Allison Mack sees only Vanguard.

A response to Al’s Son Mack. He or she wrote in a previous post:

I do not want to believe that [Allison Mack ] is as involved in the heinous acts as reported…..

I believe it. And there’s a lot more I will be reporting.

She simply must be subject to egregious coercion and/or delusion in her mind.

Very likely true.

If all this leads to charges and jail time for her…  [and] entertainment media can be viciously cruel. I fear that she would not come back from this, that she would suffer worse than prison, that she could spiral into a life threatening psychosis and depression.

She already very likely has already spiraled into a life threatening psychosis. Consider: Allison Mack is the leader of a master slave branding group [DOS].

She has Keith Raniere’s initials branded on her pubic region.  She gave him “collateral” – raunchy, graphic, nude pictures of herself and other damning items meant to destroy her life.

She is on a 500 -800 calorie a day diet and is starving herself. She has to ask permission of Keith Raniere to go to sleep.

She got dozens of other women to do the same. She used her “good, nice, trustworthy” reputation and celebrity status from Smallville to sucker a lot of other nice young women into sending Vanguard some pretty vile stuff to use against them. And getting them branded.

They became victims because they admired and trusted Allison and wanted to be like her.

She is in a one-sided polygamous relationship with a man who wants her sleep-deprived and malnourished. Allison is, reportedly, experiencing early menopause. Other Raniere women got early cancer.  I believe he will ultimately destroy her.

I am surprised that TMZ and other entertainment news outlets have not already picked up on this saga. Perhaps they are smartly more cautious than you, fearing costly libel charges.

Other media outlets will soon be reporting this. They had to do what I did: Vet the truth of the branding and blackmail scheme. Expect news on DOS, Raniere and Allison Mack to be widely reported nationally. Then, perhaps my work will be done.

And that brings me to a notion I must disabuse you of. You have inaccurately stated things about Ms. Mack’s career several times, which leads me to believe you are a sloppy reporter, willing to play fast and loose with the facts.


Sorry Al’s son, Mack. You’re  wrong. I do not play fast and loose with the facts. Just the opposite. A careful review of this blog will show there is a startling accuracy. It is as high or higher, I believe, than the average mainstream media. The proof is in the fact that 100s of Raniere’s followers left him. They investigated, corroborated with other followers and split. They did not do that because some guy was writing a bunch of lies on an obscure blog.

They took the information, contacted other followers and corroborated the data I reported on this blog. They found it to be true and they left Mr. Raniere because of that.


[Your] inaccuracies have subtly grown, to the worst instance in your August 4th 2017 post titled “Allison Mack to confess:…” I quote you: “Miss Mack, who gave up a starring role on the hit TV show Smallville to follow Mr. Raniere.”
Ms. Mack did not give up her role. She was there until the series finale after a 10 year run …

Sorry Mack, your spin is not correct. Allison Mack quit: After starring in 200 episodes of Smallville from 2001-2010, she appeared in only five episodes, including the finale, in 2011, as a guest star.  

Here is a report from Fox News Allison Mack Leaving Smallville  

Screen Rant reported: Smallville Season 10: Allison Mack Will Only Guest Star


It’s a day Chloe Sullivan fans have been dreading – Allison Mack is not returning to Smallville as a series regular next year. …’s Michael Ausiello broke the news about Mack departing the series…

Mack added, “Out of respect for the amazingly loyal fans and the place I will always have in my own heart for Chloe, I’m coming back for several episodes next season to tie up Chloe’s Smallville legacy properly.” 

During a press conference with The CW’s Dawn Ostroff today, she noted Mack would be back for “multiple episodes,” though she didn’t have an exact number. Added Ostroff, “I don’t know if you’ll really feel like she’s gone. Hopefully you won’t.”…

So Mack, as you can see, she did quit as a star. But why?

You’ve previously said things like: “left her acting career” and “retired at the peak of her career”….
“In 2010, Allison Mack… announced she was retiring to follow Mr. Raniere.”
Show us what journalistic article or video she says this in.

Mack, thanks for asking.

Let’s begin with her interview with Fine Magazine:

Allison said in the interview:
While I was doing Smallville …. I was 28 and I felt not quite sure where I was going or who I was….
I have a wonderful teacher and mentor named Keith Rainiere, who really gave me some incredible guidance…. and I was talking to him about my struggle, confusion, and not knowing what to do. He said, “Why don’t you take some time and think about? Give yourself some space to figure out who you are now.” So that’s what I did. He recommended that I study classical theatre, so I did a program that was a summer-intensive Shakespeare … . It helped my recognize that I really wanted to be a serious actor who wanted to do more than TV.

There you have an eloquent testimonial for Executive Success Programs: You start out being a star of a hit TV show and the intensives make you so confused that you ask Keith Raniere what to do about it and he says quit your million dollar a year job and do a summer Shakespeare workshop. Next thing you know, you’re lying naked in his bed, followed by lying naked on a table getting branded on your pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Executive Success indeed!

Here is Allison on her own website on how she was persuaded to quit being a TV star by Keith Raniere.


I have recently taken a few steps back from acting. 2011 was really about concluding a huge chapter of my life…
I expressed this concern, this incredible feeling of loss and lack of direction to a dear friend and mentor of mine, Keith Raniere. He asked if I had ever thought about taking a little time away from acting to see what I would find. He inquired about times in my life when I did not work, times when I didn’t attach myself to the title “Allison Mack, Actress” and was just plain, simple, me. …
So I decided to take Keith’s advice and give myself some time to build the character of me. The actual me….
I have always wanted to change things in the world. Wanted to be a woman that helps to redefine how all women think and feel about themselves. I have wanted to be a superhero in my own right, “Be the change I want to see in the world” (thanks Gandhi) and help others do the same. …
It turns out Keith asked me to look at the one area of my life I felt most insecure. I felt as though I had ripped the very foundation out from under myself and I felt paralyzed. …
Which is exactly why I now want to prove to myself that I am alive without the applause. I am worthy without the curtain call. I want to trust I am still here without an audience.

He “mindfucked” her. She’s ruined. Her career destroyed? That’s nothing.

She is branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials.

On her trail of confusion and chaos, she led a lot of women down a dark path.

She pitched and persuaded other women to “redefine their thinking about themselves”! By getting them branded,

There are women who are terrified of Keith Raniere. They want to leave him but he has branded them. They are terrified that he has videos and photographs and documents he might release and destroy their lives.

He is trying to get more women branded and Allison has been ordered to try to find him more women.

And you, Al’s son, Mack, you’re worried about my inaccuracies?

Here Allison Mack poses with DOS slave Lauren Salzman who also got branded.

In her pre-DOS slavery days, Allison Mack was way too fat to appeal to Keith Raniere.




Una respuesta Al hijo Mack. Él o ella escribió en un post anterior:

No quiero creer que [Allison Mack] es como participar en los actos atroces como se informó…

Creo que es. Y hay mucho más que informaré.

Ella simplemente debe ser objeto de coacción grave o engaño en su mente.

Muy probablemente cierto.


Si todo esto lleva a cargos y penas de cárcel para ella…  y los medios de entretenimiento pueden ser despiadadamente crueles. Me temo que ella no vendría detrás de el, que ella iba a sufrir peor que la prisión, que ella podría en espiral en un mortal de psicosis y depresión.

Ella ya muy probablemente ya ha disparado en una psicosis mortal. Tenga en cuenta: Allison Mack es el líder de un esclavo principal marca a grupo [DOS].

Ella tiene las iniciales de Keith Raniere de la marca en su región púbica.  Ella le dio “collateral” – obsceno, gráficos, fotos desnuda de ella misma y otros artículos condenatorias pretenden destruir su vida.

Ella está en un 500-800 calorías una dieta del día y tiene hambre a sí misma. Ella tiene que pedir permiso de Keith Raniere para ir a dormir.

Ella consiguió docenas de otras mujeres a hacer lo mismo. Ella usó su estatus de “bueno, bonito, trustworthy” fama y celebridad de Smallville para muchas otras mujeres joven agradables de lechón en envío de vanguardia algunas cosas bastante vil para utilizar contra ellos. Y la marca.

Se convirtieron en víctimas porque admiran y Allison de confianza y quería ser como ella.

Ella está en una relación polígama unilateral con un hombre que quiere que ella privación de sueño y desnutrición. Allison, al parecer, vive la menopausia temprana. Otras mujeres de Raniere tiene cáncer.  Creo que en definitiva le destruirá.

Me sorprende que TMZ y otros medios de entretenimiento han no ya seleccionado arriba de esta saga. Tal vez estén inteligentemente más prudentes que tú, por temor a cargos costosos por difamación.

Otros medios de comunicación pronto reportarán en esto. Tenían que hacer lo que hice: la verdad del plan de marca y chantaje del veterinario. Espera noticias sobre DOS, Raniere y Allison Mack que se divulgará ampliamente a nivel nacional. Entonces, tal vez mi trabajo se hará.

Y que me lleva a una noción de que debo desengañar. Inexacto manifestaron cosas sobre la carrera de la Sra. Mack varias veces, lo que me lleva a creer que eres un reportero descuidado, dispuesto a jugar rápido y suelta con los hechos.

Lo siento hijo Al, Mack. Te equivocas. No jugar rápido y suelta con los hechos. Todo lo contrario. Se mostrará una revisión cuidadosa de este blog que hay una exactitud sorprendente. Es tan alto o mayor, creo, que los medios mainstream media. La prueba está en el hecho de 100s de izquierda de seguidores de Raniere él. Que investigaron, corroborado con otros seguidores y split. No hicieron porque un chico estaba escribiendo un montón de mentiras en un blog obscuro.

Tomó la información, contacto con otros seguidores y corroboró los datos registrados en este blog. Lo encontraron para ser verdad y dejaron el Sr. Raniere por eso.

[Sus] imprecisiones han crecido sutilmente, a la instancia peor en el 04 de agosto de 2017 post titulado “Allison Mack a confesar:…” Te cito: “Miss Mack, que dio para arriba un rol protagónico en el golpe TV show Smallville a seguir el Sr. Raniere. “

La Sra. Mack no cedieron su papel. Ella estaba allí hasta el final de la serie después de un año 10 ejecutar…

Lo siento Mack, su giro no es correcto. Allison Mack salir: tras protagonizar 200 episodios de Smallville entre 2001 y 2010, ella apareció en solamente cinco episodios, incluyendo el final, en 2011, como una estrella invitada.  

Aquí está un informe de Fox News Allison Mack dejar Smallville pantalla Rant registrados: Smallville temporada 10: Allison Mack será sólo estrella invitada

Aquí está el informe de IGN: ALLISON MACK dejar SMALLVILLE

Es un día que los fans de Chloe Sullivan han estado temiendo – Allison Mack no regresa a Smallville como una serie regular el año próximo. …

Michael Ausiello de rompió las noticias sobre Mack saliendo la serie…

Mack agregó, “Out del respeto de los increíblemente fieles seguidores y el lugar que siempre tendré en mi corazón para Chloe, vuelvo para varios episodios próxima temporada para amarrar el legado de Chloe Smallville correctamente. ” durante una conferencia de prensa con Dawn Ostroff del CW hoy, señaló Mack sería nuevo para los episodios de “multiple, ” aunque no tenía un número exacto. Añadido Ostroff, “I no sé si usted realmente se sentirá como ha ido. Esperemos que no. “…

Así que Mack, como se puede ver, dejó como una estrella. ¿Pero por qué?

Anteriormente has dicho cosas como: “dejó su carrera de actriz” y “se retiró en la cúspide de su carrera”…

“En 2010, Allison Mack… anunció que se retira para seguir Sr. Raniere.”

Nos muestran qué artículo periodístico o un vídeo dice esto.

Mack, gracias por preguntar.

Empecemos con la entrevista con la revista fina:

Allison dijo en la entrevista:

Mientras que yo estaba haciendo Smallville… Era 28 y no sentía muy bien donde iba o quién era yo…

Tengo un maravilloso maestro y mentor llamado Keith Rainiere, que realmente me dio una guía increíble… y yo estaba hablando con él acerca de mi lucha, confusión y no saber qué hacer. ¿Dijo: “Why no tomar algún tiempo y pensar? Date un espacio para averiguar quien eres ahora. “por lo que es lo que hice. Recomendó que estudio teatro clásico, así que hice un programa que fue un intensivo de verano de Shakespeare…. Él ayudó a mi reconocer que realmente quería ser un actor serio que querían hacer más que TV.

Usted tiene un testimonio elocuente de programas ejecutivos de éxito: se empieza siendo una estrella de un exitoso programa de TV y los intensivos usted tan confundido que usted pregunta Keith Raniere qué hacer sobre él y le dice dejar su millones de dólares de un trabajo de año y hacer un taller de Shakespeare del verano. Lo siguiente que usted sabe, usted está acostado desnudo en su cama, seguido por mentira desnudos sobre una mesa que marca en su región púbica con las iniciales de Keith Raniere.

¡Éxito ejecutivo de hecho!

Aquí es Allison en su propio sitio web sobre cómo ella fue persuadida para dejar de ser una estrella de la televisión por Keith Raniere.

“Recientemente he tomado algunos pasos de acción. 2011 fue realmente acerca de   concluir un capítulo enorme de mi vida…

Había expresado esta preocupación, esta increíble sensación de pérdida y la         falta de dirección a un querido amigo y mentor mío, Keith Raniere. Preguntó si había pensado en tomar un poco de tiempo a actuar para ver lo que encontraría. Les preguntó acerca de veces en mi vida cuando yo no funcionaba, tiempos cuando yo no coloque en el título “Allison Mack, actriz” y fue simple, sencilla, me…

Así que decidí tomar Consejo de Keith y darme un tiempo para construir el   personaje de mí. El actual me...

 Siempre he querido cambiar las cosas en el mundo. Quería ser una mujer que   ayuda a redefinir cómo todas las mujeres piensan y sienten sobre sí mismos. He querido ser un superhéroe en mi propio derecho, “Sé el cambio que quiero ver en el mundo” (gracias Gandhi) y ayudar a otros a hacer lo mismo. …

Resulta que Keith me preguntó a ver en el área de mi vida me sentía más inseguro. Sentí como si había arrancado la base hacia fuera debajo de mí y me sentía  paralizado. …

Que es exactamente por qué ahora quiero probarme que soy vivo sin el aplauso.     Yo soy digno sin la llamada de la cortina. Quiero confiar que estoy todavía aquí     in una audiencia.”

“Mindfucked” ella. Ella está en ruinas. ¿Su carrera destruida? Eso no es nada.

Ella es de la marca en su región púbica con las iniciales de Keith Raniere.

En su camino de la confusión y el caos, ella llevó un montón de mujeres por un camino oscuro.

Ella lanzó y convenció a otras mujeres a “redefine su pensamiento sobre themselves”! Por conseguir de la marca

Hay mujeres que tienen terror de Keith Raniere. Quieren dejarlo pero les ha calificado. Ellos están aterrados que tiene videos y fotografías y documentos se puede liberar y destruir sus vidas.

Está tratando de conseguir a más mujeres de la marca y Allison se ha ordenado para intentar encontrar a más mujeres.

¿Y tú, hijo Al, Mack, usted está preocupado acerca de mis errores?

Aquí posa de Allison Mack con DOS esclavos Lauren Salzman que también consiguió la marca.


En sus días de esclavitud de los DOS, Allison Mack estaba demasiado gordo para apelar a Keith Raniere.

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[…] On August 29, 2017 this writer wrote about Allison Mack: “Other media outlets will soon be reporting [on Mack’s role in the sex cult]. They had to do what I did: Vet the truth of the branding and blackmail scheme. Expect news on DOS, Raniere and Allison Mack to be widely reported nationally.” […]


[…] On August 29, 2017 this writer wrote about Allison Mack: “Other media outlets will soon be reporting [on Mack’s role in the sex cult]. They had to do what I did: Vet the truth of the branding and blackmail scheme. Expect news on DOS, Raniere and Allison Mack to be widely reported nationally.” […]

Ex fã
Ex fã
6 years ago

She seems completely disturbed in these pictures. In her tweeter, she always seemed very thoughtful, unfortunately, the acts speak louder than words. After reading everything on this blog, I came to the conclusion that she will never leave this cult, even if everyone is exposed, she would still follow the idiot to hell, the obsession has no limits, although her career is completely destroyed, her name is still Is the most famous involved in all of this, so she would have more to lose in case the national media began to disclose, but she did not show a willingness to distance herself or to have crises of conscience, so that the creature , became her creator.

Al's Son, Mack
Al's Son, Mack
6 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to reply, Frank, and for sharing those links. I stand corrected on her career and apologize.

— “And you, Al’s son, Mack, you’re worried about my inaccuracies?”

I tend to get hyper-aware of inconsistencies in areas I’m focussed on. My focus on Allison’s plight brought me to Frank Report, and with my errant belief about her career, I saw an inconsistency in your reporting of that data point and it irked me. As “On Rebuttal” put it below, it led me wonder what else you’re telling us is inconsistent, because your early reporting on the whole matter including Plyam and Shmueli seemed much more measured and objective.

These past 3 months worth of posts seem more like a “Gatling gun” approach, rather than a “sniper rifle” approach, which I think would be more effective.

Anyway, thanks again for responding. I’m male BTW 🙂

on Rebuttal
on Rebuttal
6 years ago

I am glad Al’s Son Mack challenged Frank’s reporting, because I also suspected he played a little fast and loose with the facts—which in turn made me assume some info from unnamed sources was also suspect.
So now Frank’s detailed rebuttal gives me more confidence that all of his reporting has a strong basis in fact…as much as unverifiable insider statements can anyway.

Al's Son, Mack
Al's Son, Mack
6 years ago
Reply to  on Rebuttal

Yes, thank you On Rebuttal. I concur.

A Friend
A Friend
6 years ago

As an old friend of Allison’s, I have to come to her defense a little. I know for a fact that she did choose to take a break from acting to figure out her life, and Keith, Pam and the community did influence this decision. She had been a working actor since she was a child, and she had never really known anything outside of acting. I don’t think it’s bad that she took a break. HOWEVER, I do think Keith used her desire to find herself to his advantage. He played Allison’s weaknesses and her want for a deeper more meaningful life. Allison never intended to “give up” acting. She intended to do some soul searching and then do more meaningful roles on stage and on screen. She still wants to act, but Keith convinced her that she can only take certain roles, because other roles are not ethical and go against humanity. For instance, when she took a role on “The Following” they made her make a public apology to the community about how her materialism and want for attention clouded her judgment. How taking that role hurt the community and hurt her dear friend Keith because it was about a cult. She cried in front of the community, begging for forgiveness, and she was applauded for it. Not only has Keith convinced her that she had to create THE SOURCE with her, but he convinced her that she must take roles that further humanity and his mission. So now she spends all her time trying to enroll women into a 10,000 dollar program about acting, and trying to make plays that mean something…but really she is and continues to serve Keith’s fucked up mission and also uses her celebrity to enroll beautiful young actresses into the Source and then into DOS so Keith can fuck them too. I DO NOT deny that Allison has responsibility in all this, and I think she needs mental and emotional help ASAP, but Keith and his women have been screwing with Allison’s fragile mind from the beginning. So did Keith cause her to quit acting? Yes, but it was in a far less direct way.

6 years ago
Reply to  A Friend

“…make a public apology to the community about how her materialism and want for attention clouded her judgment”

The fact that VanDouche made her do this is hypocritical and beyond irony. The guy is at minimum a sexual hedonist (who knows how much money he’s actually stole from the Bronfman idiots) which is “material”, and is the leader of a cult, which screams want for attention even if it is limited to his sycophantic followers.

I don’t think anyone who posts here faults Allison entirely for her own situation. In fact, most people commenting know her situation is primarily the result of the machinations of the chief manipulator. Everything the fake fuck does and every person he uses is but a tool to further HIS mission which is entirely self-serving and masked by a facade of ethics and “furthering humanity”.

maidieres pontamousson
maidieres pontamousson
6 years ago
Reply to  A Friend

I am afraid that she is deeply programmed by her mentor and that she can not see correctly, it is sad to see this and I hope that one day her eyes will open before it is too late.I am too far to help her to see her life.

6 years ago
Reply to  A Friend

To “A FRIEND” I highly doubt that you’re a friend. You wouldnt be doubting her. You would know the truth. Youd also be asking people to quit spreading these lies. Have compassion, and quit spreading things about people, its hurting her.

Frank PARLATO- Youre a fucking dick for posting all this shit. I know you hate Keith, but involving her was a shitty ass move! I hope Karma gets you you fucking low-life!

This is all a conspiracy, and now its hurting her! Keith is just an INTELLIGENT MAN and everyones fucking jealous cause women wanna learn from him. THERE ARE GOOD TEACHERS OUT THERE!

SOME WE’VE MADE STATUES OF! So screw yourself! Allison is innocent, she just wanted t better herself as a human-being! She got out of SMALLVILLE cause she didnt wanna do that forever! She went into theatre because she wanted to continue acting in a different form! Shes not in a cult. Sshe was just Keiths student. She didnt do any of those things. YOU HAVE NO LIFE. YOU OVER DID IT. AND KARMA WILL GET YOU WETHER YOU BELIEVE IN IT OR NOT. CAUSE THIS IS NOT OK!

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