Facebook Fool Alfredo Chavez Rojas talks about being a man while supported by his wife

Alfredo Chavez Rojas  of Leon, Mexico, is a supporter of Executive Success Programs (ESP) and its founder, Keith Raniere.

Mark Vicente of Los Angeles, used to be in Executive Success Programs. He quit when he found out about Keith Raniere’s branding and blackmailing women.

Yesterday, Mr. Rojas took to Facebook to insult Mr. Vicente. His original post was in Spanish [see below]. Here is an English translation of what he wrote:

Sir, Mark Vicente; Sir is a word that denotes honor, valor, responsibility and many other things that in your case are missing.  
Mark, you fail to understand it is lack of courage to talk about things upfront. It’s sad to see how you hid behind your wife and communicated through the media. If there really is a crime to pursue, do it through the legal system and face it like a man not a coward who hides behind the skirts of a woman and the media.
What a pity to think that at some point you had some leadership role in a men’s organization. Mark Vicente my ‘Little Mark,’ you’re a small man.
PS. I hope you find a good reliable translator who can tell you literally what I wrote to you. Tell me and I’ll put it in my bad English.
Normally I don’t bother responding to other people’s Facebook comments but this one was so exceptionally hypocritical that I thought I’d take a moment to respond.
Honestly, what Mark Vicente did is nothing short of heroic. I’ll explain it some other time. But I suspect that if Alfredo ever had to face what Mark had to face, Alfredo would vomit blood and die.
Alfredo Chavez Rojas doesn’t hide behind his wife’s skirt. He wears the skirt.
Here is my comment to Alfredo Chavez Rojas:
Alfredo, Sir, you speak of honor. Where is your honor, you pusillanimous, spineless, fainthearted worm who tolerates a coward dog group that brands women and follows the teachings of child-rapist, recreant Keith Raniere? 
Speaking about hiding behind women, Mr. Alfredo Chavas Rojas, I understand you are supported by your much, much older wife Adrianna Castelazo.
Sir, you are what we call in America a ‘kept man.’

Your wife – a typical ESP woman – divorced her husband and got a nice little settlement and alimony. You live off of her old husband’s wealth. In Italian we call you ‘cici bio’ [little balls].

By the way, every one of your photos on Facebook with your ‘old’ lady show her treating you like the pigeonhearted, gutless, cowering child that you are.

Kept men are usually that way.

Alfredo Chavez Rojas doesn’t hide behind a woman’s skirt, he wears the skirts himself.

Of course, forgive me, Sir, if I did not mention earlier that you seem to be a man with muscles – the biggest muscle being the one in your head. In short you are stupid, sir.

Go ask you wife for your weekly allowance and go talk to Jimena Garza in Monterrey. Ask her to show you her brand on her vagina. [it is not indelicate, Sir. After all, you are both women.]

Maybe your wife has a brand on her vagina too with the initials of Keith Raniere. Or is it you, that sports the brand?

it would not surprise me, Sir, one bit if you were a yellow-bellied, cowhearted, gutless branded cuckold.

In conclusion, Mr. Chavez Rojas, it seems to me that you fail to understand it is lack of courage to hide behind your wife’s money.
Artist conception: Keith Raniere leads Alfredo the pussy whipped to enlightenment.
And yes, there are crimes to pursue. Your master, Keith Raniere, commits crimes and hides behind the skirts of  women. What a pity to think that at some point you had some connection with manhood, you lily-livered fainthearted candy-ass milquetoast. 
PS. I hope you find a good reliable translator who can tell you literally what I wrote to you. Tell me and I’ll put it in my bad Spanish.
Frank Parlato
Please feel free to call me anytime 716-990-5740 for further discussion on this topic.
Lil’ Alfredo with his Sugar Mama
Alfredo, doing his best Fabio imitation, poses with his mother.
Alfredo Chavez Rojas Sir Mark Vicente, bueno lo de Sir es una palabra que denota honorabilidad, valentía, responsabilidad y muchas otras cosas que en este caso salen sobrando.

Mark no logró entender tu falta de valor para hablar las cosas de frente, es triste ver como te escondes detrás de tu esposa y de un medio de comunicación, si en verdad existe algún delito que perseguir hazlo por la vía legal y de frente como hombre no como un cobarde que se esconde detrás de las faldas de una mujer y un medio de comunicación. Que pena me da pensar que en algún momento tuviste algún liderazgo dentro de una organización de Hombres. Mark Vicente mi Pequeño Mark que chiquito eres como Hombre.

PD. Espero que encuentres a un traductor confiable que sepa decirte literal lo que te escribí, sino dime y te lo pongo en mi Mal ingles.

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  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! This guy is criticizing Mark Vicente for hiding behind the skirt of a woman (his wife) when VanDouche – the fraud of a man and supposed leader that the former follows – has made it his modus operandi to hide behind the skirts of women. In particular, two rich multimillionaire women, whose money he uses to litigate and file charges against his enemies while he hides in the houses bought for by others in Clifton Park. He is the definition of a pussy.

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