Where is Vanguard? Is he staying at Silver Bay or Trout House for V-Week? (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

It is a short and pleasant drive to the Trout House to Silver Bay. Several knowledgeable sources say he is rumored to enjoy the resort during V-Week.


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Clare Bronfman may face some serious “consequences” because of the epic failure of this year’s V-Week.

Vanguard has not been seen very often  at V-Week 2017.

Last year, more than 400 people reportedly attended the event.  This year, sources report only 125 people came to V-Week. Some say the small number has been a cruel birthday blow to Keith Raniere, who has given himself the title Vanguard.

V-Week 2017 started August 21st and runs until September 1st, a total of 12 days. Vanguard’s birthday is in the middle of V-Week on August 26th.




2014 Bayview outside
Sources say Vanguard was spotted at Bayview on the Silver Bay Campus.

Vanguard makes his first appearance of V-Week on the evening of his birthday.

This year, Saturday, August 26th, after dinner, an hour-long lecture was delivered to students on “Vanguard the Scientist.” At 8:00 pm, a three-hour “Tribute to Vanguard” was held in the auditorium. The small audience may have been depressing to both Vanguard and his followers. And it probably hurt him financially too (In past years, Vanguard has received elaborate and expensive gifts – including a $20-million check one year from the Bronfman brats, Sara and Clare).

Hundreds of followers left Vanguard in recent weeks after revelations that he brands women, including his sex partners, with a white-hot branding iron with his initials.

smiley keith
Keith Raniere makes an appearance on the evening of his birthday during V-Week 2016

After his birthday, during the remainder of V-Week, Vanguard attends evening events, occasionally joining the “Social” held each night at the Inn where pizza is served. He also plays nighttime volley ball.

He never dines with students because his food is specially prepared and not the same type served to students.  He is rarely seen during the day. This year Vanguard seems to be attending less nighttime events.
In the past, Vanguard is said to have stayed at one of the cottages on the Silver Bay campus. His exact location was not always revealed to the rank and file students.
This year, according to sources, he was seen and appeared to be staying at the spacious Bayview, a 27 room lodge, with views of Silver Bay.  The lodge can accommodate up to 84 people.
“He is supposedly staying in Bayview,” a source said. “However, he has stayed at The Trout House in Hague about 10 minutes away.”
The Trout House is a private resort with cabins, with up to nine bedrooms, and 6 1/2 baths with Jacuzzi, a library, and many amenities.
The Trout House is on Northern Lake George.
It is a short and pleasant drive from Silver Bay resort to the Trout House.
An interior look at one of the cottage rooms at the Trout House.
Another room in the cabin.
View from the deck at the Trout House.
¿Donde es la vanguardia? ¿Él es alojarse en casa de trucha o Bahía de la plata V-semana?

Vanguardia no se parece muy a menudo en 2017 V-semana.

El año pasado, más de 400 personas, según informes, asistieron al evento.  Este año, fuentes informe sólo 125 personas acudieron a la V semana. Algunos dicen que el pequeño número ha sido un golpe cruel cumpleaños a Keith Raniere, quien ha dado el título de vanguardia.

images (1)Clare Bronfman puede enfrentar algunos “consequences seria” debido a la falta de épica de V-semana de este año.

2017 V-semana iniciado el 21 de agosto y corre hasta el 1 de septiembre, un total de 12 días. Cumpleaños de vanguardia está en el centro de la V semana 26 de agosto.

2014 Bayview outsideFuentes dicen que vanguardia fue descubierta en el Bayview en el Campus de Bahía de la plata.

Vanguard hace su primera aparición de la V semana de la noche de su cumpleaños.

Este año, el sábado, 26 de agosto, después de la cena, una charla de una hora fue entregada a los estudiantes en “Vanguard científico. ” en 20:00, un “Tribute tres horas a Vanguard” se llevó a cabo en el auditorio. La pequeña audiencia pudo haber sido deprimente de vanguardia y sus seguidores. Y probablemente le dolía financieramente también (en los últimos años, vanguardia ha recibido elaborados y costosos regalos, incluyendo un $ 20 millones comprobar un año de los niñatos de Bronfman, Sara y Clara).

Cientos de seguidores dejaron la vanguardia en las últimas semanas después de las revelaciones que las mujeres marcas de, incluyendo a sus parejas, con un hierro candente de marca con sus iniciales.

Después de su cumpleaños, durante el resto de la semana V, vanguardia asiste a eventos de noche, de vez en cuando a la “Social” llevó a cabo cada noche en el mesón donde se sirve pizza. Él también juega voleibol durante la noche.

Él nunca come con los estudiantes porque su comida es especialmente preparada y no el mismo tipo sirve a los estudiantes.  Raramente se le ve durante el día. Este año vanguardia parece a asistir menos eventos durante la noche.

smiley keith
 Keith Raniere hace una aparición en la noche de su cumpleaños durante la V semana 2016

En el pasado, vanguardia se dice que se ha hospedado en una de las cabañas en el campus de la bahía de la plata. Su ubicación exacta no se ha revelado siempre a los estudiantes de base.

Este año, según las fuentes, fue visto y parece quedar en el Bayview amplias, un lodge de 27 habitaciones, con vistas de la bahía de la plata.  El lodge puede acomodar a hasta a 84 personas.

“He supuestamente es alojarse en Bayview, ” dijo una fuente. “However, ha permanecido en la casa de la trucha en haya unos 10 minutos. ”

La casa de la trucha es un complejo privado con cabañas, con hasta nueve habitaciones y 6 1/2 baños con Jacuzzi, una biblioteca y muchas comodidades.

img-from-lakeLa casa de la trucha está en norte Lago George.

mapEs un corto y agradable en coche de plata Bay resort a la casa de la trucha.

country-inn-13Una mirada interior a una de las habitaciones de casa rural en la casa de la trucha.


Otra habitación en la cabaña.

13561_1Vista desde la cubierta a la casa de la trucha.

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  • Giving the low attendance, Vanguard may get to fuck every woman at V-Week this year – a new record (The old record was the 72% fuck-rate from V-Week 2008). Except Clare, of course, because it’s her fault that so few people showed up.

  • He actually does eat the food. Pams assistant used to bring it to him. He always gets 2 to 3 plates with dessert. I was told by this person that he brings his own hot sauce…I know, it’s fucking weird.

  • What’s the matter Mr Vanguard? Are you chicken shit? Can’t face your own mess? Fucked too many little girls and now Daddies are angry at you and you’re worried? What a pathetic little boy child you always were and now everyone can see. Your harem can see you’re a little weakling, that’s why more and more will turn on you. Enjoy the crumbling of your ridiculous little kingdom.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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