we live and eat and sleep upon:  Since you came to him, you are thriving, healthy, happy, and better off.  If our past friends leave us, it is as in death, the death of a soul.
Keith Raniere in April 2009.
Monte Blu’s statement on the sorority being thriving, healthy, happy and better off, is too similar to the one made by Keith Raniere. The words and even the order of the words is exactly the same. “She” even talks about being proud about what they have created, as Keith does in his letter.
It’s possible this “woman” copied Keith, but it’s highly unlikely given the rest of the email. The way in which metaphors are used to influence is extremely similar to how Keith Raniere speaks and writes. You can check this against his letter to Toni Natalie among other pieces of his writing.
In contrast to this is Clare Bronfman’s note on her website. It’s not just that she doesn’t use the same words as Keith or Monte Blu, the style of writing is also very feminine.
You had written an article that Clare Bronfman and Edgar Boone’s letters were written by Keith Raniere. That’s likely not true. What’s more likely is, they were guided by him, but the word’s were their own. When comparing the two posts, one from Clare Bronfman and the one from Edgar Boone, ask yourself what questions could they have been asked in order for them to write about the general aspect of each logical paragraph (here a logical paragraph could be split into multiple pieces of texts / normal paragraphs)

In the end, you will end up with a series of questions, which is probably closer to what Keith Raniere wrote for them, and they just answered them in their own way, resulting in two different emails, with different styles, while still covering almost exactly the same logical points.

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  • Nah, not Keith and here’s why. Keith does not have the intellectual ability to write that much, that coherently. When Keith speaks, he goes into the hi def low relevance word salad not to confuse his listeners, but rather because he himself cannot keep going. His hi def low relevance word salad makes him feel like he is somewhere approaching mediocre.

    Here’s the other big reason. Keith is as queer as the day is long, and he knows it, and it grinds on him to know that his “harem” satisfy each other more than they do HIM. Hence the heightening of his observed deviant behaviour.

    I know Keith, and have watched this fester for years. He’s pathetic.

  • I will defend my honor and rebut Marck’s scurrilous and reprehensible post. I shall write it and send it to Frank and this prove once and for all that I am not Keith Raniere. I say this not because Keith is anything less than venerable and most worthy but because this is an insidious way to discredit my defense of a man who is not only the most intelligent but also the most ethical and noble person who has ever walked on this planet. Marck you blasphemer you have clearly taken the fall. For shame.

    • congratulations. After meeting all the people who have trod this planet you finally met the most intelligent and ethical person in the world you found your soul mate

    • You sound angry. Monte Blu, how did you cause yourself to feel dishonored? Your teacher teaches his students to follow these lines from the Corinthians “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” It seems even though you display such veneration for Keith, you do not follow his teachings. Why so?

      • Keith may teach this, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is what he does. He teaches others to follow this, so they are always kind to him, and he continue keep abusing them. You clearly don’t know him as well. A man is not known for what he says but what he does. Keith Raniere is no Jesus, and he has himself admitted that.

    • Monte Blu, Do you want to get an EM? I can recommend you some good EMPs to get an EM from, if you want? The anger will only make you sick and miserable.

  • You’re probably right, Marck, he’s too much of a coward to comment here and use his own name. He also likes to pretend he has support from all these imaginary people, I guess it makes him feel important.

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