Sahajo Haertel: Parlato Destroyed ‘Lifestyle Choice’ in DOS –FBI Gave Me Bogus Subpoena to Scare Me Away From Raniere’s Trial

There is an armory of information in the exhibits of Keith Raniere’s pro se Rule 33 motion for a new trial. Among them is this affidavit from Sahajo Haertel. She blames two villains for a lot of misery: the FBI and me.

Sahajo, 39, was a DOS slave and member of the Dossier Project. She lives in Berlin, Germany. Frank Report wrote about her during the summer of 2017.
It was between the time I broke the story of DOS and the fall. The New York Times became the second publication to report on DOS.

Sahajo Haertel is a fusion tribal belly dancer.

The Times made Keith Raniere famous around the world.  I first wrote about Sahajo on June 30, 2017. I was trying to shatter DOS and NXIVM – and land the rascal Raniere in prison.

Sahajo Haertel:  Describes herself as a “Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, seeker and promoter of heightened Awareness, Consciousness and Joy.” She does not mention she is a slave to Mr. Raniere. Sources say she is a member of DOS and lives in Albany.”
I published her picture. 











Now here is Prem Sahajo Haertel Affidavit for the Court

I have a Bachelor’s degree in European Politics and a Master’s degree in Post-colonial Politics (focusing on Poststructuralist Philosophy). I have worked in Education, Counseling, Research, and Management.

I participated in, and worked with various NXIVM companies over a 10-year period. I was also a member of DOS for two-and-a-half years.

My overall experience with NXIVM and DOS, and their respective leaderships and participants, was positive, and I did not personally experience any abuse or ever witness anyone being abused.

During my time in DOS, I personally knew and interacted with most of the former DOS members who now claimed to have had negative experiences during that time. I do not believe that any DOS members were the victims of a criminal offense, nor that anyone was coerced or abused.

During happy times in NXIVM- Sahajo in the back row with red sweater.

On June 30, 2017, Frank Parlato publicly posted my name, picture, and bio on a list of women he speculated might be “sex slaves” of Keith.

I have never been a sex slave, nor have I ever, to my knowledge, met a sex slave. I believe sex slavery is a heinous crime.

The Frank Report continued to make very serious and false accusations against the sorority and its members, including me. Because of this contorted and false media narrative, my membership and association with DOS, my private and personal choices, and my lifestyle (both true and false) were being misrepresented, judged, and attacked in the public domain.

Over the next six months, I lost my work, my community, and many of my friends. Many of my friends and family were either trying to “save me” from something I did not participate in, or harass me and accuse me of doing something I did not do.

On October 17, 2017, The New York Times published an article about the sorority, DOS, making it an overnight international story, and inferring that every woman in DOS was either a victim or a perpetrator. I was neither.

Those who did not denounce Keith Raniere or DOS were followed and harassed by media, the public, and former

In the fall of 2017, the FBI began investigating DOS and its members in relation to charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

I have never been a victim of, or witnessed, sex trafficking or forced labor of any kind, nor have I ever, to my knowledge, met a victim of these egregious crimes.

In the Spring of 2018, two FBI agents visited me at my residence in Clifton Park, NY, and told me they wanted to ask me some questions. They informed me that if I did not speak to them then, they would serve me with a subpoena. I was nervous and scared as I had never seen, let alone spoken to, FBI agents. I was a foreigner and guest in the USA, and I did not know what rights I had. I told them that I would not speak with them without an attorney present and they handed me a subpoena.

I hired an attorney whom I met once in person for about an hour to tell him about my experiences and answer whatever questions he had for me.

My attorney communicated with the Government concerning the Grand Jury Subpoena and then informed me of my legal rights and what options I had.

Ultimately, I decided to assert my Fifth Amendment privilege, not because I believed I had done anything wrong – I did not do anything wrong – but rather because it was clear that the Government was proceeding on the premise that any woman who was a member in DOS that either had recruited members or considered doing so was a potential co-conspirator and therefore could also be charged.

Because it was a RICO case, it was my understanding that anyone associated with either Keith Raniere or DOS could become a target in a federal investigation. My attorney told me that the Government had agreed that any further contact with me would need to go through my attorney My lawyer then informed me that I would likely not need to speak to them or testify.

Leading up to the public trial of Keith Raniere, I had not been contacted by my attorney again and believed the matter to be settled as over a year had passed since receiving the initial subpoena and the trial was about to start.

On May 8, 2019, I decided to attend the second day of Keith Raniere’s trial since it was open to members of the public, of which I am one.

The Eastern District of New York Courthouse where the Raniere trial was held.

At the end of that day, when the doors opened and I went to exit the courtroom with all the other attendees, an FBI agent, who I believe to have been FBI Special Agent Michael Lever, was waiting outside and immediately handed me a subpoena the moment I stepped out of the courtroom. I felt reprimanded for no other reason than showing up that day.

The subpoena did not contain a date or time for when I was commanded to appear in court. It looked like it was hand-written in haste that day, after spotting me at the trial because it had no specificity and, to my knowledge, they have not followed up on that subpoena to this very day, over three years later.


I do not believe this subpoena was in good faith with the intent to call me as a trial witness, based on the last-minute timing of the subpoena and the fact that the Government was aware I did not wish to speak to I believe the subpoena was given to me because I was attending the trial, as an attempt to threaten and punish me.

I wanted to attend as much of the trial as possible to show my support for my friend Mr. Raniere, and to see and hear for myself (firsthand) what evidence was being presented. However, after receiving the subpoena, I chose not to go back again because I was afraid of what additional punitive measures the Government might My attorney strongly advised me not to attend the trial further as I would only be, in his words, “poking the bear.”

In serving me this hastily drafted, undated subpoena, the Government succeeded in intimidating me and scaring me off from further attending this public trial.

Before the trial, they had agreed that all further communication would go through my lawyer. I believe by publicly handing me this subpoena, in plain sight of everyone, including journalists leaving the courtroom, who would report on it, the prosecution sent a warning to other friends or fellow supporters who merely wanted to attend the trial, for fear that they too may be reprimanded and served a subpoena while they attended the proceedings. If just attending the trial was met this way, it also sent a message that anyone supportive of the defense should stay away from this case. They should not express any kind of support or help, whether they considered testifying or merely wanting to show solidarity.

After I got the subpoena in front of everyone, I hurried away from the building, press, and many bystanders. Once I was far away enough and alone, I broke down and cried for a good 20 minutes before calling my lawyer. I was in shock. I felt bullied, intimidated, and punished by the FBI and prosecution, not for doing anything bad or wrong, but merely for showing up at the trial.

I personally know of three other individuals who were further deterred from attending the trial based on what they heard had happened to me.

I believe giving me the subpoena that day was an intimidation tactic because, to my knowledge, the prosecution has not to this day ever followed up on the un-dated subpoena they handed me three years ago when I left court that day.

I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct, and of my own personal knowledge, except as to those matters stated upon information and As to those matters, I believe them to be true.



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  • “I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct, and of my own personal knowledge, except as to those matters stated upon information and As to those matters, I believe them to be true.”

    Thing is you’re not under oath so that don’t apply. Just like all the other cowardly brainwashed fuckers, you didn’t have the guts to take the stand in defence of your Vanguard. Truly pathetic.

  • One time Amazon dropped off an envelope at Sahajo’s door. She moved out that day. Just left. With the clothes on her back. Sahajo was so scared! She never went back.

    Too bad that Sahajo couldn’t join a slave ring and get a man’s intials seared near her hairy vagina to toughen up.

    Make her less afraid of professionaly delivered pieces of paper.

    Oh. Wait… She did.


  • Can I have an article written about me? I stumbled off a sidewalk into the road, there was no traffic.

    I was worried I broke my ankle but it was just a sprain, a six year old laughed. I felt that this was an intimidation tactic to stop me suing, as the concrete was loose and I would have to have the day off work. The six year old clearly was working for whoever maintains these streets. I declare under penalty of perjury that my statement is true and correct.

    Can I join a badass sorority?

  • Didn’t Nxivm teach women to be ‘badass’? Not to snap under pressure but to stand up for their principles?

    How can a full-grown, badass but innocent woman be so ‘intimidated’ by a mere piece of paper and does not turn up to defend her friend and mentor? That either says something about the woman (I don’t know her so won’t judge), or the Nxivm teachings: if in trouble, find the nearest closet and hide. Send out a minion (Lauren S may be willing) to face the music for you.

  • So she does “not believe that any DOS members were the victims of a criminal offense, nor that anyone was coerced or abused”.

    Why should her opinion mean anything?

    She thinks because she was fearful of a legal process and “cried for a good 20 mins” that she was being intimidated?

    She kinda seems like a bit of closed minded wimp.

    In my opinion.

  • Why do you use such old photos of these dead-enders?

    Most of them are much older.

    You’re not doing them favors letting them live in their past

    Life is passing them by while they turn 40, 50 years old.

    Accurately portray them at least.

      • You’re so patient, Frank.

        I hope you’re right.

        Every time I read this stuff, I sort of can’t help but try to stuff down the heart that’s leaping out of my chest!

        I think if only these women could see that the man is quite mentally ill, it might change their perspective. What if it turned out that his iq test was very average?

        Would the women still feel the same if he was actually super average and not the hero he claimed to be?

        • It is astonishing. These are good people. They cannot ever seem to understand that the sweet voice is a fraud. That he wishes them harm. But time will bring counsel.

  • I realize it’s childish but I can’t help myself: the eyes of Sahajo in het belly dancing picture look strikingly similar to the eyes of Jeff Durham’s Achmed the dead terrorist (“silence! I kill you!”).

    Here we have another Keith-adept refusing to discuss, let alone address, the terrible things Keith did to people. She calls Keith a dear friend. How can anyone be a friend to Keith after all that came out during his trail. Keith has a long history of child abuse, for Christ sake.

    From what I read on FR she was in other cults before NXIVM. A typical example of someone on an endless journey finding out who she is and for her purpose in life. The fact that she ended up with Keith says everything you need to know about her.

  • And yet I feel you didn’t even know the real Keith because just the legal cases he brought against people like Barbara, Susan, and Toni is enough to put him away for harassment. He intimidated people and abused them and you’re afraid because a man with a piece of paper wants to talk to you?
    How can you defend the actions of someone who has been proven to moleste and rape underage girls as well as dupe a mother ( Nancy) and her daughter (Lauren) into YEARS long “secret” sexual affairs.
    The man has no conscious no matter what your experience may have been.

    Cooperation isn’t scary unless you have something to hide, that’s not an American concept, it’s a human one. If you truly felt you hadn’t seen anything like that, you could’ve said it out loud, fear isn’t the governments tool, it was Keith’s and that’s been proven.

    • Wow that’s interesting! So both Samantha and this one our previous cult members. Interesting. That’s 2 out of 8 DOS dead-end whores who are cult hoppers!

  • People who aren’t hiding anything and are willing to be honest are not only not afraid to testify on their friend’s behalf they are excited willing and motivated to do so.

    Only people who know they were part of a criminal conspiracy are too scared and intimidated to get on a witness stand and speak their truth.

    If you’ve done nothing wrong there’s nothing to be afraid of but if you plan on lying and you are hiding criminal acts you are a part of then yeah that would be scary to testify and I could see why you would chicken s*** out of it. And leave your friend with no support hahaha like these cowards allegedly did.

    More likely they absolutely knew he was guilty and we’re guilty of plenty of themselves

  • Wow, that sounds like intimidation!

    Not sure she handled it the right way, might have been better to have confronted it in the press with others present.

  • Subpoenas are written at all points during a criminal proceeding. Subpoenas are served in all manner because people make it difficult to serve them. Serving someone in public protects both parties.

    This woman had an attorney. No one mistreated her except for Keith Raniere and her so-called friends. From the headline on this is a deceptive post. There is no lifestyle Choice when you are blackmailed. What they call collateral has been described by Keith and the members of their organization as a meeting to be catastrophic and life-ruining in all aspects career family personal reputation.

    Collateral or blackmail as it is more accurately described was often rejected. For not being damaging potentially to the slave 2 the desired level. At the point, that’s an organization or a human being. At the point that an organization or human being holds devastating often untrue blackmail material about you, you no longer are making a lifestyle choice! It’s funny that she describes Keith as her friend. How many of your personal friend’s readers of Frank Report hold pornographic blackmail material over your head as part of your friendship?

  • Between this person and Samantha, starting to look like some of the “masters” were recruiting woman that may not have been pre-approved or encourage by Keith. In both cases, by their own description and suspect backed up by their masters, Keith was not interested in them at the time.

    Maybe he was focused on other matters and had not turned his attention their way but its clear they were recruited but ultimately left to their devices because the true master wasn’t directing things in regards to them like he was for many of the others.

    For those he was focused on, it was pretty laser-focused so this break of pattern suggests other things where going on in the DOS hierarchy outside of Keith’s core sex-based directives. Guess see when other examples (apparently timed for this Rule 33 filing) may help suss out a better pattern.

  • This affidavit is meaningless. The FBI scared me from attending trial. That’s not new evidence nor is it a reason to grant a new trial. It seems like the reason that this redundant motion was filed pro se is because Tully wouldn’t submit these affidavits or had issues with things Keith wanted to argue.

    The dead enders focus on irrelevant things so they can argue Keith was wrongly convicted. It’s so sad and shows the danger of Keith. These ppl need to move on with their lives.

    • Exactly. And when’s The subpoena was served what are you afraid of about returning? That’s already happened. If that was the worst they were going to do is hand you a piece of paper in a respectful manner I think you’re pretty safe to return to the courtroom.

      This is a total joke in terms of being any kind of advocacy for Keith getting a new trial

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