Part 2: Innocence Lost in Father’s House of Fear: Mia Speaks Out Against Chris Ambrose!

This is Part #2 of a series focusing on  the latest developments in the long-running case of Ambrose v. Riordan in Connecticut Family Court.

See: Part 1: The Great Escape: Ambrose’s Kids Leave His Home, Cite Abuse; Ambrose Seeks Mother’s Arrest

For three years, the children lived in isolation with their father, missing their mother, separated from their extended family and all the friends they grew up with under their mother’s care. 

In a recent letter to US Attorney Trini Ross, Assistant US Attorney Charles Kruly, and FBI Special Agent Brian Burns, Mia wrote:

“Family Court took my mother from my brothers and my life three years ago. I remember that day. In the morning, I had a normal day at my mom’s, and the next thing I knew, I was saying goodbye to her over text messages with no response because she wasn’t allowed to contact me.

“I was 13 when my brothers [and I] were separated from our mom and forced to live with our father…..

“Not having my mother anymore… was horrible. … not knowing if I had a safe place to go…. 

“It was constant fear at his home. I would say something wrong, and my father would follow me around and refuse to leave my room or get mad at the simplest things. His anger would go from one to 1000 within a second. It was scary….

“If I said something that wasn’t the smartest or answered his question using the wrong grammar, he’d say, ‘Oh, you sound just like your mom. Can’t even form sentences.'”

The father, Chris Ambrose, was a Hollywood screenwriter and attorney. On April 1, 2018, his writing career tanked when an episode he “wrote” of Instinct, “Secret and Lies,” aired. Within hours, fans noticed Ambrose’s script was a direct rip-off of a 2009 episode of Bones entitled The Plain in the Prodigy.

Ambrose came home to CT, changed the passwords to his and his wife’s joint money market accounts, and then filed for divorce against her.

The mother Karen Riordan, now 56, holds two master’s degrees and was a special education teacher for 17 years. The Greenwich Public School District, with more than 700 teachers, honored her with Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 2003.

At Ambrose’s request, she left her tenured teacher’s position to become the full-time, stay-at-home mother to their children – a task she loved for 13 years – until one day, April 24, 2020 – when Judge Jane Grossman flipped custody to Ambrose – saying Riordan alienated the children.

Mia, in her letter to US Attorney Trini E. Ross, said her father did the alienating. 

She told US Attorney Ross that Ambrose “would say to my brothers, ‘Mia is crazy like her mom. She’s acting just like her mom.'”

US Attorney Trini Ross has been asked by three scared teenagers to stop their abusive father Chris Ambrose from harming them. More on that later.

US Attorney Ross, nominated by President Joseph Biden and confirmed by the US Senate in 2021, was given details about Ambrose’s abuse by his teenage children. 

Ambrose was the first to write to Ross, claiming Frank Report was the reason his children were unhappy.  

In her letter to US Attorney Ross, Mia asked for her help.

Mia wrote:

“My father, who is white, called me a ‘beaner’ because of my Guatemalan heritage. He called me fat. He questioned my gender. He called me a bitch. He would say I’m dumb and a horrible sister to my brothers. One day, he told me to kill myself…

“Chris Ambrose has threatened us constantly with the Madison Police, the state police and DCF. He’s told me I’d be put into foster care. He’s told us if we tell the truth, [about his abuse] we’d all be in foster care and we’d never see our mom or our dogs again.”

Psychiatrist Richard Gardner introduced the concept of “parental alienation” in the 1980s to defend his clients – fathers accused of incestuous pedophilia – claiming pathological mothers brainwashed their children to make false claims because they want “the total elimination of the father.” 

But Dr. Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist who studied the case, suggests the family court remedy is worse than the problem.

She wrote, “Separating growing children from their mother and primary caregiver is one of the worst forms of abuse, which can have lifelong ramifications, as well as decades of loss of life for each child.”

Mia and her brothers lost their mother based on the opinion of a single custody evaluator – who was paid for by the father.

Matthew told Frank Report: “Chris… trashed my mother since before we were taken, calling her sick, evil, and much more. Our mother hasn’t ‘brainwashed’ us, because everything we say is what we have experienced.

Mia wrote:

 “After I lost my mother… I was depressed… I was self-harming, cutting in eighth grade. I failed my third trimester of 8th grade. When I finally tried to participate in school online during COVID-19, he turned off the Wi-Fi but told the school I was refusing to participate.

Mia began cutting after Family Court removed her from her happy home with her mother….Mia continued:

“I began using food as a comfort for what I was dealing with at my dad’s house. When I lived with my mom, I was athletic. I was in excellent shape. At my mom’s, I did gymnastics every week. But when I was forced to go to my dad’s, I was depressed. I was eating all the time. He chose to enable my eating habits by getting super unhealthy foods. The only food there was what he wanted at the house. I entered high school depressed and was taunted for my weight.”

Like her youngest brother, Sawyer, Mia alleged inappropriate touching by her father.

His teenage children claim he abused them, but Ambrose wants them back to his home, against their wishes and hopes to secure their arrest and forcible return….

Sexual Abuse?

Mia wrote: 

“While I lived with my dad, he began grabbing my inner thigh when I was on the couch in front of my brothers. I would say not to do that. He would say, ‘Oh, it’s just a joke.’

“Then it got to the point where he would grab my butt or my breasts. When I objected, he said, ‘Stop being a baby. It’s just a prank.’

“I would walk to the bathroom. The next thing I knew, I was getting grabbed from behind. My father would grab my butt with his hand and squeeze it. I told my father I was uncomfortable with him touching me. He would say, ‘it’s just a joke. You’re being a baby.’

“In the car, he would grab my inner thigh, keep his hand there, and squeeze me. I didn’t want him touching me.

“He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He said I was a crybaby and ridiculous and had no reason to act this way.

“I’d say, ‘I do have reason to act this way. You’re touching me when I’m not comfortable with that.’

Sudden Surprise Visits When Mia Changed

Mia spoke of an occurrence that seemed to happen too often to be a coincidence.

“My room was in the basement at my dad’s house, which had no lock. My father started to come down when I was changing or taking a shower. It happened almost every day.

“Sometimes, he would say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ Then he would go into my bathroom for a second, come back out, and try to start a conversation while I was still trying to get dressed.

“It happened so often that I yelled and said, ‘How come every time I’m changing or taking a shower, you have to come down?’

“He said, ‘I have stuff to do in the basement.’

“It got to the point where I would change in a locked bathroom because he would otherwise come in just when I was changing.”

Had to Leave

After Mia turned 16, she ran away from her father – on April 22, 2023 – almost three years after Judge Grossman ordered her from her mother. 

From ‘fields of ruin to fields of gold,’ Mia ran to the woman who loved her and asked her for safe haven. Her mother, risking arrest, took her in.

Tomorrow, Ambrose goes before Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr. seeking Riordan’s arrest – and, if the judge grants his request, while Riordan is in jail, Ambrose further seeks Madison police to break down the doors of the mother’s home, capture and handcuff the three teenagers, and bring them forcibly back to him.

There will be a group at the mother’s home and a film crew from Frank Report ready for a live stream of the police capture of the teenagers. 

At least one other national media outlet got editorial approval to report the arrest if it occurs.

But even if he does succeed in getting the court to force the teenagers back to his home, Ambrose has yet to explain how he will keep them in home confinement or guard them 24/7.

Even if Judge Rodriguez orders the mother’s indefinite detention, the children will likely run again unless the Court permits some form of physical restraint.

Don’t be fooled that Ambrose can hold these teens against their will.

Athletic and wiry Matthew, [above] nearly 17, is far too physically fit to be restrained by 60-plus-year-old Ambrose. Unless Judge Rodriguez permits Ambrose to be armed or authorizes off-duty Madison police to force the teens to remain under lock and key, they can’t be forced to stay there.

If they leave, the teenagers’ extended network of reconnected family and friends – the people they grew up with – would likely provide a haven to protect them from their aggressive father.

Hundreds of strangers watching the case have volunteered to help and some have offered to take them in. 

Can Ambrose get all of them arrested? 

Or is Ambrose delusional, thinking he can force teenagers to be captured and kept by force in his house?

Not New Accusations…

Three years ago, Yale Hospital took Sawyer in following allegations of Ambrose’s sexual abuse. 

The photo is of Sawyer three years ago. Today Sawyer told Frank Report “I’m thankful to Frank Report for making sure we are heard. Please help us stay safe with our mother and stop Chris from using the police and the court system to abuse us. He is a really good liar. We’ve always told the truth.”…

Here is an excerpt of an interview that New York City private investigator Manual Gomez sent to US Attorney Ross, where Sawyer, then only ten, said about his father. [This has yet to be viewed by CT courts]:

Sawyer Ambrose: He was touching me in my private parts.

Manuel Gomez: Can you demonstrate to me what he was doing to you?

Sawyer Ambrose: He was like touching me right here.

Manuel Gomez: All right, and how often was he doing that? Did you tell him to stop? And what did he say when you told him to stop?

Sawyer Ambrose: He didn’t say anything. He just kept on doing it.

Manuel Gomez: Did he ever show himself naked to you?

Sawyer Ambrose: Sometimes when he was in the shower, sometimes, well, like not on purpose, but sometimes there weren’t any towels, and then he had to go get his clothes naked.

Manuel Gomez: But did he let – in front of you, he did that?

Sawyer Ambrose: Um, sometimes.

Photos, videos, and audios back Sawyer’s claims and are in FR’s possession. Some of them are obscene and cannot be published.  

The voice you hear in the interview with Sawyer is famed investigator Manual Gomez. The New York Times wrote that he is known to “Prove His Clients Innocent.” He won an Emmy award for the Hulu documentary “Crime + Punishment”

….Stay tuned for Part #3 of this series. 

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  • The Honorable Eric D. Coleman (may God protect him) and current Connecticut AG William Tong were Co-Chairs of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee in 2015.

    January 28, 2015 (when the Connecticut New Haven DOJ “public corruption investigation” team were supposed to be investigating public corruption) Judge Frazzini wrote in his letter to Mr. Coleman and Mr. Tong: “… Upon checking my records I found that, in fact, I did make a dues payment to the local chapter of the AFCC in 2012 …”

    In 2012, the for-profit Connecticut AFCC cabal, with help from the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s for-profit public-private network, had been offering most Connecticut “family court” training — without having registered that public-private business.

    By 2013, parents who had been victimized in Connecticut family courts had spent a few years investigating much of what the Connecticut New Haven DOJ refused to acknowledge: that Gerard Adelman, Robert Horwitz, Bruce Freedman et al. had been operating as a public-private for-profit business without registering their business — and without paying taxes on those earnings — for the past several decades.

    It looks like at some point, a few people somewhere in the state decided to address a small portion of that tangled knot by moving the training out of CT AFCC Inc.’s main judicial branch offices to the public defender’s office, where AFCC Inc. members continued to submit GAL/AMC training materials.

    The 2014 GAL/AMC “training material” show the perverted politics and ethics that micro-managed tens of thousands of Connecticut parents and children in family courts since 1984.

    The general public still has no idea what happened. Mainstream news outlets in the state seem to have provided cover for the crimes committed by those who organized and carried out that “family court” racket.

    All of that and more probably explains why Paul Boyne did what he did. If what Paul did was political theater to attract attention, I hope it works.

    • “Anonymous
      July 24, 2023 at 3:32 pm
      There appears to be a heavy hand in criminal defense in family court. This speaks volumes to people who have been through family court. The gals trained through the public defender’s office. There is definitely a political agenda going on in family court. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons an indepth investigation is not happening.”

  • A few tax forms ... “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” ... and/or tampering with a witness? 🤔 says:

    Alexander Trembicki Esq. of Lynch Trembicki & Boynton of Milford (and Westport) represents …

    Mr. Nusbaum (Ms. Riordan’s former attorney) to take money from Ms. Riordan;
    Ms. Aldrich (Mr. Ambrose’s former attorney) to take money from Mr. Ambrose;
    Mr. Nusbaum (Mr. Parlato’s critic) to take money from Mr. Parlato after Mr. Parlato noticed a few conflicts of interest; and, Mr. Nusbaum (who sent a letter to a judge in New York asking the judge to silence Mr. Parlato).

    According to state and federal law, is Mr. Nusbaum’s letter to the New York judge a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1512?

    “18 U.S. Code § 1512 – Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant …

    b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to—
    (1) influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding;
    (2) cause or induce any person to—
    withhold testimony, or withhold a record, document, or other object, from an official proceeding …

    … (3) hinder, delay, or prevent the communication to a law enforcement officer or judge of the United States of information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense …

    … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both …”

    The hearing on Monday is supposed to be about a few tax forms.

    Will it be about tax forms … or something else?

    … “They wanted to get him indicted,” Herbits wrote in his letter. “They spent significant funds in venue shopping in Albany, Los Angeles and elsewhere to find a forum that would indict Mr. Parlato and some of the departees from NXIVM.” …

    • “Good morning, Joe. May we include this proposal from Judge Albis on the agenda for our October meeting?

      Thank you!

      From: Albis, Michael A.
      Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2019 3:01 PM

      To: Del Ciampo, Joseph

      Cc: Adelman, Gerard ; Greenfield, Johanna ; Heller, Donna ; Knight, Joseph ; Olear, Leslie

      Subject: Proposed new rule on hybrid appearances

      Dear Attorney Del Ciampo.

      As you may recall, when I attended the meeting of the Rules Committee in January of this year, one of the items discussed was the proposal by Judge Gerard Adelman for an amendment to the Practice Book regarding “hybrid” appearances in family cases, i.e. situations where a party filing his or her own appearance was also represented by an attorney with an appearance in the case.

      Concerned about possible unintended consequences of a rule requiring court approval for all such dual appearances, I suggested and the Committee agreed that it would be appropriate for me to form a small “working group” to discuss the issue, consisting of family judges as well as representatives of Court Operations and the clerks’ offices. …

      The result is the attached proposed new Practice Book Rule and Commentary …

      Section 25-6A. Self-representation appearance in addition to appearance by attorney.

      A party may file or maintain an appearance on the party’s own behalf in addition to a general appearance by an attorney for that party, without prior approval of the court. For purposes of this section, a “dually represented party” is a party for whom one or more attorneys have current appearances on file and who also has a current appearance on file as a self- represented party …”—working-group-new-sec-25-6a-re-hybrid-appearances.pdf?sfvrsn=1bed6a9f_2

    Prefix: FS2 Case Type: C90 File Date: 07/25/2022 Return Date: 09/06/2022

    Case Information
    Case Type: C90 – Contracts – All other
    Court Location: STAMFORD JD
    List Type: No List Type
    Trial List Claim:
    Last Action Date: 08/04/2022 (The “last action date” is the date the information was entered in the system)


    BY: (*%$#%@$)(
    Lynch, Trembicki & Boynton 👈 📃📑🧾 🎉🎈💵💳💰
    27 Imperial Avenue
    Westport, CT 06880 …”


    Prefix: FA2 Case Type: F00 File Date: 07/22/2019 Return Date: 08/13/2019

    Information Updated as of: 07/29/2023

    Case Information
    Case Type: F00 – Family – Dissolution of Marriage – C.G.S. Chapter 815j
    Court Location: BRIDGEPORT JD
    Financial Disputes: No
    Parenting Disputes: No
    RFTD Referral: Yes
    RFTD Accepted: Yes
    Last Action Date: 07/24/2023 (Last Action Date is a data entry date, not actual date)

    Disposition Information
    Disposition Date: 04/26/2022
    Judge or Magistrate: HON GERARD ADELMAN …

    🎉 🎈 … Party/Appearance/ IV-D Authorized Filer Information …

    Attorney: LYNCH TREMBICKI & BOYNTON (034874) 👈 📃📑🧾 🎉🎈💵💳💰
    MILFORD, CT 06460
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only 🧐


    “… On January 19, 2023, I received an email from Alexander Trembicki Esq. of the law firm of Lynch Trembicki Boynton of Milford CT.

    Attorney Trembicki wrote to inform me that his client planned to sue me if I did not retract what I wrote about him …”


    Alexander Trembicki Esq. of Lynch Trembicki Boynton of Milford (and Westport) represents:

    Mr. Nusbaum (who is Ms Riordan’s former attorney) to take money from Ms Riordan;
    Ms Aldrich (who is Mr Ambrose’s former attorney) to take money from Mr Ambrose; and,
    Mr. Nusbaum (who is Parlato’s critic) to take money from Mr. Parlato after Mr. Parlato noticed a few conflicts of interest.
    Mr. Nusbaum (who sent a letter to a judge in New York asking the judge to send Mr. Parlato to prison).

    In state and federal law, writing a letter to a judge to ask the judge to silence a witness might be:

    “18 U.S. Code § 1512 – Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant …

    b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to—
    (1) influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding;
    (2) cause or induce any person to—
    withhold testimony, or withhold a record, document, or other object, from an official proceeding …

    … (3) hinder, delay, or prevent the communication to a law enforcement officer or judge of the United States of information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense …

    … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both …”

    • Good letters and bad.
      The good judge weighed good letters
      more than the others.

    • An earlier version of the following AFCC announcement on their website included the “$50,000” in front of the word “contract”. The version of the same announcement on the AFCC website today doesn’t include the “$50,000” in front of the word “contract”. In real law, given the context of CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC racketeering in Connecticut and Massachusetts family courts, the deletion of that “$50,000” in front of the word “contract” is spoliation.

      How much spoliation has occurred since 1984 in the AFCC network? Here’s the definition of spoliation and the very real consequences:

      “… 18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

      Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. …”

      On the very-official-looking AFCC website today:

      “In the summer of 2002 AFCC was awarded a contract with the Connecticut Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Family Services Unit to develop an empirically based screening instrument for the Family Services Unit. The project team conducted site visits; direct observation; review and assessments of services; focus groups with stakeholders; and a literature review on screening protocols. CSSD revised its menu of services on the recommendation of the project team. The screening protocol was developed, training conducted, and the screen was first piloted, and then rolled out statewide. AFCC was then awarded a second contract to evaluate the instrument over a three-year period. The project was submitted by the Connecticut Judicial Branch and was a semi-finalist in the Kennedy School of Government Innovations in American Government Awards.

      Children, Courts and Conflict:
      Current Research Applications for Practice (MP3) 🧾 Member Content
      Powerpoint Slides (PDF)
      AFCC Regional Training Conference, Reno, Nevada, November 2009
      Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD., MSL

      Family Civil Intake Screen Services Evaluation: Final Outcomes Report (PDF)
      Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, MSL and Megan Durrell, May 2009

      Triaging Family Court Services: The Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Family Civil Intake Screen (PDF)
      Peter Salem, Debra Kulak and Robin M. Deutsch, Pace Law Review, Summer 2007

      Project Team

      Peter Salem, MA, Project Director
      Robin Deutsch, PhD
      Janet Johnston, PhD
      Andrew Schepard, JD
      Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, MSL, Project Evaluator

      Connecticut Judicial Branch
      Stephen Grant, MA
      Debra Kulak, MS
      Kathy Cerrutti
      Joseph DiTunno”

      AFCC network activities across state lines seems to violate 18 U.S. Code Chapter 95 § 195:

      “18 U.S. Code Chapter 95 § 1952. Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises
      (a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses the mail or any facility in interstate or foreign commerce, with intent to—
      (1) distribute the proceeds of any unlawful activity; or
      (2) commit any crime of violence to further any unlawful activity; or
      (3) otherwise promote, manage, establish, carry on, or facilitate the promotion, management, establishment, or carrying on, of any unlawful activity,
      and thereafter performs or attempts to perform—
      (A) an act described in paragraph (1) or (3) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both; or
      (B) an act described in paragraph (2) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both, and if death results shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.”

      “… if death results …” How many parents and children died in Connecticut and Massachusetts family court cases since 1984? Who in the New Haven State Attorney’s office cares?

  • Gerard Adelman was Director of the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC corporation.

    P. O. BOX 2508
    CINCINNATI, OH 45201

    Date: Jun 19 2014

    385 ORANGE ST
    NEW HAVEN, CT 06511

    Employer Identification Number: 46-2716503“

    “Full Filing” for fiscal year ending Dec. 2015 … “The books are in care of ROBERT HORWITZ PHD” :

    If Mr. Adelman and Mr. Horwitz didn’t disclose their conflicts of interest in the Ambrose case, did they commit fraud upon the court? Why would Mr. Adelman send the case to Mr. Moukawsher after Attorney Cunha complained about corruption in the case — instead of prompting a formal investigation of the allegations of corruption?

    Why did Mr. Moukawsher disbar an attorney who complained about corruption in the case?

    Was Mr. Moukawsher supposed to disbar the attorney — or prompt an investigation of the alleged corruption? 🤔

    Perhaps most telling is the answer to this question:

    ➡️ Why is the arrest and extradition of Paul Boyne not in Connecticut mainstream headline news? ⬅️

  • In purposely adversarial family courts: All the damage done on purpose should have stopped by now. says:

    “… If the public had access to Altermatt’s corporate defense casework, it may influence how legislators consider his candidacy. Altermatt seems to have almost specialized in corporate defense of harms against children, including sexual assault and massive physical injuries, with a significant number of his cases over the last few years having been focused on ensuring that corporate entities were not held liable for horrific abuses and injuries of Connecticut children. Nothing in Lamont’s press release or any of the media coverage afterward hinted at this dynamic. …”

    • There appears to be a heavy hand in criminal defense in family court. This speaks volumes to people who have been through family court. The gals trained through the public defender’s office. There is definitely a political agenda going on in family court. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons an indepth investigation is not happening.

  • These kids deserve Justice. Mia is the victim of sexual assault. End of story.

    Charge him. Too bad if he’s the father.

  • Mia, stay strong! You are an amazing young woman, just like your mother!

    Mathew and Sawyer, stay strong and continue to stay true to what you know in your heart is right.

    Your Mother taught you well! There are a TON of people out there ready to help in anyway they can!

    Thank you, Judge Eddie Rodriguez, for seeing through the idiocy of Ambrose’s motions!

    Take a long walk Ambrose…NO ONE (except those you’ve paid for) is on your side!!!

    As always, well done, Frank!

    • Thanks for supporting us It means a lot because Chris continues to call us liars and keeps sending the police and stalking us.

      Frank had the evidence of Chris’s stalking and taking photos and showing up at Mia’s work.

      Please keep supporting us because Chris won’t stop unless he’s forced.

      And he continues to make up stuff and lies about everything. Thank you

        • It is when a teen has requested and the police have told you not to contact her Chris.

          It’s stalking when it’s unwanted and designed to intimidate you fucking freak.

  • “MADISON CT — Today brought good news to Mia, 16, Mathew, 16, and Sawyer, 13.

    A reprieve at least.

    These three teenagers, who have been through a torment for three years, now live with their mother, Karen Riordan – after running away from their father Chris Ambrose in the last few months.

    Today Ambrose took the mother to Family Court, seeking her arrest for taking the runaway children .

    Judge Eddie Rodriguez denied Ambrose’s motion to force his daughter Mia to stay 100 yards away from her mother.

    Then Judge Rodriguez recused himself from the case, calling a mistrial on all of Ambrose’s half dozen other motions, all seeking the arrest of his former wife.

  • Mia-
    You are brave and strong. Your fierce and loving spirit will see you through. There’s a world of us pulling for you and believing in you.

    All three of you are inspirational. Stay strong. Do not yield.

    • Is it a men vs women thing or a corruption in the courts vs. no corruption in the courts thing? 🤔

  • Mia – You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You and your brothers are much stronger than you may feel. Despite what you have all been through, you have survived. The monster will be vanquished and, when he is, may I suggest that you change your surname to Riordan?

    • You know the kids are reading this, yet you call their father a monster? Talk about messing with a child’s mind.

        • Thanks to Karen and cronies trashing him to the kids for years and blaming the father for the kids not seeing mom, when it is actually all Karen’s doing.

          • Give it up, Chris. Karen hadn’t spent a day with her children in over three years. That was the outcome you forced upon them.

            You had every opportunity to do right by them. You did not. You abused each of them mercilessly and destroyed their childhoods, confidence, and reputations.

            You are a sinister creature and you’ll soon be behind bars as you deserve.

          • “That was the outcome you forced upon them.”

            No, that was the outcome Karen forced upon herself with her absence from court and visitation, a past kidnapping attempt, and years-long vicious smear campaign against the father in front of the kids. The first article she published here, she had someone send an “anonymous” text to the kids to make sure they saw it. Thanks to her enablers like FR and you, the kids bought her hate and blame campaign. Sad. This will profoundly affect them psychologically for the rest of their lives.

        • “Chris you lost.”

          Nope. Only the kids lose here. Mom had to be an immature manipulator and force the kids to choose between the two parents, when they could have had both in their lives. Sad.

          • Well, son, they made their choice. You had them for three years. They did not spend one day with their mother. Yet she was in their hearts every minute. You could have tried to rebuild their happiness, knowing they wanted to be with their mother – and worked to that end. Instead, you kept them apart.

            Bad mistake. Now learn from your mistake. Rectify it. Acknowledge that the teenagers have a right to choose and do what they wish. Be their friend and then in time you might get to be their father again – but never again without their mother.

          • Frank has the video evidence. If Ambrose doesn’t release his kids and stop harassing and stalking them, the evidence will go viral.

            The teens are done with his bullshit. He’s forcing them to release it all. At this point they want the world to know what a scumbag he is.

            He’s never been their biological father. So they don’t have to worry about his perverted genes. He’s never earned the title of father because he’s never acted like one.

      • It validates all they have experienced and endured. They have been traumatized and sexually and emotionally abused. He is unrelenting and continues to threaten them.

        Focus on the perpetrator.

        Monster is mild to the experience these kids have had. Do you think they don’t know?

  • I hope that everyone is sending up a prayer for Karen this morning to be able to go home to her children and give them the love and support they need to get through this unnecessary ordeal their so called father has put them through. I know I am.

    • A last minute change at court – a new judge. Details are sketchy.

      Judge Rodriguez just declared a mistrial and now a new judge will hear Ambrose’s attempt to arrest his teenage children and their mother. Today.

      • Been incessantly refreshing this page to learn how the hearing went. New judge??? Sounds super sketchy. What time has this been reset for today ?

        • We had a correspondent there and will report the news in moments — good news for the teenagers and Karen.

      • Connecticut family court hearings and trials look like yesterday’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing. RFK Jr. and Karen are both eligible witnesses. All three teenagers are also eligible witnesses.

        The teenagers are three years older and wiser than they were three years ago.

        Free speech matters for all — in and outside of family courts.

        If Americans need a hashtag now to make that point, maybe this will work: #FreeSpeechMatters 😐

        If that doesn’t do it, The First Amendment to the United States Constitution still says:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  • Chris is representing all transgender child predators today. Make my young sweet gay ass proud. You March right in that court room and show CT state you’re the boss. Not the judge. After you win let’s role play from your favorite book, Sleeping Beauty by Ann Rice.

    • If this is all you have to represent you, you are in a bad way. But I guess you all think alike, it’s ok to ruin a child’s life and put them through hell. Self centered perverted monsters.

  • I’ll be in CT soon. I’m going to whip Chris Ambrose ass for molesting his kids. Hey pasty dough boy! I’ll play swords with you.

  • Grossman is a child sex trafficker. She needs to be investigated: what did she know and when did she know it?

    Good think Frank Report is covering this. MSM has a blackout on this story because it involves one of their own (Chris Ambrose).

    Apparently Frank Report has cameras ready to roll if Riordan is arrested by Chris’ stormtroopers.

    • “Grossman is a child sex trafficker.” Sounds extreme, but money is exchanged and the children are captured.

  • This is heartbreaking!!! Why the deafness from the US Attorney??? I have a memorandum to Merrick Garland. It cites the EXACT federal statutes that can be applied IMMEDIATELY to rescue EVERY child in the United States who has been removed illegally from their mother. The courts have turned into PURVEYORS OF CHILDREN for a PEROPHILLIC ENTERPRISE. And this ALSO affects child custody cases which do not have sex abuse allegations as well.

    For example, in the Kassenoff case, the eldest daughter was prey to the system that was discussing ferrying the her into a state and federally run therapeutic boarding school which they wanted to do through the “school district” at taxpayer expense!! And even when there are no publicly funded gimmicks used in such cases, the fact that the judiciary receives federal funding makes the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE responsible for overseeing the use of the federal awards. Again, I have the exact statutes that spell out these federal awards. It’s time to speak to Merrick Garland.

    The family courts have been infected by a robust pedophillic enterprise which is supported by the drug trade. The payoffs to judges are in the form of laundered drug money. Why do we keep ourselves in a perpetual state of ignorance in America by NOT acknowledging that the reason why EVERYTHING has gone awry in the family court system is because it has become infected by the drug trade industry??? Child trafficking is routinely run by the drug cartels. There’s a film on this in the theaters now. It’s time to take off the gloves!

  • This is so hard to read. It is the story of many children and moms. . This is a complete outrage. This case is a window into why mothers across the untitled states are getting jailed, in contempt ECT. The court system discount childrens report of abuse. Court appointed torture. The state of Connecticut has been doing this for years. Free the children. Let’s get accountability for the children and their mother. This is happening all over Connecticut and the united states. I can’t help but cry when I read this. Connecticut is covering up abuse. Making it a crime to report it. It’s sick and needs to be exposed. What is crazy, delusional, is the discruntaled court players and state leadership trying to silence and cover it up. Best wishes to Karen and her children in court. We are praying for your freedom from court torture. The end of the violations to your basic human rights.

  • Force the kids back to their father. They should know better they are almost adults.

    Even if the kids have to be hogtied and whipped daily. They must be with their father because that’s what he wants. He is what counts.

    These teenagers could be watched during the day by off duty Madison Police to make sure they dont escape with instructions to police to shoot to maim (not kill unless necessary ) if they try to leave the love their father offers them. at night they could be handcuffed to the bed – and then they can’t escape. In the morning police could unlock them.

    Their mother could be sent to prison until they’re 21 or longer for not doing everything Chris says.

    If the kids don’t obey their father they should be sent to a concentration camp and starved.

    Then when they get down to like 60- 70 pounds they won’t be able to run.

    This is nothing to laugh at. There is only one thing that matters. What Chris wants. His happiness is all that matters.
    Please support the wishes of the father.

    He may be the most selfish man who ever lived but he wants the teens forced to live with him even if he destroys them.

    He really only ever wanted to sneak in on his daughter changing and rub his son’s penis.

    He wasn’t asking for too much. How selfish of the kids not to satisfy his urges.

  • Yeah sounds legit. Ambrose did not have towels. So he walked naked around his kid – the one whose penis he touched.

    Like uh – sounds legit.

    • And you can see from the little kids answer he’s not trying to get his father in trouble.

      He reports the molestation but is trying to accept the excuse of the fathers naked ass – just those times he forgot his towel.

      No linen closets in the bathroom? Why not put in the clothes you had on before the shower? Or did he go into the bathroom naked?

      No chance he could have called to one of the kids to say- can you grab me a towel?

      No. Best he parade his white shriveling limpness by his son. 🤮

  • This breaks my heart. Even though I’ve read it several times.. it’s still makes me cry just like the first time.. there is no way anyone could think that this right. Please don’t make these children go back with this animal. If they are ordered to go back, they are just going to run away again. But this time they will run to a place where they can’t be found. They won’t go to their mothers house where they are safe, bc they know they will be found there. Please judge.. Don’t make that happen .. let them be happy and enjoy the rest of their childhood.. it’s the tight thing to do..

  • Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have made their choice and are old enough to do so. Shame on the system for allowing this “man” to use it to abuse Karen and her children. She didn’t abduct her kids they ran to her!!

  • Breaking news Karen…the law applies to you just like it applies to everyone else. You lost custody because it was known you would pull a kidnapping stunt like this. Involving the 13 year old was a step too far…and contacting his birth mom from a closed adoption is plain old cuckoo.

    If Karen followed the law and listened to court orders from day 1, this drama for the kids wouldn’t be happening now. It’s her own fault for acting like she is above the law. SHE put them in this situation, not Chris.

    • Chris you lost. you won’t be able to force these teenagers to stay with you. No matter how hard you try to punish them or their mother.

      You know very well that Karen had nothing to do with the children leaving you. They fled because even in three years you were unable to alienate them.

      It only shows there is nothing stronger than the heart. Try to acquire one Chris and be humble and try to be a friend to your kids – and let them live where they want. One day they may forgive your abuse of them.

      I am on your side Chris – which is to say that I wish you would change and realize you are wrong. Join the human race and realize the teenagers outgrew their terror of you. Now try respect and love. Good luck.

      • “They fled because even in three years you were unable to alienate them.”

        I’m not Chris. But I will add you can say the father chose not to speak badly of the mother, which is why the kids weren’t alienated from the mother. In the meantime, Karen and her cronies were hardcore alienating those kids from dad by publishing this vicious awful stuff about their father where the children could read it. Instead of…oh I don’t know…actually showing up for visitation? Showing up for a custody hearing? Those poor kids don’t realize how damaging their mother’s behavior is to them.

    • Chris it’s sawyer we know you have been trying to lock mom up we have all the evidence and we shared it with investigators. It’s obviously you who is making these comments because you are the only one defending you all you’ve ever done is harm us by telling all your lies to strangers and cutting us off from everyone who knows the truth. You can’t hide behind the court and blame other people. You abused us everyday you can’t put that on anybody else. It was an open adoption and it was you who tried to cut off my birth mom and then you tried to cut off my adoptive mom. No father does this.

      • No, it is not Chris who made that comment. I highly doubt he comments here. there are two sides to every story, and to me, it looks like dad has been trying to do the right thing while mom has been trying to go about everything illegally And then acting surprised when it doesn’t work out.

        • Yeah but at least as far as this moment it is beginning to work out. The teenagers are happy for the first time in three years. And legal beagle Chris is of course trying to undo that and make his three children unhappy.

          Something the very legal Chris does so very well.

        • The right thing? Abuse, neglect and molestation are the right thing? Who the hell are you?

          • “Yeah but at least as far as this moment it is beginning to work out. ”

            Right, after Karen put the kids through three years of needless hell by illogically, incomprehensibly violating every court order and not showing up to court for custody hearings etc. Chris didn’t make her not show up to court. Karen did that.

            And they weren’t abused, neglected, or molested. Those are lies told by the mother in a silver bullet custody strategy. Bio grandma…you are being manipulated by a histrionic narcissist. Beware.

          • You mean Chirs could not have done anything to let the kids see their mother ?

            Well, Chris, they voted with their feet.

          • “You mean Chirs could not have done anything to let the kids see their mother ?”

            What could he have done? If he let her see them outside of court protection, it would have resulted in kidnapping like this since Karen has brainwashed and continues to brainwash the kids, lying and blaming Chris for the results of HER OWN actions.

            It’s like now C Kassenoff refused to see her own kids on Mother’s Day without court protection.

            The fact the children have been reading and commenting on this blog all along is evidence of Karen’s emotional and psychological abuse of them.

          • Gee she must be a potent hypnotist Chris. Because you had them every single day and night for three years and they still preferred their mother.

    • Hello Chris,
      You’re very aware it was an open adoption, I saw the paperwork. Stop the lying and stop trying to get my mother arrested. You’re very obvious when making these comments, because nobody would defend someone like you. You say we were kidnapped, but we all RAN away from you. We each had our own plan of escaping, because you monitored us 24/7. We did this independently. You’re a sick person, please get help.

    • For your information.. I’m the birth mother. And it was not a closed adoption. I have the papers that all three of us signed, Karen, myself , and you.. Christopher., ! you are not the only one who has documents. I kept everything… and as a matter of fact, I contacted the adoption agency just to make sure I was correct. And I sm.. Open Adoption.. .. and as far as Karen contacting me, that’s a fucking lie too. Sawyer reached out to me. With the help of his siblings, they found me on Facebook. And asked me to please help him bc he was being sexually abused by his “ so called father”.. Karen had no idea . we did not tell anyone anything bc I didn’t want anything or anyone to mess up what I planned to do, and that was to file a petition on my sons behalf in order to save his life. He reached out to me begging me for my help. and I helped him, and I would do it a hundred more times if I had to. So whoever wrote this comment.. and I’m pretty sure I know who did… get your facts straight. And make damn sure you have whatever you need to back it up. Bc I promise you this .I have everything I need, and I’m ready. Just say when ..

      • I’m backing you up my daughter, everything you say is true. And let me tell you,Chris, she’s hell when she’s well and she is up for you.

      • “Karen had no idea.”

        Yeah right. She has been manipulating the hell out of those kids for years. They have no idea what’s real and what’s not. She’s been publishing vicious hateful lies about the father online for years now, where the kids can see it. Congrats Karen, you’ve successfully brainwashed the kids and put them in the middle of a needless messy drama because of your own crazy behavior. What Karen has been doing is psychological and emotional abuse.

        And no, I’m not Chris.

        • Chris, don’t you think it’s wrong to keep a mother and children apart? Isn’t it time for you to apologize

          • It’s not wrong when the mother is hell bent on destroying your relationship with your children and warping their minds. Why are you pretending you don’t understand that, Frank? Because you need to keep 3 teenagers in your fan club?

          • Frank: Chris, don’t you think it’s wrong to keep a mother and children apart? Isn’t it time for you to apologize

            9:50 am: It’s not wrong when …

            … hell bent on destroying your relationship with your children … 🤔
            … warping their minds … 🤔

            What happened during those three years after the father took the children?

            … alienating children from their mom … hosting a party house with drugs, alcohol and 23-year-olds at sleepover parties … maybe all that 🎈 🎉 🥳 PARTY TIME! happened because a man wanted 3 teenagers in his fan club? 😐

      • I’m not Chris. His court filing was published at the circus blog, where I believe he states it was a closed adoption. Look up Paul Boyne to see the kind of friends “saint” Karen keeps. She is lying to you and manipulating you, bio mom. Have fun with that.

      • “Sawyer reached out to me. With the help of his siblings”

        Karen poisoned the older teens against dad who then made sure to peer pressure Sawyer into following their example — Karen led them all by the nose to spin these tales and take these actions. Don’t fall for the lie she had no communication with them. It’s obvious she was in constant communication with at least the daughter.

        There is nothing wrong with kids wanting to live with their mom. But don’t mom coach them to make up vicious, life-ruining lies against dad to achieve those aims. The only reason she launched this hateful smear campaign, with kids as her unfortunate pawns, is that Karen skipped out on court and visitation, then blamed the dad for her not having custody. Completely insane. None of this hate, lies and drama would be needed if Karen actually showed up in court.

        Karen caused these kids suffering, not Chris.

        • Chris fought to have the mother removed from their lives. That’s why he is paying today. If he were only smart he would try to mend the relationships without the courts. He has lost the last three court hearings and it is going to get worse.

          If he was smart, he would try peace and kindness, and not try to use the court as his weapon. It won’t work anymore. The teenage kids know what happened. They have startling evidence. He is not the only one who takes furtive photos and recordings. His time is now. What is he fighting for? The right to force teenagers who despise him to live with him? At the last court hearing, he had one goal — lock up the mother.

          How do you think that sits with the teens who love her. You and Chris – presupposing you are not the same, are missing the big point. You can’t force someone to love you or even like you.

    • Uh, is that you Chris? Sounds like something you would say. To hell with the children’s fear and loathing of you, just give me what I want. Make everyone else miserable and unhappy so I can have what I really don’t want but just need to get my way. I hope you rot in hell.

  • Remember the arenas in Rome? The crowd is going wild for the judge to show thumbs down on Chris Ambrose, otherwise the crowd will revolt on its government.

    • Pfft. Where have you seen “the crowd” revolt? “the crowd” that peacefully revolts against police officers peacefully burns cities for rewards.“the insurrection crowd” (without guns! fascinating, right?) that appropriately addressed rigged elections was surveilled and jailed.

      When did you ever see “the crowd” revolting about the national family court corruption crisis? “The crowd” has no idea it’s even happening. No “crowd” revolted when the evaluator in the Dulos case committed fraud upon the court because there were no national headlines about that.

      Did you see “the crowd” revolt when Norm Pattis was allowed to keep secret (for the next forty years!) everything he knows about the fraud committed in that case? No, because: There were no national headlines about that fraud.

      There is no real mainstream news. There is no “crowd”. There will be no “revolt”.

      America, the land of the free and the home of the brave was never a “wild crowd”. Americans are good and too deceived — and we might lose our once great nation to a tiny group of people who deceived us all for far too long.

  • Wow, I’m a bit speechless. I feel like Karen is representing every mother ever robbed of her children. I pray all the evil Chris Ambrose gave to you he gets back ten fold. From the time Frank broke this story till now, Chris had ample time to right his wrongs and chooses to still wreck havoc on the innocent. When Chris goes to prison for molestation he will hear those same words, “don’t be a baby”. Bubba gonna toss his lettuce up real nice.

  • Chris, why do you want to keep these nearly adult teenagers who don’t want anything to do with you and don’t want you further abusing them captive in your basement?

    • Mom lost custody for good reasons. You are ignorant to those reasons bc unlike crazy Karen, Chris doesn’t plaster her private info all over the Internet for the kids to see.

      • Free the children. Kidnapping children in family court. Taking them away from gatekeeper mothers. Mothers who are trying to protect their children. What is going on in family court for funding is the real story.

      • Meanwhile, Gerard Adelman has different morals than most.

        Mr. Adelman took Karen’s three children from her the same way he took many other children from many other good mothers in Connecticut. Mr. Adelman took Karen’s children from her without hearing the evidence Karen should have been allowed to present to the court.

        Did you know about that, 12:53 am?

        It could be that Mr. Adelman did what he did in that case because Karen’s attorney noticed the corruption in Mr. Adelman’s courtroom. Karen’s attorney was brave enough to say something about the corruption in Mr. Adelman’s courtroom. Unfortunately, Mr. Adelman had connections in the court system who arranged for the attorney to be disbarred for speaking up about the corruption.

        Those who don’t know about the corruption in Mr. Adelman’s “family court” cases aren’t ignorant. They’ve been fooled by Mr. Adelman and his associates. That’s why Chris hasn’t needed to plaster anything anywhere. Mr. Adelman and his associates did that plastering for him.

        • “Mr. Adelman took Karen’s children from her without hearing the evidence Karen should have been allowed to present to the court.”

          Karen didn’t show up to court on the days she was supposed to testify.

          Did you know about that??

      • He doesn’t care about those kids.

        The kids have said that they don’t want anything to do with him.

      • Where is the proof (1) that she had an inheritance (2) how much it was worth and (3) that Chris took it? This website never offered any. And Karen gave two wildly different numbers under oath in court (saw docs at circus blog). when people can’t keep a story straight, that story is usually a lie.

      • “… The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts withdrew it’s registration to do business in the State of Connecticut in 1984. Since then, the AFCC has continued to conduct business in the State, operating directly from within the Judicial Branch.

        Judicial Branch and other court industry State employees who are also AFCC members help ensure Judicial Branch contracts continue to flow to the AFCC, they solicit fees, dues, members on the AFCC’s behalf with State resources.

        As shown below, the AFCC’s programs are deeply embedded in the Judicial Branch, but should Judicial Branch resources be used to promote a private, unregistered corporation run by its’ own employees and the professionals who provide services to litigants?

        Does this give the Judicial Branch a vested financial interest in finding in favor of AFCC’s affiliates instead of the merits of a case or the weight of the evidence?

        Does the Judicial Branch’s investment in the AFCC provide a financial incentive for judges to ignore or conceal legitimate complaints from litigants aggrieved by AFCC members?

        What recourse do CT litigants victimized by AFCC members have if they are not safe to come back to court? …”

        Judge Gerard Adelman was Director and psychologist Robert Horowitz filed the tax forms …

        • Correction: Robert Horwitz in New Haven filed the tax forms.

        • Robert Horwitz filed the tax forms.

          Fortunately for Robert, there’s a James D. “Jim” Horwitz in Medical Malpractice Law at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC.

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