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    You hire a firm to investigate your enemies and then cry because the info is bogus? Fuck You Clare!!. Your a blithering fucking idiot. Its no different then the hiring of [Juval] Aviv and [Steve] Rombom both who have serious credibility with some of there “Raniere” like biographical claims…. Rainere may not have his name on anything but he is the man behind the curtain much like Charles Manson was.

    Very interesting on the Nurse [Nancy Salzman]. She should be nearing retirement age. Maybe she elected to ease out of her duties. Maybe Kristin Keeffe planted a seed that struck a core in the untouched deep recesses of Salzman’s brain and she knows she should get out. Or just maybe, Raniere and Bronfman don’t trust here anymore. Money calls the shots and Raniere controls the money.

    SOMEBODY Writes:

  • The FBI better be seriously investigating and about to bring up some charges. If these rich fuckers can get away without paying taxes, why the fuck should the little guy be paying them? I could use that insignificant relative amount of wealth that these people can pay instead of getting out of much more via their rich tax loopholes they paid government officials to get enacted into law and have these douchebags fly down in their $11 million private jet to their tropical islands. This Raniere guy promoted not paying taxes to his followers and also says that as much wealth as possible should be ethically controlled. Of course, by ethically he means via NXians with him leading them. It doesn’t matter if Raniere doesn’t legally have anything in his name. It’s the fact that he controls the money that matters. That is conspiracy.


  • Candice writes:                                                                                                                            Joe O’Hara probably grew out his hair to better fit in. He looks like a biker or an old deadhead!!  As for Keith Raniere being in Mexico, I have not seen him since last fall. Keith might better well stay in Mexico.
    Lauren Salzman last summer bought a $300K+ home  on Lape Road that is older but has nice gardens and a gazebo. Its a yellow house and kind sits right on the road. If you exit out the back exit of Knox Woods  you cross over Lape onto Mohican which is part of  Stage run. Mohican empties out onto Oregon Trail which is a big loop. Her mother, Nancy lives on Oregon Trail. Interestingly enough two other NXians have property on Oregon. Rosa Laura Junco who is the CEO of Knife of Aristotle and Edgar Boone Sabag another high level NXIAN and alleged one time lover of Sara Bronfman.  If you were to hang a right out of Knox Woods onto Lape and go about 3/4 mile you would hit Lauren’s house on the left. Lape empties out onto Guideboard Road  (Pirates Cove mini golf and a Stewarts are close by where Lape exits onto Guideboard)
    Lauren used to live at 3 Hale.   Dawn Morrison at one point had a condo in Yorktowne (there was a tax lien on it: see TU link and John Tighe had linked these up at one point too
  • Dunscotus writes: Here is an old Consumer’s Buyline advertisement. Some of your readers might remember it…. I wonder how many changed their lives from it?
  • consumers buy line

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  • It would be no surprise if Raniere fled to Mexico. The guy hides away in his townhouse telling others what to do while not putting his name on anything, so running away like a coward leaving others holding the bag would Just be par for the course.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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