Female Insider: Allison – Clare rivalry works well for Keith at a time like this

A source who claims to have witnessed all she writes about says:

Some women did not know they branded women when they first gave collateral. They were told it was a cool badass women’s group.

They gave collateral. Then they were told they had to give more.  By the time they were told about branding, they felt they had to. They had so much collateral what could they do?

[Name Redacted] has a millionaire husband. She did not want her husband to know about DOS.  She did not get branded. No one trusts her.

Some women agree to get branded but said they did not know Keith’s initials were going to be on their pussies.

Some were held down and branded. They asked Dr. Roberts to let go. They were crying.

What this means is there may be legal trouble.

Keith isn’t going to take the blame.

I think he is setting up Clare Bronfman. She had the collateral and ordered her IT person to destroy it.

Keith is positioning Allison to make a public confession. DOS was her idea. He knew nothing about DOS.

The most illegal aspect is blackmail. Keith told Allie she never had control. She doesn’t even know where her own collateral is. And she is the head of DOS.

Allie is liked by everyone. She lives with Keith and Marianna and gets girls for Keith to fuck.

She will fuck anybody he tells her.

Clare follows the “golden rule”– ‘she who has the gold rules’ except for Keith.

She funds operations. She controls collateral. But she has zero ability to bring in fuckable women for Keith.

He positions Clare and Allie to dislike each other.

Allison had millions when she came. She handed it all over. I don’t think she owns anything anymore. I don’t think she controls her money anymore.   In DOS, they hand over their bank account details, but she blew through a lot of money. When she arrived she had millions. I imagine she has very little now.

If law enforcement seeks criminal charges, Keith is in the clear.

If not, he is off to Wakaya Island.  Clare bought him the island in Fiji. They are fixing it up the resort.

If someone has to take the fall, Allison is not expendable.

She is the best wing woman he ever had.

Clare has money. But no one likes her.

She could turn over the island to Keith.

Killing two birds with one stone. Get rid of Clare but keep her money which is the only reason anybody tolerates her.

Don’t forget Keith has money tucked away. He just has to bring it out slowly. Once he is in Fiji, he can bribe his way around and not worry about the law.

If the plan is Fiji, my money is on Allison. She can bring him women. Clare stays but pays for everything.

You should see his face behind her back when she comes hovering around him. The thought of having sex with her makes him nauseous.

Even on a good day she isn’t fuckable to most guys. And with all those hot women Keith has who’d waste a stroke of cock on her?

Of course she didn’t like cock until Keith fucked her head up. She might be the only one who does not cheat on her diet. That’s why she looks horrible.

If Keith is not the smartest guy, how many guys could do what he’s done?

Keith Raniere is one smart man, some people say.
He gets women to get other women for him.
images (1)
Clare Bronfman has money.
India Oxenberg is just one of many young women who Keith fucks.
Allison Mack is just dumb enough to be able to skate on this – providing she brings enough women for Keith.
alli 1
A source says Allison may be cheating on her diet.
bib 1
Wedding gowns are traditionally white to represent purity and chastity -a woman saving herself for her husband. That is why the gowns are modest and long. Married women of DOS are wise to wear see through and sexy wedding gowns since they are not permitted to be faithful to their husbands. Their husbands have to be cuckolds. If Keith requires a DOS woman to have sex – either with him or any one he designates – she is required to have sex and she only may tell her husband if Keith gives her permission.



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6 years ago

So Allison went from being an actress with a decent career and millions of dollars in the bank to a conniving, manipulative, narcissistic fuck buddy and pimp for a near sixty-year old pudgy, little, sociopath who pretends to be a guru, but is really a nerdy fool with lapses in judgement, and lost all of her money in the process.

Excellent work VanDouche. Way to be the biggest fake fuck when it comes to ethics in recent memory.

6 years ago

The best thing in the world is Keith probably has to fuck Clare and it’s his own doing. She is butt-fuck ugly and even more so because of what she’s like. But at the same time, Keith is a short, dumpy looking sociopath and Clare deserves him. Would be fantastic (and incredibly disgusting) if they fucked each other to death.

Vanessa R
Vanessa R
6 years ago

I’d like to clarify a few things.

1) There are back ups of the DOS collateral that will be given to the authorities upon investigation
2) There is evidence from multiple sources proving that Keith is behind DOS. It will be easily linked to him and this will finally be the end of his ridiculous enterprises.
3) You give Alison Mack too much credit. Some people are seduced by her, but most are now aware that something is very ‘off’ with her. In fact many have stated they find her to be manipulative, conniving, self-centered, narcissist and flirty in a way that’s not classy but straight out skanky etc. She is having less and less luck in bringing in fuck-able women for Fuck-tard Raniere because people are seeing through her act. Allison also gets very jealous so once the new Raniere baby is born she will no doubt lose her shit trying to one up Mariana. I predict a meltdown fairly soon
3) Keith is not smart, but incredibly dumb. I was working on a project with him once and tried to tell him that his logic was not sound and the thing was about to bomb. He told me I was making problems where there were none. So I handed it off and sure enough it bombed. He then made up some bullshit story about how the ‘climate’ changed. I actually think the guy has some major learning disabilities as he can’t process the most basic shit that a 10 year old could. He might even have some brain damage going on there. He’s been slipping up recently and people are watching. People are noticing that he’s having lapses and outbursts. Not how an enlightened guru would act.

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