Raniere-style chart of “Love-God” found in death car of Gina Hutchinson; Who wrote it?

On October 11, 2002, the body of  Gina Hutchinson was found in the woods by  Woodstock Police Department about 500 feet from her Toyota Tercel.

He death was ruled a suicide.

Recent developments, however, have cast doubt on the official version of events.

In the car was found a black notebook with Gina’s poetry, pages from her diary which included numerous mentions of Keith Raniere and this chart [below].

It is unknown who wrote this chart. It has never been published before.

Perhaps it’s meaning will be clear to some of our readers. Was this a chart inspired or written by Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman or Lauren Salzman?

gina h chart


Smashing Pumpkins was a band Gina supposedly liked to listen to.

gina 4

Gina Hutchinson was statutorily raped by Keith Raniere when he was in his mid-20s, according to numerous women who say they were also his teenage victims. She was a broken teenager when she found out he was having sex with her other teenage friends.  She remained in his orbit for almost 20 years and may have been influenced to commit suicide in order to atone for the ethical breach she committed by having a boyfriend. Sbe had one major accomplishment while she was associated with Mr. Raniere, sources say. She assisted Mr. Raniere with his take home IQ test along with several other young women, who made it a joint project.



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