Expecting arrest, Allison Mack website is back up — shows adoration of sex cult leader Raniere

Allison Mack sees only Vanguard.

Allison Mack’s website www.allisonmack.com was down but now it’s back up.

The website is a cornucopia of ramblings and devotions to her ‘mentor’ Keith Raniere, who was deported from Mexico on March 25th and immediately arrested in the U.S. on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

Mack also faces arrest for her role in the sex trafficking scheme – where women were branded with hers and Raniere’s initials on their pubic region. She has been identified as co-conspirator 1 in the federal criminal complaint used to arrest Raniere.

On her website, she writes about Raniere in dazed and confused ways, suggesting he had answers to her admitted mental confusion:

Keith Raniere awaits arraignment and is currently in federal custody on sex trafficking charges.

For example, she wrote:

“My mentor, Keith, once gave me a lesson on how to listen, truly listen, almost in a meditative way. He taught me how to hear the euphony of the world.

“More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others thinking of me, how I can do better and what I’m going to eat for lunch.

“The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull. He taught me to close my eyes, tame my thoughts and really listen…  Suddenly the world sings and becomes symphonic in pattern and texture.

“We can take what we experience and make it into art. So it stands to reason that the more deeply I experience existence, the better artist I will be. The Source [a NXIVM-related course for actresses, designed by Raniere] teaches that and it comes from what Keith shares with his students, taking them on a journey to that depth of one’s life experience and expression. When I saw this video, I remembered experiencing the magnificence of sitting still long enough to listen – to hear the world around me. From this stillness comes a freedom – because that voice in my head now seems irrelevant. And so the concert has begun.”


The pubic brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack
Allison Mack

Now Raniere is in prison being held for arraignment. And Allison is likely to follow, having been one of the topmost leaders of the brutal DOS sub-cult of NXIVM that branded and blackmailed women.

Mack, the second in command of DOS – which stands for Dominus Obsequious Sororium – which translates to “the slave women under the master” – reportedly has Raniere’s initials branded on her pubic region. And she has her own initials, along with Raniere’s, branded on dozens of other women. Mack gave Raniere “collateral” – raunchy, graphic, nude pictures of herself and other items meant to destroy her life – which he can release publicly if she leaves DOS or betrays him in any way.

She has been on a 500-800 calorie a day diet for years.

Up until his arrest, she had to ask Raniere’s permission to go to sleep.

She used her celebrity status to persuade women into sending Raniere graphic nude pictures and confessions to use as blackmail – and even used her own home to have them branded with a hot iron by physician Dr. Danielle Roberts, one of the slave women of Mack and Raniere.

Mack was in a one-sided polyamorous relationship with Raniere – who kept her sleep-deprived and malnourished.

Mack is reportedly experiencing early menopause. Other Raniere women got cancer.

She quit her successful role on Smallville in 2010 – at the height of its popularity – after he told her to quit (She made a few guest appearances the following year with his permission).

Allison Mack may be mentally ill. She may be a victim. She may be a brutal creature. Regardless, Raniere preyed on her and brought the worst out in her.  Whether she remains loyal to him or turns and gives evidence against him remains to be seen.

In any event, Allison Mack as she exists today is a human tragedy.

On August 29, 2017 this writer wrote about Allison Mack: “Other media outlets will soon be reporting [on Mack’s role in the sex cult]. They had to do what I did: Vet the truth of the branding and blackmail scheme. Expect news on DOS, Raniere and Allison Mack to be widely reported nationally.”

In early October – before the New York Times story on NXIVM came out – Catherine Oxenberg and this writer spoke with Mack’s longtime personal manager to ask her to persuade Mack to quit the brutal cult and rescue other women trapped in its slavery.

Mack evidently was not persuaded to quit. Her mother and father both firmly stood by fighting for Mack’s right to be in NXIVM and ignored mine and others’ warnings about the cult. In fact, Mack’s father gave singing lessons to cult members for a fee, while his daughter was secretly branding women.

Mack’s writings on http://www.allisonmack.com show anyone interested in the decline of the once successful actress into criminality and delusion and possible victimization.


Allison Mack posted this on her website, http://www.allisonmack.com.


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  • Okay … about Smallville … yes, she was in all ten seasons … but she left the show in the middle of season 10.

    And I won´t believe, that Allison did this all by herself, but because she was brainwashed. She´s a trained actor, who used “Method Acting” for her roles … and the characters she played (Opposite Sex, Smallville) were extremely loveable. In my case, I fall in love in her beautiful smile right from the start… beneath the fact, that she was born not far from me in Preetz, Germany … and it was heartcrushing, when I found out, that she is a member of a cult … or however you´ll call it. If it´s just a BDSM, why hide behind good sounding names. I saw pics of Allison and Kristin Kreuk on a meeting of the “World Ethics Foundation” … ah, ethics, sounds good, yes … but no,it´s NXIVM …. or take JNess, which is also working on german soils … it has an office in Hamburg … to help young women to build up self-convidence … but no, it´s just a way to find women, who feels insecure to lure them into the master´s harem. I finally look behind these mirrors, when Allison made advertising for the new acting school “The Score”, where Mr. Raniere teaches methods, the students should not only use in her work, but in their real life, especially by raising their children.

    I also won´t believe, that her family not only have a problem, that her daughter/sister is a member of a cult … any cult, but also support it. In the FQA-Videos Allison talk about her family life for example in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that it was quiet nice.

    My wish, from someone, who had a major crush on Allison for almost 15 years … who may even thought, that Allison was the woman of my dreams … that she´ll make a deal with the prosecutor. I want to believe, that Allison was one of the first victims … and that she developed a Stockholm syndrom. She really need to go into therapy … and the best way to do that, is to start her life all over again, by moving back to her birthtown. The people in Schleswig-Holstein have no problems with cults … jehovas witnesses aside. And here, no one will recognize her.

    PS: I overcome my social anxiety and asked german tv networks, to invite Allison to Germany … before I noticed the cult. If I got a note from her potantial german therapist, that she overcome the brainwashing, I still could think about a friendship, maybe even a relationsship. But she has to become healthy again. What Allison did, was disgusting, don´t get me wrong … but if she really suffers from Stockholm Syndrom, she needs help and after that, deserves a second chance. If she got her money back, she could adjudge compensation to her own victims. And if she will move from U.S. to Germany, she could conclude with this part of her life, and become a normal person again.

  • The website isn’t down and it never has been down. The menu is on the left ( click the box ) it’s the way its designed.

  • I think its important to remember that CULT VICTIMS usually turn into CULT gathers. It happens in all forms of religion. That doesn’t mean they are not victims. Allison mack is a VICTIM of Keith.

    Before we crucify mack, let’s understand who has been behind it all…… KEITH

  • You need to get your facts straight Frank

    Allison did not quit the show in 2010.

    She was in all 10 seasons. She was there until the show ended. That’s because I watched every show. She did not quit. So don’t make up stuff just to make it sound more titilating.

    I agree that shs was brainwashed and on a low calorie diet. You can see the photos of how she has changed but she did not quit smallville. Smallville ended after 10 seasons. She was in all of them. She then went on and did more work which you can see on IMDB up until last year which is when the accusations came out about KEITH.

    At that point she was deep in and he had collateral on her.

    • Mack’s career as a sitcom actress is of exactly zero consequence or importance at this moment. It is a curious sidenote that she ever was an actress at all, as her ultimate role as “co-conspirator #1” dwarfs any prior existence she led.

  • Her blog about being in the closet is particularly telling. But not in any way she can see. I’m an outsider. I enjoyed Smallville but wouldn’t call myself a fan girl. Still, seeing Allison Mack in the headline prompted this response “What the fuckitty fuck?!” How does that happen? Which led me here. For four days, I’ve read every post and comment since 2016 trying to figure out how an organization like this could thrive for so long. Also, I’m not alone. Many more will likely begin to comment. While I’ve never been involved in a cult, I have dabbled in BDSM communities. Which were very respectful of women. The submissive actually has all the power. It seems that KR has twisted the philosophy to fit his sick ego needs. No doubt he’s done some reading. With that said, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone subjected to his sado-leaning ways (Allison) would ultimately come up with her own ideas and implement them, with his approval of course. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if when all truths come out, DOS and especially branding ended up Allison’s idea to please her master.

    • Excellent point, about her coming with ideas that harm others and please her master. Ugh. I also felt the closet blog post was really telling, and the one about the cat. Again, she doesn’t realize how much they give away.

  • I left this evil bitch several comments on her Instagram site – every word the truth too – and she blocked me because I answered people’s questions put to me and was very clear and honest about this woman who holds other women in total contempt while pretending to the public that she actually cares about women, that she sees us as “sisters”. She does not. We are slaves and tools to her and the purpose is to sate her ego among other things. She is no saint.

  • I think you all assume to think Allison is even still a mindful not brainwashed human. Your Comments are cruel and insensitive. Until she actually speaks out for herself in her own defense, I’m withholding my judgement. I think anyone who demeans her without all the facts on her own brainwashing is just being cruel. She was drug into this by Kristen.. who suddenly left.. claiming she “got out” ..I call bullshit. Kristen is an outside recruiter and for her denials and for not trying to get Allison to leave, I hope they prosecute her.
    Blaming a brainwashed human being for criminal acts is ludicrous and sick. Grow up! If it was your child you’d say the same.

  • Hey, Frank — Can you say how Allison’s manager reacted when you contacted him/her? Did they seem concerned about her well-being? Also just so you don’t go around repeating this and looking foolish — the height of Smallville’s popularity was most definitely not in 2010. The height of Smallville’s popularity was during its 2nd season in 2002 when 7-9 million viewers were tuning in. By 2010, the show was running on fumes averaging only 2.5 million viewers which might seem ok by today’s viewing standards but in in 2010 that ranked it as the 10th least watched series that year.

    • He doesn’t answer. He’s too busy finding TRUE and FALSE statements. Not everything he says is accurate.

  • “In any event, Allison Mack as she exists today is a human tragedy.” THIS!! I think this is what makes me the angriest, that Allison had so much talent and so much promise–I was convinced she was going to become a Broadway star–and she let it all go to chase after this clown and his ridiculous cult. I saw her in her two off Broadway plays and she was brilliant in both of them and to see her now, practically skeletal and crying over cult-speak in nonsensical Youtube videos, it’s just depressing.

    She gave up a twenty year acting career, a career that she was naturally gifted at, to become a slave and then a woman who helps brand and humiliate other women, all at the behest of a conman and rapist is just nightmarish.

    • It’s incredibly frustrating. I used to really respect her and now. I just hope she gets the help she needs, whatever that maybe. Man, even her parents were taken in. How fucked up is that?

  • “Other Raniere women got cancer.”

    I can see the headlines now: “Cult creep gave me CANCER, woman claims in bombshell testimony.”

  • Her .com domain expires 6th September this year. This is the date I suppose we’ll see the last of it. Enjoy it while we can?

    Anyway, the below link is my favorite of her posts. She’s a fine writer to be honest. An insightful self-analysis into her state of mind during the end of Smallville and coming into thrall with Keith during that crucial transition period:


    (Starts “I was living in Vancouver playing Chloe Sullivan.”)

    I can understand why people she came into contact with could be persuaded over time to go along with what she says. She wasn’t their enemy, she was their “friend”.

    • Actually I think it’s a pretty confusing piece of writing that is incredibly self-obsessed and narcissistic. She’s an actor, for goodness sake. There is nothing at stake apart from her own ego. Hmm… is there are pattern there? Allison and Keith?

      • That’s the plan. To make a person so muddle-headed and confused you can basically control them. Life is simple and VanDouche just spews his word salad to make things more difficult.

        There are a small amount of things you need to be content. Something simple you can believe in. A decent education and job. Maybe a few hobbies. And some close friends and a stable and a loving partner and/or family.

        Anything more than that is icing on the cake.

        All this talk about growing and finding yourself, nourishment, blah blah blah, is utter horseshit.

        • So true. Every time I look at Ms. Mack’s site, I just want to cry. I think there is ample evidence here of, at best, mild to moderate depression, at worst, PTSD: the solipsism, the obvious difficulty with maintaining coherence throughout a lengthy piece of prose. I think she wants to write, but is altogether too fried to persist. And all because she craved ‘authenticity’ Why didn’t these people who so wanted to serve the betterment of humanity become Paramedics? or Nurses? or Radiologists? Civil Engineers? Sewage workers? Teachers?… there are so many ways of serving if you feel that is your vocation. In the end, I come to the conclusion they are, at base, much like Keith, lazy poseurs, hell-bent on receiving the glory (for redeeming humankind?) with no intention of doing the work. They all tried to take short cuts and they will all inevitably be cut short

  • You reached out behind the scenes to Mack’s non-NXIVM inner circle, to plead for their help to save Mack and her recruits?


  • Allison expresses her gratitude about loving what she does acting wise in multiple posts.

    Now that Raniere could likely be in jail for a long time, I think if she gets some help and her mind has been somewhat cleared of the mental and emotional twisting it has experienced over the years, she’s going to look back on her time in the acting industry and truly realize what it means to be grateful because it’s likely over.

    It’s true that redemption exists in such an industry for some, but I believe it will be almost impossible for her considering that all of these events took place in the temporal context of the #metoo movement in Hollywood and she not only enabled what it stands against, but she did it as a woman against her own gender.

    • She is co-conspirator #1 in the affidavit from the FBI investigator as running the DOS inner sex cult. As CC-1, she is going to be arrested soon, and charged along with him. IF she lasts long–she holds many secrets, and with the money available, and the past acts of ‘intimidation,’ in my estimation, her life is in jeopardy until she is taken into custody. He has been taken down, but until the rest of the upper echelon are neutralized as well, this has the potential to flare up into a bad scene. This would be sort of textbook dynamic that breaking up a crime syndicate would follow, as Mr. Parlato can attest. This isn’t much removed from a mafia type organization. They are surely turning on each other at this moment, accusing and blaming and suspecting, paranoia running high. I hope that the situation in Mexico is being watched, somehow. She can be arrested trying to cross the border back into the U.S. but fleeing also seems futile–where does a blonde woman hide in Mexico and Central America? Is she fluent in Spanish? Her parents need to get off their asses and help their child! At least get her to safety, worry about the impending charges later.

    • It loads for me as well.

      I’ve been checking it every week or so since last summer, and it’s always been a crapshoot whether it loads or not.

    • It definitely was down earlier today at least for a time. Allison’s website was originally designed and maintained by a woman who was a hardcore Smallville fan who posted in Smallville related forums.. Allison recruited her, and FG (not her real initials let it stand for Fangirl) even enrolled in ESP/Jness courses and relocated to Clifton Park. It would appear FG has moved on from the espian chapter of her life and her fangirl days.

    • Yeah Frank’s jumped the gun on this one. Website outtages can happen to anyone, generally wait at least 24 hours before considering a permanent takedown.

  • Taking anything down, or making any account private, does not seem aligned with the hogwash the cult embraces. Such an action would acknowledge that public sentiment matters.

    I don’t think Allison Mack can afford to genuinely see reality and that she’ll continue to embrace fictional narratives that retain the god-like status of Keith Raniere. She’s been roughly 12ish years in the cult? She’s going to need so much therapy when she’s finally forced awake.

    • “making any account private”

      All their documents are confidential. I’m not sure what you mean by this action aligning with their beliefs. No qualms exist in reference to making their information private.

      • Social media accounts.

        Look at responses to Mack’s last tweet, or last instagram. Most people would have deleted their account or made it private by now.

        In Keith-speak, worrying about public reception (as an actor) is sign of weakness. What the public thinks is irrelevant, of no consequence. So responding to public dismay would be sign of weakness.

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