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Guest View: I would be pissed at having to re-certify on the stripe path

one of the few of the Old Guard to turn down a chance at believing his lie that she would have his avatar baby. Why? Because she is gay. Keith Raniere pronounced that declination as her ethical breach.

Guest View by Scientology 101

Holy crap.

I can’t believe they are actually re-doing the stripe path. When I was still a coach, they kept talking about starting “professional sashes” – which meant many people would be back to square one, including many of the proctors who weren’t really up to standard.

Siobhan Hotaling, Ivy Nevares, Chris Collins and a lot of the early proctors, for example, would lose their income from teaching Ethos. They did this awhile back with the Exploration of Meaning [EM] path when they decided that people weren’t getting through their issues fast enough, so they made everyone re-certify their EM skills (at their own cost of course).

Keith Raniere is such a moron. He didn’t think anyone would notice this is RIGHT out of the Scientology playbook. Nothing he does is original, but if I was one of the desperate idiots sticking by Keith and ESP in their proud days of pubic branding to build character, I would be especially pissed at having to re-certify at this point. I would be finding a very good excuse to leave, so I don’t have to face the Gestapo and fill out a breach form.

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