The Right Side: Did Obama Help Finance the Creation of Covid 19 in 2015?

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In my opinion…what we have to realize is 2 very important facts;

1-      Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist, more accurately, a devout Muslim socialist. He has pledged to Allah that he will deliver America to Islam.

2-      George Soros has enough money to finance Obama’s every move.

Around 2010, I started reading about Islam and Barack Hussein Obama. I read everything I could find and as a pretty good investigator, I came to the realization and conclusion that the evidence that Obama is an Islamic Muslim and intends to destroy our Constitution… must not be ignored. Obama is a serious threat to the United States, overwhelming and I needed to speak out because most of America has no idea just how evil both Obama and Islam really are. The evidence we all saw, when ISIS was on their Caliphate, savagely reigning terror over city after city… is real, it wasn’t photoshopped, it’s Islam!

They destroyed everything and anybody who got in their way in the most brutal beheadings and mutilations we could imagine… to put the fear of Islam into your soul. And it worked… didn’t it? It has been going on for centuries since 650 AD…nonstop! Isn’t it about time you realized that it is not a religion? It is a way of life, an ideology…more accurately…a way of death! There has never been a century without Islam at war with the world. To confirm everything, just read the history of world, it’s full of Islam killing everybody from Christians, to Jews to their own Muslims who are disbelievers… most are now headless disbelievers! They do not believe in the separation of Church and State.

So someone please tell me how the Muslim members of the Congressional Crew can possibly Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution… when its very foundation is founded in the separation of Church and State, the 1st Amendment?

Think about just a very few facts you need to ponder and answer… why would a former President maintain 250 offices and 32,000 employees across the US after he left office? Where’s that money coming from? Why would he “settle down” 2 miles from the White House? Think about that! How could he possibly support, finance OFA, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and where did he get the money to leave the White House with a “reported” 10 million dollar net worth, when he entered with $300,000?

Do you really believe that Obama is keeping all those offices and employees just to help the poor black people? Why the hell didn’t he help them when he was being paid to help them? Duh!

Obama fired all his fighting generals, lost 10,000 manufacturing companies to China, stopped the mining of coal, oil and reduced our power plants from 120% capacity to 85% . He stopped oil exploration, effectively killing your economy.

He spent more money than all our presidents from George Washington to George Bush and what does he have to show for it? How about a failed health plan that he had to lie about to get passed! He did everything he could to destroy your America and if you can’t see that there is something seriously wrong with your thinking!

Every former president turned over the country to his replacement… moved to their ranch, ocean house or some other retirement home…not Obama…why?  Hussein Obama…why…why and why not move back to Hawaii or even better, Chicago…not 2 miles from the White House!

The answer is simple…Obama set up his battle house and did EXACTLY what I predicted he would do …try to sabotage President Trump’s administration every step of the way, helped by the corrupt media and aided by ignorant people!

I wrote many columns warning President Trump to nail Obama and his administration in a RICO case for all the crimes you are now hearing about. I urged him to rid DOJ of all the Obama, Holder, “ hold-er on-ers”. I named Clinton, Yates, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Holder and Lynch as co-conspirators, Rosenstein…and guess what?  You are finding out now just how corrupt Obama’s entire Administration was…not just Hillary! Amazing…!?

They fabricated the Russian Collusion case and it went downhill from there. They lied, leaked, lied about leaking, and padded their bank accounts while they were at it,  at the expense of the US.

His VP Biden used his influence to enrich his entire family. Obama did the same with his whole family and anyone who got fired just stepped over to CNN for 6 figure paydays!

We all know Soros is a big supporter, coincidently, of all those same groups …OFA, Antifa …let there be no doubt that he supports, financially, big time, everything he can that is disruptive to our Rule of Law…

Why the hell would a former President be so destructive, as well? Soros’ Citizenship to the US should be revoked…he’s financing all this destruction through these criminal organizations, and he took an oath, like all new US citizens, to defend the Constitution. Has he? Follow the freaking money, Director Wray!

The only answer is he hates America and loves some other form of Ruling…what could that possibly be…SOCIALISM…he admits it! Isn’t that attempting to overthrow the Constitution?

Obama gave our enemy Iran $150 billion…and get the latest…

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson asked: “Thank you, Mr. President. U.S. Intelligence is saying this week that the coronavirus likely came from a level 4 lab in Wuhan. There’s also another report that the NIH under the Obama administration in 2015 gave that lab $3.7 million in a grant. Why would the U.S. give a grant like that to China?”

Trump responded: “The Obama administration gave them a grant of $3.7 million. I’ve been hearing about that… we’re looking at it… They were granted a substantial amount of money.”

Does that mean Obama helped finance the creation of Covid-19 to get Joe Biden elected?

Is he capable of that…?

I’m going to close with 2 thoughts…

1-Anybody who believes that Joe Biden currently has the mental capacity to be President of anything …must be on the same mental rate of decline as him…

2-Title 18 Sec 2381 USC -“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

3-      (I lied) Not one single “protest” was for any minority being shot or beaten, nor was it for anything other than, Obama originated, to put a puppet in office that he could direct… kind of what Soros did to him… a Howdy Doody sort of puppet!

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  • This is dangerous and false information to spread. You are spitting in the faces of the millions infected and dead, the doctors working round the clock hours trying to save lives. Stop these conspiracy theories and wear a mask, social distance, and go out only if necessary

  • I’m curious, Mr. DiLaura, why if you were an investigative agent for the FBI in Albany and Buffalo, NY, did you not investigate NVIXM? It was written about extensively by the ATU and well known in the area. And if you had retired already, why didn’t you use your influence, even as a retiree?

    I’m also curious about where you stand on the corruption in the area as to why nobody else has made any arrests concerning NXIVM, and where you align yourself in the case of Mr. Tighe. Frank believes he is innocent, do you? I read that you are well known and did much work in the area for the FBI and local police departments. Why has NDNY not pursued any of the computer hacking that came up in the trial, including of congressmen and judges?

    If you are going to boast about your investigative record, then I think it is fair to ask about how you (and your northern NY based colleagues) missed, ignored, or just didn’t care about NXIVM and I look forward to your response.

    Apologies if you have addressed this before, I lightly searched but did not find it.

    • Ice Nine, Regarding Frank Parlato’s guilt or innocence…from what little I know about the case it’s a civil dispute and not a criminal matter. There must be criminal “intent”, to be a crime and from what I understand the money in question, was placed in – and is still in – an escrow account. When have you ever heard of a thief putting his theft proceeds into an escrow account? People steal because they NEED money …people who need money bad enough to steal, don’t put it into an escrow account…You figure it out! I never worked in Albany. Only SC, New York City, and Buffalo. NXIVM was many years (15) after I retired , grasshopper…I stopped investigating crimes when I retired. Honestly though, when I did hear about NXIVM, I didn’t care about it. When FBI Agents retire, even Agents In Charge (SAC), they have no influence…the FBI just wants us to go away, that was told to me by a very good friend who was my SAC…after “he” retired! I now investigate only what I want to, to help save our Constitution and help Pres. Trump restore some kind of sanity in the country that lunatics…disguised as Congressmen and women, Senators, Governors, and Mayors…are trying their best to destroy! I wouldn’t call my talking about some of my accomplishments as boasting…when everything I relate is/are facts. Unfortunately, the FBI would never confirm or deny anything any Agent ever did…it’s policy…they would even hesitate to confirm someone is or was an Agent. As I approach the worst part of life …fighting it at every step…recalling some of the things I did and writing about them gives me solace and a sense of great accomplishment…as not many have had the luck that I had in a very rewarding law enforcement career and lived to tell about it! Thanks for asking. The Right Side

  • Why should Trump care if Covid 19 was created by China? The Stable Genius himself declared that 99% of the cases are totally harmless, and the rest can be cured by drinking bleach. So relax conservatives, and protect your free speech by not wearing a mask.

  • A virology lab in Wuhan received about $600,000 over five years from the U.S. government. Some of the money came while Trump was president. The grant was part of an effort to spot viruses in wildlife that might jump and infect humans.

    The best genetic analysis to date says the virus that causes COVID-19 was not created in a lab.

  • Anonymous, Why is it, chronic complainers like you hide their identities? Is it because it allows people like you to disregard the facts, not attack the facts when you realize the facts stand on their own merits…and attack the writer with impunity? Answer this…”Did Obama give the Wuhan lab 3.7 Million in 2015…”that’s a yes or no? That’s an old law school tactic that ambulance chaser lawyers use mostly unsuccessfully because facts are evidence and opinions of anonymous underachievers are useless! Otherwise …real good comments. The Right Side

    • —Anonymous, Why is it, chronic complainers like you hide their identities?—

      Using a pseudonym like Right Side is also hiding your identity.

    • “”Did Obama give the Wuhan lab 3.7 Million in 2015…”that’s a yes or no?”

      Money has been going there, for legitimate viral research, since 2002, under Bush, Obama and Trump.

      The EcoHealth Alliance is a nongovernmental research group that focuses on emerging diseases caused by human and animal interactions. The National Institutes of Health has consistently funded the organization for projects since at least 2002.

      In 2014, the NIH approved a grant to EcoHealth Alliance designated for research into “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” The project involved collaborating with researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study coronaviruses in bats and the risk of potential transfer to humans.

      The original five-year grant was reapproved by the Trump administration in July 2019. In total, $3,378,896 in NIH funding was directed from the government to the project.

      The project, which was established “to understand what factors allow coronaviruses, including close relatives to SARS, to evolve and jump into the human population,” yielded 20 scientific reports on how zoonotic diseases may transfer from bats to humans.

    • Only $600,000 went to the Wehan lab…so that’s a No.

  • Reading this bullshit, I can finally understand why he is a FORMER member of law enforcement. What I cannot understand is why they employ these nutjobs at all.

  • –Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson asked: “Thank you, Mr. President. U.S. Intelligence is saying this week that the coronavirus likely came from a level 4 lab in Wuhan—
    No, the just released full text of the incriminating State Dept cable reveals that there is NO evidence that Covid 19 come from the lab.

    –Anybody who believes that Joe Biden currently has the mental capacity to be President of anything …must be on the same mental rate of decline as him—
    Yes. Anyone who thinks injecting bleach is a cure is too stupid to be president.

    • Today on Fox:
      When told that Mr. Biden was chosen in the Fox poll as the more mentally sound candidate, Mr. Trump disputed that finding and defended his cognitive test results to Mr. Wallace, who said he had taken the same test that the president had bragged about acing this month. Mr. Wallace pointed out that one of the questions asked to identify an elephant.

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