DOS woman has more to say: ‘It was all Keith’

How many women were coerced into being branded? Voluntary? No. Not at all.

By a woman who left

My master was a fiend about collateral.  She pushed us to get more collateral and was on top of us to make sure the collateral could destroy our lives. She would text me repeatedly while I was making collateral to make sure it had raunchy stuff.  I thought at times she was gay. Now I realize Keith Raniere was in the background getting off on it.

We had to wear a ‘collar’ which was either an anklet, necklace or belly chain and could never take it off. Ever. Even if we were having sex.

If we made mistakes we had to admit it in writing. Many of us got sick and vomited all the time. The low cal diets, the pain from the slow healing of the branding, the readiness, the drills, the psycho torture, the meetings, the virtual meetings, made me sick and we all accepted sickness as part of the training as if it were good and tough of us to be sick and not complain.

We were always kept busy with DOS work. Yet we were told we had to deny DOS and yes it was called DOS. We called it DOS. Not ‘sorority.’ It is nonsense to say Keith knew nothing about it.

He directed it.

We had to give collateral and it was obsessive the way that was collected, Films and photos and money collateral. They wanted to be able to take real assets. And they wanted slaves to say terrible things about their family on film especially if that family had money.

You had to give collateral to destroy yourself.  It was pressure all the time. ‘When is the collateral coming?’ They would not let that slip. They were watching it like they had it on a calendar and you could not be a day late or they were all over you. That was Keith.

The master always hovering over slaves making sure the film was done and done correctly as if Keith Raniere was in the room waiting for the collateral to be uploaded.

Some of the women had herpes:  Keith Raniere gave women herpes. Either directly or indirectly.

We had vows and signed them and I did not get a copy of what I signed. I do not know about the others.

First we made the vow then we got the collar and finally the brand. We were told to tell new women it was a sorority to cure our issues- the ones we were taught we had as women in Jness.

We were told to say Keith was not part of it and lying was needed and was good to build DOS.

We were always pushed for enrollment. Pushed to get others into this. I don’t know who was setting enrollment requirements but there just aren’t that many people who want to join something like this.

I was always sick and not myself and always exhausted and frightened;  always pressured. I wanted to get out but I couldn’t because I had given too much collateral. If it comes out and it might I know it will destroy me and my family. Do you know what it is like to have this collateral hanging over you, every day of your life?

I know people are going to think I am stupid, But before you think I am a horrible person remember it was my ESP coach who got me into this and I gave collateral to her having no idea Keith was behind it. At first it seemed innocent. I quit because I refused to bring more people into it and told the people i got in to get out.

I feel tremendous guilt and sorrow about what I did.

Keith was behind everything. I know but I can’t tell you why I know. It was all him.


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  • If u would like some support please call Roseanne Henry – she is a therapist who specializes in cult recovery and has helped several defectors. There is no charge. 303-797-0629

    • The link says it’s a full hour of prime time !

      First video interviews with Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente.

      Also interviews with Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg.

    • And for all the fanboys and girls of Allison Mack’s “Chloe” clinging to their hopes that their sweet lilttle Allison cant be part of a sex cult because she hasn’t said anything: “20/20” also reports on Hollywood actors who are known NXIVM members, including “Smallville”‘s Allison Mack and India Oxenberg,”

  • What’s ironic about this whole notion of building character with collateral that these minions of VanDouche have tried to pass off as the reason for it (as opposed to him just getting his jollies off manipulating people, women in particular) is the fact that it does no such thing. If you have to have the threat of releasing something that will embarrass you or “ruin your life” to make you stick to your commitments, then it is worthless, because once that threat is gone, there is nothing preventing you from reneging on them. Commitment to a principle is based on only one thing and that is an internal state of certainty as to its truth.

  • It looks like the second quarter of NXIVM University has come to an end.

    Things have been quiet at 455 New Karner this week, except for the NYS trooper parked near their offices.

    I wonder how well everyone did on heir exams and how many will need to retake the curriculum next quarter?

    Tomorrow night Marc Elliot is having a recruitment meeting in Brooklyn…. see you there Marc? Thank you to the friend who got me the ticket….

    Many espians Twitters have gone dark since Alex’s fish story…

  • This is a message to those of you inside the steel dome (Living inside The Vangaurd’s 1984 nightmare you call paradise) What would you lose if you allowed for the even remote possibility this statement from a DOS Slave (aka The Agency, The Vow, The Project, The Circle) is TRUE? What’s the fear you are protecting by shielding yourself from the data? It’s just data. Nothing to be afraid of. Information is just inert objective bits. Right Sean? Why be afraid? This is the most relevant question to ask right now. Who would ‘profit’ from your fear of the data? Who would want the ‘dome of protection’ to be made of steel? (It’s a metaphor…. the dome is your refusal to evaluate) It’s only impenetrable because you hold it in place through your terror. Question your terror. Question your terror. Question your terror… Who put it there? Who will ‘punish’ you, if you question? (they will tell you it’s not punishment, and if you think it is, well that’s your issue!) Time to apply the cauterizing knife to the BS… not women’s pubic mounds.

  • you should contact the FBI or the Saratoga County Sheriffs Department regarding your experience. The FBI’s number is 518-465-7551 and SCSD is 518-855-2465.

    • This suggestion has to have come from a cult insider who is well aware that NXIVM has totally compromised the local FBI office, the local US Attorney, the Albany County DA, the Saratoga County DA, and the New York State Police. And all the Saratoga County Sheriffs Department ever did is hassle John Tighe when he showed up at NXIVM events. Sorry “Woman who left”, you’re going to have look some place else for help.

  • I can only imagine how it would feel to have been deceived into joining DOS, and being pressured into going deeper, and being pressured into deceiving your friends to join.

    Urging them to get out was the truly ethical action.

    I hope you can re-connect with pre-ESP friends and family. And with other EXP-ians, who may be the only ones who can really understand what you have been through.

    • Perfectly stated. The real world awaits. Revel in it and enjoy. Your real friends await.

      Please know you have our respect.

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