The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

Monte Blu calls for boycott of Frank Report

Monte seems to have gotten wroth over the fact that the 12 Point Mission Statement was again published on Frank Report. The 12 Point Mission Statement is supposed to be a virtual state secret, never to be revealed to anyone who has not paid for NXIVM courses.

MONTE BLU writes:

What makes you think you can reveal the 12 point mission statement ? By so doing you destroy confidentiality and violate the agreement that you signed. I suggest you the writer read the confidentiality agreement carefully! I am calling for a total boycott of this website and ask you to all join me by not reading this website anymore. It is not an ethical website and Frank Parlato is not an ethical person.

Monte also seemed equally perturbed by  another post:  Pt. 2: Ass Implants? More photo-shopped images to help Keith make important decision
MONTE BLU writes:
This is sick. The writer is sick. The readers are sick. Anyone who laughs and you know who you are is sick. Prison rape is not funny. Rape is never funny. Keith can handle himself in prison or anywhere in the world. I am calling for a boycott of Frank Report. Please join me and stop reading this blog until Keith is vindicated.

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Keith has raped many woman, brainwashed them before and then raped them and passed them herpes and other things. I wouldn’t mind if he gets violated in jail. Although he says that people can’t punish, only authorities can,but he never thought anything about bribe, I don’t remember ir that is allowed in ESP LOL. poor people. poor unfortunate souls….

  • Someone needs to remind Monte that those who have escaped and who have rejoined the real world are ‘unethical’ and no longer contracted to Keith or NXIVM – And, survivors always live to tell the tale. As uncomfortable as this truth is, it’s something that Monte [and Keith, etalia] are just going to have to accept. NXIVM is a huge fail. ESP is a fail. SOP is a scam and a fail. DOS is nothing more than an old fashioned stable of branded mares. Jness exists to teach women to enjoy their peculiar status within NXIVM. It is a fail. The whole enterprise is a huge fail. It’s a CULT.

    • I don’t think anyone disagrees with that sentiment. Although I will agree that rape is nothing to joke about, coming from someone who has had at least one loved one raped.



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