Guest View: What is best for you is best for Keith, or is it?

Let’s start with the assumption that his FOLLOWERS KNOW that its BEST TO DO what is BEST FOR YOU.

And this is why they do not LEAVE. ESP for many has become their drug of choice.

They can’t imagine a life without it. For many it has become their world. Many feel like they learn differently than others. Either they have ADD, OCD, Dsylexia, or Tourette’s. They enjoy this process of challenging their mind to THINK differently. They probably THINK they are creating new folds in their brain of concepts they never considered or a CLARITY of the world they have yet to EXPLORE.

In actuality, what is happening through NLP, is they are being programmed: COERCIVE PERSUASION, and brainwashed, to think the way Keith wants them to. Which is what is BEST FOR VANGUARD.

Because it is BEST TO DO what is BEST FOR YOU is what is best for Keith, is it still what is best for them? Obviously, No.

In what world would signing over COLLATERAL, deeds, and taking the same STALE COURSEWORK OVER and OVER and OVER be good for you? In KEITH’s world, where that course work is INDOCTRINATING and SHIFTING the MORALITY and value system of good people.

When is not having the option to LEAVE because of COLLATERAL best for someone? When you do not have an opt-out, you are forced to be loyal and follow. This is best for Keith, it is not BEST FOR YOU.

So is what’s best for them, ESP (since that is why they are there in the first place)? I cant answer that for them, for some it might be… I would THINK not, it would be sad if this is the BEST they got.

Is the best they can have FOLLOWING a man that what is BEST FOR VANGUARD is LYING to everyone, having SEX with minors and students, STEALING from those closest to him, and MANIPULATING peoples’ lives and relationships?

In the GAME that VANGUARD PLAYS, there can ONLY be ONE WINNER, him. Life to Keith is one giant game. “He who has the most joy wins”. He gets joy out of TORTURING people, seeing what he can get people to do, and TESTING followers loyalty. They are certainly not getting joy out of being tortured and manipulated, but I guess if you do, then stay. But maybe that’s where the S&M comes in, conditioning people to be okay with being tortured and doling out punishment?

A truly COMPASSIONATE leader believes in game theory. In game theory, what is BEST FOR HUMANITY is not best for one person, as we all must sacrifice a little for the greater good. A truly compassionate leader wants what is BEST FOR ALL, which is for you to be able to LEAVE and place HONESTY and INTEGRITY above loyalty in your VALUE SYSTEM.

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.

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