Temple Kung Fool: ‘Now is the time to stand up and end NXIVM’

By Temple Kung Fool

Frank Parlato is a hero. The time and dedication with which he pursued Keith Raniere and his criminal cohorts is medal worthy. We all need to be thanked for a job well done.

Keith is a little turd of a human and with Frank’s focused dedication to keep this story alive, we will likely see NXIVM fall.

I encourage all those harmed, defrauded of money, mentally or physically abused, coerced, blackmailed, falsely accused or sexually abused to report your stories to the authorities.

Now is your time to stand up against the tyranny of Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Please tell your stories on social media or make comments on YouTube or Twitter and don’t forget to report to the authorities.

In addition, Anthony Ames, Soukaina Mehdaoui, Jennifer Kobelt, Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson need to be thanked for their bravery in telling the truth regarding this immoral organization.

Maybe Jens Erik Gould of The Knife Media should film a new Bravery Tapes with the victims of DOS, Jness, ESP, NXIVM, EXO/ESO, Society of Protectors (wimps) and do an article critiquing the NY Times article regarding The Knife’s parent company, NXIVM.

Now it’s time for the rest of us to stand up and help end NXIVM.

Frank, thank you telling the truth and helping the victims of Keith Raniere.









Keith Raniere in a You Tube video where he says, ‘I have had people killed for my beliefs… and theirs.’
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