ESP High Rank Esther Chiappone’s financial troubles date to at least 2011… a long time without executive success….

Esther Chiappone Carlson is a long time High Rank at Executive Success Programs.

For those who want to blame DOS for the financial failure of Esther L Chiappone to make a living with Keith Raniere’s Executive Success Programs (ESP), kindly consider this six year old post on the now defunct  Saratoga in Decline of August 24, 2011:

Today for your reading pleasure I give you Esther L Chiappone rank: Green, Edge, 1 stripes . Now poor Easter seems to be having a little bad luck. First she is hooked up with James J Del Negro the drunken lout who either had consensual sex or raped, depending on who you believe a young Filipino girl in a LA hotel room and now it seems she can’t pay her bills.

Remember you too can be just as successful as Esther just contact her at
day: 518-859-0588
eve: 518-373-9713 rank:
cell: 518-859-0588 coach:
fax: 928-395-0933

But I hear she doesn’t answer her Phone much these days with all the bill collectors and such.

Esther Carlson Chiappone is a long time top rank High Rank at Executive Success Programs who cannot make enough to afford her modest home even though she rents out rooms to out-pf-town ESP students. What kind of executive success program is this?

A comment on the Saratoga in Decline wrote:

You used to give me grief because I didn’t have enough money to take more NXIVM classes. Now, I find out that you weren’t paying any of your fucking bills. Oooh…I may re-join just to confront you over your ethical breaches!

A comment from someone who appears to be a former insider suggests Esther may want to get out:

If anyone in the higher ranks wants out I would put money on it’s the Garza’s, Dani Padilla, Esther, and Monica. Probably Pat Maloney. The rest forget it, they’re going down with the ship.

Correction. Maybe Danielle Roberts too? The prospect of her medical career being destroyed could be her wake up call. The thing that snaps her out of the delusions.

Another person made this comment about Esther’s man, Jim Del Negro:

Jim; you know in your heart something is seriously wrong. But you refuse to question Keith Raniere. Why? Yes it’s shameful to recognize you were had by the world’s hairiest con-man who’s fucking your wife, Esther, but isn’t it worse to keep ‘buying back the dollar’ and allowing this evil vampire to suck you dry? You’re broke. You’re looking more and more tired and unhealthy by the day and things will not get better. Save yourself while you still can. I believe in you.

Esther Chiappone moved from Alaska with her four children. She was part of Barbara Jeske’s multi-level organization, having been enrolled under her.

Esther rose in the organization in part through her successful recruiting. She also housed NXIVM students for a charge.

At times, Esther, and her children, Jim Del Negro and as many as six others lived in the house.

Allison Mack at one time considered two people her mentors: She wrote:

Keith Raniere is a man who epitomizes mindfulness and compassion for me. Esther Chiappone is a fiercely truthful woman I know. They are both my mentors in being a true humanitarian.

Esther brought many people to Keith’s courses. She helped many get into Jness.

Esther found Allison was losing weight. She was critical of Allison’s 500 calorie diet.

Allison rebutted that Keith taught her that a 500 calorie diet is right for spiritually advanced women. Allison was also trying to help other women realize their spiritual abilities by persuading them to go on the 500 calorie diet.

Esther noted that Allison was bulimic. Esther tried to tell Allison she ought to eat.

Allison got deadly mad and moved Esther out of Jness. Soon after, Allison had a clear field to start recruiting for DOS.

Then Allison would eat a few mouthfuls of food then go to the bathroom and vomit.

Allison Mack got mad at Esther Chiappone when she told her 500 calories was too little. “Do you want me to look like this?”
allison macke
Allison Mack tries to keep slender on a 500 calorie diet.

With two of her children having left her, and her inability to make money at ESP, maybe it’s time for Esther Chiappone to quit ESP and find meaningful work elsewhere.

It may be hard to forgive yourself after spending all these years following a monster, but it won’t be better one year from now.

It may be far worse. There are methods for you and Jim Del Negro to excommunicate gracefully from Keith.

There is no doubt you can tell law enforcement what you know and be given immunity.

It’s time to start looking for a job…a real job in the real world.

Feel free to contact me.

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Sofia diaz
Sofia diaz
5 years ago

Es increíble que siga dejándose explotar Esther y tantas personas dentro vendiendo como un programa líder ejecutivo cuando es un fraude, como siendo tan evidente han perdido la capacidad de utilizar el cerebro propio y
trabajen gratis por tanto tiempo
En que momento perdieron el sentido común, y de supervivencia trabajando para un programa diabólico y sin Ética
Estos títeres son la fuerza de los demonios dentro !!!!
Que dolor perder a los seres más cercanos en una secta tan destructiva y peligrosa basada en la scentiologia, evidentemente y’a que Rainiere se documentó durante varios encuentros con Hubbard, fundador de la misma, un tipo diabolico y perverso y’a que vende su perversion a mentes inocentes con necesidad de replantease un proyecto en su vida
Estudie de cerca los daños y es dolorosa la impotencia que genera ver la gente perdida, en busca de sentido caer en manos de mentes diabólicas que controlan las masas !!!!

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