Jimena Garza promoted to Green Sash; DOS slave got six new women branded, helped bear false witness against Zarattini

Jimena Garza promoted to the green sash accomplished her goal of getting six women branded in June.
Jimena Garza has been promoted to the green sash.

CLIFTON PARK – In Clifton Park, they are calling her a heroine.

Jimena Garza was promoted to “Green” by NXIVM High Rank last week. The announcement was made at the Coaches Summit at Apropos.

Ms. Garza is co-owner of the Monterrey Center of  NXIVM’s Executive Success Programs (ESP). Her husband, Omar Boone, is the other co-owner.

The Green sash is the third highest rank in ESP, with blue and purple sashes above it.

There are no living members who have a purple sash, and the sole blue sash, Ms. Garza’s brother-in-law, Edgar Boone, is considered retired. There are an estimated nine people who hold green sashes in the secretive organization led by Keith Raniere who likes to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard by its members.

Ms. Garza won accolades from High Rank – as well as admittance to their green sash level – after weathering two waves of adversity for the company.

Last month, eight coaches and a proctor quit the Monterrey Center after learning about female pubic mutilation through hot-iron branding and taking collateral to ensure secrecy of the members of a women’s group of Executive Success Programs called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive].

Ms. Garza helped Keith Raniere and Mexico City Center owners, Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt, to stem the tide of defectors by creating a “false-witness” criminal complaint against Monterrey whistle blower, Toni Zarattini, who was an ESP coach.

This put a chill into discussions about DOS and the exodus at Monterrey, as members wondered if they might be criminally charged if they try to quit ESP.

Mr. Betancourt’s false witness scenario consists of Mr. Zarattini conspiring to extort him. At last report, it was seen as likely that police would arrest Mr. Zarattini who would then stand trial. Mr. Raniere, utilizing the tools of ESP strategy, is reportedly pleased since even if Mr. Zarattini is not convicted, it has silenced him and frightened others from leaving.

Ms. Garza was seen as instrumental in lying to students and police about Mr. Zarattini and the existence of pubic branding.

Ms. Garza also achieved another milestone in June. Following the expose of DOS on the Frank Report, more than 100 ESP members quit and a number of women scheduled to be branded on their pubic region left.

Despite the unprecedented departure of members and cancellations of branding, Ms. Garza was able to bring in seven women, 6 of whom got branded after DOS pubic branding and alleged blackmail practices were revealed.

Ms. Garza was reportedly  – she is a DOS slave herself – able to bring in six new slaves to be branded after the June report appeared on Frank Report.

The Monterrey Center is the second oldest ESP Center – and was founded shortly after the Center in Albany.  There are about 125 members in Monterrey.

Monterrey is Mexico’s third-largest metropolitan area.

Ms. Garza was branded on her pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere.

Ms. Garza also delivered graphic nude pictures of herself as collateral for Mr. Raniere to keep to ensure her obedience and permit her to have access to the secret teachings of DOS. Each of her slaves have done the same.

Following their branding, each of the six branded slaves under Ms. Garza were ordered to recruit six more slaves.

One of the DOS slaves recruited by Ms. Garza has already broken with the organization. She will not be criminally charged, sources say, provided she does not speak about DOS to anyone.

A woman who was approached about uploading graphic nude pictures of herself in order to join DOS started asking questions which alarmed male members of the Monterrey Center. When Mr. Zarattini found out, he was horrified and told others, which is against the policy of ESP and is what led to the filing of criminal charges against him.

Ms. Garza’s work with Mr. Raniere is seen as clearing the field of detractors in Monterrey.  This, in turn, will allow DOS branding to resume in Clifton Park fed largely by Mexican women.

As a general policy, Ms. Garza tells coaches, proctors and students that DOS does not exist. When Ms. Garza spots a potential new member for DOS, the woman is privately asked to give nude graphic pictures of herself before she is even told about entity. The nude pictures must include both the face of the woman and her inner labia and are held as collateral by Mr. Raniere to ensure the woman’s silence.

With the example of Mr. Zarattini’s false criminal charges to guide the women, there is extra incentive not to talk about DOS.

An estimated 20 coaches and proctors remain in Monterrey. Several of these are believed to want to quit ESP but are concerned they might face criminal charges if they leave.

Ms. Garza’s  delivery of new branded slaves in the midst of scandal showed her boss in ESP and slave master in DOS, Lauren Salzman, that Ms. Garza could do in Mexico what Miss Salzman herself was unable to do in Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

When word of DOS initially was reported on the Frank Report in June, it shocked many ESP members. Miss Salzman, the daughter of Nancy Salzman, the putative president of ESP, went to the ESP Centers in Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco to shore up support and dissuade people from quitting. She adopted a twin policy of lying about DOS’ existence to some and telling others that it was similar to a sorority where branding, she said, is common.

Miss Salzman failed miserably in her quest and all three centers closed. Clare Bronfman stepped in to create a false witness criminal complaint against Vancouver whistleblower Sarah Edmondson, who previously ran the Vancouver Center. Vancouver Police have not arrested Miss Edmondson and are still investigating the complaint.

At Mr. Raniere’s “University”, where ESP coaches are trained, one of the books keenly studied is George Orwell’s 1984. Many of the strategies of the authoritarian regime in the fictional work are employed by Mr. Raniere to great advantage.

The Monterrey Center hosts salsa-dancing workshops, movies and outdoor adventure trips along with life coaching.

For a time, the dancing stopped but it has now begun again with the women who sport Mr. Raniere’s initials leading the celebrations.


Vanguard and Prefect
The late Pam Cafritz had a purple sash. She died of renal cancer.
Barbara Jeske had a purple sash. She died of brain cancer.
Allison Mack, who has an orange sash [r], with Lauren Salzman, who has a green sash. Both are branded slaves who bear Mr. Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.
Ms. Garza with her husband, Omar Boone, who also has a green sash. Ms. Garza has Keith Raniere’s initials one inch from her vagina as a symbol of her obedience to Mr. Raniere.


In Monterrey the ESP Center provides instruction in salsa dancing. Although Keith Raniere reportedly does not dance, he is very good at making other people dance to his crazy tunes.



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Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

The only reason why ESP continues holding onto Mexico is fear within the ESP community and unethical Mexicans that are willing to take Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s bribes.

This should be a case study in ethics. The unethical Espians buying off the corrupted Mexicans to continue their abusive sex slave cult.

This can only lead to more pain and suffering, be brave, eventually the truth will prevail.

Who is making the moving? This is far crazier than fiction.

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

Correction: Movie

6 years ago

I think the real story here is the decent into madness. I imagine it will be studied and written about for many years to come.

Note to Lauren Salzmann
Note to Lauren Salzmann
6 years ago

I am a Sorority girl and branding is not common in sororities as a matter of fact it is unheard of. Sure we decorate paddles, but we do not paddle or haze. A sorority is a true sisterhood not a human trafficking and mutilation experiment like DOS is. You are one fucked up woman.

6 years ago

It’s true. When I learned how you actually earn sashes vs what they say about how you earn them…🤢.

It’s not about skills, enrolments, or “life issues/breaches”. It’s about LOYALTY.

Will you lie, cheat, steal, extort, abuse, blackmail, coerse, brand, fuck, kill, for them? Keep their dirty secrets? Perjure yourself? Human traffic for them? Do fake studies?

Many recent promotions came from fear of losing people and the recipients hadn’t completed the requirements 😂😂😂. Sad part is they know they hadn’t and still accepted the promotion out of integrity. But of course they did, because there is no integrity anywhere in NXIVM.

Sadly if you aren’t prepared to be their bitch, soldier, minion, puppet, work for their companies, go to their University, keep taking classes, you are going NOWHERE.

Ironically this is true for the lives of those pursuing the sashes. They go nowhere. There are no actual successful people left in ESP. They posture a lot about all the companies they’ve owned and had success with and yet they have nothing outside of ESP. They have to posture though, because how else do you convince a room of people to trust you that you know the way to success? I think they call this “edifying”? They should just call it what it is- lying, fraud etc.

All the ones who have successfull lives have left.

The only people left are those who believe they are more successful than they are.

6 years ago

Those of you still in ESP who are reading ‘1984’…. he’s having you do the very things he’s teaching you are problems. Why? … Do you think he’s confused? Not at all. It’s a demented practical joke. And you are the victim. You are the unwitting Gestapo. You will do the equivalent of shoving the EXPIANS in the ovens…. convinced you are being noble.

You can suppress the Mexicans who want to leave as much as you want. They may act obedient. But they will eventually escape. You cannot suppress a human spirit yearning for freedom forever. You cannot suppress women forever.

Garza, you cannot suppress everyone forever. Ruling through fear – eventually implodes. You are not a humanitarian. You are an SS Officer.

6 years ago

You go to a martial arts school and get a black belt and people respect your ability to defend yourself from physical violence. You take courses from an accredited University or College and get a degree, employers consider it, often as a required prerequisite to get a job. Likewise from an accredited technical or trade school.

You take courses from NXIVM/ESP, a front for a sex cult, and no one gives a shit except the people in that said cult.

I don’t know what Clare’s current colored sash is, but you know it’s one of the higher ones and she only has it because she has millions VanDouche can exploit to buy him islands in the Pacific. That tells you enough about the stupidity of these people.

6 years ago

Getting a green sash from this turd cult is like getting a participation trophy in third grade. No one outside this lame sex cult gives a shit.

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