12 year NXIVM Student reveals shocking story: ‘giant hypnotic induction’; ‘hideous non disclosure’ [part 1]

The following is from an individual who claims significant knowledge of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP). I will leave it to the reader to ascertain and judge the following for herself or himself….

Dear Mr. Parlato,

I was involved with NXIVM for about 12 years. I was never super inner circle but I was close to one person involved in operations, and another that was part of Keith’s harem. I left a few years ago.

Let me tell you, you have only touched the tip of the iceberg in regards to the diabolical depravity of Keith Raniere. Here are a few points worth publicizing.

The whole training is a giant hypnotic induction. This is not disclosed to NXIVM participants before, during, or after they take the training. It is a hideous non-disclosure. If I had known that I was going to participate in a mass group hypnosis experiment (created and overseen by a psychopathic genius, nonetheless) I would have NEVER signed up for NXIVM courses. I literally went through 100’s of hours a year of hypnotic induction trainings with weekly $100 an hour follow up EM’s for the better part of a decade. Thank god I learned the truth about what was happening to me. Otherwise I would be lost. As such it’s taken me hundreds of hours of therapy and heartache to unravel all the personally destructive beliefs about myself and the world that I was subversively induced to believe as a a result of my taking the NXIVM trainings. I have had to spend the last few years working through all the negative hypnotic triggers put into my subconscious during those trainings and their completely debilitating effect on my mental and physical persona. Everything I participated in NXIVM was designed to hurt me. Very personally, deliberately, and methodically.

You as a reporter, please, please, please, need to warn past and present participants – this is what is going on with NXIVM. Keith is an evil, evil genius. Every aspect of those trainings are designed to psychological destroy people all the while the participants are convinced to believe that they are helping themselves. By the time things go irretrievably awry people are so far gone psychologically that it’s hard to come back from in any rational way….

Jane Doe
 (to be continued)

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