Vanguard and Prefect Woes: Raniere Still in SHU, Salzman Ordered to Explain Redactions in Sentencing Memo

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] during a happier time, when the two were working in tandem to teach the world a new visionary method of critical thinking they called Rational Inquiry. But for the irrational pecker of the founder, and a cauterizing pen, they might be still doing so today,

Keith Alan Raniere, 61, remains in the Special Housing Unit [SHU] at USP Tucson. He has been there since July 22.

The SHU is meant to house a human animal in a small cell 23 hours out of 24, and let them out for one hour per day to exercise in a slightly larger room, shower, occasionally use the phone, and then go back to their cage.

It is a small cell, perhaps 7 by 10, where Raniere spends his days and nights, eating, sleeping, and excreting, all within a few feet.

At Tucson, because they have limited chambers, they often place two people in the tiny cells.

What is gained by having a companion for long hours with nothing to do, is offset by overly cramped quarters? If the two are not compatible, there is tension, discord, potential violence or intimidation and other inconveniences that come from two men sharing 70 square feet of living space.

Bunk beds, a sink, a toilet inches away from beds, perhaps a chair and barely space for two to eat cold, hi-carb meals. One can walk seven steps in a circle in the cell. Two people cannot walk at the same time and the beds themselves are the exact location for the men 18 to 20 hours per day.

Few or no books to read, no radio, no TV, no music, just isolation and boredom. And the smell of the toilet.


Harsh lights, few showers, meals served cold, no commissary to buy additional provisions, low protein, little fresh food. One just sits there and sleeps or dreams or daydreams or imagines or has hallucinations.

What aids most in destroying the stability of men in the SHU is the loss of routine and stability in daily functioning.

Even a beginner warden should be able to not that the SHU induces the following in inmates:

  1. panic disorder
  2. traumatic stress disorders,
  3. obsessive-compulsive disorders
  4. nervousness,
  5. worry,
  6. increased heart rate and respiration,
  7. sweating,
  8. muscle tension,
  9. hyperarousal,
  10. paranoia,
  11. anxiety,
  12. depression,
  13. irritability,
  14. insomnia,
  15. difficulty concentrating,
  16. passivity.
  17. nightmares,
  18. intrusive thoughts,
  19. fear of losing control.
  20. akathisia, the feeling of “wanting to crawl out of one’s skin.”
  21. feeling compelled to engage in repetitive behaviors in order to reduce anxiety such as
  22. obsessively organizing their belongings,
  23. keeping strict daily routines,
  24. excessively cleaning their cells.
  25. feeling highly distressed when routine is interrupted or belongings are disturbed.
  26. increasing suspicion of others
  27. bothered by benign noises.
  28. becoming emotionless, and numb, or detached, at least during their time in SHU.
  29. hallucinatory behavior,
  30. changes in attention span and memory deficits
  31. a loss in ability to focus while reading and an inability to retain new learning.
  32.  feelings of guilt, or the injustice of their situation.
  33. invasive or unwanted thoughts.
  34. paranoid thought processes,
  35. anxious around and distrustful of correctional officers
  36. experiencing auditory hallucinations and delusions of a paranoid nature.
  37. visual hallucinations of the prisoner [ a great achievement for any warden]
  38. loneliness leading to significant declines in global cognition, semantic memory, perceptual speed and visuospatial ability
  39. increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  40. the slightest noise, such as knocking on a cell door, resulting in feelings of uncontrollable anger

The small spaces and lack of exercise help promote chronic pain, vitiligo, joint problems, and visual impairment. Lack of sunlight leads to Vitamin D deficiency, which increases the risk of bone fractures. Lack of exercise contributes to hypertension, arthritis, and heart disease. Chronic health problems, the inability to manage illness, and not being able to adapt to worsening health is often a lasting gift of the SHU.

Remember the SHU acronym ADAP [anxiety, distress, anger, and paranoia.]

Appeal Deadline Extended

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere

Because Raniere has been in the SHU for 60 days, the deadline for his supplemental brief for his appeal of his conviction to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit was delayed 30 days.

It was originally due on September 20th. It is now due October 20th.  The argument made by his attorney, Marc Fernich, was that because his client is in the SHU, he cannot meaningfully participate in legal strategy with his attorney.

According to sources, USP Tucson requires at least some prisoners in the SHU to be handcuffed when they make legal calls, preventing them from taking notes.

While we may feel glee because this is happening to despicable Raniere, if it were done to someone of the human race, we might be upset.  If it was done to a dog at the SPCA we would be outraged and take to social media seeking the heads of those responsible.

A typical solitary cell. The SHU is not a fit place for humans in any event.

Why Is Raniere in the SHU?

The reason for Raniere being placed in the SHU is unclear. One version is that an in-person visitor communicated with another prisoner in Raniere’s unit at USP Tucson by phone – possibly at Raniere’s recommendation.

The fact of a phone call being the reason for sending Raniere to the SHU for 60 days, while an investigation could be conducted to ascertain if any improper communications were made, is plausible. But it leaves room for doubt.

According to a source, the slow-moving investigation was completed some days ago with no finding of wrongdoing by Raniere, the other prisoner or the visitor, yet Raniere remains in the SHU.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior
If all goes well, Raniere might be able to return to his normal cell at USP Tucson.

There are some who think Raniere was sent to the SHU not for an innocent phone call, but because of one or more of the following:

Hampers Raniere for His Appeal Brief

As noted earlier, Raniere’s supplemental brief with regard to his appeal was due on September 20th. The BOP at Tucson put him in the SHU on July 22nd and obviously planned to keep him there until a date past the deadline for his supplemental brief.

This may have been coincidental, but it did ensure he would have little or no input while the appeal document was being prepared. The DOJ may not have expected the 2nd Circuit to grant an extension – which was granted based on the fact that Raniere is in the SHU.

Rule 33 Is an Insult to DOJ

FBI took hard drives and other devices belonging to Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman. They found 22 nude photos of Camila at age 15, they proved in court, on one of the hard drives.

Raniere is also expected to submit a Rule 33 motion to the trial judge, claiming the FBI planted child porn on a hard drive seized from his library.

This startling accusation may be true or absurd and false. Regardless, an extended stay in the SHU is one way to show Raniere that it is not nice to fool with the DOJ [The FBI and Bureau of Prisons are run by the same Department of Justice.]

Bad Day at Court

Marc Fernich

Marc Fernich represented Raniere at his restitution hearing. The lawyer and Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis got into a confrontation, which saw the judge taunt the lawyer who lashed back at the judge over his decision not to grant Fernich a one-hour delay in the proceedings because Fernich wanted to attend the funeral of a friend.

Something bizarre followed. The two men sat in their respective places – the judge on the bench and the lawyer at the defense table – and for 30 minutes they sat glaring at each other. Half an hour passed in stony silence with no one in the courtroom daring or willing to move, until the lawyer rose and apologized to the judge.

There are some who suspect that putting Raniere in the SHU  was one way for the DOJ to try to curry favor with the judge, who undoubtedly heard about it.

Perhaps they thought the judge might have been gladdened, and someday, and that day may never come, the judge might decide a close decision in their favor. It may not be conscious. It is not a quid pro quo. But how can you expect someone not to like someone who punishes an ass who acted as the ass before you?

It is calculus of a legal kind — the calculus that says it is good to know the law, but better to know the judge. After all, we are humans first and judges or prosecutors later. Except for men in the SHU. That is not human, but inhuman.

Collateral Damage

At the same restitution hearing, prior to the fiery scene between Fernich and Judge Garuafis, the judge ordered Raniere, who appeared via teleconferencing, to assist the court in returning the collateral to various DOS “slaves”.

Raniere said he did not know anything about collateral or its whereabouts. In fact, he said he never saw any collateral.

This dubious assertion may not have sat well with the DOJ or the judge.

The DOJ may have sought to impose a little rough justice on the lad, helping to refresh his memory about the whereabouts of the collateral. He went to the SHU within four days of the hearing, on July 22nd.

Nancy Salzman heads to court for her sentencing.

Prefect Must Explain

Now, we turn to the Prefect.

Nancy Salzman’s attorneys have been ordered to explain why they made redactions on her sentencing memorandum.

Originally they filed the sentencing memorandum under seal, an unusual move, since these documents are meant to be part of the public record.

Judge Nicholas Garuafis ordered them to file it publicly, coming out on Labor Day to issue the order.

Salzman’s attorneys did as instructed but redacted parts of the memorandum and redacted all the letters in support of Salzman.

The judge wants the lawyers to explain the “legal rationale” for each redaction in Salzman’s sentencing submission. reasons. They have until September 27th to submit their explanation.

This is unusual to be required twice by the judge on the same sentencing memorandum, once for filing the entire memo under seal and again for hiding portions of it from the public eye after it was filed publicly.

The question arises. Why is the judge making such a big deal about it?

Firstly, to set the record straight. The defendant (or the prosecution) doesn’t unilaterally decide what information they want to share with the public.

In fact, Judge Garaufis is enforcing the US Constitution.

The Sixth Amendment grants the accused a right to a public trial. However, the Sixth Amendment right of an accused to a public trial does not carry with it a right to a private trial. The First Amendment grants the right of public access to court proceedings.

There are some matters which the judiciary may decide to allow to be sealed and, on occasion, hearings are closed to the public. The court is supposed to balance the accused’s right to a fair trial and the government’s interest in orderly judicial administration and weigh this against the public’s First Amendment right to access.

What Salzman’s legal rationale is for redacting all of the letters of support will be interesting to read.


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  • I suspect KR having little input to his legal team is probably the best thing he might have had (but did not) at his original trial and then now on appeal as his over bearing control of his lawyers is likely to have meant he did not do himself any favours and probably thinks they know more than he does.

  • Poor Keith. So alone. So missing all the adulation from his adoring slaves and news of his worldwide demonic demolition and salvation of all mankind, starting with his arch-enemies, one by one. Maybe all “Mr. Softy” needs is a little companionship to soothe his tender ego, boost his pride, give him a nice neck massage once in a while…Is Epstein’s former cellmate still available?

  • Let’s get real and stop blaming the Judge for Raniere being in the SHU

    Isn’t it just as ipossible that Rainier was put into the SHU because he and Nicki Clyne talking to each other through another prisoner’s email account?

    This is what I’ve heard if were going to throw crap on the wall and see what sticks

    Why is it that Nicki can no longer go visit, talk with or email her boyfriend Rainier?

    Why blame the Judge all the sudden for Raniere’s problems.

    Raniere’s appeal was filed a long time ago. He doesn’t get to change it or file a new one. It’s done. One bite at the apple is all you get.

    It doesn’t take that long to prepare for the rest of it. Raniere just need to focus on keeping himself out of trouble long enough so he can work with his attorney.

    Another thing that would help is keeping the same attorney. A good way to stall things is to change firms, which Rainier is good at stalling and becoming a victim of I didn’t have a fair shake.

    He is not a victim here, he can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. It’s not his first trip nor his last to the SHU. He has a pattern of liking to break the rules

    The Rule 33 hasn’t been filed yet.

    Hold your horses. His attorney can wait until he is done with his time from being a bad boy. It’s what happens when your f@&k up.

  • Re “Harsh lights, few showers, meals served cold, no commissary to buy additional provisions, low protein, little fresh food. One just sits there and sleeps or dreams or daydreams or imagines or has hallucinations.”

    – Against bright light it helps to close the eyes.
    – Raniere was known as an anti-showerer, so little deviation from his previous habits.
    – Raniere was a slacker and long sleep was a long-practiced habit for him.
    – Who has anything against nice dreams or daydreams. Let’s allow him this nice change. Rest gently and dream something nice.
    – And Raniere still gets something to eat, much more than his slaves got.
    – And spicy pizza is not one of the protein-rich foods he used to eat in large numbers. Not much has changed there.
    – Raniere doesn’t need any extra calories. He is not exposed to any physical exertion or work, nor does he have to run 5 miles a day on only 500 calories a day.

  • “Salzman Ordered to Explain Redactions in Sentencing Memo” Headline

    The redactions are explained simply.

    Nancy Salzman wanted to repudiate Raniere before the judge but not publicly.
    This way Nancy at some point can regain her influence within the NXIVM community, even among Raniere’s most loyal followers.

    Nancy Salzman is trying to have her cake and eat it too.

    • I think we will eventually get to read most of Nancy’s Sentencing Memorandum – and find out if your theory is correct.

  • Re Nancy Salzman’s Legal Filings:

    Obviously, Nancy and her attorneys do not want prying eyes ie the Frank Report, to parse the latest court filings, for white lies, general falsehoods, dubious claims, and outright bullshit.

    Frank and Claviger too, god damn, modest.

    What if members of the court were to share the truth with the judge before sentencing?!?!?!?

    A second possibility is Nancy is worried about the victims illuminating her BS to the judge.

    Dear Mr. Nut Job aka Mrs. Namby Pamby,

    Please don’t post, ANY, of your apologist rhetoric on this thread, such as “Boohoo everyone is a victim, I was always the last to get picked for kickball.” Your rhetoric is obscene, vulgar and, at best, pitiful. Plus your data is weak.

  • For all of this to come together, you are assuming a whole lot of moving parts, across state lines, are working together to do what exactly? Let’s look at what is being suggested here.

    The grand plan of a judge, prosecutor, warden, guards, and investigators and who knows how many others to do something to Raniere’s appeal that will do something to cause something that magical steps later cause his grand appeal to fail has been disrupted by that most common and constant aspect of the court system, that thing that occurs for reasons good and stupid, that is a tool of lawyers since courts have existed, the “extension”. I guess the judge, prosecutors, warden, guards and investigators are still new to the justice system and forgot to account for such a thing.

    Or it’s as simple as guards can be assholes who like to throw their power around or don’t like a pedo in their midst and take their frustrations out on him periodically. The “investigation” is conducted internally and considering getting guards is not an easy task, they are not going to bother to act unless it basically kills someone (and probably not even then).

    So, could be a complicated plan and involves coordination between multiple individuals in multiple states that will involve processes we cannot know or foresee lead to Raniere’s appeal failing because they are so smart and powerful that they can do things like this while simultaneously so weak and stupid that they couldn’t account for an extension? Or just guards being guards?

    Definitely got to be the complicated plan, right? No other explanation can truly exist.

    • It is eminently fair to make your comment, though it is wrong – as you shall soon see, if you pay attention. I do know that some people with power in the government cheat. I know if from my own case. Now watch what happens in my case. Watch it closely.

      The prosecution should be worried.

      • Look what happened in the Cosby case. The government tried to game the system, and even after conviction, Cosby was freed.

        • Cosby was let free, which is not the same as being innocent of his perverted disgusting charges of drugging, taking advantage of and abusing people. There are many reasons why he barely got convicted. Statute of limitations being the biggest reason. Those abused by him deserved justice. Maybe someday laws will change on statutes of limitations, so situations like this and Weinstein don’t happen . One can only hope.

          TIME WILL TELL!

  • This all comes down to how you look at it. The American southwest is actually quite beautiful at this time of year. Vantard should be thankful to be surrounded by such beauty. Surely no walls can contain the mighty Vantard’s spirit and intellect.

  • Marc Elliot is a small element of the dynamic that allowed KAR to live the oxymoronic dichotomy that he created.
    (if that’s even a thing lol)

    I’m risking a linguist’s backlash by waxing poetic in this company…even still…I’m glad to be a fly on the wall of the shitshow that was NXIVM.

    Was word-salad or NLP the ‘cure’ for Tourette’s?

    Obviously, Raniere (like ‘canary’) had ‘something’ worthy of at least a “How to pick-up girls” mail-order pamphlet in him.
    …and he blew it all to be a sect(sex)-offender without a bath. What a shame.

    Thanks to all the wonderful commentators and contributors on the FR! (You know who you are)

    Great job in all of this, Frank. You’re a prince among men.

    Marc and Clyne…I hope you WAKE UP!

  • If Raniere’s existence in the SHU interferes with his ability to launch his Rule 33 Motion, and launching a Rule 33 Motion is validly within Raniere’s rights, why isn’t this considered obstruction of justice?

    • The reason is that Raniere is vile and, as you know, vile people should be deprived of their rights. It is good for the government to determine who is vile. It saves the rest of us a lot of time.

      • Yep. It’s right there in the Declaration of Independence as the founding principle:

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure obstruct these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed their ability to point out the vileness of certain individuals.”


        Fuck Yeah.


      • “Vile people like KR should be deprived of their rights”
        To be clear; this is Frank being sarcastic, right?

        I think the possible reasons that are mentioned in this post cannot be taken seriously (if KR actually is in the SHU). Is Sherizzy right, Frank? That you posted this after you communicated with Nicki about it?

      • The government should not get full say on who is and is not vile.

        The government spreads hatred against White people and conservatives for votes and control.

        People have a say too.

        Nxivm and it’s morons are vile but so are BLM terrorists, antifa and the “woke” PC brigade thought and speech police.

        They attack the Capitol Hill Patriots while having not a single bad word to say about the left wing and black terrorist rioters in 2020, destroying lives and property all summer.

        Too much government is bad.

        Too much corporate control is bad.

        • I was being sarcastic when I said that the government should decide who is vile and then deprive them of their rights.

          Once we agree to not defend the vilest person’s rights, we open the door to authoritarian government.

          We must defend Raniere’s rights even though he be the vilest of humans. His rights are as important as any one’s. I don’t have to like him to defend his rights.

          • There’s a reason I use Torquemada and the Salem Witch Trials as examples of AntiCultism.

            They are the strain of humanity which enforces conformity of thought and uniformity of belief, and who imprison, torture, and kill to get it.

            Civil rights just get in the way.

            You will talk until you are blue in the face about rights with anticultists. They will only end up labeling you as a “cult apologist” and a “cult shill”.

            They will never get it.


        • —They attack the Capitol Hill Patriots while having not a single bad word to say about the left-wing and black terrorist rioters in 2020, destroying lives and property all summer.

          I’d take both groups -— put them on a rocket and shoot them to the sun.

          What happened with the mayor allowing the CHOP and the seizing of private property was sedition and the attack on the Capitol was an attack on democracy.

          Capital Hill Patriots? There is no room in America for the left-socialists or Fascists like you.

          • “Fascists like you”.

            People like you call ordinary people by that political slur on a daily basis more than you fart.

            There was no attack on democracy by the PATRIOTS.

            The left attacked democracy.

            They have a cunty juggernaut where the democrap party uses the mainstream media as their mouthpiece to silence and destroy the names of people they don’t like.

            Big tech companies silence conservatives in collusion with the left.

            The democraps literally have the media on call to put out what they want.

            They used left wing and black terrorists to terrorise people.

            They try to guilt people into surrendering to them.

            They literally want people to kneel at their feet to an organisation that is openly marxist and calls for the end of the family and White people.

            They make martyrs out of scum like George Floyd and use his self inflicted death as “proof” that blacks are being hunted and killed and if you vote Trump, you support this fake genocide.

            They have admitted to having these terrorists on speed dial should their schemes to remove Trump fail.

            They want to flood the country and all of the West with colored people to cast out White people’s votes and make White people minorities in their own countries.

            1 in 4 voters in 2020 were colored immigrants or their privileged children.

            They shit all over democracy and try to bend the rules to their liking.

            They want to destroy Western culture and rewrite history, even claiming musical notation and the opera is “White supremacy”.

            They remove statues of White men they hate, even if they have no idea who they are, yet have murals for cunts like George Floyd, painting on fucking angel wings.

            Those PATRIOTS were angry at the left for getting their own way and went straight to the Capitol to tell the politicians they can go fuck themselves.

            They didn’t kill anyone.

            They didn’t come armed.

            They didn’t spend MONTHS rioting and murdering all summer, destroying people’s lives and property, even other blacks.

            Of course, the left just rinses Jan 6th for all it’s worth to further shit on White people, conservatives and President Trump.

            Calling people fascist does not make you morally righteous, so get over yourself.

          • In one ear out the other with stupid people.

            If you are a good soy boy tonight, maybe your wife will bring out the extra large 13 inch BBC strap-on you love so much.

        • Anonymous 10:35

          —Wife will bring out the extra-large 13 inch BBC strap-on you love so much.

          BBC 13 inch? Sounds like you dream about having your wife mate with one.

          LMAO @ you!

          You have a great weekend, cuckold Tex!

          • Hey Pubic Lice Guy, don’t project your soy fantasies on anyone.

            If you had your way, your Dominatrix “wife” would stretch out your hoop wider than a can of pepsi.

            What does she call her favourite BBC strap-on? Bone-Dogg or Tyrone?

            In Afghanistan, the taliban execute people like you.

            You are weakness.

          • —You are my weakness

            I’m you’re weakness?

            I like women – you like watching BBCs railing your wife. I don’t judge, but maybe you actually like the BBCs?

            —Bone-Dogg or Tyrone?

            I am afraid, I don’t understand, Ebonics, very well. Are you saying, “Tyrone, bones my wife like a dog?” I am glad your wife has something she enjoys. Do you clean-up afterwards, like a good cuck?

          • Hey wait a minute!

            OMG! Tyrone? BBC? Bubba? Tyrone? Strap-on?!?!?


            I hope everything is good!

          • Can you read?

            “You are weakness”.

            You are weak. You are on par with liberals.

            Does your wife only let you go on the internet after you give her your anus to peg with her giant strap-on?

            Does she lube it up first or does she go in dry? That’s one dominant eye-talian gal.

          • Anonymous 6:27pm-

            Got you once again! Now you’ve looked up the definitions for “on par”, and malapropism.

            We both know you didn’t know what the definition of malapropism was before last evening — so I’m glad this has been a learning experience. 😉

            Scott, I hope all is well and you’ve paid off the mortgage on your trailer.

            Everything with Scott is always
            “Cuck and Bubba”— why is that?

            Scott is a homosexual, who happens to be attracted to black men.

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            Now, run along and look up ‘cistern,’ your new word for the day!!!!

        • Anonymous 11:27am

          Can you read?
          “You are weakness”.


          I am messing with you dummy! 😉


          “On Par?”

          Do you even know the Golfing Definition? 😂 Cuz you made a “malapropism” and used the wrong definition of the word, all at the same time. Google it!

          Is there something wrong with your oblongata? 😂😂😂

          • “On par” means on equal standing.

            You are equally as worthless to the West as the shithead liberals, ergo, ON PAR with liberals.

            Perhaps your wife’s penchant for pegging your balloon knot has not only lowered your testosterone but your IQ too.

            Run along now, cuck boy.

        • Hi Scott,

          Frank won’t publish my last comment to you because it pandered to your racist ‘predilections’. I hope all is well at your home (trailer).

          Run along and look up the new word for today: predilections.

          PS: Don’t feel too bad, in its own way, being one of the biggest losers, is its own accomplishment. Even, Alanzo can only dream of being as big of a loser as you are.

          I am sure you’ve checked back on this thread numerous times to see if Frank posted this comment, cuz like I said above, you’re the biggest loser. 😉

          Have a great day, loser!

          Hopefully, Frank publishes the PG version of my last comment. 😉

          • Am I Scott?

            I seem to have really touched a nerve in old Pubic Lice Guy.

            Take a break from begging your domineering wife to jack-hammer your prison pocket like a good cuck boy.

          • Am I Scott?

            I seem to have really touched a nerve in old Pubic Lice Guy.

            Take a break from begging your domineering wife to jack-hammer your prison pocket like a good cuck boy.

            I don’t know, are you Scott?

            Dude, the thread is done. My last comment didn’t get uploaded.

            But, you can keep rid’n my jock, like static-cling.

        • — I seem to have really touched a nerve in old Pubic Lice Guy.

          Nope, that’s my dick you’re touching. Now get to sucking! I hope you saved room for desert.

          • Anonymous (Scott)

            Lastly, it’s no fun for me to go back-and-forth with banter and ribbing if I don’t have an audience! 😉

    • Alanzo – because it hasn’t interfered with his Rule 33 motion or his appeal. Did you read the blog – his lawyers got an extension to file their supplement.

      Pay attention or stfu!

      • You cult haters are all the same, always shouting down nonconformist and unconventional thinkers. I will not engage in juvenile banter. My time is best spent elsewhere.

        • Joining a cult is by definition conformist.

          There is nothing unconventional about following a leader.

          Banter takes at least 2 people.

          Not engaging means not responding. At all

          Announcing your intention not to engage is an unsuccessful attempt to not engage.

          Spending your precious time elsewhere – please see above.

          All the best to you on your time-saving, mature, unconventional thinking, non-conforming cult member future “elsewhere” with all the other cult members who think, behave, join and follow exactly as you do.

  • Way more interested in a non-biased detailed account as to why Vanguard is actually in the SHU.

    People know the details. Until they are shared freely, it is difficult to care about the possible effects of semi-isolation on vanguard.

    It really doesn’t sound like that different of a daily routine from Albany when Keith holed up in his filthy sex lair and slept all day in a dirty bed.

    Follow the rules cult members. And cult leader. If someone else’s rule violations resulted in injury to Keith – the outage from the die-hards would be epic.

    Keith is not special. He is just another convicted criminal who still won’t follow the law of the land.

    Tell us WHY Keith was punished. Keith knows. Keith’s followers know. Has a formal complaint been filed on Keith’s behalf?

    This sounds like typical prisoner BS.

    • These nxivm people are so lucky to have you on comms. Alonzo— you are the perfect advocate for their cause.

    • Alanzo, are you really so indoctrinated that you believe the government threatened Elliot over his movie?

      That is beyond ridiculous. They couldn’t give a shit about his movie. It doesn’t make Raniere innocent of sex trafficking.

      You really need to wake up!

    • Frank,

      The Carysa featured in the film was one of the speakers at Nancy’s sentencing.
      Are transcripts available of what her statement said?

      I find it interesting to have her film included featuring footage from ~8(?) years ago, while, in the present day, she is actively speaking out against Nancy/NXIVM/et al. Good for her!

      • People change their points of view. She is suing Nancy and Keith and the producer of the film, Clare Bronfman. At one point she likely saw some benefit to what they did, today she evidently does not.

        • Frank, you really are spending too much time with Nicki.

          If you read her victim impact statement, she says she was terrified to fail in that program and struggled to control her ticks so she would not get in trouble. She also said Nancy and Marc psychologically tortured her if she did not seem to be progressing. She now has PTSD.

          So, no, I don’t think she ever thought she was getting a lot out of NXIVM’s fraudulent Tourette’s program. I think she was just too afraid to tell the truth.

          How wonderful that she has now found her voice!

          • Too true, Sherizzy. Why would Frank be gaslighting targets of the movement he brought down?
            Printing images of Cami and Dani having agreed with the reasons why he should not.

            Implying that Carysa is some sort of ‘turncoat’ for not remaining loyal to…tricky Nicki?

            I guess the heart wants what it wants — if indeed that’s what is going on between Parlato and Clyne.

          • Sherizzy. Agree. This was a young woman who was being threatened by Clare Bronfman, a woman notorious for initiating both criminal and civil court cases against innocent parties. Costing the target of Clare’s vengeance money, their job, time, angst and reputation.

            Nxivm was also notoriously manipulative. And this young woman was in those epic intensives, getting EMs and community pressure.

    • Wow. 40 ways being sent to the SHU destroys an inmate’s physical and mental health. Count ‘em! 40!

      I’d sure like to see the proof of a single one.

      Is solitary confinement cruel and unusual punishment? No. Despite the persistent and well-funded efforts of thousands of prisoner-advocate lawyers, putting a prisoner in his own cell and depriving him of the dubious pleasures of other convicts’ company and conversation does not violate the US Constitution.

      Raniere has a history of breaking prison rules going back to MDC in Brooklyn. That’s probably why he’s in solitary. Speculation about evil government conspiracies is fun and all that, but just look at this guy’s history. He always thought rules didn’t apply to him.

      Is solitary confinement inhumane? Nope. Wouldn’t treat a dog that way? That’s exactly how dogs are treated by pet adoption agencies. Kept in individual cages, let out occasionally for exercise. It’s humane treatment.

      Raniere doesn’t like solitary? Then he should follow the prison rules. They’re simple enough. A man of his towering intellect ought to be able to comprehend them.

      His toilet stinks? Flush it. A man of his genius ought to be able to figure that out.

      Really. His toilet stinks, that made me laugh. He might get PTSD from being alone. He might get stress. Alzheimer’s. Brittle bones. Play me the world’s smallest violin for chrissake.

      Look, I don’t hate Raniere. He never did anything to me, I never met the guy, I don’t know anyone who joined his damn fool cult. I don’t think he should be beaten up in prison or raped or develop osteoporosis, God forbid.

      He’s fed, he gets to shower and is given clean clothes, and gets an hour of exercise each day (more than most Americans BTW). That’s not the Black Hole of Calcutta.

      As a tale of suffering, the Tale of Keith’s Tribulations rings hollow.

    • Alonzo-

      I stand with you in your defense of the First Amendment.

      In the spirit, of the free speech, I shall share the following passage:

      “People like Marty Rathbun, Alanzo and a few others out there are lying and sliming Ex Scientologists doing something about exposing the abuses of the cult.”
      (Anonymous Weblogger)

      My dearest, dearest, Alonzo, free speech can be a double-edge-sword.

        • You only left Scientology because they requested you take a sabbatical at RPF. How much anger did you have at not being promoted? Unfortunately, your genius was not recognized, causing resentment, and resulting in you leaving Scientology behind. After you left, you took out 42 lines of credit and then promptly declared bankruptcy. In addition, you attempted to profit off of repressives.

          • This is either a parody by someone who has known me for decades, or it’s written by a clueless antiNXIVM person.

            Either way, it’s hilarious.

          • Alanzo, please please please go back to the bunker, or whatever SCIO forum you last left. Or have they all banned you?

            Frank- did you go looking for someone more annoying than Mr Amway? If so, you deserve an award. No SHU time for you! Yay!

      • Thank You 5:04

        Alleged governmental threats, are Alonzo’s feeble attempt to drum up drama and intrigue around himself….

        Similarly, Keith Allen Raniere, claimed the powers that be were out to get him. It’s a great tactic to employ, to make yourself seem more important.

        Meanwhile, Alonzo sits around doing….Who knows what.

        • Alanzo –

          So, you do NOT have any proof of your egregious claims that the “federal prosecutors threatened Marc Elliot?

          I believe that you are the one who should have the story on it.

          You are the one who wrote it as fact.

          Not Frank.

    • Alanzo –

      Please, where is the the proof Marc Elliot was threatened by federal prosecutors?

      You’ve taken the time to insult people and comment further. But you have not backed up your egregious claim.


  • So… did Shadowstate get over his hatred for Allison Mack because she was apparently mean to him?

    Has the mad spanker Sultan Of Six lost his virginity yet?

    Come on Parlato, spill the beans man.

    • A few years back an anonymous poster revealed, that Shadow is his uncle, and the two men went to a ComicCon, and Allison Mack treated Shadow in a cold manner.

      • Why did she treat Shadowstate in a cold manner?

        Also, what of Spanky? Did he ever get his giggle stick enveloped by some desperate old lady’s coin purse, or is he still a virgin?

        He may of gone and joined ISIS.

  • I’m sorry, Frank, but I can’t take any of what you say about Raniere as fact since I know it comes from Nicki Clyne, who lies whenever she speaks. It’s clear her unusual absence on Twitter was due to her visit to Tucson to see Raniere.

    Why do you believe her? Do you have any objective confirmation that he was even in the SHU?

    Nicki wants you to write the “pity” story you just wrote to garner sympathy for Raniere. And, of course, her story ends with all three of them being innocent of any wrongdoing! Ha!

    If he even is in the SHU, do not believe it is because of his stupid Rule 33 motion that is going nowhere, if his attorneys even file it. Nor do I believe it’s about delaying his appeal – it’s frivolous, who gives a sh*t? Do you really think the government is afraid of his meritless appeal? Please.

    I don’t even think it’s because of what happened at the restitution hearing. If he is in there, it is his own doing just like everything else that has happened to him.

    Raniere doesn’t like rules nor do his followers. I’m sure they tried to get over and failed miserably. If Raniere doesn’t want to go to the SHU, he needs to start following the rules. If he doesn’t, I do not feel bad for him if he ends up there.

    But, as I said, I don’t believe he was ever there to begin with.

    • Completely agree, Sherizzy.

      It’s a complete departure from logic to believe that every inmate who gives them the slightest problem in their court case or has a lawyer who in some way acts up ends up in special housing unit.

      Based on the content of this very piece, the prison does not even realistically have the room to do that.

      Keith may or may not be in a version of solitary but it’s definitely because of his own behavior.

      And it was probably something that was considered pretty serious if it’s resulted in this long of an investigation.

      Things are different inside. Behavior that we would consider not that serious is considered highly serious and dangerous inside a prison. Protocols are put in place to protect inmates. But also visitors and everyone who works in the prison. I

      t is a highly regulated and controlled environment full of criminals who have nothing better to do than try to figure out ways to cause a lot of damage within those constraints.

      A layer of sweet irony is that all the girls who remain loyal to Raniere are always trying to say that what happened to the women he abused wasn’t that bad.

      But the slightest inconvenience to this convicted criminal results in pearl-clutching, hand-wringing wales of despair.

      Keith hasn’t even been in isolation for as long as Danil! And at least Keith’s getting regular meals planned by a nutritionist. No one is using a cauterizing pen on his genitals. He hasn’t been taken for an abortion. Sounds like Keith is the biggest victim and baby out of all the cult.

      It actually does a disservice to inmates who are seriously being mistreated in some manner. Spreading these kinds of rumors with nothing to back it up and no real information. Outrage should be saved for fact. Not rumor and innuendo.

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