I was Raniere’s friend once; now he declines interview

I have frequently asked Keith Raniere through these pages and directly through members of his harem to contact me to be interviewed.

I have invited him to post on this website – unedited.

I have expressed in these pages that I wish him well and that truth is the goal.

I have also expressed serious doubts that his present and previous course of action is an honest one.

Of course a compassionate person wants everyone to succeed and I try to be compassionate. I want the best for Raniere as I do for everyone.

But the best for Raniere is not and cannot be his present course of action. It will require, I believe, change.

Of course I do not live in a world of enemies. I am out to destroy no one. Unlike Raniere, I am not suing people who I am trying to silence or trying to get people indicted because they hurt me.

I am interested in justice and truth. I think Raniere has lied to his followers, his women of his harem, his lawyers, the Bronfman sisters, his NXIVM /Executive Success Program customers/students and others.

I am calling him out on this not because I hate him but because I think what he is doing is not only harmful to others but to himself. He has to change or suffer.

His comment that “he who has the most joy wins” will one day make him a  loser.

He is hurting himself by lying. His joy will come to an end one day because of his lies.

I was his friend once and would be his friend again. But clearly he cannot continue to do what he is doing – cheating people  – and be anyone’s friend.

I confess to being a little bit astonished at the willingness of his harem and other followers to knowingly lie for him. After all this is a teacher and his company that is founded and allegedly dedicated to teaching truth. You cannot teach truth by telling lies.

I do not profess to be a teacher, but I do profess to being compassionate or trying to be.

This does not make me an imbecile.  It is my opinion that Keith Raniere hypnotizes, tricks and deceives his followers. Some of them know this but remain. Others do not understand it.

Some of them are being swindled out of money.

I would help Keith Raniere if I could. But that help would start and stop at his being honest. Without that he is nothing.

So how does Raniere change? How does he do an about-face?

Is he caught in his own lies now so thoroughly that he cannot escape and become truthful. Is he too public to undo the damage he has done? Can he quietly restore dignity to the lives he has ruined?

What if the Bronfmans ever left him? What if his other financiers leave?

There are so many questions I would ask Raniere but he declines to speak.

His followers are afraid also.


Still the offer remains: Keith Raniere can contact me. It will remain confidential until and unless he agrees to go on the record. Anything he cares to state I will be glad to publish.

Anything that is wrong on these pages, he can correct with the truth at any time.

Since so many of his followers, ex-followers and potential future followers are reading this website, it stands to reason that if there are inaccuracies he should take up the invitation – he or his followers – to correct the record.

Silence implies acceptance.

Meantime the invitations stands: Keith Raniere or anyone can reach me at 716-990-5740 or email at frankparlato@gmail.com



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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.

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  • This is unsurprising. All of the requests for comment to him from various news outlets that published articles about NXIVM over the years never received any response either. The organization isn’t intended to be transparent because it hides a cult and is just an MLM scam.




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