Did Lauren Salzman find out too late about Allison Mack and her ‘crazy’ brand?

DOS slave Lauren Salzman has been branded.
Lauren Salzman seeks women to be branded. Contact her for more info.


During the branding sessions, a painful half-hour procedure, some DOS women screamed and begged Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. to stop the branding. The good doctor refused.

[Is that a crime?]

The brands were of K-R and A-M, the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

Some women had their  ‘A-M’ right side up and others had it ‘crazy’ – or upside down.

Lauren Salzman – who is one of the most vigorous recruiters and enthusiastic DOS slaves – has her AM upside down.

The joke is on the fool.

It is believed that the dunce did not know what the brand symbolized. She found out later that the A-M [upside down, or ‘crazy’,  in the parlance of cattle branding ] stood for Allison Mack’s initials.

She was deeply upset.

All who know the Vanguard know he is full of gaiety and mirth. As he says, “He who has the most joy, wins.”


Some of the women were not told they were going to be branded. Some were told it was a tiny tattoo.

Apparently none of them were told their brands were the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

Unbelievably, some of the women told Frank Report they learned what their brand meant when they read it in on Frank Report.

One woman, who gave collateral but did not get branded, felt coerced to go along every step of the way. When branding was discussed, she ran for the hills and quit.

She was not tough enough to be a DOS ‘badass’ woman, the others said.

Esther Chiappone , Lauren Salzman and others continue to lie about DOS.

When lies work, they tell people there is no branding – or that DOS does not exist.

When somebody knows DOS is true – they say it is like a little, harmless, fun sorority and Frank Report is full of lies.

After being blindfolded and taken to a house, women  were held down by four naked women and were filmed being branded. Sweat dripped from their bodies and tinged the scarring, burning flesh.

The videos might be still around. Or might have been destroyed.

The branding was not quick, like cattle branding, but slow and steady – made strike by strike.

Meantime imagine the joy Keith Raniere is having – and the shock that Lauren experienced when she found out that the ugly brand on her vagina is not just Keith’s initials, but also the initials of her rival, the far stupider, Allison Mack.  And just to top things off, Allison’s initial are upside down, just like the rest of Lauren’s weird little world (Did she start to become abnormal when her mother gifted her to Keith or is her current state of mind a more recent development?).

It was probably smart of Keith [the smartest of men] to order Allison’s initials to be branded on Lauren upside down. This way, Lauren would not know until later, after she led a whole host of women who looked up to her into getting branded.

‘Where is my Vanguard in times of need?’ She might ask, ‘Why, my Lord have thou forsaken me?’


Trust your Vanguard, stupid.

If you do not trust your Vanguard, you are not fit to be in DOS.

Meantime, DOS is active as ever. The slave masters are in a foul mood, however, a punishing mean mood.

Keith is on them, blaming them, more than ever, sources say. When some of them come back from a walk with Keith, they are spitting fire. Dani Padilla is angry. Rosa Laura Junco is scrambling and her kind demeanor gone. Lauren is alternately punishing and languishing. Everyone seems unwell. Dr. Roberts looks grey.

Recruitment is ongoing – working Mexico now since the US market has dried up for new DOS slaves.

But DOS is alive and well in Mexico. The bad-ass DOS women are hard and strict – particularly on themselves and one another. Nobody promised it would be easy.

Those wishing to join DOS should contact Lauren Salzman or [Name Redacted] in the US –  or Jimena Garza or Ana Risoul in Mexico.

Jimena Garza can help you get ushered into the world of DOS. Ask to see her brand.

Allison Mack, although the titular head of DOS, may be experiencing some kind of inner deficiency and is no longer considered capable of getting women into DOS.  She will be appropriately punished.

As for the reliability of branding or safety concerns, contact Dr. Danielle Roberts at (518) 483-3000 or (516) 480-1700.

Dr. Danielle Roberts will brand you free of charge if the collateral is sufficient.

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  • Hey VanSexPredator, if a guy as powerful as Harvey Weinstein can go down for fucking around, what makes you think you’re immune?

    It’s a changing world for the ladies and you’re up next.

  • Michele Hatchette used to be a very kind, warm hearted person. I saw her recently and it’s like she’s been on some hardcore drugs or something. Her eyes don’t seem right. She seems all outgoing and something is off. Has anyone tried to do an intervention with her? I would but I already expressed my concerns and she wouldn’t trust me anymore.

    • Michele is a direct DOS slave under Allison Mack. She is hard core drinking the koolaid. I hope she wakes up. She was doing so much better in her life before she got involved with ESP, and especially now DOS. I can’t believe that her so called friends- like Brian and Marc Elliot would recruit her into this scam. I hope they all wake up!

    • Michele is a branded slave who amongst other things was an MDS to Penelope Cruz’ kids – i bet she doesn’t have clue what her kids are being groomed for

  • You’re so right. Vanturd is completely incapable. His ladies buy his clothes, wash his clothes (though not very often because he stinks to high heaven), make him eggs, bring him potato chips, pizza and waffles, drive him to his massages (those muscles are so tired they need a lot of nurturing), run his errands, bring him pussy. What would he do without his ladies? He has no self reliance, no self esteem other than manipulating innocent yet stupid people.

  • “Allison Mack, although the titular head of DOS, may be experiencing some kind of inner deficiency”

    Please. The biggest person suffering from “inner deficiency” in this whole farce is VanTurd. The guy couldn’t live by himself independent of anyone else if he tried.

  • “She was not tough enough to be a DOS ‘badass’ woman, the others said.”

    She’s a lot smarter than the women who are still part of this cult who have gone full retard. The fact that they think branding anywhere on the human body is ethical, let alone near an intimate part such as the vagina, shows how far they’ve gone off the deep end.


    In fact, they are proving VanDouche right in his misogynistic views about women. If only they could see VanDouche laughing inside his twisted mind at all of them and how foolish they are.

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