Bangkok: Bouchey Wasn’t Fooled & Frank Is a Poser

MK10ART's painting of Barbara Bouchey

By Bangkok

Contrary to Frank’s article, Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’, Barbara Bouchey wasn’t fooled.

She also didn’t fool herself. Nope.

She simply placed her bet on a losing number at the roulette wheel and is now screaming that the wheel was rigged.  But what she’s really screaming about is the fact that she lost.

She’s no different than any other SORE LOSER.

In fact, if NXIVM’s roulette wheel had actually paid her off (i.e. if Keith had doubled her money and not lost interest in her aging body) then she likely would have stayed with Keith and never left, thus reaping the benefits of her dangerous bet.

Unfortunately, the consequences of her dangerous bet are that she lost her man, her life savings, her reputation and years of her life trying to rebuild everything.

Frank calls himself an investigative journalist and a ‘hard hitting’ truth teller.  Yet he selectively chooses which NXIVM women to call ‘evil’ and which to ‘pity’ as decent human beings who merely got ‘fooled’.

Frank trashes Nancy, Lauren and Allison as evil witches even though they turned against Vanguard and did the right thing.  Yet he pities women like Bouchey and Keeffe, describing them as misunderstood angels who simply got fooled or fooled themselves.

This is no coincidence.

Mk10Art’s painting of Frank Parlato. Bangkok thinks he is no investigative journalist.

Frank makes these ‘distinctions’ not based upon facts, but rather based upon his personal friendships with these women.

This is the OPPOSITE of what a ‘hard hitting’ journalist does.

Frank is a poser IMO.

Frank is a guy posing as a journalist but is really just a guy looking to impose HIS OWN VIEWS of these women (and of NXIVM) onto his gullible readers. Frank seems to view his readers as sheep.

IMO Frank Parlato created this blog not to tell the 100% truth, but to foist his biased opinions upon the world.

Yeah, Frank does tell the truth about NXIVM in many articles. He does tell the truth to some degree.

However, he also BULLSHITS and OBSCURES inconvenient facts when speaking about women that he personally views as friends or at least acquaintances.

For this transgression against the truth, and for his HYPOCRISY when referring to himself as an investigative journalist, I will pray to Jesus that Frank gets cancer of the butt.

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  • Hey Cock, you just keep adding to your Karmic burden there – so sorry for you!!

  • After getting word that there is a lone prayer floating around hoping Frank gets cancer of the butt, Jesus took time off from His busy schedule to remark: “You know, I diligently inspect the all the anuses of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, them assholes is precious in My sight. Some get the big C, some don’t, and some I just arrange for a messed up stool sample – just to scare the shit out of somebody and get them back on the straight and narrow.

    But what I don’t do with the doo-doo hole is fuc, err, mess it up by handing out Cancer by Complaint. You want sumbuddy to get cancer of the A-hole, you stick yer own finger up there and give it a wiggle, ’cause I ain’t no hired Hand running around doing buttwork fer nutting, ya see? It’s a lotta work to finger out iffen Frankie or anybody gets struck down witn an Angry Anus, so don’t just go prayin fer it like it was as easy as making rain in the desert, or passin gun control, or letting some hobo down on his luck find a twenty floating down the gutter when the poor schlub is standin outside a liquor store in the rain an stuff. So git your prayer priorities right, because handin out cancer of the butt is a hairy event that We gotta do sometimes no matter if we like it or not, an We sure don need some guy wit a case of Amateur Hour stinkin the place up. Got it? Hokay then.

  • Hey Everyone & Bangskank

    In case you all forgot…..

    ……. Frank Parlato has stated that he finds Bangkok humorous and enjoys being insulted by Bangkok.

    Frank banned Bangkok from posting and allowed Bangkok to come back.

    Personally, Bangkok makes feel grateful I never had kids…….

    ……… Bangkok also makes me contemplate getting a vasectomy…..

    …..Or at the very least double up and wear 2 condoms when I have sex.,

    In summary, Frank does not care if Bangkok shits all over his head. Frank could care less. Stop defending someone who does not need to be defended.

  • Bangkok is an ass. A diluted and delusional one who thinks he’s saved by Jesus regardless of his sins just because he’s a “believer”.

      • Paul,

        What next? Are you going to compare the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Phoenix rising from the ashes e.g. resurrection and bright light commonalities.

        I hope your comments are meant as satirical hyperbole or the lord will smite thē for blasphemy.

  • Frank ‘trashes’ Nancy, Lauren and Allison because they are convicted felons who did a lot of harm to a lot of people. He deserves a lot of credit for his part in bringing these criminals to justice. He is also not a poser by any stretch of the imagination. You couldn’t be more wrong in your opinions of him.

  • No sane person would wish cancer on anyone.

    Bangkok you are swimming in the same pool with Vanguard!

  • Oh please. All the Halfmoon people saw the ostentatious cars parked in front of Appros. Not sure if anyone has said it, but it was so ridiculous to everyone, everyone. The way the expensive cars would be parked facing Route 9 for all to see. It was such a scene. The boys hopping on their bikes to peddle back to Knox Woods because, so cool. You would see them standing around the parking lot, having such deep conversations, laughing, so well-dressed. The saddest thing is Rome Plaza is right where this was happening–the same laundromat where Dani took refuge. The use of B-list actresses was enough to keep all the “star-struck” locals in check.

  • I hope someone who truly cares about the NXIVM victims is looking into the possibility that Barb’s best friend’s suicide just before she joined NXIVM may not have been coincidental to the fact that Nancy Salzman was Barb’s hypnotherapist for a decade prior to that event.

    (Looks like I am going to have to keep repeating myself until I am blue in the face. I am referring to the blue screen technology I commented about earlier with regards to Barb’s portrait. My comment was, curiously, not posted. I did, however, see several blue autos today just within a block of my house.
    All I’m asking for is the truth and protection for me and my son.)

    • All I’m asking for is the truth and protection for me and my son.)…….

      stay vigilant stay verbal stay visible in your face like you are …. its the best way to secure exactly what you are seeking

      and ps stay fearless…. you got this

  • Sorry Bangkok Shivani’s a better satirist.

    Shivani’s article on Bouchey is just more articulate high brow humor than Bangkok’s reach for the lowest fruit bathroom humor.

    It seems Bangkok is no longer the comedic soul of Frankreport…..

    Bangkok has been eclipsed…….

    ….by Shivani!

  • If Frank’s only goal was “looking to impose HIS OWN VIEWS of these women (and of NXIVM) onto his gullible readers,” as you stated, your bitchy little outburst would never have made it on this site.

    The loser that you see is your own reflection in the mirror, darlin’.

    • yes a reflection . Franks reflection. I can see right through his writings… extremely biased and narrow

  • Bangkok says, “For this transgression against the truth, and for his HYPOCRISY when referring to himself as an investigative journalist, I will pray to Jesus that Frank gets cancer of the butt.”

    What kind of person would say this? Doesn’t say much about Frank but it tells you everything you need to know about Bangkok. It’s something a 14 year old YouTube commenter might say, but not any kind of well adjusted adult.

  • “Frank trashes Nancy, Lauren and Allison as evil witches even though they turned against Vanguard and did the right thing. ”

    They only turned against Raniere after they were indicted on multiple RICO charges and faced decades in prison.
    By your definition, Clare is a good woman because she eventually plead guilty.


    Kristin Kreuk read a newspaper story about Raniere in the Albany Times Union in 2012 and left NXIVM soon after.
    Kristin Kreuk did the right thing.

    • This article is Bangkok’s opus…..

      …….his theories and perspectives on show in this article are even more cretinous than my “John 10:30” theory.

      …… Oh Bangkok heaven knows your a neerdowell living in your parents basement ……

      …..But I think of you like a young perverted Karl Marx or a retarded Adolf Hitler or dare I say a young Vanguard.

      Now that Lauren Salzman’s and Allison Mack’s homes have been seized and they have no income…..

      Not to mention they were both banging a 58 year old with a limp dick, saggy balls, and square feet……

      I think a young stud like yourself with a happening bachelor pad in a basement will seem like a great catch.

      Bangkok, those giant meat curtains or those fairly large cankles are within your grasp……

      …….Your tongue can explore the same real-estate as Vanguard’s tongue did.

      I believe it’s worthy of contemplation…..

    • Kristin Kreuk is not a good woman nor is she a bad one. Kreuk is an opportunist and she is completely self-motivated. She didn’t brand anyone or hold collateral but she still towed the NXIVM party line, happily coached and influenced people for many years and was a shill for Girls by Design, which was creepy from the get go.

      • Kreuk made a mistake is guilty of not admitting it.

        Kreuk is not like any of the defendants or the other members of Nxivm that should have been indicted.

        Being morally bankrupt like Kristin Kreuk is not a crime unless your in Iran.

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