NXIVM Supporter: NXIVM/ESP keeps its course confidential for sake of students, not the company

A reader, who evidently believes in NXIVM, but writes anonymously, had this to offer:

Dear Mr. Parlato;

You have raised the issue of NXIVM keeping its material confidential and perhaps a word of explanation is in order.   Why does NXIVM keep its course confidential?

The reason is twofold:

1 Potential students that read the course material in advance may no longer desire to attend a course where the material has been freely given to them.

This means that a lot of people who might otherwise benefit from the course fail to get the true benefit.

2 Revealing the course work’s questions ahead of time damages the process for the potential student. Students  who sign up for participation in the NXIVM course are asked a series of questions which are designed to be answered without knowledge of the next question. Knowledge of the next question compromises and alters the answer to the current question.

It’s like a spoiler. Or said another way, if you know the test questions ahead of time you can cheat. That doesn’t help the student of NXIVM.

NXIVM’s course is based on the theory and practice of Rational Inquiry™.

This practice involves analyzing and optimizing how the mind handles data.  It involves mathematical set theory applied in a computer programmatic fashion to processes such as memory and emotion. It also involves a projective methodology that can be used for optimal communication and decision making.

From the 12-POINT MISSION STATEMENT, to TRIBUTE, to WORK AND VALUE, to RULES AND RITUALS to FACE OF THE UNIVERSE or any course, the value to the student lies in his or her unfamiliarity with the course as it is presented, unfolded before them.

That is the reason to keep it confidential and it is not to keep truth away from people.

In fact it is a way to bring truth to people who are serious and ready for it.


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