Why Aren’t Osteopaths Condemning Danielle Roberts D.O.?

Danielle Roberts D.O.

By Shivani

No brander of peoples’ flesh, as Danielle Roberts is known to have been and probably still is, can be regarded as a member of any medical, or healing profession. This is not even rational, to ignore her acts.

Does it matter if she was “at work” or not, when she wielded her power to burn people?

Did she suddenly stop being a so-called doctor, during her off-work hours, her leisure time? Those who allow Roberts to practice medicine, even though they are aware of her reputation, are demonstrating their own characters by sanctioning her actions. Classic hairsplitting, whether she did her filthy deeds on the clock or not. What is behind the mask of any medical profession whose members ignore this vile behavior, action? Indifference? Avoidance? Embarrassment?

Who would want Danielle Roberts to breathe in the same room with one of our children, loved ones, friends?

Who would choose her as a physician?

She has earned her reputation. Many who are aware of what Roberts has done would not allow her to put a single finger on us. There is no integrity to ascribe to Danielle Roberts, the same as Raniere.

At the very least, her own colleagues could have made moves to prevent her from being even a qualified “osteopath” ever again, once Roberts actions came to public light. It isn’t too late to express disgust, yet has any Osteopath or osteopathic organization, addressed Roberts or criticized or condemned her actions, at all, ever?

Nah. She had been working in Plainview, New York as a doctor, after Raniere’s arrest and conviction. She also maintained a private practice, and haunted medical seminars and health expos, recruiting for Raniere. Also, she has remained deeply and personally enmeshed with Nxivm/DOS.

“Here, there and everywhere” in New York State. There have been plenty of details to read, about how she lives, with whom, even to their names.

Meanwhile, Danielle Roberts has brought fellow D.O.s, all D.O.S shame, as a representative of their profession and to their golden goose, their Osteopathic Oath. She has, yet nothing seems to have been heard, and osteopaths sit silently?

No protest, no public outcry, no outrage at her delivery of pain and fear and suffering? I guess that self-critiquing isn’t stylish.

Danielle Roberts was burning and scarring people who were being deceived and who will bear their scars permanently. She has stood burning unanesthetized “slaves” flesh for 20 to 30 minutes per session.

She made their layers of skin smell with an odor which would cause any normally responsive person to be completely horrified at the entire process. She did not mind having her victims’ legs spread wide, having them videotaped for Raniere’s sadistic viewing pleasure. She was fine with having the ones getting branded being held down by other participants. Some lost control, when being burned, of their bladders and sphincter muscles and were stuck prone on their backs in their own “soiling” of themselves with waste.

Roberts was fine with the slave status, fine with chirping about “medical research” while in actuality, Robert’s commitment was and is, to Keith Raniere. And probably most of all, to herself.

I have watched her, Shadow, more than enough, as she tries to be persuasive on video, etc. Chirping away, angling to sound like someone with any decency, hiding her claws, leaving her branding habits unmentioned.

It isn’t over. There is more to watch. Emiliano Zapata was a helluva lot better-looking than Doktor Roberts, and he didn’t need to wax his mustache every morning, either.

Watching for the next moves of the carcinogenic D.O. of D.O.S. is far less entertaining. She appears to be so squashable. Danielle Roberts – and this is only the observation of a nature lover – looks a lot like a magnification of an ant. Something about that brownish hairdo, accompanies by that body language. The fixed, bulgy-eyed stare of obsessiveness, however, is just like watching an Isis meth-head drool, anticipating more violence.

Danielle Roberts at a wellness conference

A niece of mine has a very big and colorful tattoo covering her from the navel to the bikini line. Some cartoonish thing. She said it hurt awfully and took more than one appointment to complete and that it took time for her skin to adapt.

She wasn’t held down, her lady parts weren’t videotaped, she was not burned or scarred, but she isn’t crazy about her big, goofy tattoo anymore, either, about 15 years later.

The branding scars look like disfigurements; something repugnant, hard to see, pitiable and cringe-worthy. Not nice, Danielle Roberts, just like enjoying, celebrating numerous badly infected pustules.

How IS the slavery biz going now?

Do drop a line or two and let the world know.

Dr. Roberts, continue to enlighten your inferiors, s’il vous plaît. Now that Raniere is out of the way, what is the currently most popular fad for you and the other groupies? How’s the sexual tyranny going at this juncture?

Three people who are friends of mine just left to spend several weeks in Guadalajara, and one is a vaquero. If you even so much as glance at him, his wife will eat you as a snack.


Dr. Danielle Roberts was at the Naval wellness exposition in the fall of 2017 prior to Raniere’s arrest but after the Frank Report and then the New York Times broke the branding story wide open.

Roberts was named by Frank Report as the branding doctor.

20-20 went to the wellness expo to interview Dr. Roberts. She was disinclined to comment on the record.

20-20 asked the questions above. Here is Dr. Robert’s response:



Dr. Roberts is considered an expert in wellness.


MK10ART’s depiction of the glorious Dr. Roberts with Allison Mack applying the brand of Keith Alan Raniere.

Is this where Dr. Roberts truly belongs?


MK10ART’s painting of Dr. Roberts and her tool of the trade.


This artist’s conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as a deranged mad doctor may be unfair. She is a physician who put women in danger but, first and foremost, she is a slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience.

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4 years ago

Just thinking about how apparently Raniere told his followers going through pain would lead to “joy.” When you look at what amounts of pain, such as brandings, fright “experiments,” numerous incidents of abortions if he got women pregnant, the use of collateral to intimidate his flock, Raniere pitting one person against another to compete for his attention, what do you see, really?

Progressively, Raniere and Nancy Salzman made their demands upon others more and more steep. People had to allow themselves to be humiliated, people had to even humiliate themselves, more and more intensively as time went by, and as the conditionalities for feeling acceptable became more and more irrational. Like it or else. Things could always be made more and more awful. You are not being worthy enough. You might be abandoned by him and the group. You would be told how wrong you were. Your own conscience and trust in yourself was being set up for destruction. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

In fact one’s own self-destruction was designed to seem like finally, you were making progress!

The more one fell in line with losing one’s own mindfulness, the more “acceptance” Nxivm and its leaders would give. Pretty much the more messed up you became, the better it might go for you personally. You might even become impotant.

Of course, receiving any approval was guaranteed to be only a temporary blip. Very soon, there would be more demands made, there would be a new “issue.”

So, you are good enough for awhile, until the next time an excuse would be found to send you back down into the pits of self-blame, fear, self-abnegation. Peer pressure would be a big, big factor applied to anyone who was not “surrendered enough” to the entire set-up, the power structure.

Sooner or later, those who let themselves become entrapped by Nxivm and later on by DOS, accepted worse and worse circumstances, conditions and most of all, demands. Step by step, the individuals and the subsets of smaller groups plus the entire environment as a whole, turned more and more ugly, disruptive and sado-masochistc. But you had better like it, be a cheerleader for all of the monstrous experiences, or else you are no good. And you are up to no good unless you obey the ever-moprhing rules of governance.

No one was allowed to have another man in their lives; each female (who knows about the males?) had to be only with, only for Raniere. Meanwhile he was out screwing around with everyone else’s thoughts, feelings, any other relationships they had or would like to pursue and imposing his sexual tyranny and sadistic fascinations upon everyone, willy-nilly.

People were conditioned to ignore, to overlook, to accept and even to sanction and to praise Raniere’s insanities.

If one didn’t cooperate, get with his program, again and again, you’re made to experience shame about your response. You had to take it, had to accept his totalitarianism, his perversions as right behavior, as supreme “guidance.” Or else things are going to get worse and worse.

Everybody trying to be accepted, to maybe hear a scrap of praise. Yet criminality, in Raniere’s name, on his behalf was an ongoing requirement for “success.”

These were merely a few quick, obvious examples of what atmosphere Raniere and Nancy Salzman decisively designed to get individuals unnecessarily off-kilter, to invade peoples’ mental and emotional stability and then to inject their own demands unto their “subjects” and to make them more controllable.

Make someone feel awful, wrong, unenlightened. Make people feel very lowdown, inside and outside. You are all wrong in your thinking, your feelings and must change your way to Raniere’s way, sanction his manipulations and surrender to abusiveness. Buck “up” or the whole group looks down their noses. Everybody had to be like lemmings rushing headlong over a cliff together…or else. Or else every hour becomes worse.

His techniques, if you can call them techniques, are essentially his methods of madness. He kept setting up people to experience nervousness, fear, unhappiness. Then, if there were emotional responses, unhappiness expressed, some kind of argumentation or protest, THAT was being wrong, wrong, wrong. You’re doomed to fail, no matter what you do or say.

You were not “advancing” unless you accepted the big, unreasonable, unfair experiences that he and his head minions dealt out consistently and systematically.

Regarding the so-called doctors and the so-called therapists who supported any of these circumstances, as individuals who were educated to assist others, to heal them, to offer advice or counsel, what can one evaluate, from what they allowed and supported ? Honestly, did these “healers” ever dream that Nxivm and/or DOS was a positive enviorment or a healing or enlightening philosophy?

How could any therapist or any physician ever, ever go along with Raniere’s blatant dictatorship, which exclusively required that he be their God?

These individuals, to me, who arranged for themselves to support such foul conditionings as righteous, are guilty of participating in the mistreatments being delivered to everyone, much moreso than those without their backgrounds and training.

To claim to be a member of a healing profession devoted to healthiness and to celebrate peoples’ suffering, to get off on it – how does that happen?

Or were these pros chosen deliberately for bigger roles within the organization’s firmament and its power base because it wasmseen and understood that these particular people were already corrupt, or easily corruptible? Probably these people were seen as being both, already corrupted before joining the movement, as well as being more and more easy to corrupt, once thoroughly enlisted behind Raniere and his intentions.

These professionals or semi-professionals seem to have seen opportunities for themselves, for their own motivations to be furthered, by hitching their wagons to Raniere. This is a heavier, nastier type of enlistment into the group itself, than whenever some naive person signing up for a course sold as training for human growth potential.

Danielle Roberts is more specifically responsible for her positioning herself in the Nxivm/DOS ranks because she was posing as a healer, not as a regular customer, as she practiced sadism. Brandon Porter, Raniere himself and Nancy Salzman are among those who are more personally responsible for what was really happening, for what was really being done to people, so very deceptively.

Raniere was off- the-wall into his own madness, but his fellow “therapists” are responsible for pretending to not know any better, for sanctioning any of his methods, right as they walked in his doors. Healers who enjoy harming others, under cover of their qualifications, educations and resumés.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

Fourth paragraph, last word was meant as “important.” I realize my mistyping could look as if I meant “impotent.” That too could be true. One had to become more personally impotent, to really belong, to be commandeered. However, people wanted to be accepted, so desperately, within this group. People wanted to feel valued, to be “important.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

Oh dear. The above comment was in reference to another longass so far unpublished comment, currently awaiting moderation.

4 years ago

There are so many things that I can write about Osteopaths, none of them good.
First of all some personal background.
My family is filled with medical professionals. like nurses, pharmacists, biologists and anesthesiologists.
And all of them regard Osteopaths as modern day Voo Doo Doctors who wear white jackets and pretend to be doctors.
“I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.”
Modern day medicine has attracted lots of quackery and snake oil peddling.
People like osteopaths and folk medicine healers and snake oil salesmen.

And NXIVM attracts a lot of medical quackery.
There is some belief that Raniere convinced his followers Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske to reject conventional cancer treatments and instead use Germanic folk medicine and a milky white liquid to fight the cancer s they suffered from.
Supposedly this milky white liquid was a concoction from the Mistletoe plant.

“Mistletoe has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for a variety of conditions including seizures, headaches, and arthritis. Today, mistletoe is used in Europe as a treatment for cancer.
The berries, leaves, and stems of mistletoe are used to make extracts, which are usually given by injection under the skin. Mistletoe may also be taken orally (by mouth) as a dietary supplement. In Europe, mistletoe extracts that are given by injection are sold as prescription drugs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of mistletoe as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition. In the United States, the use of injectable mistletoe extracts is permitted only in clinical trials.”
“Mistletoe is not a proven cancer treatment. It should not be used outside of clinical trials.”

Here is a photo of the speakers at one of the health and wellness seminars where Danielle Roberts, D.O. spoke
comment image

Right next to Danielle Roberts is Doctor Joel Fuhrman, the Keynote Speaker.
I am somewhat familiar with Dr. Fuhrman because Chicago’s PBS station would play a tape of his presentation on pledge drives.
Fuhrman is a legitimate Doctor who believes in diet as a means to attain healing.
But he would way oversell the power of diet.
He would claim that if you followed his diet you could live to be 169 years old and end up jumping around like a jack rabbit.
Like many of NXIVM’s members Joel Fuhrman is a vegan who believes in a calorie restricted diet.
Fuhrman advocates a pound of raw vegetables and a pound of cooked vegetables per day.
I seriously doubt if Dr. Fuhrman advocates branding women on their pubic regions the same way Danielle Roberts does.

4 years ago

I think you may be confusing osteopaths with chiropractors.

Osteopaths these days are more or less just a sort of different flavor of general practitioner or internist – though specialists will, of course, look down on both.

4 years ago

Thanks, Shadow. Dr. D.O.S. Roberts seems to advocate for herself as a medical researcher, frequently. She has sought to conceal her own actions, which belie her words.

4 years ago

Why would anyone expect high moral standards from a doctor these days? Planned Parenthood pays “doctors” to dismember babies to sell their body parts to the highest bidder, and they enjoy widespread support from politicians. America has become morally degenerate and filled with reprobates.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I agree.
Doctors are supposed to be healers.
Today their definition of healing includes getting rid of unborn babies as “unfortunate mistakes.”
And if you were to ask the women of NXIVM what they thought of abortion I would wager that 99% of them would think of abortion as a sacrament.
And no major politician in New York State would refer to abortion as what it truly is — Murder!

I live near the home of a retired Doctor who died in September.
On going through his home the Doctor’s relative found jars filled with the corpses of about 2000 aborted babies soaking in formaldehyde.

“Over 2,000 fetal remains found at ex-abortion doctor’s home
September 14, 2019”
“JOLIET, Ill. (AP) — More than 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains have been found at the Illinois home of a former Indiana abortion clinic doctor who died last week, authorities said.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release late Friday that an attorney for Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family contacted the coroner’s office Thursday about possible fetal remains being found at the home in an unincorporated part of Will County in northeastern Illinois.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Compared to when? The days when doctors had corpses stolen from cemeteries for dissection and experiments? When they surreptitiously provided illegal abortions for the wealthy and privileged? When they performed unethical and harmful experiments on African-Americans – or would even refuse to treat them when they needed medical care?

Those sorts of simplistic “good old days” claims never really hold water.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

D.O.s have some pretty outlandish ideas. Cauterization is not illegal. Blackmail is.

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