Bouchey: Why Kotlin left Raniere; ‘he was trying to make her jealous’


Barbara Bouchey in a deposition told the world how Keith Raniere purportedly operated with a woman he was dating. Her name is Svetlana Kotlin.

For those thinking about joining his love – punishment cult – they may want to interview Svetlana to determine whether or not what Bouchey says is true.

According to Bouchey, first he tricked Svetlana into thinking he was monogamous; then when she found he wasn’t, he had wing women, Pam Cafritz, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Karen Unterreiner work on her – going so far as to say that if she didn’t sleep with her it might kill him.

She left him and he didn’t die.

Let us revisit what Bouchey said about Raniere and Kotlin:

Bouchey said:  Svetlana Kotlin started dating Keith and didn’t know about any other women that he was involved with… [S]he had her own business separate and aside from NXIVM, and so she wasn’t aware of things intimately… [A]long the way of dating him and having an intimate relationship, she became aware that he was having relations with other women….  [S]he told him that this was not okay with her…

Nancy, Lauren, and Pam started to come in to mentor her and tell her that it was her destiny, that Keith couldn’t start a business with her unless she was in an intimate relationship with him, and that this was her issue and an attachment, and that she needed to work [on] this, and if she were to leave that she might kill him because he was now intimately connected with her in a certain way….

[She] cut off her intimate relationship with Keith, but she still wanted to do the business with him, so she did have her business. She moved it down to the New Karner Road exit because she thought maybe … they could have a professional relationship because the curriculum was very good, and she thought Keith was an intelligent man.

However, the conduct that she observed of him, he was trying to make her jealous, and so he started to do things with women in front of her, and certain conduct…

[T]hen Nancy, Lauren, and Pam, and Karen kept coming after her telling her that… she needed to work this issue, and she couldn’t stay in a business relationship unless she was actually intimately involved with him…  I think it was the combination of the two…  and things that she saw that wasn’t consistent in the company [NXIVM/Executive Success Programs] about how they conducted themselves business-wise and how they treated different people including her …. kind of punishing people if they weren’t working their issues…. [I]t was a combination….  [S]he decided she needed to leave.



Svetlana Kotlin became an adversary of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs following her decision not to continue to have sex with Keith Raniere.

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  • This guy is creepy, and his pimp women aren’t really any better.

    “His energy levels are sinking and he’s such a super sensitive spiritual being you might kill him!”

    What a con artist pussy.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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