Clare Bronfman Is Now Officially Federal Prisoner #91010-053

Clare Webb Bronfman.

Clare Bronfman has been incarcerated since she was taken away in tears by four U.S. Marshals – on September 30th – from the courtroom in which U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis had just sentenced her to 81 months in prison.

U.S. Marshals lead a weeping Clare Bronfman from the courtroom on September 30th. Painting by MK10ART.

Since then, she has been ensconced in the East Tower at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY – most likely in a quarantine unit where new inmates are held for 10-14 days.

Yesterday, Clare became a full-fledged federal prisoner when the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) assigned her a Federal Registration Number.

No longer will she necessarily be referred to by the name she was given at birth: Clare Webb Bronfman.

Now, she is Federal Prisoner #91010-053.

Register Number: 91010-053
Age: 42
Race: White
Sex: Female
Located at: Brooklyn MDC
Release Date: UNKNOWN

That’s how she’ll be tracked through the BOP’s computer systems from now until the end of time.

Just like her former mentor, Keith Alan Raniere, is tracked throughout the BOP as Federal Prisoner #57005-177.


What Do the Numbers Mean?

The last three digits in a federal prisoner’s Registration Number signifies where they resided at the time of their arrest.

For Clare, the “053” translates to New York City.

New York, Skyline, New York City, City, Manhattan
New York City Skyline

For Raniere, we believe the “177” refers to a foreign country or to Mexico (Despite lots of effort, we have not been able to track down that little nugget of information).

But, more importantly, the fact that she has been assigned a Registration Number means that Clare has now been fully processed into the BOP’s inmate monitoring system.

#91010-053 will be her identification for the entire time she is in federal prison – and for the next three years when she’s on probation.

Were she ever to be arrested again – which, given all the criminal acts for which was not prosecuted, is certainly a possibility – she would still have the same number.


Other Identifying Information

Her Federal Prisoner Badge – which she must have on a lanyard around her neck at all times (except when she’s asleep) –  will have her number on it and a picture of her that will be taken at MDC.

It is ironic that Clare must wear a lanyard at all times. The DOS slaves were required to wear either a necklace, a belly chain or an anklet at all times to remind them that they were slaves. And for the last two and one-half years, Clare was required to wear an ankle monitor while she was subject to home arrest.

Now, she will wear a lanyard.

It will also have the same identifying information that appears about her in the BOP’s Find An Inmate system – which Frank Report readers can access at:

  • Age: 42
  • Race: White
  • Sex: Female


Find An Inmate System

The BOP’s Find An Inmate system also provides links to a variety of information that may be of interest to an inmate’s family and friends.

Here are the links it provides for Clare:


She began life as an heiress, with a trust fund established for her by her grandfather and father.  She grew up without any financial hardship and when she came of age, she had her first trust fund available to her to spend as she pleased.

Somehow – and her sister got her into this – the two sisters joined something called Nxivm, led by a con artist named Keith Raniere. It took him a few years to blow through both of the sister’s first trust fund – about $135 million.

Fortunately, they got a second trust just in time.  Clare spent from 2003- 2018, 15 years in the full-time service of Nxivm, squandering more than $150 million [along with her sister who did likewise.] It cost her more than $10 million per year to be part of Nxivm.  Then she was arrested and spent more than $20 million defending herself and her Vanguard – and the other Nxivm defendants, all of which was spectacularly unsuccessful.  Everyone was convicted or pleaded guilty to at least one felony.

Now she will pay more than $6.6 million in fines and fees arising from her conviction. That’s a total of more than $175 million.  On top of that, she is being sued by more than 80 plaintiffs for the terror she struck while she was the enforcer of Nxivm. She will quite likely lose those lawsuits and pay out more, maybe another $10 or $20 million.

She will now work for the BOP at less than $.50 per hour.  And while the amount is negligible, the constant drain by Raniere on her wealth will likely end here – for at least the next nine years, while the BOP will monitor her assets and ensure that she has no contact with anyone associated with Nxivm.

Had she stayed with Raniere, she may well have been dead broke by the end of this decade. As it is she will likely emerge from prison and probation near the end of this decade with a good deal of her wealth still intact (She reportedly earns $15-$20 million per year from her investments). And with around $300 million to work with, she should be able to resume the life of privilege and wealth she was born into – assuming, of course, that she doesn’t find another ethical leader to lead her and do her thinking for her.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Sad to watch anyone ruin their life, but then life is like Burger King for the most part. You can have it your way. I’m sure as the days whiz by, Clare is feeling pretty crappy about what she ordered.

    Why was her sister Sara never charged?

  • That is the oldest looking 42-year-old I have ever seen. I’ve always scoffed at individuals who get a ” makeover”, but I think Clare should consider one. Of course, these days, I think our Clarebear might just have other concerns.

        • Sure it is a big might – but perhaps Clare might find herself – away with Raniere- on a different kind of regimen – with sleep and meals at regular times and no insistence by Raniere of her hurting others. She might make some new friends and find a world apart from Nxivm. Clare is used to being told what to do. Instead of being told by a man that secretly wants to destroy her, she will be told what to do by the prison authorities. I think for her that is better.

    • Many have remarked on how unnaturally old she looks. The first photo I ever saw of her was the New York Times picture with her all dolled up — for about the only time in her life — like we’d expect an old school heiress to look. I believe that photo was taken when she was 38, but when I saw it, not knowing her age, I estimated her to be late 50s. Every subsequent picture I’ve seen of her looks like a woman well into her 60s.

      In addition to her moral failings, I wonder if there is something physiologically wrong with her.

      • I’m 10 years older than her and look 15 years younger. It’s shocking to read her age. For someone that doesn’t smoke, drink or do any labor, she shouldn’t look that frail.

        Is her personal doctor still the one with the branding iron that smiles like The Joker?

  • Congrats, Frank. MDC is an abomination, but the right people are now in custody. As opposed to Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, and Frank himself if this crew had had their way.

  • For the Last shall be First. And the First shall be Last.

    Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.

  • The BOP says Clare is 42 years old; most sources place her birthdate as 8-April-1979 (41 years old). Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Has Clare been bullshitting about her age all this time too?

  • Will Clare Bronfman get dancers and twerkers outside of her jailhouse? Kindly have the twerkers bring an accordion and be willing to take requests. For hits.

    Dying to watch a slow twerk to Gene Pitney’s Town Without Pity. Mmm hmmmmm. Oh #91010-O53. Try to arrange for a private suite there, like Ghislaine, who is another helluva horsey woman, woman parts however, not guaranteed. Adopt one another like Michael Jackson. My castanets are always ready.

  • Clare has been unfairly sentenced. We should all protest this injustice. First they came for Vanguard but I did not object because I was not in Nxivm. Then they came for Prefect but I said nothing for I never studied Rational Inquiry. Then they came for Legatus and I turned away for I am not an heiress. And when they came for me there was no one left to object.

    • Nicki:
      When you use that quote you should give credit to the German Pastor Martin Niemoller.
      You wouldn’t want to be a plagiarist like Creepy Joe Biden!

      Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation1:

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • There is no they. There is no should.

      You could’ve saved yourself years of a world of trouble with one ten hour acid trip, with the strong stuff.

      Nevertheless, still there is no they. Not even now in the Age of Cornholio virus, with all of the fussing and fighting, will one find a they or a should which can stand up to any analysis or scrutiny.

      And to think that Isadora Duncan died dancing but was abruptly strangled, mid-gesture, by her own dangling scarf. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

    • By all means, point to a famous quotation about defending Jews. Point out which high ranking Jewish members are being persecuted, within a cult that promoted slavery, sex trafficking, pedophelia, money laundering, political tampering. I’m sure several media outlets would love to publish this.

      Add the Red Pill ideology and you will definitely get the support you deserve.

  • Clare has the right to associate with anyone she chooses. This is corrupt. Clare is the kindest sweetest most gentle person. She helps everyone. I remember when I lost my Modeling Job in 2011 she let me work for her for two weeks cleaning her house and office and made sure I had food and she paid for my ethos classes.
    Then she told me that Keith wanted to meet me and how lucky I was that he Rarely ever meets with someone this soon. I was going to go to his library to get a private lesson when I learned that Keith has to go out of town to take care of some important business. I never got to meet him because he was arrested. I will never forget how Clare was so generous to me js tried to help me.

  • Seems the only person who really loved her and tried to save her, will at least be spared the pain of watching his daughter going to prison.

    Or hearing that she bugged his computer, from prosecutors in a public courtroom. Poor Clare, she has one hell of a climb out of the abyss she insisted on walking into. A decade is ample time to change, a generous opportunity, under the circs.

  • The MDC is a disgrace, and the law often an ass, but justice has been done in this case. She has put herself exactly where she is, just like Raniere.

    Hats off to Frank, the relentless truth-teller.

      • …..I do have to say if what Marc Elliot says is true and he is completely off of his medication and cured, then I completely understand why he is so gung-ho for Nxivm.

        I don’t seriously believe he is totally off his meds. Tourette’s disease is nothing like stuttering. It’s neurological, not physiological.

      • Yes, it’s fascinating and seems so unlikely to be true. There is no huge corruption problem in the US or UK and most of those involved in the criminal justice system are pretty good. The video is dreadful and proves in a sense he is still in a cult because he doesn’t give one tiny shred of evidence (probably because there is none) of what he alleges.

  • Whilst lanyards have the anti-strangulation plastic clip which prevents accidental strangulation, surely they don’t prevent someone pulling it up and twisting it. Also someone could still hang themselves with it. This seems a little risky to me!

    • Great point!!!!

      I still don’t know why they allow someone on suicide watch to have a books or paper because it can be wadded up to block the wind pipe.

      • Who ever said that prisoners on Suicide Watch got books and paper? They get nothing but their three meals a day – and those they have to eat without utensils. When they ask for toilet paper, they get 2 squares at a time – and those 2 squares must be used and flushed before they can get any more. Prisoners on Suicide Watch are given nothing that could be used to harm themselves – and they under observation 24/7.

  • Not easy being in prison. I don’t wish it upon anyone. But, perhaps, in time, Clare will have time to reflect on her life and behavior. I’m hopeful she will emerge finding a new spirituality.

    • ALWAYS – I agree. I think incarceration can be tragically cruel. But unlike the average bear, Clare will come out with substantial wealth. There is still time for her to reconsider her path and maybe – just maybe – make some reparations and have a decent, reformed (and informed?) life. But who knows?

      If she never says, or believes, she is sorry for the pain she inflicted on others, IMO she is lost. The prospects look grim since she does not renounce her “Vanguard.” Perhaps he is all she can hold on to.

  • How depressing. Clare must be in a thick fog of unhappiness, just as she was most of the time before she ever got arrested. So where is the change?

    Surely she doesn’t have to adapt to her lifelong misery. Alone in the crowd, the crowd of damned peasants. No horseys, no pheasants. No fucking untouchable chocolate mousse.

    Luckily she will have a hard time treating anyone to the bitter, ugly usage of her wealth as a federal prisoner, the way she has done hiding behind Raniere, her personal Hitler.

    • I don’t envy the shit she will get from other inmates. She is infamous and wealthy, yet powerless and that’s a combo that a setup for chin checks in the camp. Her association with a diaper chaser like Raniere won’t play well. And, No green so no juice. Having a cellie ain’t the same as going solo on 5 Ave.

      That’s a lot of adjustment, but also a chance to sample a life she never dreamed she would experience. There’s a lot to learn to adapt and survive in this new world.

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