Banned By Twitter, Gen. Michael Flynn Is Published on Frank Report Concerning Roger Stone

Roger Stone and Michael Flynn

Michael Thomas Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general whose military career included a key role in shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.  He was given numerous combat arms, conventional, and special operations senior intelligence assignments and was the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in July 2012.

Medal earned by General Michael Flynn

In February 2016, Flynn became a national security advisor to Donald Trump for his 2016 presidential campaign.

In December 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to a felony count of “willfully and knowingly” making false statements to the FBI. Two weeks before his scheduled sentencing, in January 2020, Flynn moved to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming government vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement. On November 25, 2020, Flynn was issued a presidential pardon by Donald Trump.

On January 8, 2021, Twitter permanently banned Flynn because he was presenting opinions that ran contrary to Twitter’s.

Frank Report was asked to publish the following message by General Flynn, and since Twitter is solemnly opposed to the messages of General Flynn, it is not inconceivable that he should resort to Frank Report to put out his message – in this case – a message concerning Roger Stone and his wife.

By Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.)

It has long been an American military tradition that we do not leave our wounded on the battlefield.

“Leave no man behind” is an honored principle of our Armed Forces.

That is why I am writing to you today about my friend Roger Stone. Like myself, Roger was subjected to a politically motivated prosecution in the Mueller witch hunt. He was railroaded by corrupt prosecutors who withheld exculpatory evidence from his defense lawyers and a biased judge who didn’t even bother hiding her hatred for both President Trump and Stone. Through the grace of God, Roger was unconditionally pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump with Nydia and Roger Stone

As with the fabricated case against me, Roger Stone and his wife lost everything in their efforts to finance his legal defense. They were forced to sell their home and spend their savings.

The Mueller inquisition cost them everything.

Now after two years of relentless stress and near bankruptcy, Roger and his wife Nydia face an even greater challenge because Nydia has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer which has spread to her lungs.

I recently met Nydia Stone in Florida and can tell you that she is a gracious lady and a strong woman, deeply committed to fighting both medicinally and spiritually for her life. However, the cost of treatment for Nydia is substantial.

Roger Stone has proven himself to be a valiant and loyal warrior in the fight to make America great again. Now we must rally around Roger and Nydia Stone as they fight once again, this time for Nydia’s life.

First and foremost, I ask you to join every member of the Flynn family in praying for the Stones in their time of distress. Won’t you also please send a generous contribution to the Stone Family Support Fund? No contribution is too large or too small.

We have a moral obligation to stand with those who have the courage to stand up for America.

Please join me in supporting these great patriots in their time of need.

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  • When General Mike Flynn has to resort to Frank Report to get his voice heard…

    All you can say is ermahgerd.

    Gen Flynn said on his Twitter bio, American exceptionalism is a real thing. I kept telling you, FR is exceptional — now you know it’s exceptionally exceptional. Well, I never.

  • Mr. Flynn,

    you must be seriously desperate to resort to the Frank Report to post your message. I pity you.good luck.

    • Maybe Flynn once belonged to NXIVM? He seems to be a good friend of Roger Stone, and Stone once worked for Keith. Perhaps Flynn also knows Frank? Is Frank being totally honest about his involvement with Stone and Flynn?

      • For what it’s worth — there have been repeated rumors linking Gen Flynn (and one of his family members) with the Ramtha cult. I tried to check this out, but found little of substance. Ramtha the Enlightened One went full-bore Qanon, of course, after decades of supporting the Democrats. If anyone can link Flynn with Ramtha, I’d be really interested. I doubt he could be so stupid, but you never know.

  • BTW – Did anyone notice that that donations website is private and that it holds no accountability and has no goal amount needed, or credible info about total contributions received?

    When people are truly in need of help, they know exactly how much they need and do not want to take a single penny more. So, they put up a goal amount. Maybe it shows this after you contribute? Someone would have to tell me because I do not intend to find out for myself. In any case, it should show you before you donate.

    So, why not use GoFundMe that would track contributions to the goal? Simple, it is so Roger can continue to take as much money as he wants for as long as he wants.

    Frank – if you believe in your friend and his wife, you should advise him of this. I’m sorry to say for Mrs. Stone but this has the look of greed, not need.

    • Yeah, I noticed. Also thinking about how much it cost to build the site, maintain the site, and rent the servers. A cost that truly broke people cannot afford. Thus, the use of GoFundMe and the like. I just didn’t include it in my message below because it would muddy the waters of my point. But yes, only someone with money could have afforded to get that site up and running.

      Do not fall for the Stone Scam.

  • Does anyone else see the similarities between this and what keith did to Sally Brink?

    Both women have cancer, and are surrounded by millionaires and billionaires, but had to resign themselves to beg for a few thousand dollars because the wealthy and powerful people they have devoted their lives to did nothing to help them.

    Fortunately they have Frank as a friend who is a good guy and would allow this kind of message on his website to his hard earned readership. That’s more than billionare DJT seems to be doing who could solve this problem Mrs. Stone in 5 minutes.

  • Conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Fact!
    Australian TV exposes Anthony Fauci and his collaborator Peter Daszak as guilty parties with the Chinese in the creation of Covid-19.
    The US Government helped China murder 3.7 million people worldwide.
    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

  • Bret Weinstein is a biologist who discusses with Dr. Pierre Kory how Big Business and Silicon Valley are censoring news about safe, effective medicines for treating Covid-19.
    Why is this treatment being suppressed? (Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein)

  • Big Business and Silicon Valley donated over a Billion dollars to Joe Biden.
    Joe Biden works for Big Business, not you.
    And Youtube videos that criticize Biden are censored.

  • What was General Flynn’s “crime”?
    Flynn argued that China was and is a bigger threat to America than Russia.
    Barack Obama and his National Security Adviser Susan Rice disagreed.
    The Democrats criminalized a policy dispute.
    At no time did the Democrats produce evidence that either General Flynn or Donald Trump were or are Russian agents.

    • He lied to the FBI. That’s a federal crime. He also pled guilty. Leave the world to younger people dude, they get to live in the future.

      • Young people get to live in the future? Not if self-serving meglomaniacs like Stone have a say in it. In the minds of these gnarled hemorrhages on humanity – there’ll be no future for you if they’re not starring in it.

        What stuns me most about Trump’s pardon list (though it shouldn’t by now) is not the dozens of crooks he let off but that he didn’t pardon or spare his own family. He pardoned Roger Stone in 2 parts, apparently so Stone would have to earn the full pardon following a 50% down payment of sorts, IHMO, but he forfeited his own family to his narcissistic delusion he’ll retake office and his need for their forced support or pity on them to try to do it. IHMO.

        Btw, again, her majesty the FR bequeathed Empress’ opinions do not necessarily reflect that of the ChiCom people or any other human.

  • Law

    College student busted for committing hate crimes—against herself
    The college student claims the attacks were racially motivated
    June 12, 2021

    Hate crime hoaxes appear regularly. Beyond the infamous Jussie Smollett case, Law Officer reported claims made by a made by a biracial woman that she was burned by four white men in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin last summer, which were unfounded, and a former NFL player who trashed his business to make it look like a hate crime, among others.

    • Surely, you jest. You don’t expect Frank to “investigate” anything newsworthy, do you? You’re in the wrong place. It would do so much good, so that was probably the reason it won’t be done. It would require too much work and real investigative journalism, which is not what is published here.

  • A number of researchers have linked Flynn and Stone (and several other people) to starting the QAnon conspiracy nonsense.

    Flynn’s brother has named some of these researchers in a libel suit, (which is quite hilarious) given that the Flynn family are all on video reciting the “QAnon oath”. Apparently the Flynn’s did not think that one through before filing this “LOL suit”.

    Michael Flynn may be banned from Twitter, but his brother is not, and his brother uses his Twitter account to childishly troll and harass these researchers. If Michael Flynn wants to post anything on Twitter he surely could have his brother post on his behalf. He doesn’t need to post here to have a voice, but obviously Flynn is hoping this will make him appear to be a victim.

  • Tuesday, June 14, is Donald J. Trump’s birthday, the 45th president of the United States. Will you write a tribute column or article?

    • I doubt it. He is out of office. I am getting mixed reports from sources on Biden’s competence, with some who have access saying he is sharp mentally, though a step slower than he was not long ago and others saying he is slipping badly. I am far more interested in Biden and if I get anything substantial, I will report it.

      • My litmus test for competence is very simple. When Biden stands in front of the world and tells doctors that people should inject disinfectant into their bodies and shove a UV light up their asses, then I will know he is a fucking moron.

      • Everyone who worked with Trump and left talked about what a moron he is. A friend of his, a friend mind you called him not only crazy but stupid.

        We have just experience a massive upgrade in competence.

      • President Obama fired Gen Flynn. A former senior U.S. official who worked with Flynn said the firing was for insubordination after the Army lieutenant general failed to follow guidance from superiors. Obama warned the incoming President Trump 2 days after Trump was elected, saying not to hire Flynn. But Trump did hire him and made him National Security Advisor…then a month later Flynn resigned after information surfaced that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and others about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

        • Obama always wanted to rid the higher-ups in the armed forces of men who would not wear high heels. He has succeeded.

          • So, just to be clear, if a known Democrat General failed to follow orders and misled the Vice President, you would be equally just fine with it as you are General Flynn? Just checking where your moral needle lies. I mean I know the answers – “It’s OK if a Republican does it”. Ironic too considering you failed to note he was fired AFTER Trump was in office, as in Trump fired him, not Obama. But why let the actual order of events get in the way of your lack of morals when can just invent your own reality.

      • Flynn joined a cult. It’s not called NXIVM but it’s still a cult. Very smart people sadly join cults all the time and yes this does turn them into “bona fide nutjobs” despite their previous successes. The former does not preclude the latter.

    • Said the anonymous [redacted] who supports the worst nutjob in American history, ‘china joe bidet.’

    • Nutjobs are the ones Frank loves the most. Nicki, Shadow, Sultan, Omar, Scotty, Stone, even Keith before he went up on Frank’s ass. Any right-wing nutjob, treason trash friend of Roger Stone’s will continue to be embraced by Frankie P, or are you new to this site?

      • So glad your post got through, I said the same, but more honest and brutal. Mine never makes it. Too close for comfort, me thinks.

      • Close your sanctimonious mouth you [redacted] liberal. Stop projecting your treason by calling people who don’t hate their race and country as “traitors”. Do you even see how [redacted] you are? You have zero loyalty whatsoever.

  • Hey, General Flynn,

    Reign the terrorist country of “turkey” in.

    The scumbags occupy the northern region of the Greek island of Cyprus, they are still occupying huge swathes of Iraq and Syria, they helped Azerbaijan invade Armenia in 2020, and more…

    Throw them out of NATO.

    The fake nation of “turkey” is in ethnically cleansed Greek Asia Minor and West Armenia.

  • If Donald Trump is as wealthy and benevolent as he claims why doesn’t he foot the bill for the Stones?

    Ditto the Trump children.

    I am ready for my censorship, Frank. I don’t like it. But I accept it.

  • Flynn is a traitor, liar, an embarrassment to our nation and should be stripped of his medals. Either he’s working with Ron Watkins (Q) or feeds him things. Him asking for such support makes me less inclined to help, not more. I have nothing against Mrs. Stone and I hope she recovers, but there are many more deserving people I’d support over her.

  • Although the message of Mr. Flynn in helping Mr. and Mrs. Stone is a sympathetic one, I would rather not see future messages of this traitor on the Frank Report. Mr. Flynn should be called on active duty again and then swiftly court-martialed for treason because he advocates the overturning of the current government by force. There is a reason why Twitter doesn’t allow him on its platform: he is calling for a violent uprising.

    Maybe Mr. Trump can come to the aid of his old friend (again)… I believe he has some funds available…

    • Are you a whiny liberal?

      What is it with you actual traitors calling people who don’t want their country taken over “traitor”.

      You literally want THE people taken over by other people.

      You have zero loyalty.

      • Since the Frank Report is primarily about NXIVM and to lighten things up a bit from this bitter exchange, I have a little anecdote with a more serious message at the end.

        In the period 2001-2003 during her equestrian career, Clare was coached by Henk Nooren, a well-known Dutch equestrian and trainer. On her now-defunct website, Clare mentioned this and praised Mr. Nooren for his coaching and trainer skills. At least sometime during this period, Clare also lived in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). On the 26th of May 2001, Clare Bronfman won the Grand Prix at CSI-A Eindhoven (NED).

        Now, the city of Eindhoven is my hometown. I was born there and lived there for many years. Eindhoven was liberated from German occupation on September 18th 1944 by British and American forces (101 st airborne). We are still grateful to those who liberated Eindhoven. In fact, so much so, that Eindhoven is the only city in the Netherlands that celebrates its liberation every year since 1945. It’s quite a big celebration with original military vehicles from the era rolling through the city. We are doing that for 75 years now. During this day, we also celebrate the values of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!

  • Do not donate to Stone. Sad for his wife but her medical condition does not suddenly anoint him sainthood. Also, he lives in a half a million-dollar condo in a rich neighborhood of Florida. While affording to go on a “fundraising tour” for medical and legal donations. As a sign of what he is doing, last year Trump made $1 billion in donations running for office. It’s a hell of a scam if can do it.

    He is literally the right-hand man to a so-called billionaire. If Trump was telling the truth about his wealth (yeah I had a laugh over that half sentence), the price of medical care is a day’s earning for him. Stone spent decades conning people out of money. He, like most rich people, has money squired all over the world. He isn’t living poorly either. He is living quite well still, better than 99% of Americans. He remains very much part of the 1%. He deserves no donation of any kind. He is a traitor along with General Dipship. Remember both colluded with Russians to get their Dear Leader elected in 2016. Something if a Democrat had even spoke outloud of doing, the same right-wing would have lost their collective minds over.

    “unconditionally pardoned” – eyeroll. There is no “conditional” to a pardon. It’s very binary. As for the evidence, General Dipshit admitted to it. The simple fact is the General Dipshit put loyalty to a man above country. His job was to serve the United States of America, not Donald Trump. I am sure he has made all the necessary mental gymnastics, moral equivocations, and reality re-writes to make it ok in his mind but the simple fact is he failed to uphold his honor, he failed to defend the country and he failed himself in every way possible. I could get into Stone too but why bother.

    Or to put it more simply for the far-righters whose morality begins and ends with “Did my team do it?”, if a Democrat even did one of the things General Dipshit and his best bud Stone was accused of and admitted to, the right-wing would have absolutely lost their shit. They would have demanded not one investigation but dozens, ala Benghazi. GOP created the standard all those years ago and, surprise, now when their own methods are used against them (by a GOP-run justice department no less), they whine like the little bitches they are. I am sure as we speak General Dipshit is back at his spot, his face buried in Dear Leader’s ass.

    I am sure many right-wingers here will line up to donate – just remember to check the fine print. Trump already got caught twice with doing reoccurring “donation” charges without user’s knowing consent, find it hard to believe Stone will not pull the same tactic. Again, I remind you that The Stone Family are still members of the 1%. He is literally on a fundraising tour. Don’t you wish you could do a fundraising tour where all the money goes directly into your bank account to do with as you see fit like he is currently doing?

    And, Frank, you should be ashamed of posting this. It’s not journalism by any standard that exists, nor an opinion piece by any standard that exists. It’s a solicitation, an advertisement. It’s a “Donate to my friend” statement and nothing more. To attempt to give it a more lofty goal is bullshit and you know it, or should know it.

    • Two things — 1. Stone lives in a modest condo in not a middle class neighborhood in Florida. He lost a nicer home rental shortly after he was arrested by 29 FBI agents and four CNN camera crew in a pre-dawn raid. I think he was unfairly targeted by the Andrew Weissman prosecution disguised under the name Mueller.

      2. Stone and his wife Nydia are my friends and all my friends are 12 feet tall. I am never ashamed to help my friends, including using this website for the purpose.

      • 1) He lives in a $500,000 or so cost Condo. No one not in the 1% can afford that. Rented or bought. He sold his $2 million dollar home to do it. Leaving a whole lot of money left over for him to use and invest with. Again no one not in the 1% had a $2 million dollar home to sell. Where that $1.5 million go cause seems like that would have covered her medical care. Oh you thought I wouldn’t have context. I get it, it tends to screw with the deceptions some try to engage in.

        2) Its your site, but you can’t claim journalistic integrity on one hand and then pull shit like this where allow your politics to dictate your posts like you have been lately. Re-read the above “article”, at no point were you transparent about your relationship with Stones like you should have been. You know this, its not hard. A sentence in the first paragraph is all it would take “Full disclosure, I am friends with the Stone, the General, and support them on their legal charges.”

    • Half a million condo ain’t much these days. Don’t fall for this banana in the tailpipe from this one’s pretzel logic.

      • That is a bizarre argument to make.

        How many people could even consider renting, owning, or even using a half a million dollar condo? No one I know. But then no one I know are members of the 1% like the Stones. He has access to money, he is literally friends with millionaires and billionaires. He has access to wealth at a level that most of us can barely even dream of touching and yet you defend his naked scam to get money from the non 1% as “Half a million condo ain’t much these days”. What is wrong with you?

        There are literally thousands of people who are actually broke, who never owned million dollar homes, flew first class everywhere, visited the world, shook hands and hung out in the homes of millionaires and billionaires, that could use your donation. Go donate to them. Do some actual good where the money will go to save a life instead of this maybe, maybe not, that is the Stone donation.

  • Flynn made his comments while on stage at a “For God & Country Patriot Roundup” conference in Dallas. The event was attended by adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory and many who support the unfounded belief that the presidential election was stolen from Trump. There an audience member asked Flynn, “I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?”

    He was referring to Myanmar’s military seizing control of the country in a coup d’etat Feb. 1, returning the country to military rule.

    Cheers erupted from the crowd, and Flynn responded, “No reason. I mean, it should happen here. No reason. That’s right.”

    That’s why Twitter banned Flynn…merely advocating the overthrow of our government.

      • Remember when the far-right said they needed their guns to stop a government takeover from the military? NOW they are claiming they need their guns to help the military take over the government. Man, you people are bat shit crazy.

        It’s what happens when your moral compass is defined as “Whatever my team wants to do is fine by me.”

    • “many who support the unfounded belief that the presidential election was stolen from Trump”.

      But it was. You say “unfounded” yet you people still go on about your made up “Russian collusion”. You don’t call your unfounded claims “unfounded”.

      The dominant left wing media propaganda machine, left wing tech companies, the 1 in 4 colored immigrant voters and their children, race baiters and other such cunts stole the election. There is literally an article from Time where this four-by-two propagandist admits what the left was doing. They literally had BLM terrorists/rioters on speed dial should their scheme fail to stop Trump getting elected. Literally terrorists. A shit ideology and violence to force on to people to get their way.

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