If someone rolls over on you, your going to pay the price

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Jim Del Negro 

If you in any way participated in any illegal activity within NXIVM such as bringing cash across the border while returning from a trip from Mexico or going to Albany for an intensive, opening a bank account for NXIVM that they then used to pay commissions, nannies, house cleaning for the upper leadership, driving the Rainbow Cultural Garden nannies around, helping to imprison NXIVM members, computer tampering, going through someone’s mail, helping to prepare false evidence, lying on court documents or in court, plotting against Raniere’s so called suppressive to have them falsely brought up on charges, imprison or killed… the list is endless,

Find a good criminal attorney and go cut a deal NOW. There are only going to be a few of these available.

If they have to come find you because someone rolled over on you, your going to pay the price.

2 thoughts on “If someone rolls over on you, your going to pay the price

  1. Looks like Dr. Danielle launched a public website: http://www.drdanielleroberts.com/
    Wonder if she’s going to “Announce DOS” as Keith is encouraging…
    “I chose life. I chose to take accountability for each of my actions, my thoughts and emotions. I chose to get clear, clean up my food, practice awareness, and listen to my body, for guidance so I may begin to heal. As I continued to listen, the messages became loud and clear.

    And what I have found is nothing short of a miracle, a rebirth. I now fully participate in life. I can love, honor, and trust me for whom and what I am. I have deeper, healthier, fulfilling relationships. I cherish the sweetness I can now find in every moment of life (so that I don’t need to find it on my plate). I have health emerging from beneath a stubborn digestive plague. My moods are stable filled with gratitude, and passion for each new day. I have strong purpose and meaning in my life, which I have the privilege to share with my patients and friends through my work on daily basis.

    It is my dream to continue to share this type of intuitive healing with each and every heart I touch. As we learn to love and heal ourselves, we will be loving and healing the entire planet.”

    And some other ways to contact:

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