Ex NXIVM Part 3 — V-Week & the remaining 11 days of Level 1

Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.
By An Ex -NXIVM Student

PART 3 –


I did not want to let down many people and I rationalized that it could be a different kind of vacation, so I attended V-week for about 5 days. Keith was already there when I arrived.

V-week was completely and absolutely unremarkable. I did not learn anything useful and I did not have a great time. The place was fantastic, but that is all I can remember about it.

While I did not notice anything fishy going on (this was about 12 years ago), I did notice that some girls would greet Keith with a small kiss on the lips in a very nonchalant way. It was weird since they were not greeting anyone else in such a way.

I do not remember the food, so I guess it was neither good or bad.

I do remember people always gathering around Keith to do whatever… as if he was a rock star.

And I remember people doing a talent show as some kind of a gift (tribute) to Keith and to ‘express their humanity’.

Keith and Nancy gave a couple of conferences. I was extremely eager to listen to them in person. The smartest person in the world was about to share some wisdom, and I was present.

It was so disappointing to listen to him that I vaguely remember what he said. He even shared an idea that I thought no smart person could have expressed in public after doing some super basic math.

I had a conflict in my mind since many people I trusted swore by ESP, but here I was listening in person to this guy and it felt like a phony.

Red Flag number 5?

Also, during this event, Nancy shared that she had cancer, but she was fighting it with EMs.


For reasons that I cannot recall (probably I was having emotional issues), I chose to take the remaining 11 days of the intensive divided into two separate sessions.

I do not remember much of these days, except that every month there were more people joining ESP. There were much more people than in my first 5 days.

The environment was the same: friendly, relaxed, trustful and some of the things I learned were useful, especially related to controlling my emotions.

During this time, I met the father of a friend of mine who after many years, told me that she hated ESP because they were telling him that his family was dragging him down and that he should leave them if he wanted to achieve his full potential.

I was taking a goals program and in a very subtle fashion, my coach recommended me to follow the stripe path (pursuing growing within the ranks in ESP).

In these years, the situation in Mexico was turning very insecure and violent, so the people in ESP founded a movement called in-lak-ech to promote peace within the country. People in ESP claim that this movement, founded by Keith (with no experience in the social environment/situation in the country), helped diminish the violence that we experienced in Mexico.

After taking the remaining 11 days, I felt that I had learned what I needed to learn from ESP. Jane and I had split up and I had felt more apathetic about ESP, Keith and NXIVM that even though I had very good friends and I trusted many people, I decided to stop attending at all — at least for a time…


[To be continued]





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  • Pea Onyu is definitely a Canadian. I can tell from her backwards mentality.

    I don’t share ShadowState’s belief that she’s really Nicki “babyfat” Clyne in disguise, though. But she might be. I think ShadowState should get off his lazy ass and start doing more investigative work to expose her true identity.

    I think it might be fruitful if both Just Sayin and Flowers (two fellow Canadians who hate each other) met with Pea at a local Tim Hortons in downtown Toronto at an appointed time, to have a beer summit of sorts —- in order to help build some common ground.

    Then maybe they can all be friends and Pea can be converted and saved.

    Then maybe Flowers and Just Sayin (aka: girl with narcissistic tendencies) can maybe bury the hatchet and become great Canadian friends. I think these two gals would be a great duo if they only stopped hating each other.

    • Not a Canadian, but I sincerely doubt they are all as bad as you are trying to make them out to be.
      It’s very sad you are such a miserable person. I genuinely hope you choose to make your life better, because all that hatred is only eating you alive from the inside. You’re only hurting yourself.

      • Well according to South Park, Canadians have beady eyes, floppy heads, and drive cars with square wheels. The Canadian version of satan is named – Beelzeboot.

  • What a fool this writer is. He had a golden chance. He was at V Week. He saw V himself. As a man is inside he sees outside. He could fathom Vangaurds greatness. He did not realize that The Tech could cure cancer. He only found it odd and off putting. What a dunce

    • You have all made it obvious money was everything to your vanguard, if he could cure cancer he could have been rich enough to make the Bronfmans look like paupers, nothing you say makes sense which I assume is your intention. On one hand Keith had no use for money, he learned one person through his consumer byline scheme. Don’t have anything in your name. Otherwise everything he said was for money and sex, greedy pervert. How do you want that?

    • At first, sorry for my poor English, as it isn’t my mother tongue… Pea, my intuition tells me that you’re not “real”. I feel like you’re a chatbot. There is a lot of provocation in what you wrote here in, but there is no soul. I don’t want to hurt you, perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel like you’re some kind of IA that would be used here in a social experiment… I don’t believe you’re asperger or autistic. Whatever, I believe that you don’t believe in what you write here… It’s like you’re doing it to pretend you defend the “cause”… If the shitbags are pressuring you, ask yourself what they really can do against you : Post nude pictures ? Graphic ones ? Proof that they manipulated you to commit frauds ? So what ? Haters will hate, everyone else, the one they like/love you will support you whatever. So drop the leash and simply be the strong woman you want to be and you are. If you’re the one I believe : Many important things depends on you. I won’t be a part of it as I have created my own path and meaning. You’re free and you have a lot of marvelous things in your hands they belong to you and only you. Last but not least : Sorry that I freaked you off but I really believed I would die in November 2004. That was some kind of testament. I’m writing these lines as I feel like I’ll never be the one I was anymore, I won’t be a part of it. But that’s fine this way. I’ve got my own life, that’s enough for me. I’m happy this way and I’ll defend fiercely the very few I’ve got, because THIS is MINE.

      • I’ve heard enough of your BS to know who is writing this garbage .
        Is that name supposed to bother me or something? Do you think I wont know who really wrote it?

        You monsters should be scared.
        You can’t get away with crimes forever.

        You are being watched. You know that, right? They are probably watching me too, but since I’m innocent, I have no worries. But you whores have plenty to worry about.

        • @”And that’s a whore” 8:09 : I shouldn’t lose my time writing these lines, but I can’t sleep as I get some kind of bad cold, so I will answer your comment : No, I am NOT affiliated with NXIVM. I think that you took personally something that wasn’t aimed at you. Otherwise you would never had used the plural form to address me. My story is about a mental meltdown that I had more than 15 years ago. If you really knew who I am, you wouldn’t had reacted this way, knowing that you don’t need to have any kind of aggressive behavior against me and that you have no reason to be freaked off. Now, believe what you want to believe, that’s your problem, not mine. Anyway, you reacted this way for some reason. So, if you really have any clue, you will be able to complete the following sentence : “If you’ve got to kiss something (sth) goodbye…”. Because that’s all about it. That’s about giving life a second chance. That’s about standing on your feet and moving forward. Like said Winston Churchill : “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”. Who would had ever been able to predict this “Internet 2.0” ? I wasn’t. I had no clue. I just had the “flavor” of the things to come, nothing more. As I was unable to define my own future I freaked out. That’s why I got out of the silent majority. If it impacted you negatively, then I’m truly sorry and I deeply regret what I’ve done. I deeply regret what I’ve done, whatever. I deeply regret what I’ve done, in vain, whatever. I’m sorry.

    • Cure cancer, that’s a laugh!! Two of his harem are DEAD from cancer. The Tech did them a lot of good. Looks like Nancy the RN finally woke and realized she better get real medical help. She is now recovering from a mastectomy. Lauren must be helping her with daily needs, hence the bail modifications. Pea WAKE up.

  • “People in ESP claim that this movement, founded by Keith (with no experience in the social environment/situation in the country), helped diminish the violence that we experienced in Mexico.”

    Interesting note. Since Keith cures cancer and managed to round-up the living reincarnate leaders of the Nazi party to atone in his service, I guess ridding Mexico of violence is not too far-fetched.

    The part that should really scare people is you sound like a very reasonable, fair-minded person who would never fall for anything like this. And yet here we all are.

    • Thank you very much for the compliment!

      i think everyone is at risk at falling for an MLM scheme since they start very mildly and disguised as personal growth / coaching organisations.

      In my case i took some very overpriced courses and invested some time in something i should not have done and that was it, but i have friends from college who where (are?) proctors (orange sashes) and they do not have any other work experience than NXIVM.
      I do not know if they were involved in anything illegal. Hopefully not.

      They key for these organisations is too look hamrless and innocent at the begininng and in the lower levels in order to hook people up slowly.

    • The purpose of sharing my experience is to let people know that everyone is succeptible to fall for something for this.
      We have to take care of our beloved ones and we must be alert at all times because NXIVM is not the only organisation like this one neither will it be the last one.

  • So Nancy also lied to the court. If she is not sick, then she is in deep troble. She can argue though that Keith forced her to lié al along.

  • Shadowstate, you hit the nail on the head with Keith’s ego problem. People call him a sociopath, but I think he is a full blown narcissist. He is the poster child for narcissism. And the people/women who adored him were indeed enablers to his sickness.

    • Thank you.
      Anybody who told the truth about Raniere to his face confronted the full force of his wrath and had an armada of his Flying Monkeys attack them.
      Strip his enablers from Raniere and he is really a very pathetic creature.

    • Wow is’t shadowperv amazing. He really knows people. Never heard anyone say Raniere’s ego was huge until shadowperv came along.Of course shadow perv’s ego strokes itself by responding to his own posts under other names.

    • Narcissist, sociopath, psychopath. One thing they all have in common is total self involvement and disregard for anyone else’s welfare.

    • Yes, that is my recollection.

      She also mentioned that as she was getting daily EM´s she would go get x-rays. Her doctor scolded her for having so many x-rays taken (without doctor´s recommendation) as it would be detrimental for her health, but she said that she wanted to be able to measure the effects of the EM´s on her body.

      She claimed that the illness was receding and she attributed it to her being more integrated.

      I cannot remember all the details since this was more than a decade ago, but she did announce that publicly.

      • As a cancer patient 17 years ago and again for past 4 years I’ve never heard of an x-ray machine used to track cancer. I have chemo and blood work every 3 weeks. And when things were progressing slowly I have a Cat Scan and an MRI with dye added every 3 months. Recently I had a pet scan . Someone is lying about her past treatment. Pam cavfritz death is very suspicious too. Why would you not get the best care possible, you don’t have to choose chemo and radiation but there are things they can do to lessen pain, nasuas and side affects.

        • Thanks for your comment Anon.

          My hat off to you. You must be very strong for surviving cancer and to still be fighting against it. Congratulations and please keep it up!!

          This was about 12 years ago and i do not remember exactly all the details, but i remember Nancy saying she had been very sick (it caused shock in the room when she said it).
          It may have been perhaps another test, but she was having them weekly against her doctor’s indications.

          Why she wouldn’t get the best possible treatment is beyond my understanding. I do not know if she was lying ir she was trying to prove a point, but this was shocking to me as well.

          • It seems like she may have been trying to sell EM s using an illness she probably didnt have at that time, maybe she was pre cancerous, treatment can be rather benign then. Even if her daily weekly tests were Cat-Scans no Dr would do one every day or every week. So she is lying about that . I’m not just going on my experience, I’ve gotten very involved at the cancer center I go to and have gotten to know many patients. One similarity is no scans or mris are done around the same time.
            And breast cancer alone is diagnosed with a mammogram, then a biopsy, from there you may have options. Thankyou for your kind words and well wishes. I was given time , was able to finish raising my children and see them graduate college and start productive lives. I’m at the end of the line which is why I even wrote about something so personal. As Nancy seems to be getting conventional treatment now it makes her previous cancer story look very phony, when I was given my most recent sentence for me , I can’t speak for her but for me I wanted to get things in my life in order, and I hoped that Nancy would want to do the same. She’s been called evil , naive, kind which is typical with so many opinions out there. But she is the one who could do the most good by coming forward. For herself and her daughters.. I’m sorry you got caught up in Nxivm, my husband and I have wondered if we were to cynical to fall for this type of thing and what I’ve gotten from your story is anyone with a bit of money could fall for it under the right circumstances, I was sent to many conferences over the years for work that could have had cultish overtones. I would not have recognized in my 20’s what I see today. Nor do I trust people today as I used to. I wish you the best in life.

          • Anon, thanks for sharing something so personal. It`s good information and helps uncover how crooked the NXIVM system/structure was.
            I hope the best for you!!

            You are absolutely correct, NXIVM, ESP and Nancy were selling machines. They would sell their “technology” (that is how they called ESP and the EM`s) all the time to increase profit.
            The fact that she was trying to rationalise regaining her health due to getting EM`s is eye opening and evil.

            The problem is that some people who were highly engaged in MXIVM actually believed everything she would say.

  • So Nancy was sick (cancer) since back then! Mhhh..It looks like she is a fucking lier (well, of course she is).

    • The first requirement to be a top leader in NXIVM is to be a liar.

      How many DOS slaves were told that they were just getting a small, painless tattoo to serve as a mark of solidarity with the rest of the sorority?

    • I have no way of knowig if it is the same cancer as i have been distant from NXIVM for quite a time, but she was sick more than a decade ago.

  • Anyone who needs 12 days every year to celebrate his or her birthday has a real ego problem.
    And the people who help that person celebrate for 12 days are enablers.

    Even dictators like Hitler and Stalin only had one day birthday celebrations.

    “While I did not notice anything fishy going on (this was about 12 years ago) I did notice that some girls would greet Keith with a small kiss on the lips in a very nonchalant way. It was weird since they were not greeting anyone else in such a way.”

    In her book “Captive” Catherine Oxenberg noted and was disgusted by every woman coming in to an event and French Kissing Raniere.
    Not a small kiss on the cheek or a demure kiss on the lips.
    Full French Kissing.
    Raniere’s fanatical female followers enabled Raniere in his madness.

    • This is a man spreading herpes with each tender kiss. I know people catch such things and that’s a shame. But this asshole spread it intentionally. How many woman found out too late as I’m sure he didn’t warn them ahead of time.

      • Raniere refused to wear protection to lessen the risk of spreading herpes to his sexual partners.
        That was the ultimate insult Raniere made to his female lovers.
        And Frank Parlato has written extensively on the risks these women took in sleeping with their Vanguard.
        And amazingly enough the women, when they began to fear that they might have contracted herpes, became frantic and several rushed out to get tested.
        But as far as I know none of his NXIVM females ever refused to have sex with Raniere because of the threat of STDs..

        • From Frank Parlato:

          “In real life, Kristin Kreuk was in a cult called NXIVM. She was a famous actress and so – hoping to impress Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] – she would travel to their tiny hometown of Albany where she helped recruit young female students thrilled to be in the same group as she was.

          Some of these females experienced psychological torture and brainwashing [and herpes] after receiving the teachings of Keith Raniere. Rather than trying to protect the girls, Kreuk continued to support NXIVM.”


        • If he had had AIDS, he would have done the same. Caring about someone else’s welfare is not in his skill set. I bet he was a spoiled, selfish little brat growing up. Maybe partly why Daddy ran away.

          • True. All the signs of an over weaned, over indulged ego. A spoiled brat raised in the Waldorf fashion to treat regular society with contempt, disdain and disgust. A narcissist by nature and nurture.

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