When Mr. Raniere got a load of Christine Marie he knew at once she was the chosen one. She didn't agree and escaped.

Christine Marie commends Angela Ucci for ‘brave stand’

Christine Marie is refering to Angela Ucci’s comments,  Angela Ucci: ‘Outs herself’; clarifies and defends Bouchey against critics

By Christine Marie

This is amazing.

What a brave and classy thing to do – sacrifice your anonymity to set the record straight for a fellow NXIVM survivor whose reputation was being unfairly, brutally and repeatedly knifed.

I hope that a public apology will be forthcoming, that Frank will delete the reposting of the false and negative comments designed to diminish from the positive post about Barbara, and that Frank will put new terms & conditions in place to make it a violation to do unfounded personal attacks against survivors.


The cruel ways that this “knifing committee” has treated her (and I’m not singling out Susan), but frankly, this is an epic story in and of itself.

Angela, may your post be the beginning of a change, an increase in ethical behavior and support that survivors have for each other. I am hoping for more kindness, honesty, unity and love.

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  • What is going on here — at least what I HOPE is going on here, is the removal of this evil man, Keith Raniere, from society and locking him and his accomplices up in prison for a very long time, and doing this before anyone else dies, including children because of their being in servitude to these ridiculous groups he/they has/have created for them. The Frank Report is the only site that is fully devoted to exposing these cretins who are benefitting from the ugly and rancid reality that’s been created. Intra group infighting is useless… but I suppose necessary as the whole Raniere enterprise implodes in on itself, but these bitch fights should not be the primary focus.

  • It appears the knife has been stabbed in both Susan’s and Barbara’s back. There is a lot of blaming going both ways and personally I’m sick of hearing about it and want to move on.

    Barbara’s need for validation from her friends is apparent; it’s how she was in NXIVM her entire time. Always make a problem when she wasn’t treated like the queen bee.

    Personally I think Frank should take anything that has to do with Barbara Bouchey off the blog, I was sick of her in NXIVM and I’m sick of reading about her or seeing her face on the Blog.




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