Carlos Salinas reportedly offering $20 million to assassinate Mexican president

There is big news breaking across Mexico on social media and in the Mexican media today.
A known personality, “Comandante Cobra”, is reporting that the former President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, has offered Mexican cartels a $20 million bounty for the murder of the current President of Mexico, Manuel López Obrador (known to the Mexican people by his initials, AMLO).
Comandante Cobra is a well-known figure in the Mexican press and on social media in Mexico, who claims to be a “human rights activist.” His real name is Iván M. Riebeling. He often appears in viral videos in Mexico commenting on topics of national interest.
In the video, “Comandante Cobra” says he is not afraid of Carlos Salinas.
Comandante Cobra says he filed a report with authorities in Mexico City that members of one of Mexico’s most important cartels approached him with the offer, a few days ago.
Comandante Cobra calls Salinas “an ex-President with a lot of experience murdering presidential candidates”, referring to the world-famous murder cases of Luis Donaldo Colosio and José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, who many Mexicans suspect were assassinated on orders of Salinas.
The Comandante Cobra news is currently circulating on social media in Mexico and on websites of several of Mexico’s top news publications.
Here are a few links:
“Comandante Cobra” Video on Twitter:
According to reports, – on the same day – perhaps to save his own life – President López Obrador announced he has plans to put an  “end to the war on drugs” in Mexico.  According to AMLO, the Mexican Government will no longer pursue cartel bosses.

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  • It’s too soon to tell whether or not Obrador is yet another PRI puppet —cow-towing to the cartels in real or in mock fear of his life from Salinas hit men.

    The real death to the black market cartels is the legalization of marijuana in the USA, in fact, world-wide.

    Mexico could get legit, export tax its product and just maybe shore up its infrastructure and middle class OR we can always rely on Dennis Burke-style sting ops to track down foreign drug lords while KAR-types protect the populace from violence through “Rational Inquiry.”

    • “Mexico could get legit, export tax its product and just maybe shore up its infrastructure and middle class”

      Sorry lady, Mexico could have done that when they were a major oil producer. The simple fact is that the cartels are in cahoots with the Salinas crime syndicate. Marijuana has very little to do with it. Have you noticed the opioid crisis in America? They’d just replace the legal product with stronger and more deadly product. You need to get more of your democrat buddies on board with getting a border wall

      • I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this, maybe it’s taboo on here, but what good is a wall if illegals of all Nations are flying, sailing, swimming, walking in from Canada, the coasts, every air and sea port across the Country?

        Or if our own CORRUPT officials ALLOW illegals to enter and stay to do the dirty work for private corporations, black market operations, and even private citizens who prefer cheap, extortable, expendable (in their view) labor…or “fuck toys”?

        Albany, NY — THIS CASE ITSELF — is an example of how dozens, maybe hundreds over the decades, of illegals hailing from even among the wealthy elite of their native Nations — Mexico and Canada — were rounded-up, fleeced, imprisoned, tortured, branded, trafficked, extorted, robbed and raped by mostly spoiled and entitled “American” tyrants (KAR, the Salzman’s & Bronfman sisters, etc.) aided by political clout on the local, national and international (at least re: Mexico) level.

        No wall could have or will prevent this from recurring so long as those “public servants,” those politicos who facilitated this criminal activity, go unpunished.

        How disgustingly ironic that some of them seem to think they can still not only get away with it by simply lying but can still claim the highest office in land — the Presidency of the United States — despite their involvement in and continued failure to stop such crimes and the corruption that breeds it?!

        Drain the swamp, first!

  • Salinas time is about up. He had better be keeping an eye on Venezuela, as his time in the barrel is coming.

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