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Sex Addict:

Keith Raniere is a total sex addict. Wake up people! You can pretend to deny it to the outside or each other but everyone knows it’s true. Anyone who has spent serious time in Keith’s circle knows it’s true.

He is gross. Are you all really going to go on pretending this isn’t happening? For what?

Is there any person who can rationally deny this when the following prominent NXIVM women haven’t had boyfriends in 5-10-20 years? How do you make that work in your mind?

Nancy Salzman
Karen Unterreiner
Pam Cafritz – obviously deceased, but lived with Keith and Marianna outwardly menage a trois since the early 2000’s
Barbara Jeske – same as Pam.
Marianna Fernandez
Lauren Salzman
Dawn Morrison
Barbara Bouchey – she has since left, saying Keith had a harem of 9+ women including the whole Executive Board at the time
Kathy Russell
Ivy Nevares
Loreta Garza
Monica Duran
Clare Bronfman
Camilla Fernandez
Daniela Padilla
Nicki Clyne
Allison Mack

That is 17 women. 17. That number does not include new recruits, or women who float in and out of the harem, bringing the average number of women in Keith’s harem to 25 or so at any one time.

Don’t you find that gross? How much time do you think it takes Keith Raniere every day to maintain this harem? A lot, don’t you think? Ask yourselves, how does Keith having sex with all these women help the world? How does this uphold justice and ethics?

While he’s spending all his time fucking women and obsessively texting and calling with them all to make sure he’s maintaining his control over them, what’s happening to the businesses?

Have any of you invested money? Or know someone who invested money? Or invested huge amounts of time? Or contacts and your name and reputation? Do you think Keith Raniere has a conscience about your investment? It doesn’t seem like it, does it?

This goes far beyond questions about the validness of monogamy. This is obsessive, addicted behavior, raising serious questions of intent. What kind of person lives their life like this? How is this time spent on sex and control a reflection of Keith Raniere’s actual values.

Think on this.



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  • These women are sad, and they have even sadder families with no real men in their lives, letting a fake fuck manipulate them into wasting their lives in being effectively sex toys for a sociopath.

  • This list is only the core harem. It doesn’t include all the women recruited to have sex with Keith through DOS. It’s the pre-DOS harem who have been in exclusive relationships with Keith for 10 years or more. Exclusive meaning he is the only man in their life sexually, romantically.

    Looking at this list – it’s so sad. So many lives and careers squandered. Nancy and other leaders in NXIVM rationalize Keith’s need to have sex with so many women by saying he is “working” with them through sex, “there is nothing wrong with it.”

    I would ask all who read this. What is he “working” with them on? After a decade or more of sex with Keith are these women more evolved? In any way? Or are they just slaves now?

    People at VWeek could ask questions about this. Why not bring it up at a forum? Or request a forum to question this list of women, and the DOS members about the quality of their lives?

    This is the leadership of NXIVM and this is how they are spending their time and energy – a direct reflection of their values. Why would they hide their real values? If this is what they truly believe in and they see nothing wrong with their actions why not speak up about it?

    I would like to ask Nicki, Allison, Marianna, and Clare – what’s it like sharing Keith? How does that affect your friendships? What’s it like having Clare as your boss? Is it hard because she get’s jealous?

    For Allison – What’s it like encouraging another woman to enter into a sexual relationship with Keith? Do you feel any heartache? How do you deal with that heartache? Do you get EM’d by another woman who is also having sex with Keith? Do you think that is wise? Isn’t there a conflict? Do any of you think that on some level Clare wants everyone to fail? So she can have Keith? If not fail outright suffer? Suffer over money or job security?

    For those in NXIVM who are not having sex with Keith, I ask you all to try on these women’s lives. Can you imagine what it might be like to be them? Each one of them? What their lives were like before, how they got involved with Keith, and what their lives are like now? How they navigate their days, with the requirements of DOS, trying to make a living, answering to Clare, and trying to have a loving relationship with Keith? Hoping for children?

    Add to that, all their secrets are out.

    Abused women often try and hide the abuse. And lie about it. It’s a type of Stockholm Syndrome. Could it be possible some of these women are being abused and are lying about it and can’t come to terms with it?

    Is there anything sadder?

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