Toni Natalie’s Past Business History Needs Vetting for Readers

Toni Natalie [Courtesy Albany Times Union]. about the time she was grabbing lil' Scott Foley's scrotum - or so she says in her book.

By Bangkok

There’s a great comment made by “You Can’t Sue If It’s True”.

It reads in part:

“So we are all to believe that CBI was an illegal pyramid scheme, Toni’s Awaken company was an illegal pyramid scheme, but National Health was an innocent health food store? …

“There were 100’s of thousands of people in CBI and hundreds if not thousands in the National Health Network. You think none of these people are talking to each other or the bloggers here?

“1) You are correct there was a small fee that went to the buying club (CBI) the rest went to Keith, Toni, etc.

“2) National Health Network was CBI but with vitamins. Toni was the president, owner, founder, and chief spokesperson and product trainer. She was the face and voice of NHN and controlled all the money and assets. Exactly like Nancy Salzman did for NXIVM before Clare took over. NHN closed because Toni took all the money out of the business through various schemes and ran off in the middle of the night with her boyfriend. (Abridged version-bottom line.)

“3) Toni Natalie’s role at CBI was owner and President of Awaken. Awaken was a sub-pyramid scheme operated out of CBI and marketed to the CBI network. Awaken sold a skincare line. CBI members were told ‘buy this skincare and recruit other people like you do in CBI and you can make even more money! We’ll be bigger than Avon!’ You had to be in the CBI pyramid first to get in Toni’s Awaken pyramid.”

Lots of great info there about Toni’s history with CBI and NHN.

Hey Frank,

As readers, we have no idea what happened with Toni’s past business ventures and we rely on you and your authors to inform us.

It’s not about Toni per se. I have nothing against her personally.

I’ve spoken out against every person in the NXIVM story — including yourself, Claviger and Heidi.

I’ve told you and Claviger to fuck off and eat shit more times than I can count. 🙂

Except with Heidi, I do have something against her cuz she’s a paranoid loon who seems way off-kilter in some of her conspiracy theories about John Sandweg and Dennis Burke.

But anyway, back to Toni:

I never focus on any particular person for very long, except that right now Toni’s book is ‘news’ and it’s related to NXIVM (thus it’s relevant for FrankReport to report on).

She was a former player in Keith’s inner circle and you’ve apparently been giving her a free pass for the past year.

Her past business history needs vetting for your readers, Frank.

If she’s truly blameless, then please lay out her past history with CBI and those two health businesses —- and explain in detail why she’s blameless.

I’m just asking for the TRUTH, Frank.🙂

Toni is now publishing a book and injecting herself into the NXIVM media narrative. How can she not expect scrutiny? Especially when she scrutinizes others within NXIVM for their past questionable deeds. Pot meet kettle.

The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM

It’s also your job to make sure her book is accurate, chapter by chapter, for your readers.

It sure beats more Allison articles by Shadow, LOL. I’ve had my fill of Allison articles for a lifetime.

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    • Anonymous(Bangkok)

      LOL you trolled me.

      It does not change the fact that you are obsessed with Heidi….

      I think it’s because you have mommy issues and no girlfriend so Heidi fill 2 voids for you.

      Bangkok have a great night little dipshit!

  • “Except with Heidi”…

    “Except with Heidi”………

    “Except with Heidi”….

    Bangkok, you are not at all obsessed with Heidi. She just happens to somehow relate to most everything you write. I understand. 😉

    • Tee Hee. Bangcock is all red in the face. He has a schoolboy crush. Come on cock, put down her pigtails and ask her to go roller skating.

      • Chet Hardin, you really need to stop commenting as Nutjob or pretending you care about anything other than selling your book. It’s shameless, cringeworthy. We know you don’t care about Bangcock, Heidi, or anyone else here. Stop trolling the blog and start doing your homework. Ask Toni to see her plea agreement for her bank fraud scheme and read her file from her attorney. Makes some calls to the CBI/Awaken/NHN downlines. Fact checking is a better use of your time and ours.

  • Toni is on the stage with the hot spotlight. I reckon it will be nothing new, really. Just set herself up for mockery.

    Prefect (and a few crew others) ran out the back door). Oh my, what are they doing?

  • I want to know who the fuck in this is innocent? Most of the people who helped to bring Raniere down recruited hundreds into the cult. Many people knew that Keith had sex with others or did illegal things. Who is without mud on them in this situation?

    Toni – in my opinion, isn’t as innocent as she lets on. But I don’t think anyone is other than the students who were recruited and weren’t told about Keith and Nancy and Clare’s extracurricular activities – those that didn’t know.

      • I think you’re correct, and this doesn’t get enough run. Brandon Porter obviously was used by Keith to keep growing his understanding of this.

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