Anonymous writer speaks on Allison Mack and libel (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

(Editor’s note: I received this letter by email. I do not know who wrote it. I am posting it precisely as I received it.)

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Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.

Dear Mr. Parlato

I apologize for the length of this and thank you for your time. If you’d like to post this on FrankReport, I give you my permission under pseudonym Al’s Son, Mack, unless someone else has come up with that, in which case you can make up a name.

In April of 2016, I watched the TV series “American Odyssey” and was delighted to see Allison Mack had a supporting role. The role of Chloe Sullivan was my favorite character on “Smallville” and I always found Ms. Mack to be quite attractive, with a magnetic personality. Shortly after watching “American Odyssey” I wondered what she had been up to lately. What started for me as pleasant research, led me to curiosity, which led me to concern, and then eventually to your site, which I finished reading by May 2016. I don’t remember the exact order of revelations as it was definitely a rabbit hole I could not resist. Also being a fan of Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, I ended my quest for information quite concerned and sad yet hopeful that all current victims could be awoken from their nightmare, that Ms. Mack was not as deeply involved as reported, and could be saved from what seemed like grave personal danger. I drafted a letter to you then but wasn’t sure how to finish it or take the next steps I then felt necessary. Finally, having no connection to any of the players, nor any personal stake other then my affection for Ms. Mack, I decided I had to put my concern aside and get on with other things.

I visited your site infrequently since then, finally seeing your hiatus-breaking article on the Raniere patent suit against Microsoft and AT&T. I revisited in the last few days to see if there was any progress only to find countless and exhausting new posts and shocking revelations.

Clearly, as was evident last year, Allison Mack has lost weight, going from being a vibrant self-proclaimed foodie with at least a healthy organic pescatarian diet during her “Smallville” days, to a vegan or vegetarian diet that has left her reminiscent of a vegan relative of mine who suffered from anorexia. Yet I do not want to believe that she is as involved in the heinous acts as reported. I can only imagine what her family and friends feel. She simply must be subject to egregious coercion and/or delusion in her mind. If all this leads to charges and jail time for her, one could cite plenty of celebrities that bounced back from legal trouble, but entertainment media can be viciously cruel. I fear that she would not come back from this, that she would suffer worse than prison, that she could spiral into a life threatening psychosis and depression. That would be incredibly sad.

I am surprised that TMZ and other entertainment news outlets have not already picked up on this saga. Perhaps they are smartly more cautious than you, fearing costly libel charges. Perhaps Ms. Mack is not on their radar, though ET Online had an August 4 2017 exclusive article on her 2016/17 voice acting role in an animated TV series. And that brings me to a notion I must disabuse you of.

You have inaccurately stated things about Ms. Mack’s career several times, which leads me to believe you are a sloppy reporter, willing to play fast and loose with the facts. The inaccuracies have subtly grown, to the worst instance in your August 4th 2017 post titled “Allison Mack to confess:…” I quote you:

“…Miss Mack, who gave up a starring role on the hit TV show Smallville to follow Mr. Raniere…”

Ms. Mack did not give up her role. She was there until the series finale after a 10 year run, and not only that, was in the final scene of that episode. The non-canon character of Chloe Sullivan was so compelling that she was introduced into the DC comic universe, and Allison Mack was not replaced by any other actress for that role, so she did not give up the role, as you say. You’ve previously said things like:

“left her acting career” and
“retired at the peak of her career”

On July 1 2017 article about Grace Park you say:

“In 2010, Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on the CW Superman drama, Smallville, announced she was retiring to follow Mr. Raniere.”

Show us what journalistic article or video she says this in. In fact, she has had at least 5 roles since Smallville (not many I grant you), but that includes a movie and 18 television episodes. The main star of “Smallville”, Tom Welling who played Clark Kent, doesn’t even have that many roles since then. All you need is IMdB to figure that out. You need to do much better with the facts if you are to be completely credible.

Additionally, in my opinion you have been juvenile, unprofessional, and reckless in a vast number your posts, filling them with conjecture and sensationalism, ad hominem, poisoning the well for your own case, and prebuttal, not to mention allowing several reader’s argument from ridicule to be highlighted directly in post bodies. It’s hard to take you as seriously as is warranted. And I feel that this is an incredibly serious matter. Further, the instances of libel are epic. I have to assume one of a number of things is going on here, that have prevented you from being sued. Either:

1. Keith Raniere and his lawyers are not very bright – not likely
2. This whole site, true or false, is a NXIVM honey-pot trying to catch “suppressives” – Too many assumptions here, but not impossible
3. Everything is true and they don’t want to risk disclosure before they’ve secured their position (which you given them ample warning to do – simply reckless) – Possible
4. They’re biding their time, allowing you to dig an ever deeper libellous hole, for when they finally do bring suit, probably after your other case with them is over. I think this is most likely. In my opinion, you’re not only “digging your own grave”, you’re giving them, or at least Raniere, opportunity to escape justice.

In any case, to bring it back into focus and assume this site is more than 90% accurate, I suggest you contact two entities to make this more public, but not yet mainstream (if that causes more of a flight risk). The first entity, but maybe not the best of the two, is The Intercept. I don’t particularly like Glen Greenwald’s ultra-left stance on things, but he as the ear of liberal minded people who would be absolutely outraged by this saga. The second entity comprises of members of a podcast production called Real Crime Profile. The hosts are Jim Clemente (a retired New York City Prosecutor and Supervisory FBI Special Agent/Profiler), Laura Richards (a Criminal Behavioural Analyst having trained with New Scotland Yard and the FBI. She’s an expert in domestic and sexual violence, stalking and coercive control), and Lisa Zambetti (a TV casting director for “Criminal Minds” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” who may have crossed paths with some actors inside ESP/SOP/Jness/DOS). They recently (May 2017) did podcast episodes on coercive control. Their podcast is tangentially aligned with the hit “This American Life” podcast “Serial” and they have a large enough crime-junkie audience to warrant third party sponsorship. In my opinion they could easily analyze videos of Raniere and others, and assess his level of sociopathy/psychopathy. They only dive into closed or cold cases on the podcast, but they don’t seem to be burdened by bureaucracy, and they have many law enforcement connections, so I believe their endorsement of your material would carry a lot of weight.

On your writing, my general advice is to tighten up this site and your reporting, and focus on progress in the main post stream instead of rehashing old posts and topics. For those you could have a running post or series of posts, persistently in the sidebar, that outline the progression of revelations, and in those just link to each past post on the topic. For anyone coming to your site who wants to follow the progression from the beginning and have a complete picture, it may be extremely tiring. It was for me.

Thanks again for your time,

Al’s Son, Mack

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(Nota del editor: he recibido esta carta por correo electrónico. No sé quién lo escribió. Yo estoy publicando lo precisamente que he recibido.)

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Estimado Sr. Parlato

Pido disculpas por la longitud de esta y gracias por su tiempo. Si usted desea publicar esto en FrankReport, te doy mi permiso debajo hijo de seudónimo Al, Mack, a menos que alguien ha llegado a que, en cuyo caso puedes hacer un nombre.

En abril de 2016, vi la TV serie “American Odyssey” y estaba encantado de ver a Allison Mack tenía un papel de apoyo. El papel de Chloe Sullivan fue mi personaje favorito en “Smallville” y siempre encontré la Sra. Mack muy atractivo, con una personalidad magnética. Poco después de ver “American Odyssey” me preguntaba lo que había sido hasta últimamente. Lo que empezó para mí como investigación agradable, me llevó a la curiosidad, que me llevó a la preocupación, y luego eventualmente a su sitio, que he terminado de leer mayo 2016. No recuerdo el orden exacto de las revelaciones, como sin duda era un agujero de conejo que no me pude resistir. También ser un ventilador de Kristin Kreuk y Grace Park, finalizó mi búsqueda de información muy preocupada y triste pero esperanzador que todas las víctimas actuales podrían ser despertadas de su pesadilla, que la Sra. Mack no era como profundamente involucrado como se informó, podrían salvarse de lo que parecía li ke grave peligro. Redactó una carta a usted entonces, pero no estaba seguro de cómo terminarlo o tomar los siguientes pasos luego sentí necesario. Finalmente, no tener ninguna conexión con cualquiera de los jugadores, ni cualquier participación personal otro entonces mi afecto por la Sra. Mack, decidió que tenía que poner mi preocupación a un lado y seguir con otras cosas.

Visité tu sitio con poca frecuencia desde entonces, finalmente viendo su artículo de romper el hiato en la demanda patentes de Raniere contra Microsoft y AT&T. Nuevo en los últimos días para ver si había algún progreso para encontrarse con incontables y escape nuevos puestos e impactantes revelaciones.

Claramente, como fue evidente el año pasado, Allison Mack ha perdido peso, pasando de ser vibrante gastronómica autoproclamado con al menos una dieta saludable pescatarian orgánicos durante su “Smallville” días, a una dieta vegana o vegetariana que ha dejado de una vegana pariente mío que sufrió de anorexia. Todavía no quiero creer que ella es como participar en los actos atroces como se informó. Sólo puedo imaginar lo que sienten su familia y amigos. Ella simplemente debe ser objeto de coacción grave o engaño en su mente. Si todo esto lleva a cargos y penas de cárcel para ella, uno podría citar un montón de celebridades que se recuperó de problemas legales, pero los medios de entretenimiento pueden ser despiadadamente crueles. Me temo que ella no vendría detrás de el, que ella iba a sufrir peor que la prisión, que ella podría en espiral en un mortal de psicosis y depresión. Eso sería muy triste.

Me sorprende que TMZ y otros medios de entretenimiento han no ya seleccionado arriba de esta saga. Tal vez estén inteligentemente más prudentes que tú, por temor a cargos costosos por difamación. Tal vez la Sra. Mack no es en su radar, aunque ET Online tenían un artículo exclusivo de 04 de agosto de 2017 a 2016/17 voz actuando el papel en una serie de dibujos animados. Y que me lleva a una noción de que debo desengañar.

Inexacto manifestaron cosas sobre la carrera de la Sra. Mack varias veces, lo que me lleva a creer que eres un reportero descuidado, dispuesto a jugar rápido y suelta con los hechos. Las imprecisiones han crecido sutilmente, a la instancia peor en el 04 de agosto de 2017 post titulado “Allison Mack a confess:…” te cito:

“… Miss Mack, que dio para arriba un rol protagónico en el golpe TV show Smallville a seguir el Sr. Raniere…”

La Sra. Mack no cedieron su papel. Ella estaba allí hasta el final de la serie después de un año 10 ejecución y no solo eso, estaba en la escena final de ese episodio. El carácter no canónico de Chloe Sullivan fue tan convincente que se introdujo en el universo de DC comic, y Allison Mack no fue reemplazado por cualquier otra actriz para ese papel, por lo que ella no le dio el papel, como usted dice. Anteriormente has dicho cosas como:

” Left su career de acción” y
“Retired en la cima de su career”

En 01 de julio de 2017 artículo sobre Grace Park le dice:

“In 2010, Allison Mack, que en el drama de CW Superman, Smallville, Chloe Sullivan anunció que se retira para seguir Sr. Raniere. ”

Nos muestran qué artículo periodístico o un vídeo dice esto. De hecho, ella ha tenido al menos 5 funciones desde Smallville (no muchos admito), pero incluye una película y episodios de televisión 18. La estrella principal del “Smallville”, Tom Welling que jugó Clark Kent, no tiene ni siquiera que muchos papeles desde entonces. Todo lo que necesitas es IMdB para averiguarlo. Tienes que hacer mucho mejor con los hechos, si vas a ser totalmente creíbles.

Además, en mi opinión han sido menores, poco profesional e imprudente en un gran número de tus mensajes, llenándolos con conjeturas y sensacionalismo, ad hominem, envenenamiento del pozo para su propio caso y prebuttal, para no hablar de lo que varios lectores argumento de burla ser destacado directamente en publicar cuerpos. Es difícil que lo lleve tan en serio como se justifica. Y siento que esto es un asunto muy serio. Además, los casos de difamación son épicos. Tengo que asumir uno de un número de cosas está sucediendo aquí, que le han impedido ser demandado. Ya sea:

1. Keith Raniere y sus abogados no son muy brillantes – no es probable que
2. este sitio entero, verdadero o falso, es un pote de miel NXIVM tratando de atrapar “suppressives”-supuestos muchos aquí, pero no imposible
3. todo es verdad y no quieren a la divulgación del riesgo antes de que ha asegurado su posición (que se les amplia ADVERTENCIA que – simplemente imprudente) – posible
4. están esperando su momento, lo que le permite cavar un agujero cada vez más difamatorio, para cuando finalmente traen traje, probablemente después de su otro caso con ellos. Creo que esto es más probable. En mi opinión, no sólo “digging su propio grave”, estás dando, o por lo menos Raniere, oportunidad de huir de la justicia.

En cualquier caso, para que vuelva a centrarse y asumir que este sitio es más de 90% de precisión, sugiero ponerse en contacto con dos entidades para hacer esto más público, pero no de corriente (si es que hace más de un riesgo del vuelo). La primera entidad, pero tal vez no el mejor de los dos, es el interceptar. Particularmente no me gusta postura ultra izquierda de Glen Greenwald en las cosas, pero como el oído de la gente con mentalidad liberal que sería ser absolutamente indignado por esta saga. La segunda entidad por miembros de una producción de podcast llamado Perfil de crimen Real. Los anfitriones son Jim Clemente (retirado fiscal de la ciudad de Nueva York y supervisor agente especial de la FBI/Profiler), Laura Richards (un Criminal comportamiento Analista habiendo entrenado con nueva Scotland Yard y el FBI.  Ella es una experta en violencia doméstica y sexual, acecho y coercitiva de control) y Lisa Zambetti (un director de casting de TV para “Criminal Minds” y “Criminal mente: más allá de Borders” que puede haber cruzado caminos con algunos actores dentro de ESP/SOP/Jness/DOS). Recientemente (mayo de 2017) hicieron episodios podcast control coercitivo. Su podcast tangencial está alineado con el éxito “This American Life” podcast “Serial” y tienen una audiencia lo suficientemente grande como adicto al crimen para justificar el patrocinio de terceros. En mi opinión fácilmente podrían analizar videos de Raniere y otros y evaluar su nivel de psicopatía/sociopatía. Se sumergen solamente en cajas cerradas o frío en el podcast, pero no parecen ser agobiados por la burocracia, y tienen muchas conexiones de aplicación de la ley, por lo que creo que su endoso del material llevaría mucho peso.

En su escrito, mi consejo general es apretar este sitio y sus informes y centrarse sobre el progreso en la corriente del poste principal en lugar de Rumiar los problemas viejos posts y temas. Para los que podría tener un funcionamiento poste o serie de posts, persistente en la barra lateral, que describen la progresión de las revelaciones y en ésos acoplamiento sólo a cada post anterior sobre el tema. Para alguien que viene a su sitio que quiere seguir la progresión desde el principio y tener una imagen completa, puede ser extremadamente agotador. Fue para mí.

Gracias nuevamente por tu tiempo,

Hijo al, Mack

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  • Allison Mack certainly is not the type of person that would think up some sex slave cult, the guy lied to her about what the organization was about. She did not know his intensions. He used her for her money.

  • These comments are hilarious in light of both of them being arrested and facing up to life in prison. I didn’t hear about this story till yesterday. I’m sorry, but how big of an idiot can you be? These cults show how little people think for themselves. Or how easily it is to manipulate and coerce someone psychologically. It’s sad and doesn’t improve my hope for society or humanity.

  • Everybody talk about the DOS, like it was a fact, tell me anyone of you, because I am possible blind, where in the NY times (original article and trustworthy source) it was mention anything about this DOS, or even more, the name of Allison Mack as a leader of this group. Is only in the crappy news. Why people comment about this stupidity, is ridiculous, rumors and shit. At least wait until is confirmed. Do not support more this paparazzi, that just want to suck the life of famous people to get what he wants.

  • This blog is pure trash, at least this letter has a more realistic approach to what is happening here, but please do not give more ideas to this guy, he just need more shitty material to be popular, he is no more than a mediocre paparazzi. This blog is the main source for all the other shit of news papers just taking advantage to be part of the big “news”, the NY Times just inform about some accusations and investigation about NXIVM, and mention Parlato as he was a blogger who post news related to the main one, and now he believes that he is GOD. Only a stupid person, a sheep, can take this as a trustworthy source. That is why the main newspapers do not post any of this bullshit, just the crappy media. He has pictures of tattoos, yes sure, he has emails, all the material, so if you really want to stop this group, Mr Parlato, and save this victims go to the authorities, ahh yes that’s true, you said that the government is corrupt. Of course and now Mr. Parlato you are the victim. Is very clear that the whole thing, is personal, and Parlato want a be shown as a hero, taking advantage of the haters and the closed-minded people, who judge without proofs, and want to be part of anything based on a moralistic campaign, “to change the world”. Accuse, judge and if they could do it, execute. They actually do not think that they are hurting people that could be innocent. In that way Parlato and his followers commit the same crimes or even worst that the ones are posted here.

  • The problem is that allison is one of those people who tends to be very thoughtful about themselves to the point that they degrade their self esteem in their writing published on their blog and interviews quoted by frank can be seen. I would say that she should be given more compassion not because she is a famous actris but because she is one of those people who from a distance recognize her as someone who has a good heart although this is no guarantee not to lose the way, But I also think that Keith Raniere put it as a leader of DOS for being a great recruiter and I ended up throwing away the back but then it has opened a window of opportunity in it if I want to tell not a window that she will use but those that we want to help her and To unmask this type I think that if it is possible to awaken him to understand at least subtly and not disrespectful that his situation is being observed by many people, maybe more people start to look at this history of the cult of Keith Raniere and if that was The allison case would end up being directly or indirectly who would make the world put its eyes on Keith Raniere

  • You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time…..

    Abraham Lincoln

    It appears that Allison Mack is one of the people you can fool all of the time.

    That is not her fault. As a child, everyone is vulnerable to being fooled. Remember Santa Claus?

    And even as a young adult, nearly everyone can be seduced by a well-polished cult recruiting effort. “We can train you to overcome your weaknesses and attachments.” “Help us save Humanity from (whatever).” “We all love you so much!”

    Success as an actor gives no immunity. In fact, people drawn to acting may be more vulnerable than most.

    In an article in Metroland, about Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, cult expert Rick Ross was quoted:

    “My experience with Hollywood people and cults, they are really easy to grab,” said Ross. “A lot easier than you would imagine. They are so vulnerable and emotionally needy. What kind of person wants to be an actor in the first place? They need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    As someone who has spent far too much time investigating cultish stuff, I am willing to give Allison as much leeway for participating in the DOS blackmail, slavery, and genital branding, as I would give a minor child. She has been brainwashed by experts in brainwashing.

    The real kingpin is the chief brainwasher, Keith Raniere.

    Nancy Salzman is the main accessory. While it’s arguable that she was somewhat brainwashed by Raniere herself, she clearly greatly aided Raniere in mass-production of weaponized brainwashing.

    Clare Bronfman is the next accessory. While she is clearly quite brainwashed herself, her financial support of the cult, and its relentless legal assault of any criticism, over such a long period of time, cannot be excused.

    The legal system does not recognize brainwashing as a defense. Since nearly anyone is vulnerable to brainwashing under the right circumstances, perhaps it should.

    Given the existing legal system, Allison’s best option is likely to take a plea bargain to a lesser offense, in return for testimony against Keith, Nancy, and Clare.

    • I disagree that Ross’ assessment that actors are more emotionally needy, or that actors “need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention” more than other types of people. There are definitely a number of people in the industry where this description applies, but there are also a number of actors out there who simply love the work and enjoy its perks, but dislike the fame and excessive attention. I think it is intrinsic to the human condition that people have a desire to be validated – in whatever manner – and it is that which is exploited by cults, especially of people who suffer self-esteem issues, which are in fact exaggerations of a lack of worth – hence the need to be validated that one is worth something – that are often (speciously) filled by them.

    • That was posted more than five years ago. And she’s still posting and tweeting directionless gobbledygook like ‘when I grow up’, ‘some days I sit and silence wondering about me’, ‘who am I really’, and other such cultic nonsense. Then she posts things like ‘I’ve finally found myself in organization that has given me my place and such joy’, blah, blah, fucking blah. “Fucking dude”, your purpose is to meander aimlessly in a cult, recruiting others into a cult, fuck the douche-bag leader every once in a while, and act as a pimp to find other women for him brand, take vows of slavery, and to fuck, in the meantime posting platitudes and about what others have done to your clueless fans on Twitter? Great “purpose” there Ally. You’ve truly found yourself.

  • You’re doing good work that needs to be done, but a bunch of your articles contain what might be easily-checked and corrected factual inaccuracies as well as some stuff that I think is just the equivalent of name-calling. Factually inaccurate and designed for nothing more than smearing people.

    I have no loyalty to NXIVM anymore, and what they did to people I think was indescribably wrong and inexcusable – wait until you hear about the uh, psychological experiments they conducted if you haven’t already.

    Even still I can’t get behind some of the stuff on this site because it’s written hastily and with little fact-checking. There are a few articles that I think give a new reader a good taste of what’s going on and who’s involved, but a lot of the content on this site bleeds your credibility and gives the Knife analysts half a leg to stand on. They will use that to discredit you and maintain a tighter grip on those who are still in.

    Professionalism can go a long way to establishing that you are credible and worth listening to, and one of the best ways of getting someone out of these groups is to help someone stay open, listen and truly take in some of what you’ve written. For a lot of people that’s the first step in getting out. I can’t thank you enough for doing this work, but I also beg you not to wreck the opportunity we have to get people out, by being sloppy.

    • I agree but believe it is a big job for Frank, given he is not a professional journalist.

      My articles contain small factual and grammatical errors but not enough to distort the overall gist of the story. This is not my full-time job.

      We want to encourage submissions; not have people worried about being perfect.

      It is better, in my opinion, to encourage readers to do their own research and participate in the content of this site.

      Read up on thought reform, watch Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E, watch Holy Hell, read the court minutes, research NLP techniques, read Keith’s bio (and try to reference his grand statements) and use your own cognitive thinking to sift through the material.

      The overall story remains the same.

  • Unfortunately, most, if not all of the accusations, are true. Small details are likely to be incorrect, even when written by eye witnesses.

    How we frame the world and our experiences all colour and shape our stories.

    Here is what I know to be true from first hand knowledge or from their own statements documented in court records.

    1. The branding and slavery in DOS is true.
    2. The secrecy is true.
    3. High expense is true.
    4. That they use strange jargon is true (Vanguard).
    5. That ESP is extremely litigious is true.
    6. Their techniques are NLP and hypnosis is true.
    7. They teach women that men deserve higher paying jobs is true.
    8. ESP teaches men that polyamory is normal for men, and not women, is true.
    9. It is well documented that Keith is liar is true.

    I have not witnessed Vanguard sleeping with his students but believe that it is well supported and uncontested in court documents and I would bet my house it’s true (not a gambler).

    It is my opinion that ESP is a cult.

    This is a very messed up organization, and if you truly wish to blow your mind, go read the court minutes. It will take a while.

    If I were Frank, I wouldn’t worry about any legal position from NXIVM. I believe in his case it’s better to have a good offense. They are already suing Frank, so what’s the risk. Beyond that, NXIVM, ESP, DOS, and SOP have operated so far outside of legal or ethical boundaries that they have far more to lose than anyone who stands up against them.

    Do some research and you will see what I am referring to.

    Another Canadian

    • I’ve read all but a dozen articles on this site, as well as reading and viewing articles and videos in other publications. The dozen I haven’t read here, were posted in the last month or so that contain rehashed information and additional smear language. (it’s tiresome and time consuming). It would be nice to have a summary article, with links to publications and other media that is not affiliated with this site, where a person can independently verify first or second-hand information, of things that are public facts, from which inferences can be made. Other material on this site, that cannot be immediately backed up by evidence due to protection of sources, can at best be taken as hearsay by the average reader who isn’t in some way directly knowledgeable of NXIVM practices. I like research, and if I can carve out the time, I’ll perhaps create such a list on your behalf. I can’t promise it though.

      • Give Frank permission to send me your email and I will gladly send you several articles, court minutes, tell you my story and give direct details related to this organization.

        I live in Vancouver and will take the time to walk you through what I know.

      • If you want a history of ESP/NXIVM start with the archives of the cult education Institute – – Almost any article in MSM has been linked here. Next there are numerous legal briefs depositions etc on document cloud . All you need to do is google some of the key players names and you will get hits. Get your hands on and read the Keeffe – Bouchey telephone transcript of a few years back (here you go) –

        – Read Barbara Bouchey’s Deposition in Precision Development (NXIVM as one of the Bronfman LLC’s vs Plyam which goes into detail about the LA land deal -………

        Sarah Hinman of Hearst newspapers uploaded a ton of stuff to document cloud -here is an example of one search I did:

        Many of the old posts covering NXIVM on The old Saratoga in Decline blog can be accessed via the Wayback machine on internet archive. Here is a link to captured urls for various blog posts –*/* You have to play around with it to get to the old captured blog posts and then you can move around. If you cant figure it out Frank probably has a bunch of them that i have sent him.

        MSM has tried to cover NXIVM over the years and has met litigation after litigation and cease and desists.: The Times Union, Vanity Fair, Metroland (now defunct) to name a few, A few years back Dateline was going to do a piece, I know this first hand as Dateline contacted some of my neighbors and I and they were in the neighborhood trying to get their story after the Times Union series broke. John TIghe and the Dateline Journalist captured Keith running like a scared bunny when he spied John’s bright red car after one of my neighbors spotted Keith out on a walkabout. Some of us live in the middle of NXIVM village as their suppressive neighbors and have been trying to assist first, John Tighe and now Frank collaborate raw intelligence. I have seen with my own two eyes, Keith walking hand in hand with Ally Mack. He does this with all his harem when its their one on one time. I would not call Keith grossly over weight as some posters have but he does have man boobs.

        Reddit was a hot bed of NXIVM posts back in December 2015 until the threads were closed to posts after legal action was threatened and Nxivm was going to try to dox some of the posters. There was some crazy stuff going on about bitcoin etc. Some of it was also fabricated and the work of trolls.

  • Why would you suspect that someone would claim you are NXIVM? What would warrant such a suspicion that the the timing of your “prebuttal” would be so oddly coincidental?

    Regardless, in order for NXIVM to prove the allegations false and done with malicious intent, they would have to open themselves up to disclosure and they wouldn’t want that, most likely because they are true. All sorts of websites with different forms of content exist that have a right to under the Constitution because of free speech, even those that publish incorrect or even false information. Otherwise, no gossip site would ever exist, and there are lots of them.

    But I’m sure NXIVM and its cohorts are working on a plan to remove the website and the author of it, like they did so with the old Saratoga in Decline blog authored by John Tighe, but it won’t be through the courts. Without the seemingly endless litigation enacted behind the scenes by a charlatan man-child who likes his ego and dick to be stroked, the lifestyle that comes with it, and the billionaire money to support it, it wouldn’t be NXIVM otherwise.

    • “Why would you suspect that someone would claim you are NXIVM? What would warrant such a suspicion that the the timing of your “prebuttal” would be so oddly coincidental?”

      I would suspect it because 1) it’s the Internet 2) I’ve shown some support for AM 3) There are already instances on this site of people who have the names “NXIVM supporter” or “troll” levelled against them 4) I’m capable of thinking ahead. 🙂

  • Thank you for posting my email, Mr. Parlato.

    I just want to say (in classic prebuttal fashion) before I get accused of being a boo-hoo NXIVM plant, that I’m a Canadian, residing in Vancouver for over a decade. I don’t know any of the current or former NXIVM participants (though perhaps there’s the 6 degrees of separation thing as I do know people in the film business here). I have several times, in my day-to-day passed by the unassuming building that allegedly housed ESP here on West Georgia St. and Richards St., but have never had the courage to investigate the building more closely.

  • It reads like it was written by a NXIVM cult member with portions of truth, concern, and offers of help interspersed within it to give it some credibility as someone legitimately concerned about Allison Mack and her involvement, but quite a bit of harsh criticism thrown in with emphasis on minor factual errors concerning Allison Mack’s career or lack thereof (which have nothing to do with the the alleged existence and claims about DOS), and some unsupported references to logical fallacies, e.g., the paragraph on ad hominem, sensationalism, poisoning the well, etc., to give it away as the former. Perhaps the writer of this letter can detail more information concerning the “instances of libel that are epic” and what he is referring to. Because to declare something as libel 1) it has to be untrue 2) it has to be in print 3) it has to be shown that there is a malicious intent to harm the individual or group that it is written against. 1) presupposes that the person declaring libel knows the truth. Does this author know the truth (besides minor points concerning Allison’s acting career)? So, of all the claims about Raniere, Mack, Clare, NXIVM/DOS, herpes, etc., that have been stated on this website, perhaps our author can delineate which ones fall under such a category?

    • Ha, just as I suspected, someone would accuse me of being in NXIVM. You are correct however. I should have said “instances of POTENTIAL libel”. A website is considered “in print”, unlike slander, which is verbal. Surely you can see if any of these allegations are proven false, there’s a clear case for a libel suit, as many allegations are “character assassinations.”

      • Bruh, don’t even start. You literally put Allison Mack in your name and wanna be like “oh! Haha, I thought ahead that someone would think I’m in NXIVM.” No shit, Sherlocke!

    • I had the exact same thought. What a craftily written letter. Also wtf is up with the pseudonym made to sound like the name of Allison Mack? This could’ve been written by Mack herself. Or perhaps it is written by one of her “slaves.” Don’t forget she is an actress. She would love to take on a fake identity online – it’s her talent.

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